Various Problems Of Booking Italian Embassy Appointments For The Academic Year (2021-2022)



I'm signing because I'm going to make an appointment

Majid Hasanpour (Jolfa, 2021-08-23)


I couln’t get visa appointment

Hirad Shafiee (Turin, 2021-08-23)


Hello sir or madam
I try for get the time for Italian embassy about 4 times. Unfortunately I can not get the time and I am really depress about this problem.pleas help us

Adib Farahani (Tehran, 2021-08-23)


I have an admission from ca'foscari university of venice and I've tried to get an appointment 6 times up to know, but I could not get it!

Alireza Salahjou (Shiraz, 2021-08-24)


I’m signing because due to COVID-19 crisis, there is so much limitations,

Fatemeh Ghorbanzadeh (Tehran, 2021-08-24)


There is huge problem for getting visa appointment

Nili Tabrizi (Tehran , 2021-08-24)


Respectfully, i sign this letter because of the process of appointment which has the serious problems

Alireza Asghari (Tehran, 2021-08-24)


during the last four weeks I spent tens hours waiting to book an appointment but I wasn't successful. unfortunately each time something wrong happend with the website and an error messages such as "this page isn't working" or "this site can't be reached " appears in my screen. I also tried to book an appointment using diffrent Wifi but it didn't work.

ALIREZA Mousa Mayali (Tehran , 2021-08-24)


Dear Sir/Madam
I want to book an appointment for more than 2month. but because of lack of a standard website (ckgsir), I am not able to do that. This site has lots of bugs and inefficient infrastructure. It is not reachable even with high speed internment and good connection for more than 6 hours after the booking time.

Samira Sedaghat (Tehran, 2021-08-26)


I’m signing because I have tried for 3weeks to get an appointment for Italian embassy for university enrolment but I was not successful.

FATEMEH MAHMOUDY (Tehran, 2021-08-26)


I,m signing because we have a serious problem to book appointment. The site can not be loaded at the time of booking, although we are doing our best to enter via different systems. Seems some people are using robots to disrupt the others so that they will be able to receive a lot of money later from each student to book appointment for them.
Students are the prime victims of this fraud.

محسن دانشمندی (تهران, 2021-08-26)


When the times opened, the site had a problem and we could not take the time, Please open the times again

shaghayegh Tataei (Tehran, 2021-08-27)


i have tried many times for 2 month but still i couldn't book any time its not fair

golnaz kazemiyeh (kerman, 2021-08-27)


I'm signing because i've got confirmation from universitaly to book an appointment, but i am worry about booking and during a month ago i couldn't get an appointment yet, please change the process because there are illegal dealers that destroy our opportunity and our future.
Thank you so much.

Mohammad Mohammadi (Tehran, 2021-08-27)


i couldn't get an appointment for a month yet.

vahid sepehri (sanandaj, 2021-08-27)


I would not able to apply for an appointment to Italy embassy yet after about 2 months trying .

Pouria Elahi (Tehran , 2021-08-29)


I could not book an appointment

Arian Khiabani (Karaj, 2021-09-01)


Im singing because my friends and I can not even give a time for meeting to hiItalian aficer in embassy after 2 mounts trying.please help us by extending embassy time

Fereshteh Arzi (Tehran, 2021-09-01)


Enrollment visa application appointment extension

Matin Zahed (Tehran, 2021-09-02)


I could not reserve an opointment for 2 months ago.

Ali Rezaei (Ahwaz, 2021-09-03)


I have an admission from the University of Bologna. I have little time to enroll in university

asal naderi (Tehran, 2021-09-10)

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