Tampere Disc Golf Center needs to be saved!



I'm signing because this course is the best discgolf course in Finland.

Jaan Kurvits (TARTU, )


I love discgolf, and i would hate to see another great place been taken down by some other sport or anyone else. This game is for everyone! Let it be the great discgolf course that it already is!!!

Viktor Eriksson (Vallentuna, )


The Tampere Disc Golf Centre is of major importance to the exploding sport and recreational pasttime that is disc golf. Removing it will potentially also reduce significant opportunities for the Tampere area including hosting of World Championship events.

Brian Hoeniger (Toronto, )


I love the course

Mattis Toverud (Trondheim, )


Down with the oppressors

Zack Gilchrist (Corsicana, )


Politics should stay Outlook of sport, especially when they only do it for the benefit of money and petty votes in the next election.

Tony Nyberg (Anderstorp, )


Huippu mesta!

Lauri Lehtinen (Jyväskylä, )


TDGC is way better than any shitty golf course you’ll put over it.

Jonathan Munn (Richmond, )


I played there Last summer and it was so awesome

Konsta Kauppinen (Joensuu, )


I plan to visit one day. It’s a dream course of mine!

Rick Bergman (Midland, )


I want to support disc golf and the amazing course in Tampere!

Tomi Porkola (Kokkola, )


Tykkään radasta oon käyny siel

Aleksi Ylinen (Jyväskylä, )


Frisbeegolf keskusten säilyvyys ja lajiin panostaminen kaupunkien ja kuntien puolelta, on lajin säilyvyyden ja huiman kasvun kannalta ensiarvoisen tärkeää.

Miika Venäläinen (Vuorela, )



Arnar Prøis (Trondheim, )


One of the best discgolf courses in this country. Should not be changed to golf course because a few people lob golf course.

Masi Virta (Jyväskylä, )


Love for disc golf

Brayden Yates (Kingsport, )


Discgolf should have its own place and not be replaced by normal golf or have to share a course with normal golf. The sport is different and requires different layouts.

Maximilian Wöllner (Sola, )


Im signing because ”Centteri” is an amazing course to play and very fun. The only disc golf store in tampere is next to the course. There is already a golf course RIGHT NEXT TO the disc disc golf course. It’s important that we preserve disc golf courses like Centteri so that disc golf can grow as a sport in Finland.

Nils Alfthan (Tampere, )


I’m signing because Disc Golf has significantly gained popular since 2020. It would be a terrible idea to have a golf course. Tampere will not generate more revenue providing a golf course over disc golf.

Caleb Bruce (Pawhuska, )


Maybe the fastest growing sport in the nordics atm. Would be crazy to remove a course instead of using to attract tourists!

Tommy Wirtanen (Mariehamn , )


I think it’s outrages that some people want to destroy one of the best discgolfcourses in europe to build another golf course. Discgolf need these courses to set a standard for what a great discgolf course should look like.

Victor Folcke (Norrköping , )


I love frisbeegolf

Nuutti Lokki (Helsinki, )


Because why would someone do things like that what affects straight to junior hobby's??

Santtu Juvonen (Lahti, )


Tampere discgolf center is amazing course and they have done a lot of work for that course. Please save the course

Aron Pyssysalo (Sotkamo, )


I want the discgolfcourse to be saved!

Joel Kallio (Tampere, )


Disc golf is important for many and is 8ne of the worlds fastest growing sports.

Johnny Sagen (Raufoss, )


I am a fan of this course

Owen Wolfe (Columbia city, )


I love disc golf and hate to see any course taken down unnecessarily

Payth Wongstrom (Ocoee, TN, )


It is best cource in finland

Tomi Hakala (Tampere, )


I’m signing here because disc golf is the fastest growing sport in the world and it would be a shame to lose one the premiere venues that showcases this sport to the world.

Jonathan Blome (Pekin, )


I'm signing because this disc golf center is one of the most highly appreciated disc golf centers in Finland and also in the whole of Europe. Disc golf is a very rapidly growing sport that is especially popular among the youth. Keeping this course at play would also be beneficial for both the disc golfers and the regular golfers since it will introduce and advertise both sports to each others.

Tuukka Sauramäki (Lahti, )


This is a beautiful course and a really good event for the sport of Disc golf.

Philip Røyland (Oslo, )


Europe really needs an arena that can host Disc Golf Pro Worlds and the Tampere Disc Golf Center is just that arena.
Don’t be stupid.. build the Golf course somewhere else.

Gustav Germann (Sävar, )


Disc golf is an important activity for communities to be involved in!

Ryan Vester (Gretna, )


This course looks awesome and should stay to grow the sport

Timo Serafin (Hüttenberg, )


I’m signing because I believe disc golf is the next big thing in sports. It is growing unbelievably fast over the past few years and no matter where you are, I believe you should be able to learn and grow in the sport.

Gabriel Desrosiers (Putnam, )


Todella hyvä rata joka on säästettävä

Veikka Vähä (Raahe, )


I love discgolf

Tauno Kaare (Pärnu, )


Because golf can gtfo, we need more discgolf i people's lives!!

David Godal (Onsala, )


Eihä tos oo mittää järkee

Teemu Syrjälä (Tampere, )


I'm signing because the success of this course and the sport in general deserve respect! It would be a shame to remove a part of the local community that delivers so much joy to it's neighbors and visitors.

Alex Abel (Philadelphia, )


Please understand this unique part of land within the disc golf community. Tampere DGC is known for being one of the most challenging courses in the world, even putting the very top elite players in the world to test. In a sport mostly dominated by Americans, Finnish disc golf stands proudly as European representation within the disc golf Community. And Tampere DGC should be held as an important factor to that notion - making a statement of what it takes to come and compete on this side of the sea. Finnish people are known for their courage, and this course is definitely putting players’ courage to the test.

I plead that you come to a solution where Tampere DGC can remain. It is a course to be proud of, and contributing to Finnish publicity and tourism. Cherish this icon - let Tampere DGC stay strong, and us fellow Europeans proud.

Kind regards from Sweden,

Petter Johansson (Uppsala, )


Disc golf is a growing sport and as one of the most visited courses in the area, giving the course away to a golf course that already exists would be detrimental to the growth of disc golf. Why don't you tear down one of the many apartment complexes?

Weston Feldman (Athens, )


To preserve a great property.

Ian Wilson (Chapel Hill, )


It would be a damn shame if Tampere would be converted to a golf course when it is a world reknown discgolf course!

Marcus Wiemann (Skövde, )


Disc Golf is awesome and I'm so excited to see it grow around the world. Having a World Championship in Finland could go a long way in growing the sport, which seems much more important than just another ball golf course.

Ben Panfil (Peoria, )


I'm signing because it is important we disc golfers have courses to play on. We are still a growing sport as where typical golf has already had its time in the spotlight. As a growing sport we who throw disc's need to be pushing for our future, you may say "oh well it's just one course" but in reality that course could mean something absolutely special to not just one but many in the community.

Nathaniel Reyes (Tucson, )


Disc golf is growing more than ball golf

Caleb Spoo (Shawnee, )


The Tampere Disc Golf Center is one of the most loved Disc Golf courses on the planet. It is a destination Disc Golf course that people from all over the world want to travel to to play. I live in Utah in the USA and I want to travel to Tampere to play this beautiful course! To this point, I've only seen it on video, and I want it to be there for generations to come.

Zach McKenzie (Lehi, )


Disc golf is good for public health, golf is for the rich

Remi Grande (Trondheim, )


Course looks amazing. Would be a draw to the pro tour and a place I’d like to visit.

Matthew Fife (Orlando, )



Ilpo Hiltunen (Helsinki, )


No disc golf course should ever be replaced by a golf course. Ever.

Austin Horner (Warr acres, )


I'm signing because this amazing course needs to be saved!

Alec Failor (Carlisle, )


This should not be a golf course

Justin Bromstein (Dundas, )


This is the Best course

Eino Åhman (Mikkeli, )


I need to play this course someday.

Ture Valtonen (Linköping, )


Im signing this because disc golf is better

Santeri Ylijoutsijärvi (Keminmaa, )


Disc golf has helped my build a community in my local area. I’ve made friends and now have reasons to get outside. Additionally, disc golf is a great way to utilize the natural landscaping for a recreational sport that draws plenty of people. Unlike golf, disc golf has minimal barriers to entry so families and lower income groups are also able to enjoy the sport.

Devon Maslyn (Ventura, )


This cant happen

Aapo Mustonen (Nousiainen, )


I’m a swede but my family originally comes from tampere and i would hate to see this beautiful course vanish

Andreas Pettersson (Svenljunga, )


I care about tbe future of this course

Owen Rice (Holly Springs, )


I love disc golf and I don’t want to see this course taken away!

Matt Hyzinski (Orefield, )


I’m signing because disc golf has change my life, I suffer from extreme anxiety I didn’t leave the house for 2 years and disc golf got me to come out of my shell and now because of it I’m able to go do things without being so anxious and scared, the thought of them replacing a historic course that could help further grow a sport that legitimately changed my life doesn’t sit well with me and that’s why I’m signing.

Corey Gregory (Buckeye lake , )


Disc golf is a wonderful sport that helps people keep mentally and physically healthy.

Brett Hanna (Kamloops, )


I love disc golf

Caleb Jones (Stewartville, )


I want to save the disc golf course.

Jed Fox (Kennesaw, )


I'm signing this because it's the right thing to do.

Rafael Sosa (La Mirada, )


This course is part of the future of disc golf in Europe. It would be a shame to remove it.



I'm signing to keep one of the courses of the world alive

Robert Hågebrand (Västerås , )


I don't want the sport to lose a potential location for future European events.

Zachary Kuykendall (Merced, )


I love DiscGolf and this is a great course that needs to be saved

Andrew Cochran (Baltimore, )


Tampere Disc Golf Center is one of the most popular Disc Golf Courses in the World!

Avery Jenkins (Pawhuska, OK, )


Disc Golf as a sport needs as many beautiful historical Venues as possible. We are you trying to grow the sport

Will McKeown (San jose , )


I've played this course, and it's a great experience. Thousands of hours have gone into making it a special place to play disc golf and one that could attract many international visitors to Tampere. Eliminating it would be not only be a shame, but a short-sighted mistake for the city of Tampere.

Alexander Williamson (Bad Sobernheim, )


This course has the potential to host some amazing events for disc golf!!

Anthony Michael (mashpee, )


Disc golf must not be blocked.

Aleksi Miraglia (Kotka, )


Pelaaminen tuolla on tampereen kohokohtia

Joel Lahtinen (Tampere, )


Rakastan tampere disc golf centteriä

Eeli Toljamo (Orivesi, )


Disc Golf deserves recognition for the strides it is making professionally and recreationally. This would be a massive step back in the furthering of the sport.

Kevin Wade (Albuquerque, )


Ballgolf shouldnt be prioritized over discgolf, especially considering how fast the sport is growing

Christoffer Sundström (Aspås, )


Love the sport and really wouldnt want to see such a beautiful course shut down

Darin Jorgensen (Wilmington, )


This amazing course needs to be saved so tampere can host international competitions in the future

Jesse Knuutinne (Raahe, )


Disc golf needs to stay

Griffin Prince (Tuscaloosa, )


Politicians need to start looking at discgolf as a real sport and accept that it's here to stay! It will probably outgrow ballgolf in time.

Markus Moisander (Borås, )


This Course NEEDS to stay in the disc golf community!

Cynthia Thomas (PORT ANGELES, )


I love discgolf and think top level courses need to stay

Benicio Barrera (Eugene, )


Ball golf < disc golf

Robert Shapero (Mesa , )


i believe disc golf is better than ball golf and more deserving of courses

Atli Snær Valgeirsson (Reykjavík, )


Disc golf > ball golf :)

Tim Hegedus (Philadelphia, )


Disc golf is life

Jacob Delphin (Elverum, )


Because best course ever

Tomáš Novobilský (Nový Jičín, )


I want to preserve the disc golf courses around the world

Ryan Davis (Baltimore, )


disc golf is growing and should be expanded not reduced

Trey Nichols (Springdale , )


I was planning to travel from Canada to come play this course one day!

Lane Moser (Vancouver, )


Would like to visit and take part of competitions

Indrek Harjak (Tallinn, )


I support the development of DiscGolf in the world. Europe is in example of greatness in DiscGolf and we want it to continue growing

Fabian Oloarte (Mexico City, )


Don’t let one type of golf over rule another.
Please do not kill this highly rated disc golf course course! 🙏🏼🥏⛓♥️

Martin Tvedt (Roskilde, )


Discgolf is one of the best things, that happened too me. And would be devasted if such a nice course dissapeared

Dennis Olsson (Borås, )


This course deserves to be saved!

Tera Townsend (Stow, )


Disc Golf is for everyone.
Golf is only for rich people.

Aleks Gisvold (Oslo, )


Tampere has one of the best courses out there. To remove a course that is as close to 10/10 you can get is an insult to the sport itself.

Johan Niesing (Borås, )


Disc golf can’t lose more courses. Disc golf has been so critical for mental health and enjoyment during Covid 19.

Jeremy Leininger (Englewood , )


I want to preserve this amazing disc golf centre.

Robin Ilus (Viljandimaa, )


Finland must continue to foster new players and develop talets to proper even more. Course need to stay and remain

Åke Wallbäcks (Sandviken, )


It needs to be saved.

Nikola Moravcová (Cerhenice, )


I want tampere disc golf center to be saved.

Elias Jokinen (Helsinki, )


Tampere Disc Golf Center is a dream bucket list destination to play in the future for me. One of the most beautiful courses I’ve ever seen!

Isaac Massie (Willow wood , )


It’s an outrage that politicians refuse to see the diversity of this sport. Look what happened to Järva in Stockholm. The community’s access to a wonderful recreational space was run over by the politicians decision to create a cemetery. Disc golf is by far a more suitable sport for people of all ages and economical status than ball golf. Don’t let money talk but listen to what your community needs.

Alexander Masalin (Bälinge, )


One of the best discgolf course in the world...

Ingus Ziemielus (Talsu, )


I support disc golf players

Paul Bäckström (Helsinki, )


Disc golf is thriving, why remove such a popular activity which is excellent for all ages, etc.

Luke Adolph (Stafford springs, CT, )


I am signing because discgolf as a sport and the mentioned venue is far more reachable and affordable to people that want to enjoy outdoors and sports.

Rasmus Haugasmägi (Tartu, )


The course matters!

Chris Kreutzer (Thornton , )


I want Tampere to stay a DISC golf course!

Jessica Ragan (Robert, )


It is a huge benefit to the community and needs to stay!

Kody Larson (St. Petersburg , )


Tampere disc golf center needs to stay!

Andrew Davidson (Allen, )


Disc golf should be preserved.

Wesley Dellinger (Carlisle, )


Disc golf should be represented just as much as golf. Disc golf is a rapidly growing sport all around the world and deserves to have the beautiful courses for people to get out and play.

Cuyler Main (Bluefield, )


Don’t do it!

David Mar Vilhjalmsson (Reykjavik, )


This disc golf course has to stay

Marten Murrand (Tartu, )


I'm an active disc golfer and I want this course to survive.

Tomi Trofast (Espoo, )


This course does not deserve to be taken down as it is a big part of peoples lives and a home course to many.

Nathan Thomson (Guelph, )


Disc golf is a thriving sport and a great outdoor activity for all skill levels.

Jason Thomas (Burlington, )


Disc golf has greater positive impact towards public health and recreational environment than golf!

Hando Rand (Tallinn, )


Fuck big ball golf, long live disc golf

David Bates (Braselton, )


Tampere Disc Golf Center on yksi koko maailman arvostetuimmista frisbeegolf-radoista, joka on matkustuskohde monelle harrastajalle ympäri maailman. Suomessa sijaitseva pallogolfkenttä ei tätä tunnustusta tulisi koskaan saavuttamaan. Hävettää Tampereen puolesta jos Tampere Disc Golf Center tuhotaan!

Jaakko Hukkanen (Helsinki, )


Tänäänkin töiden jälkeen kiersin rataa kaatosateessa pimeällä kahden kaverin kans ja kukaan ei pakottanu

Henri Seppä (Tampere, )


Disc Golf need stop grow not shrink.

Daniel Gonzales (San Diego, )


I love discgolf and want to visit and play the course in the future!

Christoph Zickert (Doberlug-Kirchhain , )


Disc golf is evolving and it is a new hobby for so many guys

Eeki Österman (Rauma, )


We need more disc golf that provides fun, inexpensive exercise for families rather than less. Tampere is on my list to NBC is it when I come to Finland but I won’t make the trip if this course is closed.

Derek Monteverdi (Los Angeles, )


Preserve disc golf courses!

Elijah Saxton (Columbia Station, )


I have played this course and its realy good want it to still be there when i Come back.

Pontus Malecki Kjellgren (Robertsfors , )


I believe in the journey that discgolf is taking right now and I want to preserve courses like this especially when they're in Europe.

Joshua Holzmann (Karlsruhe, )


There are plenty of ball golf course in the world already, and disc golf is the largest and fastest growing sport in the world.

Drew Powell (Louisville , )


I’m signing this because the Disc Golf Course is a part of the sports history and a destination I hope to visit in the future.

Andrew Tischler (Pittsburgh, )


This course is a potential venue for future European and World Championships of disc golf. Replacing this course with a ball golf course would be a tragedy.

Jere Juustila (Amsterdam, )


Taking away a beautiful disc golf course to roll it over with ball golf course just blows my mind. You can’t take our courses away when disc golf is skyrocketing in popularity as it is currently. Absolute shame on whoever’s idea it was to take out the chains.

Jack Yaquinto (East Lansing, )


Because I care about future of disc golf .

Rudolfs Taurins (Kandava, )


More future in disc golf.

Curtis Musser (Denver , )


Sen takia koska tampereen frisbeegolf keskus tulee saaha jatku frisbeegolfina

Atte Kipinä (Joensuu, )


I'm signing because disc golf is a more affordable form of sport and exercise and is growing faster

Shelley Kingma-Kitchen (Paris , )


Preserve all disc golf courses for future pro and tour level play!!!

Joel Robinette (Danville, )


I'm an active disc golfer and I play at the TDGC every time i'm in the area and there are no other courses in the area that satisfy all players needs.

Jonas Koivula (Kaarina, )


This is propably the best course on Finland and we need to save it.

Aleksi Kuusenmäki (Rauma, )


Disc Golf is a REAL growing athletic sport that deserves respect and deserves to have a place in our world! Not to say any sport is better than the other but disc golf should not be seen as lesser than! SAVE TAMPERE!!!

Chase Cooper (Milan, TN, )


This course is special to the global disc golf community and is a pro level course to be used for large disc golf tournaments. Players from all over the world come to play this course.

Sean Atwood (San Jose, )


Because it is stupidity. Disc golf is one of the most fastest growing sport world wide that's why!

Jari Tossavainen (Hämeenlinna, )


I’m signing this because there’s enough golf courses in the world, let disc golf grow and build the ball golf course somewhere else!

Ryan Shepard (Livonia, )


Disc golf is just as important as ball golf. They can’t keep us down!

Trevor Sanchez (Saukville, )


Disc golf is a worldwide sport that must be recognized

Jeff Ludwig (Englewood, CO, )


This course is big in the disc golf community. Needs to be preserved, especially if it’s a pro course.

Hudson Myatt (Germantown, TN, )


This course is amazing.

Ryan McCracken (Arkansas city , )


One of my favorite courses to see coverage of and I’d love to play it one day!

Hunter Nelson (Schaumburg, )


Disc golf is the worlds 2nd best sport after football/soccer

Thomas Stowell (Pflugerville , )


Help saving the sport and one of Europs finest courses

Oskar Godal (Kungsbacka , )


Preserving this disc golf course is important to so many people and I support their effort 100%.

Spencer Ankley (Bloomingdale , )


It is very important to have high quality frisbeegolf fields. This one is a rare one and extremely important to so many players.

Maarit Tarjanne (Espoo, )


I support the sport if disc golf at an international level

Thomas Hampton (Knoxville, )


Disc golf deserves this course. Period.

Anton Petaja (PORI, )


This disc golf course and center needs to be preserved and maintained for future generations of disc golfers

Mike Grzywinski (Manchester, )


I love discgolf and similar thing happned to Järva discgolf park in Sweden. Its sad to see how they take the nice pice of land that the discgolf course have created.

Emanuel Brandt (Hallstahammar, )


Disc golf is better than regular golf

Seth Delposen (Hampton Township, )


I care about the growing sport disc golf

Karl Åberg (Göteborg , )


It is a great course and just what the finnish disc golf scene needs.

Nicholas Ylirönni (Järvenpää, )


Disc golf is a beautiful sport and is far more accessible for citizens! Save the course!

Simon Lantinga (Pittsburgh, )


I’m signing because it’s insanity that this petition is even necessary.

Ali LePere (Painesville , )


Disc golf is the future!

Kim Skjerve (Skarnes, )


Onhan toi Suomen hienoimpia frisbeegolf ratoja. Ei sitä voi tuhota

Mikael Syväjärvi (Tampere, )


Discgolf is a growing sport and needs more Venus. And must keep the great Venus it already has. Please leave the course.

Chris Elliott (Tucson, )


I believe disc golf is a necessary sport for lower-income individuals and has an amazing community of people that want to see the sport continue to grow and change lives for the better.

Jerry Becker (Lancaster, )


Disc Golf is bigger than it has ever been in the professional and recreational leagues. And there is nothing but room for more growth as the pandemic has ended and thousands of new players join this amazing sport daily to be outside enjoying it with their friends and families. As an avid player myself I see the great things that are coming for disc golf and there is no reason to try and squash the upcoming of a sport that so many people enjoy!

Zachary Spears (Ponca City, )


It would be a shame for the future of europes disc Golf

Mike Schuckart (Cologne, )


I like disc golf a lot and actually there should be more disc golf parks than now so it should be not removed

Eemil Saarikangas (Järvenpää, )


Disc golf continues to be a growing sport, more inclusive and athletic than the ball golf of previous times. Finland has a history of forward thought and a progressive attitude toward the future.

Bradford Baylor (mathews, )


I'm signing because disc golf deserves to be viewed as just as important as ball golf.

Jeannie Babin (Lincoln, )


This is an iconic ground in the sport. Somewhere I’d travel to play.

Anthony Soto (San Diego, )


We need as many world class venues as possible!

Karl Leenders (Edina, )


I love disc golf

Sean Hanna (Santa Clarita, )


Disc golf is important

Kirk LaGosh (Tampere, )


Disc golf course needs to stay put

Brian Gedemer (Hainesville , )


This is a great discgolf course and replacing it with golf would be a huge shame, just find another location for golf.

David Viklund (Uneå, )


In europe we have not so many discgolf coarses this huge camoon

Joni hatanpää (VAASA, )


I’ve been playing for about a year now and I love disc golf. Never gave it a chance, but when I did I fell in love. And so have hundreds of thousands of other people. This sport is growing a ton, and this course will be a destination for many frolfers and is the future of European disc golf. Players love the course so it must stay. I’d hate to see it replaced by a ball golf course, when there are already tons of beautiful ones all over the world. When the Tampere disc golf course is one of a select few in Europe.

Daniel Rolwes (Adel, )


Save frisbeegolf 👍

Taiwa Suntio (Heinlahti, )


Disc golf is a great, low cost way for individuals to get outdoors and enjoy themselves. I personally have experienced the benefits of disc golf following multiple hip surgeries and other operations. It allows me to be active and compete at different levels of competition. If you remove this disc golf course you are taking away from the local community and the potential future prospects that could come from that region. Although I am not from the area I believe strongly in supporting this cause and know that if you remove this course you will be doing a disservice to the community.

Gerry Andrews (Holly, )


Disc golf is more accessible and their courses shouldn’t be replaced by a game only those with lots of disposable income can play.

Brad Lackey (Portland, )


Not acceptable we want disc golf to remain in place

Steve Sadowski (Greenfield, )


Disc golf is a rapidly growing sport, and removing a successful 18 hole course is a terrible idea! Instead, fund the growth of the disc golf course! So many new players are smearing every day, rapidity fueled by the pandemic.

Noah Stephenson (Willow Spring, )


Ikoninen paikka ja kovassa käytössä.

Aatos Hastell (Lohja , )


Golf is exclusive and environmentally costly, disc golf is inclusive and more environmentally friendly

Andrew Sobiesiak (Kent, )


I love disc golf and want future events there

Douglas Salinas (Newberg , )


Keeping this course is important

Kevin Fitzgerald (Seattle, )


Disc Golf is life!

Mando Ruiz-Vasquez (Bay City, )


This course need to stay

Olle Backendal (Rångedala, )


I love disc golf and would love to see this venue remain in its beauty as a disc golf course.

Peter Ashworth (Boise, )


There are many many high level golf courses actually in Tampere but also close to it. But there is no discgolf course like TDGC. Discgolf is becoming bigger and bigger and we need courses like this.

Heikki Kallio (Tampere, )


Frisbeegolf is life!

Sebastian Pada (Vasa, )


This is one of the best courses in Europe

Tormld Smedsvig (Oslo, )


Disc Golf is a sport that Is growing very quickly. What Tampere offers is special to that part of the world. I’ve yet to play the course but it is on my bucket list. I’d be sad if it only lasted a couple of years

Zac Fox (Asheville, )


Tampere - the next World Championship destination!

Paulius Balsys (Vilnius, )


I’ve seen this lane prior to a disc golf and the work they put in is what made this land even remotely look and entice the idea of a golf course.

Paul McBeth (Lynchburg , )


I love disc golf and want to see the sport grow!

Josh Heindel (York, )


Save DGC!!!!!!!

Hayden Fletcher (Mt. Pleasant , )


I want TDGC to be around for years to come.

Casey Walter (Piikkiö, )


I don't want to lose the disc golf center.

Milo Lopez (Tujunga , )


It’s not right take over a famous disc golf course that has history because you want to build a ball golf course

Alberson Pineda (Raleigh , )


I’m a disc golfer who enjoys it so much and would hate to see a beautiful course destroyed.

Evan Brewer (Stockbridge, )


Tampere Disc Golf Center is one of the nicest places out there for people to practice the sport of disc golf. To have an elite level course like that where international tournaments are being held, is worth much more than making it into another basic golf course.

Daan Hiemstra (Amsterdam, )


To preserve the disc golf community in the area. Disc golf invites everyone who would love to play. By keeping the course open this activity allows the community to enjoy the outdoors while building relationships with the local people.

Carter Smith (Apple Valley, )


Disc golf deserves it's place!

Caleb Scheer (Hurricane, )


Discgolf is awesome!

Kim Fransson (Malmö, )


Disc golf deserves its fair shot. There is plenty of land elsewhere a ball golf course can be made.

Stephen Fitzpatrick (Boulder, )


I want this challenging and beautiful disc golf course to remain so I can play it next year and coming years.

Jonas Hangvar (Linköping, )


I play there weekly! I also have friends from Norway coming to play there and from other major cities in Finland. It would really show ignorance and pure bad political decisions to use this to expand an already large golf course, and take away something that gives so much good to thousands in the community.

Jonas Hennun (Tampere, )


I am a disc golfer and Tampere is a destination course that I hope to play someday

Vincent Hammer (Terre Haute, )


We need this for our Sport!

Jordan Jennings (Kansas city , )


This is a world class disc golf course, and need to be saved.

Terje Kristensen (OSLO, )


I love disc golf in finland

Luke Butch (Tonawanda, )


I’m signing because I love disc golf and want the sport to keep growing and more beautiful courses to be built, not destroyed.

Adam Grigsby (Columbia, )


We need to preserve disc golf

Doug Lowe (Troy, OH, )


I played the course and it is one of the best disc golf courses in the World. It sets the standard for supreme courses and it attracs a lot of tourists including me and my friends from Germany

Marvin Seewald (Hannover, )


Disc golf is a rapidly growing sport that is economical to play in comparison to ball golf and is more accessible to all

Oliver Larroquette (Rochester hills , )


Keep disc golf there.

David Bolshazy (Henderson, )


Just because you don’t think it is needed does not mean it isn’t ... thousands of people will lose out if this happens.. thousands!!

Jason Holliday (Lakeland, )


Because the Tempere Disc Golf Center doesn’t need to be torn down for a golf course! It’s need to be preserved and saved for future competition.

Zack Austin (Talladega, )


Disc golf is my love and passion. And I would hate to see someone else lose access to that. It is a beautiful sport with already too few of courses. Not to mention it is a up and coming sport that could give golf courses a run for their money.

Rob Hagedorn (Baltimore, MD, )


I love TDGC! Such a fun and well tought out course that means a lot to many discgolfers!

Patrick Friman (Vaasa, )


Tampere disc golf course is one of the most amazing constructed disc golf courses in the world. What a loss to the European disc golf scene and venues this would be. Europe needs more courses like Tampere - not less.

Rasmus Frej Jørgensen (Copenhagen, )


Save our disc golf courses!

Jacob Owens (Junction City, )


We need to grow the sport of disc golf.

Connor Smidt (Vernon , )


This course is the first of many major level courses in Finland.

Petrus Pahtakari (Rovaniemi, )


Disc golf is a growing sport that deserves support and appreciation.

Benjamin Oship (Buffalo NY, )


Suomen ehkä tärkein frisbeegolfrata

Paavo Viljanen (Tampere, )


I love disc golf and this is my good friend's home course!

Sam Notz (Springfield, )


I would love to travel to Tampere someday and play at the disc golf course there, which of course cannot happen if it is replaced.

Michael Gazdecki (Ypsilanti, )


I Want to use The dgc

Niklas Hintsala (Oulu, )


Disc golf is the future and is a great activity for families

Charles Horton (Corcoran, )


There’s enough ball golf courses and this is a beautiful disc golf course. no reason to get rid of it.

Justin Brinkman (New Philadelphia , )


Disc golf is a growing sport, and this course is a vital component of that growth as future location of the European Open. Standard ball golf courses are historically extremely destructive to local ecosystems, a draw back that does not exist in the majority of disc golf courses. For politicians to interfere would be a travesty.

Ethan Burkhart (Royse City, )


We need more Risc Golf courses

William Ochs (Yucaipa, )


Dont destroy a discgolf world lvl corse for ha shit normal golf corse

Lukas Nuhn (Falkenberg, )


To support the sport

Evan Farmer (Plano, )


Disc golf is going to be bigger then ball golf

Evan Winegardner (Chester, )


Don't take away disc golf!

Chris Beyer (Otsego, )


Disc golf is a growing sport that has near limitless potential and removing a course, especially one of this caliber, is a slap in the face to all who have worked to get disc golf where it is now.

Michael Apostolou (New Lenox, )


Save the disc golf center

Johan Wiss Tholerud (Stenungsund, )


I believe in the sport of disc golf. It needs to remain open as an outlet for all people.

Joshua Bernard (Oronogo, )


It’s a wonderful course that probably will arrange the disc golf world championships in the near future!

Mathias Karlsen (Trondheim, )


Tampere Disc Golf Center is the best course in Finland!

Emil Strömberg (Espoo, )


Disc golf is an emerging sport with a bright future. It is growing at a faster rate than golf, and the Tampere DGC is poised to become a premiere destination for international disc golfers. It already serves a large local population and is an integral part of the Prodigy Disc Pro Tour. Furthermore, disc golf courses are more compatible with nature and more environmentally friendly than golf courses. Finally, the course itself is still relatively new. It seems hasty to scrap such a large project without giving it more time to prove its worth. I urge local government officials to preserve the Tampere Disc Golf Center in order to give the venture a real opportunity to flourish following COVID.

Patrick Aubyrn (Oak Park, IL, )


The disc golf course is a great asset for Tampere, and a great venue for major international disc golf tournaments which will attract players from all round the world.

Derek Robins (Kenilworth , )


The disc golf future is brighter than any old stiff golf course could be.

Colton Bragg (Provo, )


Disc Golf is better than Golf

Daniel Shriver (Ann Arbor, MI, )


Disc golf is a great way for people of all different types to unite in a form of exercise.

Jonathan Thomforde (Crystal, )


Signing because this would be terrible for the city of Tampere. Not only because it would take away the cities main disc golf course, but also because it will mean that there will never be a WORLD title event in your city. 10000 rounds played a week. At least 5000 people will have to travel elsewhere to play and shop. I know I always fuel up at a gas station and grab some snacks and water wherever I am playing. Businesses will suffer nearby.

Conrad Shilling (South milwaukee , )


This course is keeping young people outside and active. It will also be an actual source of tourism when the pandemic ends.

Kristian Bryhn Myhre (Oslo, )


I will fly to Finland and play this disc golf course one day. Don’t make that dream die!

Harry Messenger (Manchester , )


Best destination for discgolf in Finland by far!

Sindre Opsahl (Oslo, )


For the disc golf family!

David Rodriguez (Roundlake , )


Tampere discgolf centre is one of the nicest courses in europe.

Toivo Kivioja (Oulu, )


I am signing because discgolf is a great sport for the whole family

Mel Todaro (Stockholm , )


As the worlds fastest growing sport, disc golf matters.

Oskar Momqvist (Borlänge, )


I love disc golf. We need more courses, not less!

Kevin McMinn (Denver, )


Want to keep the disc golf course!

Robert McMinn (Neptune Beach, )


The disc golf community should be saved and expanded!

Jacob Meulink (Grand Rapids, )


Disc golf is such an amazing sport and everyone should be able to at least try it! That course is where some people have grown to love what they do! We should be lifting up these new sports not tear them down. I LOVE DISC GOLF!

Will Pemberton (Jonesboro , )


It needs to happen

Tim starsja (Gardner, )


Disc Golf deserves a great course like this in the world!!!

Caleb Ganger (GOSHEN, )


I would hate to see this disc golf course go

Gabe Whitney (Bountiful, )


I am signing this as disc golf is growing and I only want to visit Finland to play disc golf. I don’t want to play with balls! I like frisbees! Why would you do this while the rise of disc golf has never been so high? Like why wait until 2021 to do this? The sport is growing!!

Mike Minifie (Cumberland , )


This is a beautiful course that should not be replaced.

Matt Cahill (Little Egg Harbor, )


We need to grow disc golf.

Brennan O’Laughlin (Lake Charles, )


Tampere Disc Golf Center is an incredible world class disc golf course that should be preserved!

Nathan Sexton (Olympia, )


This course is a future European professional level course for disc golfers and is necessary for the growth of the sport.

Dawson Beck (Mesa, )


Disc Golf is important.

Evan Curby (Eugene, )


Disc golf is the best sport

Cédric Gilbert (Lac-Mégantic , )


Tampere's course is awesome!

Jorma Tamm (Lääne-Nigula, Läänemaa, )


I love disc golf.

Drew Ellis (Hebron, )


I will do a Scandinavian disc golf vacation at some point and Tampere would be a destination spot to play 100%. No one from Canada is travelling to Tampere Finland to play ball golf. Disc golfers would travel there to play and spend tourist money there.

Wil Grainger (Lloydminster, )


Disc Golf is a sport beloved by many, taking away this course will disappoint many passionate players and alienate many more from the sport.

Chris Delhommer (Bay St. Louis, )


Harrastajamäärät kasvaa kovaa tahtia ja radoilla on jopa ruuhkaa. Niitä pitäisi siis rakentaa lisää eikä jyrätä. Kyseessä on vielä kovalla vaivalla rakennettu tasokas rata.

Henry Flink (Jokela , )


I love ball golf, but there are enough courses. Disc golf is a growing sport and much more environmentally friendly. Please do not destroy Tampere.

Walker Kelly (Harrisville, )


It is an awesome place to play. It has so many possibilities to get people all over the world and come visit Finland.

Ats Jõgi (Tallinn, )


disc golf is life!

Christoph Timme (Magdeburg, )


Tampere Disc Golf Center is one of the world's best professional level disc golf courses so it seems obvious that it should be carefully developed rather than shrunk or removed.

Olle Andersson (Lund, )


I love disc golf and don't want to see a course lost!

Jon Shafto (Highland, )


Because I know people that have put tons of man hours into building that course into what it is and the future plans for tournaments there.

John loose III (Des Moines, )


Disc golf is great

Ryan Eklund (Greenwood , )


This course is so special for the thousands of people, mainly young, who play monthly. The addition to the golf centre would add nothing and it would take away from thousands of people all around the world, i live in england but When I am old enough to drive I plan to play.

Ben Holding (Leamington Spa, )


Disc golf is an ever growing sport and has only increased in popularity during the pandemic. It is an excellent way to get exercise and spend time with family and friends while also being affordable with an incredibly welcoming community.

Mark Taylor (Omaha, )


I'm signing this because we need more disc golf course for people to play and need to keep the sport growing, not decreasing the sport. Also, it is a beautiful course to play (I've never been, but watched it on yt)

Haydn Rzepecki (Grand Rapids, Michigan , )


Disc golf is growing, don’t remove the opportunity of growth

Nick Webster (Wilton, NH, )


Disc Golf is for everyone!

Austin Holland (Lebanon, )


Disc golf is an activity for the masses, requiring a minimum of equipment and financial resources to play. Golf requires a larger equipment investment plus is costlier to play. Disc Golf is much more family-friendly. Tampere is famous within the disc golf community which is a sport growing in participation around the world.

Jill Anderson (Fountain Hills, )


I love disc golf

Anders Lind (St. Paul, )


I want to travel and see Tampere Disc Golf Center one day, and I would hate to see its land re-assigned.

Adam Klopfenstein (Madison, )


I am signing because this is the mecca of disc golf for all ages. It is a beautiful property with challenging lay outs for all different skill levels. It would be a huge loss for the disc golf community and for all the futures great players

Attila Gaal (Szeged, )


The idea of closing a world class course like this where thousands of people play every month so that another golf course can expand a bit makes no sense. This is one of the premier courses in Europe, I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t be a discussion if it was one of the top golf courses and someone wanted to expand into it. Don’t do to this course what you wouldn’t do to a ball golf course.

Phoenix Delaney (Louisville , )


I'm signing because an institution such as the Tampere Disc Golf Center should not be transformed into a ball golf course. Considering the growing popularity of disc golf as a sport, I would consider it in the communities best interest to maintain the disc golf center as a disc golf center.

James Yoder (Irwin, )


Discgolf is a growing sport that needs more good courses. Especially in Europe

Mårten Lagerstedt (Stockholm, )


Disc golf is the future.

Bryan Imes (Raleigh, )


There are a lot of golf courses in Europe on a high level. We need great discgolf courses to stay alive.

Sören Lohse (Innsbruck , )


I believe the course and it's history are important to keep around

Edgar Gabriel (Washington, )


Disc golf matters, is more accessible and affordable to a bigger demographic.

Mary Beth moody (Richmond, )



John Fargo (Sydney , )


Keep the Tampere Discgolf Course ALIVE

Ragnar Tute (Moringen , )


Disc golf should be prominent everywhere in the world, and to remove an already established course would be horrible.

Joshua Hyson (San Antonio, )


Tampare is one of the best and most amazing courses in Europe, and more than worthy of preservation - especially considering The growth of Disc Golf in Europe right now.

Christian Høgh (Skive, )


Because that’s one of the coolest DG parks in Finland.

Rodny Verner Reeder (Tallinn , )


I'm hoping to travel to Northern Europe, including Finland, for a sort of disc golf tour someday. This is a course I would love to visit and I'd be sad if it goes away

Patrick Hahn (New Orleans, )


It's outrageous!

Rasmus Armgren (Ånge, )


I’m signing this because Finland is gaining a great global reputation among the players and fans of the fast growing sport in the world and getting rid of this course with hurt your country in reputation and tourism.

Greg Hagan (Edmonton , )


Disc golf should be shared with everyone. Don't take away those opportunities please.

Jeff Rodeck (Rogers, )


Euro Worlds!!!!!

Cameron Barker (Kokomo, )


Disc golf is growing and ball golf is declining.

Matt Provot (Grand Rapids, )


Disc golf is a sport to find another location

Mike Torelli (Schaumburg, )


This course NEEDS to stay!

Jørgen Madslien (Trondheim, )


Disc golf should be preserved as an accessable alternative for youths and families to enjoy and used as encouragement for people to get outside and participate in a healthy competition

Kurtis Bulock (Grand Junction, )


Simon told me too and disc golf is far better than golf!

Mitchell Tilot (Green Bay, )


Disc golf should not have to bow to the wishes of golf

Adam White (Lenexa, )


I have played this disc golf course and it is far too beautiful to be taken away, and it is not worth altering it. Numerous professional events will be held there and they belong on that property

Kevin Tuscher (Chicago, )


Im signing because thats fucked up

Andrew Jones (Denver, )


This is a landmark course for Finland, even Europe, that I’ve heard of all the way in the USA.

Collin Whittemore (Portland , )


I love disc golf

Eystein Waade (Oslo, )


I care a lot about disc golf and it is very much a growing sport, so why should we take courses away?

Zach Jordan (Lexington, )


Destroying a world renowned disc golf course ( a fast growing sport ) for a regular golf course is atteocious..
Get your shit together

Tarald Sponnich (Sandnes, )


Disc golf is way better then ball golf!

Liam Paterson (Christchurch , )


I’m signing this because I love disc golf and believe all disc golf courses must be preserved for everyone to play!

Payton Magill (Baldwyn, )


Disc golf is more important to the community at large than another golf course for the rich

Ryan Immel (Calgary, )


I’m signing because I love disc golf and it doesn’t get enough credit. It is a great way for kids and adults to get out and participate in outdoor activities without breaking their bank account

Josh Garland (Rehoboth , )


We need to stop this happening

Martin Birkenes (Lillesand , )


To keep the disc golf course

Alex Midkiff (Ankeny, )


Disc is a growing sport, existing courses should be preserved unless it is for the betterment of disc golf. Disc golf is already fighting for legitimacy.

Nathan Adams (Hot Springs, )


Disc golf is more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Thomas Martin (Hudson Falls, NY, )


The course in Tampere is important for the growth of Disc Golf. People from all over Scandinavia have heard about it.

Brian Kamuk (Århus, )


I love disc golf!

Dakota Burch (Vernonia, )


This course should be protected!

Nick Vacca (Antigua, )


This course is amazing and a lot of hard work has gone into it.

Thomas McGuigan (Pensacola, )


I'm signing because this course needs to be retained and it's a great course.

David Prieto (Conyers, )


Discgolf courses shouldnt be removed by idiotic and clueless politicians.

Gustav Hermansson Olsén (Gothenburg, )


Disc golf>ball golf

Peter Conte (Biddeford, )


Tampere is currently a premier disc golf destination--folks in the states such as myself are hoping to do Finnish disc golf trips once it is safe to travel again, and Tampere is at the top of our lists. Courses here in the states are trying to emulate what you've already created--it would be a horrible shame to see such a groundbreaking facility no longer be available.

Dan Frost (Standish, Maine, )


Disc golf is so important to the community to get people active and outside. It’s an easy sport to get into and do something as a family or use it as exercise. I used disc golf over a three year period to lose almost 150lbs.! I’d love it if this course could be apart of someone else’s el weight loss journey or used as family bonding time. Please don’t get rid of this course!

Adam Dorn (Arvada, )


I care deeply about disc golf courses and I know many people do around the world. We have enough golf courses. This is cheaper than golf and more inviting to all ages, genders and income groups. Golf is a middle to high class living hobby.

Jeremy Roberts (Onalaska, )


Disc golf saved my life

Joseph Janis (Guthrie, )


I’m signing because this course deserves to stay for its history in the disc golf community. As the sport continues to grow, so many will want to experience it. Please keep it!

Joseph Borders (Dayton , )


Tampere is a destination course that people around the world travel to. It’s one of the shining beacons in our emerging sport.

Sean Martin (Hillsboro, )


Disc golf has history and we can conform to ball golf when disc golf is the up and coming sport worldwide!

Zack Perkins (Salem, )


Disc golf is amazing and only growing larger. The more courses we have, the larger the sport grows. Which means, more human traffic in that area.

Andrew Machinski (Oklahoma City, )


we can’t afford any disc golf courses to be destroyed and especially not this one!

Vincent Fusciardi (Frenchtown, )


I support the sport of disc golf.

Rose-Marie Roxburgh (Victoria, )


I love disc golf and we need more disc golf course in the world. We need to keep the disc golf courses we currently have as they bring so many people so much enjoyment.

Simon Milliken (Glendale, )


Disc golf is the best golf

Nick Hoffman (Breckenridge, )


I'm traveling to the city next year in February and want to play this course!

Robert Graham (Kyle, )


Showing our love and support to our disc golf family over seas ❤

Krista Giron (Eugene, )


One of the biggest things I know about Finland is their disc golf. This course should stay.

Luke Jones (Stillwater, )


Disc golf is huge and growing and speaks to the regular person more than ball golf.

Aaron Woods (Vancouver, )


Tampere DGC is a beautiful championship course that has international acclaim. As disc golf continues to grow in popularity it could be a viable host for multiple high-profile tournaments.

Matthew Raymond (Fairbanks, )


Supporting a staple course in discgolf!

Albert B (San Angelo, )


Tampere Disc Golf Center is a destination course that brings in tourism for Finland. I travelled to Finland in 2019 from USA, to play The Beast in Nokia, and Tampere DG Center. It's one of the best, if not the best, disc golf courses in the world. Another golf course will simply be, another golf course.

Andrew Sodergren (San Diego, )


Disc golf is accessible, multi-generational, and promotes community!

Kristen McLaren (Gilbert, )


Disc golf needs to continue to grow and beauty courses already created should not be destroyed for something else.

Austin Martin (O’Fallon, )


As a disc golf player. This sounds absurd to remove a course to make way for another course. This sounds more like entitlement.

Raul Oropeza (El Monte, )


I'm signing because there needs to be more diacgolf courses

Jonathan Richardson (Hood river , )


Disc golf deserves to be protected

Eli Heetderks (Durham, )


Keep the disc golf course!!

Justin Stadt (Gilbert, Arizona, )


Disc Golf is a huge part of the parks and rec system we have here in the states. Tampere DGC is a bucket list course for most everyone I know and play weekly with and taking that potential experience away from so many is breaking my heart. This course is one of few world renowned courses in the world and has a lot of play per week so is very important for mental and physical health. Please allow this course to remain as it is to important to ALL of us across the world.

Erik Wood (Cherry Valley, )


Disc golf is the future

Chris Hudgel (Eaton, )


With the growth of discgolf we need to keep championship level courses.

Derek Salmon (Mission BC, )


There are plenty of golf courses. We need more disc golf and it's more budget friendly. Golf is for rich people, disc golf allows family and friends to get together and they don't have a cart fee or big money to become a member!

Lawrence Thomas (Lisbon, )


Thé sport of Disc Golf is rapidly growing worldwide and we need more courses. It’s accessible for any budget .

Mathieu Salvail (Terrebonne , )


Don't take over the disc golf course

Deidra Miller (Canton, )


I'm signing because it is important to preserve historical courses as the sport expands

Isabel Mazzarella (Douglas, )


This course should stay

Aaron Falkenthal (Lake in the Hills, )


I want to preserve one of the best disc golf courses in the world

Justin Davis (Vienna, )


I'm signing this because we visited there in 2019 and had a great time. We can't wait to go back again! Please don't ruin this beautiful disc golf course!!

michael wright (Mukwonago, )


Disc golf!

William Kester (Auburn, )


Disc golf was a sport that anybody can enjoy. It doesn't discriminate against young old rich poor and everybody can't participate. If the world championships were held here it would bring a lot of people and notoriety to the area.

Greg Wilcox (Ofallon, )


I would like to play this disc golf course someday.

Matthew Oakley (Oregon City, )


Disc golf is growing worldwide and we need to preserve disc golf courses for all the players and the future of the sport.

Michael Watson (Catonsville , )


Tampere Disc Golf Center is a bucket list course for me. I wanna go!

Thomas Smith (Forney , )


I know good people who know this course. They think this is a terrible idea, and I completely trust their judgement.

Josh Bowen (Kalamazoo, MI, )


I have family that live in Tampere and I would love to one day be able to play that course

Tessa Scott (Battle Ground, )


I’m signing because the disc golf community is growing rapidly and the sport is becoming well known all over the world. It’s defeating whenever someone wants to take a course away but we’ll never back down.

Jacob Wyers (Whitehorse, )


Disc golf is a great sport that's growing quickly and needs more support. Especially in Europe.

Dani Cox (Twin Lake, )


Tempere is very important to me

Jared Zmich (Canton, )


This is the home of the largest crowds in disc golf. Disc golf brings this area more publicity than any golf course is going to.

Chris Mathes (Saint Charles, )


To save a beautiful disc golf course!

Russell Osborn (Pocatello, Idaho, )


Disc golf is the best. Grow the sport!

Trevor Souza (Scotts Valley, )


Taking this course away is a huge mistake. Disc golf is growing faster than ever & having a world championship here or even a stop on the pro tour will bring thousands of people in from around the world

Chris Kulig (Foxboro, )


I love disc golf

Kyle Milburn (Los Angeles, )


There aren’t enough great courses in the world!

Bill Westmoreland (Empire, )


Because Disc Golf should be respected like any other sport and it feels incredibly disrespectful and belittling to hear that a city would willingly allow a Disc Golf course be removed for a ball golf course expansion.

Spencer Helmrich (Greenwich, )


I LOVE DISC GOLF and plan to visit someday!

Jimi Holle (Fort Lauderdale, FL, )


Disc golf is for the family

Kenneth Lapke (Worcester , )


Disc golf is growing unbelievably fast. So many have made that course their home. It would be a shame to take it away.

Josh Edwards (London, )


I love watching the professional disc golfers on this course. It is one of the most beautiful courses in the world and is unique and special to our sport. It has the chance to be the scene for a Major tournament because it is one of the best in Europe if not the world.

Brian Dean (Bolton, )


Im signing because discgolf is more inclusive than golf, and parks should be all inclusive to their communities.

Chris Sumner (Milwaukee, )


We need disc golf in more places- not less

Bryant Smith (Memphis TN, )


Disc Golf needs that course

Riley Mehok (White Bear Lake, )


This is one of the best disc fold courses in the world, I want the honor to play this course as the first Disc Golf World Championship to be held in Europe.

Brady Kuech (Wellington, )


This place is AMAZING for disc golf!

Austin Meade (Cuyahoga Falls, )


Mielestäni nuorilla pitää olla paikkoja jossa harrastaa. Tampereen rata tuo paljon pelaajia joka puolelta maata ja myös tuo ihmisiä suomen ulkopuolelta.

Otto Niippa (Nokia, )


I want to visit some day to play disc golf here. I hope it stays.

James Freeman (Oklahoma city, )


Disc golf is important. Im in the U.S in a state of only 500000 people. And I know and think he course is amazing. Would love to play it one day. The international scope of disc golf is growing with your course being one of the top in the world. It doesn't seem logical to destroy something that will bring eyes and money to your city.

Brandon Atkin (Casper, )


I’m signing this because disc golf courses are amazing and beneficial for the community

Ayssa Santana (Capitola, )


I would love to see this course be the first European PDGA world championship location.

Daniel Miley (Minneapolis, )


Disc golf is important

Austin Adams (Fort Lawn , )


Discgollf is the sport of the future and there’s no reason for a beautiful course to be removed.

Trevor Eads (Plainfield, )


I want to travel to Finland to visit and play disc golf courses like this one. I sincerely wish this beautiful course can remain on my must-visit list.

Scott Smerchek (Roeland Park, )


I support disc golf and like to see the sport grow.

Ethan McKee (Chillicothe , )


A primary reason I am visiting Finland is to play this amazing course in Tampere. Ball golf is a dying sport that caters to the retired crowd. Disc golf is played by families and young athletes in Tampere and around the world. Don’t lose this course just to EXPAND a ball golf course. This location will someday be host to the Disc Golf World Championships.

Dylan Courtney (Troy, NY, )


Disc golf is evolving and I love this sport

David Smith (Seabrook, )


I am a disc golfer in the United States, planning to come to Finland for vacation, which would include disc golf. I love the nature areas Finland has. I see Finland as having the potential for world class disc golf courses which would draw tourists to play in the summer months, taking advantage of the long days of sunlight.
Disc golf courses don't require as much maintenance as ball golf courses and are better for the environment.
Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.
~Brad Eakle, Sterling, Illinois, USA

Brad Eakle (Sterling, )


I think this is important to your community and the DG community as a whole.

Todd Andrews (Stilwell, )


International disc golf is important.

Shane Whitehead (Salem, )


Disc golf is worth more to the public the ball Golf ever could be.

Dylan Liston (Tyler, )


It's not right, all there is to it🤷

Dylan Leach (Kingman, )


Disc Golf is one of the fastest growing and most family friendly sports in the entire world. To lose a facility of this caliber would be devastating to so many people.

Connor Royals (Stokesdale, )


Disc golf was there first and its history value is immense

Alexandre Lewis (Sorel-tracy, )


This disc golf course is special to the entire world. Please don’t ruin an international treasure with yet another (ball) golf course. Disc Golf as a sport is growing exponentially all across the world and Tampere will only become even more solidified as one of the great courses in the world.

David Beadle (Dallas, )


Long live Tampere Disc Golf Center!!!

Josh Dowden (Mayking, KY, )


We need to keep great courses like this for future jents

Billy Geisert (owensville, )


Disc golf needs this place!

Joseph de Gail (Germantown, )


I love the Tampere disc golf course. I've watched the disc golf tournaments on YouTube for years now. If I make it to Europe one day, Finland and Tampere will be right at the top of my list to visit.

Joshua Sears (Shelton, )


Disc golf is the fastest growing sport in the world, and to see such a high level course being taken out when the sports popularity is sky rocketing would be a shame.

Isak Hayles (Manchester , )


This course is a bucket list course for Americans traveling to Europe to play. That’s an economic asset to the community.

Patrick Duncan (Wellington, )


I have seriously been considering moving to Tampere in part due to the two amazing disc golf courses in Tampere and Nokia. Taking one of these courses away severely limits the youth’s engagement in this globally-growing sport!

Caleb Hintz (Milwaukee, )


Disc golf is growing rapidly, the sport is only gonna help economically, mentally, physically and all around. This course especially can offer so much.

Aaron Yanish (Nowthen, )


For the love of disc golf

Kyler Weeks (Hunter River, )


Disc golf is important to a large community and the world doesn't need another ball golf course.

Ryan Fields (Frederick, )


There are plenty of golf courses already and not enough quality dg courses like this one.

Eric Knight (Lone tree , )


We need a European world championship, and it’s a part of history of our disc golf culture.

Lance Mondragon (Conroe , )


I Love disc golf and need to keep the course

David Disilvestri (Millville, )


Disc Golf is a live changing sport in so many ways lefts not take away from not only our generation but future generations and the bond that disc golf creates. This course is a course that can create binds all across the globe let alone the bonds locally.

Spencer Knoop (South Bend, )


This is one of the most beautiful gems of a disc golf course in the world and it needs to be preserved

Hugh Benfer (Little Rock, )


Tampere is a world class disc golf course. It is part of one of the largest growing sports in the world.

William Hawkins (Mandan, )


Disc golf is a Fantastic and welcoming sport that is only growing worldwide. It would be an absolute tragedy to lose any course.

John Jenkins (Carrollton, )


This disc golf course means a lot to people all over the world

Ben Bennett (Lexington, )


We need disc golf courses not ball golf

William McAuliffe (Portland, )


Boo!! Keep disc golf courses around!

Scott Sinischo (West Bloomfield, )


This place needs to stay. It’s a household name in our community and I’m not even from Europe

Matt Foster (Rockford, )


I’m very passionate about the sport of disc golf.

Kevin Prokop (Racine, )



Paul Como (South bend, )


To protect disc golf!

Stephen Dodd (Midland, )


I believe in this cause

Jaxson Verska (Cary, )


Disc golf > Ball golf

Andy Davis (Wheaton, IL, )


Disc golf > Ball golf

Austin Aiello (Saint Paul, )


We growing the sport

Christoph Fusch (Hamilton , )


Disc golf courses like this are important for tourism and local income. This could bring in major tournaments bringing players and spectators to the area. Please reconsider and keep this disc golf course.

Lora Murtha (Saint Paul, MN, )


I don’t want to see a disc golf course disappear!

Blaine Sigler (Canton, )


I am a Canadian/Finnish dual citizen and I am a disc golfer. Finland is one of the countries with the most disc golfers per capita and soon the sport will be watched and played just as much as conventional golf.

Samuel Buchanan (Vancouver, )


Tampere is awesome and shouldn’t be removed

Dylan Ford (St. Petersburg , )


This disc golf course means more to me than any lame golf course

Austin Alpeter (Glendale, )


I care about disc golf and one of its amazing course

Kit Curtis (Elizabethton, )


Discgolf is the fastest growing sport in the world and will one day over take traditional golf.

Josh Kruckeberg (Clifton, )


Disc golf is a growing sport that should be embraced. Tampere disc golf center is one of the best courses in Europe.

Kyle Miller (Bellbrook, )


Beautiful venue staple in disc golf culture

Correy Sanchez (Punta Gorda, )


I sign because disc golf is a growing and valid sport, and venues like this deserve to stay in the ground.

Salvador Torres (Abilene, )


Disc golf is the greatest sport in the world

Will Hickerton (Mount Maunganui, )


I love frisbee golfing!!

Eduardo Ponce (Bellevue, )


Because we need to keep disc golf courses and don't need any more normal golf courses! Better for the environment!

Rowena Jensen (Parker, )


Save the disc golf course! Disc golf is booming and now is definitely not the time to do something like this!

Danny Cotton (Collinsville, )


I'm signing because disc golf is an amazing, growing sport that is becoming popular all around the world among people of all ages. If you're at all curious about the sport, give it a try!

Myles Graber (Findlay, )


This disc golf course is a world class course that deserves to remain intact.

Kyle Wuornos (North branch, )


Because disc golf should have the same course rights as golf courses!

Tristan Smith (Salt lake city , )


I’m signing because I think disc golf has a legitimate future as a the professional sport it is.

Carsen Brunn (NEW KENSINGTN, )


I believe in and appreciate how disc golf is accessible through it's affordability and intricacies in movement. Money seems to often be preferred... I love golf as well, but let's be honest, you builders don't care about enriching people. You're making money from start to finish. Do the right thing for people sometimes. More young eyes, and old, will see this disc golf course, over your chemical filled track

Aaron Eickhoff (Saint Cloud, )


This is one of the top disc golf complexes in the world. Why create another wasteful ball golf course??? Finland is the top country per capita in a sport that is rapidly growing while ball golf shrinks.

Jesse Weisz (Ardmore, )


I’m signing because losing this disc golf course would be a shame to such a wonderful sport that has already proved itself.

Alvaro Guerra (Boston, )


I absolutely love European disc golf and I hope to be able to compete over there one day and I want to see the beautiful disc golf courses continue to grow in that beautiful part of the world!

Timothy Schmidt (Colorado Springs , )


Es ist wichtig für Europa! Und den Disc Golf Sport umsomehr!

Marcel Tetzlaff (Iserlohn, )


I want to throw discs at this course one day

Grant Flick (Bowling Green, Ohio, )


Disc golf is a booming sport that is just now starting to get the attention from the main stream media. There are plenty of golf courses made and it doesn't make sense to try and essentially kill a sport that's starting to boom

Dylan Bishop (Muscatine, )


I love disc golf, don’t take it away!

John Wakimura (Highlands Ranch , )


Disc golf shouldn’t be replaced by golf

Christian Brandt (Auburn, )


Tampere Disc Golf Center is a shining example of a top tier disc golf destination.

Kauner Hooper (Mesa, )


Disc Golf, and a course this important to the sport, mean too much to this community to replaced with another ball golf course.

Ryan Swilling (Wallingford, )


Disc golf is the future.

Max Holmberg (Malmö, )


Disc golf needs to become a world renowned sport and replacing this course with ball golf will slow the progress world wide.

Evan Bell (St. Cloud, )


Vaikka perinteisen Golf-jäsenmäärät ovat nousseet viime aikoina, on frisbeegolfin suosio sitäkin kovempi ja kunnon ratoja ei ole liikaa varsinkaan isoissa kaupungeissa, joihin Tamperekin taitaa kuulua. Frisbeegolf on edelleen kasvava laji, joka kiinnostaa kaikenikäisiä ja huomattavasti helpompi ja halvempi harrastaa mitä perinteinen Golf. Ei viedä Tampere Disc Golf Centerin Frisbeegolfin puitteita Golfin takia. Moni nuori ja vanhempi tarvitsee rataa.

Jukka Laine (Mikkeli, )


Save one of the best disc golf courses in the world!! There are plenty of ball golf courses already. We need more disc golf! Hottest sport on the planet!

Parker Stidham (Beaverton, )


I would love to travel and play internationally. This was on my list to play!

Matt Stand (Fairmont, )


Disc golf is on the rise and should be encouraged in all communities. The sport is so accessible and environmentally friendly compared to ball golf

Nick Paulson (Portland, )


Tampereen frisbeegolfrata on tunnettu kansainväliselläkin tasolla. Sen sijaan Tampereen golfkentät eivät nauti kansainvälistä mainetta. Kenttä tulisi säilyttää kotimaisen frisbeegolfin keskuksena, ja siitä on varmasti iloa ja hyötyä Tampereelle nyt, ja jatkossa kun laji edelleen jatkaa kasvuaan.

Petteri Laamo (Helsinki, )


The course is a amazing one. I started to play there when it was first opened and i loved it. It would be really sad because of the fact that in Tampere there isnt too good courses. Build your golf course somewhere else.

Sten Press (Nurmijärvi, )


There has been put in so much work to create this disc golf venue. Please let it be.

Jelte Visser (Drachten , )


I care about disc golf

Ben Schikker (Christchurch, )


This disc golf course is incredible and someday I would like to play it. To tear it down only hurts our sport that is growing tremendously

Nick Immel (Winona, )


Disc golf is important to many people and many people have dedicated their lives and careers for the sport.

Luke Richmond (Columbia, )


tämä rata on Suomen paras ja hoidelluin

Jami Virtanen (Valkeakoski, )


I dont want Tampere to suffer the same way Järva did by the hands of greedy and ignorant politicians. They seem to miss, or just dismiss, the importance of these arenas built with passion and Love for all to Enjoy.

Jonas Lewén (Örebro, )


Discgolf is a fast growing sport and many courses are crowded. It is insane to destroy existing courses when we need more of them! In contrast to ball golf, disc golf is an inexpensive sport with a casual culture, suitable for families and people of all ages and all skill levels.

Peer Törngren (Sollentuna , )


Disc golf is one of the most growing and expanding sports in the world right now, especially in the Nordics. It would be an absolute disgrace to redo this as a “ball-golf” course. Finland is one of the pioneers in this beautiful sport, please don’t change that!

Jonathan Fahlén (Tampere, )


Im signing because Disc Golf is a very inclusive sport that deserves a home in every city, especially a course of this caliber! If a Golf Course already exists it shouldn't need to take over a Disc Golf one as well....the use of land alone should be an environmental factor.

Jacob Barnett (Belleville, )



Isac Nygren (Enviken, )


This course is a signature course in Europe and probably one of the most favorable courses to watch played in tournament coverages

Cortlan Miller (Scottsdale, )


Save it!!

Lennart Denstad (Trondheim, )


They shouldn't close a growing sports course, for another. Discgolf need courses to fill the need of the many players, taking away a top level course from Europe is not a smart choice.

Billy Haller (Motala, )


Disc golf is a growing sport and this course is essential to the community of players.

Jon Sathed (Geneva, )


Tampereen rata pitää säästää

Niilo Hongisto (Turku, )


I support to keep the Tampere Disc Golf Center running and not be replaced by an expansion of a golf course

Lee Vang (Newton, )


I love Disc Golf

Darius Schulz (Berlin, )


Haven't had chance to play it yet, but it's on my next summer's bucket list to visit!

Aleksanteri Leinonen (Lahti, )


I want to save the frisbeegolf center.

Hugo Peura (Ylöjärvi, )


It is an extraordinary place for Discgolf and all kinds of people. Its for Families, jung people, old people, local and international guests. It would be a massive shame if it gets down. This course is a Chance for the very first World Championchips in Europe!

Joachim Klingner (Bad Wildbad, )


It would be a horrible desiscion to ruin such an important course! It’s famous worldwide!

Mikael Svensson (Borås, )


Simone Lizotte loves this course and asked me to sign

Cullin Johns (Layton, )


I have played there before and hate to see a great DG course be demolished because some politicians decided to go with their voters’/donors’ requests for a golf course.

rokas cepulis (Stockholm, )


Tampere frisbeegolf rata on tosi uniikki

Atte Piispanen (Jyväskylä, )


I'm just signing up to Simon and every major pro disc golf pros

Cody Davis (Azle, )


Täydellinen rata kasvavassa lajissa

Miko Lehtinen (Helsinki, )


Disc golf has less of an impact on terrain, as well as less resources to make it a playable course. Golf golf is a sport that hasn't realized how hard and destructive it is to maintain. It is not a sustainable sport

David Amack (Austin, )


Disc golf is one of the few ways I go out and enjoy myself. Having a course local is absolutely important. Golf courses are many but disc golf courses are few.

Justin Dawson (San Jose, )


I’m signing because I believe the tempere disc golf course should stay for potential future majors such as the world championships! This would propel European disc golf to the stratosphere!

Adam El Azab (Dubai, )


Disc golf needs to stay!

Ryan Elliff (Vilnius, )


Great discgolf courses are constantly threatened by financially motivated politicians whom seem to only go for tradition and ignore the up and coming. It needs to stop.

Henrik Andrén (Gothenburg, )


Its one of the best disc golf courses i the eu, and I would love to have seen a worlds competition on it

Alexander Jensen (Mysen, )


Tampere disc golf course must stay! One of the best courses in the world

Tim Marshall (Auckland, )


Tampere Disc Golf Center is highly important place for Finnish disc golf.

Mikko Poikonen (Jyväskylä, )


Politicians shouldn’t remove yet another great discgolf course like they did in Järva, Sweden!

Javier Flores (Stockholm , )


Yksi suomen hienoimmista frisbeegolf pyhätöistä.

Otso Taalikka (Turku, )


On vääryys pilata lupaavan lajin tulevaisuutta ja vuosien työtä.

Elias Toivonen (Eura, )


I believe the disc golf course should not be removed.

Cam Stewart (Farmington hills , )


I live in an area where disc golf courses aren’t super easily accessible…just thinking about a community losing a course that’s already in place and well used makes me very sad. It would be a shame for the community to lose the Tampere Disc Golf course.

Jennifer Coxen (Hillsboro , )


Discgolf needs this chourse

Miko Saarniit (Tõrvandi, )


Discgolf > golf

Jonas Ueland Anderssen (Sem, )


TDGC is great and provides way more diversity and value to the community than some extra golf holes would.

Kim Rejström (Helsinki, )


Even if i havent played this course
No one should lose a disc golf course all the kids that play there maybe its the closes one for them and if its shut down think of how many players its going to be harder for to get to a course and all the memories made there by familys and friends its gonna be all lost because a golf course is gonna wxpand for more grass area that only the golf players will walk on not all the familys that could enjoy that space

Hampus Persson (Umeå, )


Discgolf is a sport which is gaining more and more polularity and beautifull courses such as this one are the reason why.

Bastiaan Bosman (Delft, )


Disc golf is the future, some day I hope to play Tampere and many other great courses in Finland.

David Eliasson (Uppsala, )


I love disc golf and it's amazing courses!

Nicholas Guarracino (Oxford, )


Disc golf should get recognized more and more all over the world, this is not the way...

Kevin Buys (Boom, )


Championship Level Courses in Europe are rare, how can such an idea even come up? This is a place where thousands of disc golfers over the world would like to play. What's that compared to a local golf course for a minor group of people. I would have propably never heard of Tampere if it were not for TDGC and the great coverage from there. If I go to finland in the future I will definitely play there and a lot of disc golfers around the world feel the same. Or they will go to finland only because they want to play that course. I think Europe has not nearly enough courses near this level, how can you even consider to take it away again.

Janosch Bloching (Remshalden, )


I wanna save the best course in pirkanmaa

Aki Pehj (Pälkäne, )


It will be a disgrace to let this beautiful course die just to expand another golf course. We would have never done the same the other way around to expand a disc golf course into a beautiful, active golf course….

Peter Thorup (Aarhus , )


Love disc golf and hate when money try to steal pleasure from common public

Skirmantas Bikelis (Vilnius, )


I have played tdgc and can say it is an amazing venue.
One of the go to DiscGolf places in europe.

Julian Zopf (Frankfurt, )


I am planning to visit Tampere with the main purpose of playing this course. I have been in the city before in work related matters but then the course was under construction so I have been wanting to play the course since then

David Isaksson (Uppsala, )


I love the Sport.

Julian Leichert (Hemer, )


Center is such a iconic course in Finland. Only reason i ever go to Tampere.

Luukas Nurmi (Rauma, )


Best course i Finland

Joakim Wolf (Oslo, )


Loosing this iconic course now that discgolf Is exploding would be an absolute tragedy! Especially when they are removing a sport that is widely available for everyone to help build up a sport that is mostly for rich people! I hope it's not the case, but it smells like some politicians got paid to push this through....

Trond Mjøs (Bergen , )


One of the best courses in the world must stay!

David Lizotte (Bremen , )


As opposed to ball golf, discgolf serves a much broader audience not only because of its inexpensiveness. Sacrificing such a magnificent course for higher profits would be a devastating signal.

Alex Rauch (Hamburg, )


Disc golf is a fantastic fast growing sport, accessible and affordable for people of all ages and from all background. It should be promoted and encouraged more. There are plenty of golf courses around.

Senan Magennis (Whistler, )


I‘m signing it because Disc Golf is a sport that is affordable and available for all people. rich and poor. young and old. families and singles. it is environmental friendly. protects nature. doesnt need any chemical products.
dont close discgolf for a golf course that is only accesible for a few rich people.
keep discgolf accessible for everyone!

Karin Rubin (Reichenbach, )


This is one of the best courses in Europe and a perfect addition to the Tampere community.

Magnus Westby Svensen (Larvik, )


I’m signing because disc golf needs to be prioritized.

Reece Dodge (Ames, )


Discgolf is so much more accessible than ballgolf, don't destroy a place so many enjoy

Mattias Kjellstedt (Umeå, )


Räjähdysmäisesti kasvanut laji, joka liikuttaa lapsia ja nuoria. Myös erittäin edullinen harrastus aloittaa, jota voidaan pelata ulkona alkukeväästä pitkälle syksyyn. Päätös tulee vain tekemään hallaa nuorelle lajille ja sen harrastajille.

Paulus Väyrynen (Helsinki, )


I Love disc golf and Tampere disc golf center is an amazing course that shouldn't get removed by ballgolf

Johannes Byggmästar (Petarsaari, )


Shutting down a growing sport's facility is terrible policy.

Simon Battersby (Manchester, )


I want to save the best discgolf course in Europe

Roberth Sjöström (Vaasa, )


The disc golf course is legendary across the world!

Einari Leinonen (Turku, )


i want thic course to stay and see amazing future events on this course. Beautiful course

klavs araks (Talsi, )


I am signing this petition because I would love to keep this amazing course in the ground. I have seen plenty of videos on this course and it is unbelievable. I would love to see a major or a world championship at this course. I have made it a personal goal to make it to this course in my lifetime, but it would crush me if it was removed and replaced by a ball golf course.

Joseph Novack (South Lyon, )


It's a wonderful and world class disc golf course that many disc golfers around the world have plans to visit. Not to mention that it's also an elite venue which can hold not only European Disc Golf Championships, but also World Disc Golf Championships.

Please save Tampere Disc Golf Centre!

Tim Flanders (Logan City, )


Disc golf is futures sport and so many enjoys that. Dont ruin it.

Valtteri Lähde (Vaasa, )


Disc golf center is unique, well maintained course with huge amounts of users.

Jani Kotiranta (Pori, )


I hope to visit Tampere one day so that I can play the famous Tampere disc golf course.

Kartik Sethuraman (Charlotte, )


Tampere must stay

Reio Sild (Viljandi, )


There need to be or stay more Disc Golf courses in Europe

Tim Manthe (Bad Fallingbostel , )


The politicians in Stockholm made a similar fuck up when they started to destroy Järva Disc Golf Course this year. It would break my heart watching Tampere making the same mistake without realizing and appreciating what a unique course they are blessed with.

Alexander Falck (Umeå, )


I wish to travel from Australia to play on a world class course such as this. The option to travel to Finland instead of America is a huge bonus. If the professional level courses are not there, then it would have to be the us instead of Finland and Tempere.

Nick Mason (Casey, )


I've been many times there. It is the best disc golf course in Europe.

Piotr Onikki-Górski (Warszawa, )


Totally craziness to take away this course :(

Mats Adamczak (Mariehamn , )


This topic is important for me!

Joakim Eriksson (Porvoo, )


Finland is the epicenter for the growth of disc golf as a sport. Tampere would be throwing away an opportunity to grow with the sport and instead hurt the growth of disc golf in Finland and Europe as a whole. I hope seeing the support for an amazing course will change the minds of the Tampere City Council.

Conor Frank (Chicago, )


Disc Golf is growing rapidly. It's a beautiful sport which can bring people from around the world to various locations.

Krzysztof Sadomski (Warsaw, )


I'm signing because the disc golf community is amazing. I was devastated awhile back when I saw Changes at a local course on a college campus that completely changed the course and diminished its character. I cannot imagine completely removing a course, especially one that is used so frequently and by families and youth. That is unreal and absolutely absurd! How do they not realize that it holds value for so many?! I'm assuming it must be a big city, or this probably wouldn't be an issue with a community being involved. Hope this petition accomplishes its goal. Disc on!

Alex Ellair (Jonesville, )


I’m signing because disc golf is fantastic, new sport for everybody: rich and earning so much money, young and old, all genders! You should love it and support it! Peace

Piotr Kordaszewski (Warsaw, )


This is the fastest growing sport on the planet. Not only would destroying this beautiful course be a disservice to the thousands and thousands of players that frequent it, but it would be a poor move to take away Tampere's chances of hosting a World Championship!

Jessie Shores (Beaverton, )


the course is great

Vít Bielka (Zlín, )


Discgolf is much more popular sport than golf and disc golf people have done much work developing it.

Artur Ojasalu (Rapla, )


Because it's a icon and very good course. Looking forward to see pro players all around the world Compete on the course!

Mattias Brandt (Uppsala , )


I want to come to Finnland to play the Tampere Course on October. I got some friends in Tampere.

Oliver Syre' (Krefeld, )


Disc golf is more sustainable than ball golf. It is more environmentally friendly, more accessible, more inclusive, and growing faster. This course already exists and is loved by the community. Why not find somewhere else for the golf course?

Sean McGlynn (Winston Salem, )


We need world class courses to envelope the sport out of North America

Pontus Brusewitz (Gothenburg, )


I am signing because Tampere Disc golf center is an unbelievable well made disc golf course in a sport that is growing exponentially. It makes no sense to lose this course over to a sport that is only reachable to those who mave money.

Tommi Isopoussu (Rovaniemi, )


I'm signing because the council need to realise that ball golf is a dying sport and disc golf is a growing sport 😉

Matthew Wright (Ombersley, )


i want the disc golf center to stay!

joakim Seppelin (Turku, )


I love disc golf and would hate to see this happen

Michael pebworth (Stephenville , )


This has helped my son-in-law come out of his shell. With everything going on this past year, he wouldn't leave the house. Now after my daughter had him go with a few friends and play this game. He isn't afraid of leaving the house. Thank you so much 😊

Dolly Clouse (Buckeye lake, )


This one off the best discgolf courses in the world

Filip Brattström (Karlstad, )


Tampere Disc Golf Center is the best disc golf course i’ve played. This is unacceptable. Let disc golf grow you dont need another medioker ball golf course.

Sixten Strandell (Stockholm, )


Disc golf is growing much faster than ball golf. I haven't used my ball golf clubs since my first game of disc golf 3 years ago. Disc golf doesn't have the elitist stigma that ball golf has. Removing one of the world's best courses would be a ridiculous thing to do.

Paul Donnelly (Leamington Spa, )


Having visited Tampere when it hosted the World Ultimate (Frisbee) Championships in 2004 I would love to come back and play disc golf there. This course is the perfect reason to visit.

Jaimie Cross (London, )


Save Tampere disc golf center

Alexander Tokarev (Zavidovo, )


I'm signing because I want the decision makers to know how well known this course is. It is a great example for other councils around the world.

Jeff Brunsting (DINGLEY VILLAGE, )


This disc golf course needs to be protected

Garry Webb (Weston-super-Mare , )


I'm signing because ever since this course was built it has been on my bucket list. It would be devastating to lose such and incredible achievement by the Finnish disc golf community.

Patrick Robinson (Geelong, )


I’m signing because DiscGolf is still growing as a sport and needs to be maintained. It helps individuals and communities come together.

Samuel Ward (Stonehenge Disc Golf Club, )


No disc golf park should be shut down, it’s the fastest growing sport in the world right now!

Nathan Shaw (Banbury, )


I want to travel to Finland some day and play at Tampere Disc Golf Center.

Caleb Starr (Bloomington, )


I have been hoping to play this course once the pandemic is over. It’s one of the best courses in the world and would make a perfect vacation adventure. While there, my wife & I would hope to see many more sights.

Without the course, we would choose another destination.

Rob Carr (Pittsburgh , )


I am looking forward to traveling to Finland to experience TDGC

Peter Hall (Melbourne, )


It's a travisty to waste all of the hours of work care thought and love that have gone into making this course one of the best in the world

Paul Turnbull (Coventry, )


It would be a cool place to visit and play at. Would be a shame to see it disappear

Toft Dahlgren (Mariehamn, )


I’m signing it to support the hard work of local DiscGolfers

Petr Tanka (Olomouc , )


I’m an avid Disc Golf enthusiast, and though living in the States I am a fan and supporter of the European scene. Finland being on a bucket list that when travel has returned to a before Covid condition I would love to go visit and play the courses there. Also when this course hosts the Worlds competition it will come with massive amounts of exposure in disc golf and mainstream media.

Justin Killillay (Jacksonville , )


Tampere is such a rumored destination for disc golfers world wide. Removing the course would be a huge disrespect not only to the local community who put blood, sweat and tears into th3æe course but also to people like myself worldwide who are passionate about the sport but haven't had the means to experience this world class destination yet.

Andreas Bjørke Sollien (Oslo, )


I love the sport of disc golf and this course is a beautiful place for the growing sport

Chris Carlson (Minneapolis, )


I love watching YouTube videos of disc golf when I’m not playing myself on my big screen TV and Tampere is one of my favourite courses to watch being played. There is no course quite like it. Ball golf courses are on the decline and require a lot more money to maintain than a disc golf course. The world needs to give the #2 fastest growing sport a chance to see its impact on the community’s these courses border. Given time disc golf will be in the Olympics mark my words.

Eric Jageman (Ford City, )


I love disc golf and believe it provides an awesome alternative to regular golf in that the price to get into it is low and it is more affordable to play. It is great for people of all ages.

Keith Wilson Jr (Lexington, )


Disc golf is a growing sport that meets a lot pf hardship to keep their good courses. I really want to visit Finland to play beautiful courses like this one.

Mathias Odenbratt (Sarpsborg, )


I will travel there and experience greatness after the pandemic is over.

Trey Craig (Knoxville, )


We need majors in Europe and Tempere discgolf center is so important to make that happen.

Thommy Marklund (Piteå, )


I’m signing because I love disc golf and I would hate to see a course taken by a golf course when there’s way more golf courses than disc golf courses in the world and it’s much easier to find terrain for a golf course than a disc golf course. Also playing golf is much more expensive than disc golf.

Blake Ronski (Tiffin , )


Tampere Disc Golf course is important and should be preserved.

Daniel Shelton (Bristol, )


Disc golf is a rapidly growing and environmentally friendly sport that is important to me.

Jason Knowles (Kent, )


I run sport programs for disadvantaged population groups. I have seen first hand the benefits of disc golf and the positive impact that it can have on a person's mental, social and physical health. The disc golf course needs to be protected, it is a sport for the future and as the growth of this course continues it will benefit a larger proportion of the community and the greater disc golf community.

Sam Rubock (Burnie , )


I’d like to come to your lovely country and play this amazing course!

Jeffrey Mann (Huntsville, )


Harrastajämäärät Tampereella ja kansainvälisten kilpailujen järjestäminen edellyttävät radan säilyttämistä

Henri Makkonen (Nurmijärvi, )


I want to visit Tampere in the future specifically to play at TDGC.

María Eldey Kristínardóttir (Reykjavík, )


While I haven’t played this course yet, I know the course by reputation. The course is well known by disc golfers around the world and it is on most disc golfers dream list of courses to play. I am lucky enough to be able to travel to other countries and play and really look forward to playing this course in the future.

Douglas Endy (Barto, )


Disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports and needs more high caliber courses in the world. Because there are so few, disc golfers will travel all over the country or even world just to play them.

Clifford Veillon (Fort worth, )


Disc golf is incredibly more inclusive and accessible than golf. And this course is one that is widely known, used and considered tops in the world.

Chris Kohm (Kansas City, )


The chance to host the world championship in Europe would be incredible for the sport

Daniel Kemp (Hove, )


Please don’t close this park!!



Disc Golf is important &I can’t wait to play on this coarse on Tour. The local disc golfers love it & we need to protect it.

Wade Shields (Fort mill, )


Discgolf is the future!

Andong Li (Manchester, )


This is one of the most important disc golf courses in the world, and is the main thing that we know Tampere for. If it goes, it would be a great loss for your city!

Thomas Moon (Manchester, )


disc golf is here to stay ! I do not approve of ball golf ( yuck ) taking away a treasured disc golf course

Justin Marsh (New Durham , )


Replacing a national treasure with a bolf course? Come on, its 2021.

Pål Østby Knudsen (Arendal, )


Disc golf is an amazing sport that everyone deserves to have access to

Peter Newsom (Franklin, )


Disc golf is very important to me, and to 1000s of Finnish players.

Robert Hisey (Durham, )


I'm appalled that this is even being considered. Disgraceful!

Gareth Cairns (Vantaa, )


Disc golf is one of the most important sports for physical and mental health.

Cliff Ewing (Franklin, )


I care about disc golf and it already has significantly less courses than it’s golf counterpart

Dustin Squires (West Columbia, )


Disc golf is awesome. The world doesnt need more ball golf. This is such a fantastic course. I can only hope to visit it someday!

Daniel Caps (De pere, )


I love disc golf and think it's imperative to keep the course

Deke Kemp (Houston, )


Disc golf is a great sport that gets people outside for fun and competition.

Nathan McAnelly (Houston, )


Disc golf is an easily accessible sport to the general public while golf requires a much more specialized and expensive set of equipment to participate. Public land should not require the high entry barrier that is associated with a traditional ball golf course and is much more suited to an activity such as disc golf which can often be designed in a way to allow multi-use walking and hiking trails in conjunction with the course.

Aaron Senchuk (Petoskey, )


disc golf is a significantly more family and new player friendly sport than ball golf can ever be. It is FAR more environmentally friendly and can be enjoyed by far more people in a day than ball golf could ever be.

Best of all, the cost to play is hugely lower than ball golf could ever be.

David Heath (Doncaster, )


I have been looking forward to visit Finland with friends, and that course in Tampere was the first one we'd visit. Championship level courses for disc golf are few and far between, and Finland is a world leader in the sport. It can help support your economy far better than just another run-of-the-mill ball golf course. Save quality and actively promote it. You've got a gem! Keep it.

Don Lane (Ottawa, )


Disc golf is such an incredible sport and is going to be one of the next big and up and coming sports. It would be a shame to lose such an iconic championship level course that could host major professional tournaments

Tom Saksa (Orlando, )


I care about the future of the Disc Golf sport

Jon Cooley (Greensboro, )


Discgolf in Europe cannot afford another Järva-situation. Save Tampere from dangerous politicians.

Anton Gunnerlind (Uppsala, )


Disc golf has been very important to me over the years and would hate to see a course as popular as this one get removed.

Nathan Branson (Virginia Beach, )


Plenty of ball golf courses. Disc is growing exponentially. NOT OK to hinder that

Zach Tucker (haltom City, )


I want public officials in Tampere to know two things:
1. Disc golf is an international sport, and growing.
2. Disc golfers are passionate and dedicated; both to the sport and each other, no matter where they are.
Let Tampere Disc Golf stand!

Seth Krueger (Overland Park, )


Disc golf is a family-friendly sport that’s not as cost-prohibitive as golf and is easier to play casually (no required tee time scheduling, no golf cart rental fees or insurance on golf carts, many people have thrown a frisbee before).

Benjamin Baxley (Atlanta, )


You can't give land for a business to expand at the expense of thousands of disc golfers and the general public who continue to discover this great outdoor activity. Tampere is on of the best courses and draws in many tourists as well.

Paul-Andre Lemieux (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, )


I've traveled to Finland several times for the reason of playing disc golf. Tampere Disc Golf Center is one I have not played but will be a reason I return one day. It is known around the world and would be embarrassing to remove.

Joseph Kelleher (Wilmington, )


This is wrong, this course is loved by many and people travel to play it. The sport needs some love to grow.

Nick Machuga (Tampa, )


I want disc golf to continue to benefit peoples lives the way it has mine.

Will Plamann (Leawood , )


I’m signing because this amazing course needs to be saved

Kyle Serres (Tomball, )


Disc golf

John Blount (Carthage , )


Joel Santrock

Joel Santrock (Corpus Christi , )


Disc golf is exploding in popularity and Finland is a destination for this. This is one of the courses I was hoping to visit on my honeymoon to Finland in a couple of years. Completely disrespectful to the thriving disc golf community to undermine all the work that has been done at this course to make it great.

Madison Mantyla (Newport, )


We have to save this amazing course.

Matias Hänninen (Helsinki, )


Disc Golf is the future of sports for all ages. Replacing a Disc Golf course for a ball golf course only appeases the wealthy, older majority.

Timmy Smith (Colorado Springs, )


There is enough ball golf courses in the world and disc golf is thriving!! Im from the USA and its one of my bucket list courses

Derek Green (Saint Charles, )


I'm signing because without this course, there is no reason for me to travel from Ohio USA to Tampere, Finland. My wife and I plan to eventually take our honesymoon to europe, and Finland, specifically Tampere, were on our list of places to check out, simply because of the disc golf course. If that is gone, our tourism dollars will go to another town, or country. I hope you reconsider and realize what a gem you have created in your town.

Jamie Escudero (Cincinnati, )


Being an American who has lived and traveled abroad and played disc golf in 8 countries, there are only a few special properties as great as Tampere. I hope that one day the PDGA world championships will be held there so I can come and compete with the best athletes in the game on such a special property.

Cody Winget (Butler, )


Let it be. Disc golf #1 sport according to Jesus.

Kyle Powers (McHenry, )


Ei ole mitään syytä tulla Tampereelle jos rata poistetaan

Markku Niiranen (Oulu, )


I hope to come visit and play the course some day.

Colm Brophy (London, )


TDGC is a great facility that shouldn't be infringed upon.

Fred White (Roswell, )


I plan to travel to play there

Stephan Berna (Griffin, )


Bucket list course I plan to play in future

Kevin Havinga (Huntington Beach , )


I hope this course will stay where it is!

Sami Kalliokoski (Rovaniemi, )


Disc golf is amazing, on the rise and should be respected.

Matthew Nikkila (Ypsilanti , )


I think preserving a beautiful course such as this is important because there are numerous people in the area that regularly use it.

Brandon Clark (Anthony, )


Disc golf is growing faster than ever but it is still young. Disc golf is good for people and needs to be protected!

Matt Wiber (Coalhurst, )


I believe in International Disc Golf and would like to visit someday.

Joe Nunez (Lancaster, )


This is a world class course that has a lot to offer for many many years and it would be a disgrace to take that away from the people who have worked so hard and spent so much to get this property to where it is

Max Regitnig (Örebro, )


Tampere is a wonderful property and one of the best disc golf facilities in the world. Removing it to make way for a golf course should be a crime.

Keith Friestad (Iowa City, )


Disc golf is a sport that is easily accessible to those that don’t have a lot of income.

Jordan Mcconnell (Mission, )


Discgolf is on the rise and is accessible to a huge variety of players. To remove a course that is also applicable for European and even future world championships would be a big setback. Instead, look into how you can make this a paradise for discgolfers and evolve the local and national scene even more.

David Andersson (Mjolby, )


I hope to travel to Finland someday and play disc golf at the internationally renowned Tampere Disc Golf Center. I've heard about this course as one of the must visit courses in Finland along side the Beast in Nokia. Finland deserves great disc golf courses.

James VanderZanden (Madison, )


Fuck ball golf

Rob Przybysz (Nashville, )


Tampere has always been a destination on our discgolf tour to the soita. Please dont remove this destination from us

Marko Hirvonen (Oulu, )


I’m singing because I love to play frisbeegolf and I like that layout from Tampere. I want to play it again from the future.

Teppo Aho (Laakkola, )


The sport of disc golf is growing, so why will you tear down one of the best courses in the world. This course has the ability to host huge events, and maybe even generate some revenue for the city.

Logan Swift (Ocala, )


Disc golf is better for communities and environments than ball golf.

Jason Mather (LA Crosse, )


Because we needed this iconic disc golf course!!!

RekaMichelle Cookson (Carmel, )


This course needs to be saved.

Nick Jacobsen (Bend, OR, )


It is essential that Disc Golf courses are supported by their local and national communities. In this case Tampere also deserves an International badge of recognition. Disc Golf is already more popular than ball golf in terms of local participation on local council courses across Europe. Please keep this course as an opportunity for local, national and international citizens to use. Charlie Mead - WFDF Chair Disc Golf Committee.

Charlie Mead (HOLSWORTHY, )


Discgolf is for everyone!

Knut Einar Skjær (Nesoddtangen, )


This would be total tragedy. Build that ball golf course somewhere else.

Hakon Gram Stoltenberg Russeltvedt (Larvil, )


I’m signing this petition because one day I hope to travel to this course and play it. It is one of the most beautiful created courses I have seen and I would love to get a chance to play there. Plus the history behind the course is simply amazing.

John Bellek (Mukwonago, WI, )


We want that disc golf course

Patricio Contreras (Mangawhai, )


I would really love to see this beautiful course last.

Grady Reynolds (Union, )


Preserve disc golf courses!

Evan Wooster (Santa Fe, )


Best disc golf course for challenge at Tampere area

Atte Westermark (Tampere, )


I would like to experience playing on the course atleast once in my life

Martin Pugast (Tamsalu, )


So much work was put in to this. Disc golf is much more accessible to the common public and it servers as one of the best in the sport. The ceiling for this course to hold major tournaments in disc golf is very high and already has done so.

Austin Berntsen (Oklahoma City , )


It’s an amazing course.

Dw Hass (Hubbard lake , )


Disc golf is one of the most cost effective events/activities. Removing it for any reason is not in the best interest of any municipality.

Brent Faubert (Saginaw, )


Disc golf is the future.

Osvaldo Nunez Jr. (West Hartford , )


People need to stop being so selfish and just worrying about money!!!!

Cristina Takemoto (Sacramento, )


To show my support for Tampere!

John Babb (Olympia, )


Disc golf is growing. Need more courses, not less...

Christopher Metz (Tucson, )


I don’t want anybody to lose anything they love and I love this sport!

John Romyns (Myrtle Beach, )


Public disc golf courses are more important than private ball golf courses.

Nathaniel Stajov (Waterdown, )


I'm signing because this course is part of the amazing disc golf future!

Dorothy Bosunga (Worcester, )


IG @jeremiahgibson17

Jeremiah Gibson (Anderson, )


I believe strongly it shouldn’t become a golf course. People need disc golf. It’s more affordable, enjoyable, and accessible than golf for many people.

Eden Fornoff (Delta, )


We need this great course!

Arsi Syrjänen (Ylöjärvi, )


Disk golf växer!! Kommer gärna dpela denna bana i framtiden

Tobias Englund (Umeå, )


Disc golf is better for the environment than golf. It doesn't tare apart land and use chemicals to maintain it, but instead worms with the land

Christopher Sjodin (Mead, )


I care about the future of disc golf.

Michelle Mabrey (Spring Hill, )


I'm planning on visiting Finland to play disc golf and this would be one of the destinations.

Brian Horgan (London, )


Tampere discgolf centre is the best in Finland, and should be treasured

Tiia-Maria Roos (Jyväskylä, )


Disc golf is better than normal golf

Ben Wyse (Benton Harbor, )


I will visit and play this course in the coming years, it is on my list of top courses to play around the world.

Gary Parr (Kilcoo, )


I would love to see the World Championships played here. I would also love to someday play an event at this location, as I'm sure others would as well. I want to see the sport grow around the world, not shrink.

Zach Schalk (Mount Pleasant, )


Hope to play courses in Finland

Charles Kennedy (Arlington, )


Disc golf is a safe and pandemic friendly exercise that preserves the natural beauty of an area!

Tyler Coady (Neenah, )


Simon said so..

Josh Freed (Tampa , )


The disc golf community is strong

Brenden Cyr (Wilbraham Ma, )


Disc golf is a thriving and growing sport which will bring more attention and tourism to Tampere, especially when the World Championship bid is awarded. Tampere has been and can continue to be a model city for supporting disc golf.

Philip Keith (Arroyo Grande, )


We need to keep the disc golf courses we have due to the growth of the sport.

Ryan Tracy (Iona, )


I love Tampere disc golf course and would even consider planning a vacation just to play it. A course this beautiful is praised worlwide by disc golfer's and fans alike. It would be a shame to see this gem go. Please don't remove Tampere!

Darrin Pippin (Clarkston, )


Disc golf is a wonderful sport and excellent excercise. It would be a shame to lose such an amazing course.

McKenzie Baldwin (Springfield Oregon, )


I love disc golf

Chandler Haggarty (Mont Vernon , )


Disc golf world championship tournament needs to be here

Howard Meck (Columbus, )


Disc golf>>>Golf

Jack Bain (South Elgin, )


I love disc golf and just because golf has a bigger following doesn’t mean they can take our course

dylan meengs (grandville, )


I'm planning a trip to Finland in 2022 just to play disc golf throughout the county and the Tampere disc golf course was one of the reasons I choose Finland over Sweden for my vacation

Ian Schelly (Madison, )


To preserve Tampere Disc Golf Center.

Andrew Kibbe (Vancouver, )


This disc golf course is amazing and is very active. I would be a shame to lose it.

Joshua Huddleston (San Antonio , )


I want to participate in sharing disc golf sport for the people in the whole world, and enlarging that possibility by not removing any fields.

Marek Gontarz (Warszawa, )


Please keep the disc golf course

Ethan Enos (Sacramento , )


Disc golf is accessible to all income groups. Maintaining a disc golf course is significantly more sustainable. On top of all the general arguments to not be in favor of ball golf, there is the uniqueness of Tampere Disc Golf Center. Please, let the TDGC be!

Pelle Rietveld (The Hague, )


I’m supporting of the amazing disc golf community

Jordan Stermer (Austin, Texas , )


I traveled from the United States to play the Tampere Disc Golf Course in 2019, spending my money in the local economy. Without the TDGC I would not have chosen Tampere to visit. This course has resulted in direct local economic impact from myself and others. It must be saved!

John Stuart (Ohio, )


This discgolfcourse needs to stay!

Martijn Knegt (Stadskanaal, )


Why is golf more important than disc golf? If there is a lot of people playing and enjoying themselves at an existing disc golf course and they are not breaking any laws or disturbing anyone, why would you take that away from them?

Boštjan Lotrič (Ljubljana, )


I'm signing because the youth in the area have a great course to play disc golf.

Paul Gutierrez (El Paso , )


Disc golf has an amazing ability to bring together all sorts of people from different walks of life. The time, money and energy that the local club has put into building Tampere Disc Golf Center cannot be overlooked. It would be an absolute shame to lose such a wonderful facility.

Erik Knivila (Newburgh, )


Disc Golf is a great sport and it is no less important than golf. How would the golf community respond if it was the other way around?

Evelyn Lemus (Hansen Hills, )


I love disc golf

Patrick Heeran (Marietta , )


I love the sport of disc golf and I want to see it grow! Not be destroyed! I’d love to travel here and play this course one day but that can’t happen if it’s taken away from us!

William Quinn (Niagara Falls, )


Disc golf is an amazing sport and they have a fantastic community that is constantly growing.

Rebekah Radloff (Holland, )


It would be a tragedy to lose this treasure of a disc golf course

Dan Porll (Mahomet, )


Save one of the best courses i the world!
It is a sport for all types of people, a growing sport were Finland is one of the world leaders! Closing this course will end that.

Mattias Olgerfelt (Örebro, )


Tampere Disc Golf Center is definitely one of my top 10 places to visit in the future.

Daisuke Takahashi (Fukuoka, )


This discgolf course is incredible and disc golf is the fastest growing sport in the world!

Ian Power (Tyler, )


Disc golf is the future! Save the course for the youth!

Ezra Hapner (Santa Cruz, )


it appears this course has already proven itself of interest to the world community of disc golf players. To deprive the people of a place where not only can they play disc golf, but they can also enjoy nature is a crime. Woods beat lawns any day.

Greg Talamantez (Tampa, )


Save the course!

Åsmund Follerås (Älmhult, )


Golf < Disc Golf

Tette Niinimäki (Turku, )


I would like the course to stay a disc golf course.

Frank McNair (Grants Pass, )



emil Anttila (Laukaa, )


We need to maintain the course as a disc golf course and build the growing momentum that the sport is receiving. Disc Golf is practically an almost free sport versus golf.

Adam Beach (Arvada , )


Disc golf is a more sustainable and environmentally friendly use of land than traditional ball golf.

Caryn Murray Ballou (Farmington hills , )


This course is vital to the growing disc golf scene in Europe - it's iconic and it will be financially beneficial to keep it vs replacing it with another ball golf course.

Benjamin Winks (Cincinnati, )


i want to support disc golf growth

Riho Leopard (otepää, )


Tampere disc golf center is one of the best courses in the world.

Jesper Andersson (Norrköping, )


I believe in the growth of the sport not the killing of it

Caneron Otero (Farmington, )


Save the disc golf course. It’s one of the best in the world!

Tyler Sayre (Westerville, )


Disc golf has become a huge part of my life when it comes to playing, our local community, and wanting the best for the professional players out there that continue to grow the sport.

Nicholas Falcon (Bellevue , )


This is my favorite disc golf course in the world. I have traveled to every US state and Tampere DGC dwarfs all of them. It is the future of the sport.

Brian Earhart (Vernon Hills, )


Disc golf is not expensive and is something the whole family can enjoy. Golf has a steep learning curve and cost barriers for people looking to enjoy an outdoor activity. Aside from the cost, disc golf is growing at an incredible rate and the demand for courses has never been higher.

Joe Roaden (Portland , )


I believe this disc golf course to be the ultimate location for the first Disc Golf World Championships held in Europe. Please do not take this course away from the disc golf community. Instead I hope you would try to help this course and our disc golf community to Grow The Sport and bring the Disc Golf World Championships to Europe.

Heather Oberley (Hibbing, )


Disc Golf is the people's sport - it's free and accessible to all who want to play. It has changed my life and many others who have caught the bug.

The world has plenty of ball golf courses. Don't take this away from the Disc Golf community in Finland!

Mark Dusing (Nashville, )


Disc golf is a growing sport across the world. A premier course that took thousands of hours to implement shouldn't be taken away from the local community.

Seth Miles (Hays, )


The discgolf course are one in of a kind! With Järva in sweden beeing demolished, tearing down TDGC would be a great loss for the nordic discgolf comunity.

Anders Kviding (Helsingborg, )


i love discgolf and this is a sports for everybody.

thomas horenburg (berlin, )


This is just crazy.

Christer Mellberg (Gothenburg , )


I would love to see PDGA Worlds overseas!

Philip George (Chattanooga, )


The Tampere Discgolf course is to European Discgolf what is Augusta is to golf. The course is a travel destination for discgolfers from outside Finland.

Christian Buck (Hamburg, )


I don’t want golf to replace this disc golf course!

Douglas Allen (Waco, )


I support the growth of disc golf and firmly believe that any disc golf course is better than a ball golf course. Ball golf is a sport as old as time and is starting to die out, why put up a new course if it’s very possible that in the near future it will be dying.

Connor Jensen (West Bend, )


The volunteers that have built and cleaned this area up are heros. Blood sweat and tears have been put into this disc golf course. I'm in America and I can see how devastating this would be to the disc golf community around the world.

Jeffry Tate (Lincoln, )


I will one day travel to Finland and play the Tampere Disc Golf Center. For that to happen the center needs to still exist. Also hundreds of people have put in a ton of work to make that place spectacular for the sport they love, Disc Golf. It would be extremely rude and backstabbing to go and make it a Ball Golf course when those people worked to create it into a piece of land for a sport they feel passionate about.

Eli Swansen (Minneapolis, )


Why would you tear it down its an important place for many players and ages

Eeli Kinnunen (Tampere, )


I love disc golf

Tyler Southwick (Madison Heights , )


I love disc golf, and plan on introducing as many as I can to it in my life time.

Dennis Wisén (Västerås , )


I'm playing frequently and travel to play. This is a top course and I'm planning to travel on a tour to play there.

Patrik Friberg (Mölndal, )


It is important to maintain disc golf courses because they are much more family friendly and affordable.

David Williams (Mattawan , )


I'm signing because we want to grow the sport by educating people, providing activities for kids and adults, adding new courses - not removing them.

John Sorel (Plainville, MA, )


I'm off Finnish heritage, there are still Runnakko's in Finland, and am an avid disc golfer! I'd like to visit Finland and this course someday. Disc golf is exploding in popularity and there are many people using this course that wouldn't use a ball golf course. It is good fun for people who can't or won't afford playing traditional golf.

Craig Runnakko (Coon Rapids, Minneaota, )


I am a disc golf fan and this will be detrimental to the disc golf community. This course is know worldwide

Zachary Musser (Newmanstown, )


Sounds like an awesome place to play!!

Chris Pankratz (Soldptna, )


Discgolf is getting just as big as Golf, this course is one of the best in de the world, and should be protected and cherished.

Daniel Kraak (Den Helder, )


The amount of love and hours spent to build this beautiful course helps not only local disc golf players, but disc golf players worldwide. This course, already ranked as a Top 50 course in the world, could host some of the sports most prestigious events in the upcoming years. Please save this course and continue to be at the forefront of growing the sport and love of disc golf!

Brandon Gibson (Bethlehem, )


Im singing this because they should not build over an existing park they need to take there build somewhere else

Orlando Ochoa (Cantral point, )


Save disc golf center! Disc golfs better!

Steve Roubaud (Charlotte, )


Tampere Disc Golf Center is unique and needs to be saved, I love this awesome course!

Kai Christophersen (Boostedt, )


This is one if the best looking courses in the world and has provided a high level of entertainment watching premier pros compete on this track. It would be a horrible disservice to the local club which has put their heart and soul into this course over the past 3 years.

Brandon Swenson (Yankton, )


I don't feel any disc golf course should ever be removed, ever, unless it is getting a makeover.

Andres Flores (Springfield, MO , )


Discgolf is growing faster then ever, keep this track running!

Hugo Sandberg (Pietarsaari, )


Disc golf is the one thing that I and many others use to escape, super easy to get into and welcoming community. Plus with a course there any park benefits just by the increased traffic

Jonathan Barger (Cincinnati , )


I love disc golf

Michael Nieland (Cottage Grove, )


I have watched professionals play the TDGC online and this course is beautiful. This is also on my courses of "to-play" when travel opens up again after COVID has ended. Please don't remove a Disc Golf Course loved by disc golfers world-wide.

Adam Rogge (Fairbury, )


I support international disc golf and hope that they do not waste all that volunteer work for a golf course that ruins the environment.

David Kiczek (Kansas City, )


I’ve lived in Finnland and I think it is import to preserve the sport there!

Jannik Wiggers (Aarhus, )


This is a historic course that needs to be preserved

KYLE CLARK (McAlester , )


I don't see need for more golf courses, as a vivid golf player myself.
Frisbee golf is such an accessible sport for all ages.

filip Davidts (VEIKKOLA, )


Järjetön ajatus golf-kentän rakentamisesta jo valmiin, Suomen parhaan frisbeegolfkentän päälle!

Frisbeegolfin harrastajamäärät ja lajin kulut ja vaikutukset kansanterveydelle puhuvat kaikki pallo golfia vastaan. Ja tämä tulee pallo golfin pelaajalta!

Nyt järki käteen!

Kalle Kinnunen (Helsinki, )


I'm from California, so maybe my words don't weigh as heavily as local citizens, though the fact that I'm taking the time to write this from across the world shows how special this place is for the sport of disc golf.

The sport of disc golf is verifiabley growing at a rapid pace around the world and the Tampere Disc Golf Center would become the #1 destination for disc golfers outside of North America. It's potential could easily go as far as hosting the first World's outside of the US, which would result in Tampere truly becoming a holy mecca for all disc golfers on earth.

If preserving one the unarguable top 5 discgolf courses in the world for the sake of locals and the sport itself is not enough, then think of the monetary gain from tourist that the TDGC will undoubtedly bring in one day very soon. The potential of this disc golf course is limitless, so please don't destroy it in its infancy. Let it grow and become the world famous destination its meant to be. EVERYONE WILL PROFIT FROM PERSERVING THIS COURSE!

A limitless amount of money, legacy, and culture is in Tamperes future with preservation of the TDGC. Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this.

Keith Wilson (Arcata. CA, )


This is one of the premier locations in the entire world to play disc golf

Ryan Papiernik (Midland, )


Don't destroy beauty.

Lee Semke (Phoenix, )


The imoportens of this sorts of placera

Magnus Nyman (Trondheim, )


Europe needs this course.

Kris VanBogelen (Zumaia, )


Disc golf courses are important

Matthew Vigneux (Vancouver, )


This is a great disc golf course.

John Krzyzanowski (Florissant , )


I one day would like to experience the greatest disc golf course in the world. This is a destination and dream of disc golf fans around the world and hoping their local courses one day become this good.

Eric Bronson (Ensenada, )


This particular course is a major asset! The hard work and Commitment put into creating courses, mostly by volunteers should be highly valued, appreciated and supported, especially by the community ut serves! I've seen and experienced the powerful and beautifully positive effect the Discgolf community has to offer all people! Age, gender, etnisity, wealthy or not! This game like any sport or maybe more so has the potential to help you become a better version of you, for yourself and the people around you! Still Discgolf strongly relies upon having great courses dedicated to the sport and those are not only hard to come by but also hard to establish and maintain. Before pushing on I would urge you to look around you and assess what kind of impact it has had on your community over the years. See if there might be more than just some middle aged men screaming at the trees....look in between them and discover the subtle but constant influence it has had in connecting people effortlessly!
The growth rate is unmatched by any other sport and any player from any country would take pride in setting foot in Tampere Disc Golf Center. I believe this sacrifice is too big even to ask for but then again, you don't need to do you!

Stian Rudshavn Nazareno (Tønsberg, )


I hate to see a disc golf course get shut down for ball golf why ruin an amazing course

Curtis Yates (Omaha, )


I plan to visit Finland in the next few years to play this course.

Cale Isaacs (Minneapolis, )


Disc Golf is an important thing in Finland. This is one course I plan to play one day, but have not yet been able to travel due to Covid

Noah Raisanen (Minneapolis, )


It's one of the best courses in Europe! Discgolf is s much more inclusive sport than ball golf! Discgolf is for everyone, bsll golf isn't!

Lukas Schär (Bern, )


There are enough golf courses in this world. Too many honestly. Please do not ruin a good disc golf course.

Everett Corder (Lubbock, )


I'm signing because I live next to Tampere and I love the course.

Sami Paasi (Lempäälä, )


This sport means the world to me and if anyone else has a chance to expirence it I'm pro disc golf to make that happen!

Cameron Paulsen (Addison, )


Tampere is an amazing course I plan on visiting

Nick Smith (Innisfail, )


I don't want to see another good course being destroyed. I have witnessed the destruction of järva course outside Stockholm and it is not fun at all.

Christoffer Arveteg (Åkersberga, )


Disc golf is an amazing community and family involved sport, no facility this amazing should be changed into a less accessible sport.

David Gordon (Denver, )


Tampere is great and potentially the home of future disc golf majors. With disc golf's popularity growing quickly every day, now would be a foolish time to lose such an iconic property.

Rob Grice (Orlando, )


Disc golf is better for the community than ball gold

Gareth Bell (Fairfield, )


This is a fantastic professional course. I hope to visit one day.

Mike Richard (Horace, )


This is a classic course for world Disc Golf and a reason that I personally would travel to play

Wyatt Dexter (Wellston, )


I'm singing as a discmania rep and disc golfer

Tristan Van Buren (Caldwell , )


I'd love to visit someday

Jack Hawley (Madison, )


It is important to my interests and my favorite sport

Jack Dworjanyn (Columbia, )


The disc golf community values this course.

Matt Glista (Bartlett, )


I’m signing because this seems like a special disc golf course that many disc golfers love. I’ve wanted to play at this course and I’m from USA.

Xavier Locke (Boulder, )


It’s a beautiful venue and a disc golf world championship needs to happen there!

Kyle Black (Dublin, )


I have only seen pictures of this beautiful place, but I hope one day to plan a trip to Finland, solely based on playing this amazing looking course.

Darryl Willard (Wichita , )


This course is beautiful and amazing. Would love to play it when I visit Europe.

Josh Hollingsworth (Saraland, )


Ball golf is not as inclusive or cost friendly as disc golf. Disc golf allows literally anyone in the world to play. The amount of work and planning that went into the disc golf course is way too much to just throw away and put another run of the mill ball golf course in.

Brent Brell (Denver, )


Disc golf > ball golf

Evan Henry (Baileys Harbor, )


I would much rather travel to Finland to play on this world class disc golf course than to see another boring ball golf course.

Adam Hickok (Tulsa, OK, )


Disc golf is a quickly growing sport, easily accessible, with many economic benefits. While it may not have the money flowing through it quite like ball golf yet, it sure has the support and community behind it. It cannot continue to grow if courses are torn down, and I can personally attribute to the positive impacts disc golf brings to those who can't afford more expensive sports.

Kyle Schumann (Highland, MI, )


I want to grow the sport world wide

Alex Newman (Omaha , )


it is such an incredible place for the discgolf world and all the sportsmen.

Patrick Bauters (Ohey, )


I’m signing since this course has the potential to be an absolute amazing course that could host the biggest events.

Henrik Rydén (Borås , )


One of the best disc golf courses in the World! Do not touch it!

Matěj Verl (Praha Běchovice, )


Disc golf is the most rapidly growing support in the world. Unlike elitist ball golf, it is free for all, can be played by all, and is a great way to get people out of their homes to have exercise. The Tampere course is an icon of disc golf in Finland and Europe.

Erkko Autio (Hurst, )


I am one of tens of thousands that has discovered disc golf during the COVID lockdown. I love the sport & like many others have asserted the game into my life. I watch all the main tournaments on YouTube both USA & European and I have heard US pros regretting not being able to play in Europe this year. I would love to visit to watch the Worlds on this course plus to stick around & play it. I for sure back this petition.

Tony Todd-Miller (Manchester, )


It's completely unacceptable to destroy property that promotes life and physical activity

Carl Holming (Stockholm, )


I eould hate to see this beautiful course be scrapped for a ball golf expansion, there are already plenty of golf courses, not enough disc golf courses

Brad Speirs (Durban, )


Disc golf has become a huge part of my life and I can understand how much time people have put in to make this course what it is. Don’t destroy that

Peter Rowlandson (Reading, )


I may not live there, but im an avid disc golfer, and my favorite and often first thing i do when I travel somewhere is find a great disc golf course. And this one i hear is amazing and can potentially hold world championships and i want to play here someday and watch my fav pros play here. Plus disc golf is just a more inclusive sport than regular golf. And I think that alone merrits it enough to stay.

Chase Gable (Soldotna, )


Simon Said so ;-)

Tobias Hölken (Datteln, )


I badly want to see disc golf grow, and this is literally the opposite of that.

Robert Rowland (さいたま市, )


I want to Keep the discgolf place alive

Aron Östangård (Blackstad, )


Hyvä rata

Venni Helander (Helsinki, )


I love Discgolf

Louis Bernhard (Calden, )


It's a disgrace that this is allowed to happen

Liam Pitt (Birmingham, )


Let Tampere live 💪💪

Toni Edengren (Stockholm, )


Disc golf is growing and a sport for everyone. Ball golf is for the rich.

Olof Westman (Gothenburg, )


TDGC is one of the best courses in Finland and I wisit it many times every year!

Oscar Asikainen (Helsinki, )


Rakkaus lajia kohtaan

Niko Suvanto (Ylöjärvi, )


I’M signing this because I think it is a very good course. It is a used area that is well maintained and is there for a good purpose. Because of that I think it is the wrong decision to change it to a golf course

Malte Svensson (Borås , )


Tampere Disc Golf Center needs to stay!!

Thomas Malmberg (Bjuv, )


I'm signing because I belive, that this course can be first Europian course where we can see Wrold championship.

Master Yi (Havířov , )


tampere discgolf park is best in the finland and we need it. why you want to take it away there is nice golf and vest discgolf park that inaf

nuutti haemaelaeinen (tusula, )


Becaise it is one of the most beautifull courses and that would be a shame if it would be cancled

Svit Savnik (Ljubljana, )


Discgolf is a power entry level sport. More people will enjoy a discgolfcourse compared to a golfcourse

Jeroen Op de Beeck (Hove, )


Disc golf is amazing for the environment as well as physical and mental health.

Sean Maloney (Eustis, )


We need to keep one of the best disc golf courses in the world going!!!

Mychael Washam (Riverside, )


Because discgolf is life!

Jan Anděl (Hrob, )


I think this is wrong

Chance Bogardus (Greensboro , )


This is an amazing disc golf course I hope to play one day

IAN MAFFETT (Willow Street, )


Investing in disc golf is an investment in our future. The sport is exploding around the globe and quality courses in the ground today will stand to reap the largest share of future profits.

Jake Randall (Ames, )


I'm planning a trip to Finland to play disc golf and Tempered is the reason why. Disc golf is more fun, inclusive, and environmentally friendly than ball golf.

Greg Tew (Blacksburg, )


I hope to come play here one day and want everyone locally to be able to enjoy this beautiful property

Michael Hoffman (Cookeville, )


I love disc golfa

Dawid Dlugon (Katowice, )


I want to.olay at the world-famous Tampere Disc Golf Course one day! Golf is on the decline, but disc golf is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world!

Dan Hemme (Winterville, )


This is one of the best dg courses in the world, it would be a shame to lose it.

James Carman (Amherst, )


This course, is instrumental to the world of disc golf and Finland disc golf. It’s a world renown course, and should continue to be.

John Daniel (Athens, )


I want Disc Golf Center to BE SAVED!

Toni Kortelainen (Tampere, )


Disc golf is a growing sport that means a lot to many people. It also is much more accessible to new players than golf.

Zach Foyt (Lincoln, )


Disc golf courses need to stay

Derek Riley (Plymouth, )


Disc golf is an inexpensive sport enjoyed by all ages, it's something that families can do together with minimal equipment and maximum enjoyment.

Robert Klingler (Conneautville, )


I want this course to stay

James Yates (Williamsburg, )


This is one of the best disc golf courses in the world. People come from a wide range of countries just to play here.

Paige Pierce (Plano, )


Shouldn't close this for a golf course🤦leave disc golf alone

Eli Hamilton (Knoxville, )


Paras rata.

Eemeli Ruusila (Järvenpää, )


We need to keep our disc golf courses open, the courses there in Finland and Sweden are some of the most beautiful courses in the world and need to stay so they can showcase large Major Tournaments which will bring more revenue to the countries not just by the tournaments but by the viewing and attracting other people to visit the beautiful countries.

Jared Fougner (Peoria, )


I play Disc Golf in Ruotula.

Mariana Perez (Tampere, )


I personally think this is the best course in finland, this course needs to stay cause it could have some serious international tournaments in the future which would of course lead in to massive benefits for the city alone and for the sport of course.

Topias Sidoroff (Hollola, )


I hear a lot about Finland, and the talent over on that side of the world. We don’t need another ball golf course, they’ve made their statement already. They have there ESPN coverage and world recognition already. #GrowTheSport

Wyatt Cupp (Mendon, Mi, )


Because disc golf

Atte Larinen (Pori, )


I hope tampere gets a better future then Järva.

Simon Bjorndahl (Uppsala, )


I love discgolf

Tim Hammarberg (Vasa, )


Disc golf is a growing sport and should be opressed

Ryan Baldiviez (Riverside, )


I'm signing because disc golf has been a positive part of my life both mentally and physically.

David Garcia Carbajal (Long beach, )


This is important

Vegard Wiger (Oslo, )


I wanna play on this course someday when I a pro and win the world championship at it someday mabey

Drew Lowell (Petoskey , )


TDGC is an internationally recognized disc golf course that serves the citizens and community of Tampere as well as tourist with accessible and fun athletic activity. There doesn't seem to be any reason to replace it with ball golf.

Richard MacDonald (Portland, Oregon, )


I love the sport

Eric Cameron chacun (Regina , )


Disc golf is an amazingly underrated sport and past time for many friends and family of mine. Golf already has enough courses and Disc Golf should be given the chance to persevere.

Benjamin Kaake (Delta, )


Disc golf is a terrific sport experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity. It’s also a lot of fun!

Seshadri Mahalingam (San Francisco, )


I want to play in tampere someday with my friends

Marc Zimmermann (Neuss, )


This is unacceptable

Adam Frisell (Östersund, )


Disc golfing is a great community where you don’t find that in regular golf. Have played both for years. Disc golf is a better way to communicate and get people together.

Skylar Nelson (South Lake Tahoe, )


I am a huge fan of disc golf and believe the potential is just starting to surface it would be a mistake to replace these beautiful courses with something different

Roger Peterson (Shreveport, )


I’m signing because disc golf is awesome.

Joshua Thompson (Kingwood, )


I believe in the future of disc golf

James Jeffers (Miller, )


I love disc golf

Chris Gere (Naperville, )


Disc golf is an incredible sport that is growing internationally. The disc golf community is diverse and inclusive. Disc golf can be played and enjoyed by anyone old enough to hold a disc and it is a great form of exercise. TDCC has the potential to host large events, which will bring notoriety and revinue to the local community.

Dale Hicks (New Orleans, LA, )


If you had closed Ball-Golf-Courses in this way in history, i wouldn't be the sport, it is today.
Discgolf is actually the most growing sport. It would be a big mistake to close one of the greatest places to play discgolf. Players all over Europe visit this course and are impressed.
Please safe this wonderful place and prevent it from being accessible only to a small number of privileged people.
Thank you,
Elmar Bode

Elmar Bode (Cologne, )


I'm signing this petition because this is one of the most well planed discgolf courses and I think that all discgolfers should have a chanse to play this course. By keeping this course people from around the world will come to tampere to play this course that is a great way to improve tourism to Tampere.

Christer Jockinsen (Stockholm, )


Näen TDGC:n arvon lajille eräänä perinteisimmistä sekä haastavammista & kauneimmista radoista Suomessa. Frisbeegolfille erityisesti nuoria liikkumaan vahvasti ohjaavana lajina tulee tarjota sen ansaitsema tuki!

Panu Laukkanen (Joensuu, )


It is one of the best disc golf course in the world!

Blær Asgeirason (Reykjavik, )


This beautifull discgolf course gives pleasure to alot of people. The unnessecary expansion of the ball golf course will only benefit the happy few.

Arjan Zweekhorst (Bennekom, )


This is an amazing disc golf course that needs to be preserved!

Lucas Call (Greensboro , )


I love disc golf and dream of playing this course. Disc golf is growing beyond traditional golf and we need world class courses like this one to show others how amazing this sport is.

Adam Bentley (Tampa, )


Jussi Meresmaa is one of the greatest gifts to the sport of disc golf, in the entire world! Discmania and Finland have been one of the most influential forces in the sport for the last 10 years! I know and love the country of Finland more because of disc golf and have every desire to explore Scandinavia and all the gifts you have to offer our global community. Please reconsider your position on Tampere as the eyes of the disc golf world are focused on your beautiful city and absolutely gorgeous courses! I believe you would already be seeing many disc golf tourists visiting if it weren't for the pandemic. We were just introduced to your beautiful city before anyone was really able to make plans to visit! Please give it more time to play out! Thank you!

-A disc golf lover from the States

J Miller (Columbus, )


Tampere disc golf course is probably the best disc golf course in the country of Finland. It would be awesome if you could host the first Disc Golf World Championships in Europe!

Erki Marmor (Saue, )


I've always wanted to play here and have not been able to, yet, because of COVID.

Andrew Bush (Homewood, )


Koska frisbeegolf on hyvä matalan kynnyksen harrastus niin nuorille kun vanhoille. Huomaamatonta liikuntaa.

Emmi Paukkunen (Tampere, )


The disc golf course needs to stay!

Jackson Schwartz (Delta, )


I am planning a trip to play it in the future as it is one of the courses on my bucket list!

Seth Gill (La Mesa, )


I have a trip planned to Finland in 2023. Please don’t ruin this beautiful course.

Nic Lelm (Madison, )


I love disc golf and it saved my life!

Andrew Cooper (Benton Harbor, )


Disc golf is the future, ball golf is the past. This course in particular is iconic and vastly more important than any ball golf course ever could be.

Brooke Hughes-Brauner (Spokane, )


I‘m signing because we need the Worlds for the first time in Europe. It's about time! Now!

Luigi Walker (Fürth , )


This is a world class disc golf course.

Marius Nilsen (Trondheim, )


I love disc golf and the course that were made. Nothing will be Removed

William Charley (Flagstaff, )


I’m signing this petition because disc golf has saved my life and it can do the same for others. Not only that but it’s a great source of exercise and a great way to meet new people.

Jonathon Bannerman (Wisconsin Rapids, )


I support Tampere discgolf course and I dont want it to be replaced.

Daniel Skyvulstad (Fredrikstad , )


Great courses have to be taken care of and preserved for future players as this is the way to grow the sport.

Julius Virbickas (London, )


DiscGolf is important to me, and Tampere has one of the best routes when it comes to DiscGolf.

Aino Savolainen (Jyväskylä, )


Those not familiar with Disc golf are yet to realise the immense importance of projects and courses such as Tampere and the like all around the world. Disc golfers are very much a United community and support the growth of disc golf world wide.

Ryan Nicholson (Mount Gambier, )


I wanna kept the disc golf course

Conall Stillwagon (Spring , )


This course needs to stay, for disc golf internationally, it is one of the best.

Peter Crosson (Dunedin , )


I don't want the sport to lose such a valuable and amazing space to play.

Joe O'Brien (Newcastle, )


It would be a real Desaster if Tampere Discgolf Course has no future!
Look at the rising numbers of players!

George Braun (Stahnsdorf , )


Disc golf is the people's sport, don't let yuppie ball golf squeeze it out

Christopher Crane (Houston, )


Golf is a boring, ugly game for the upper class of society. It is an abomination. Disc Golf is cheap, fun and good.

Reino Hämäläinen (Tampere, )


Disc golf needs more courses.

Joe Romney (San Diego, )


Disc golf is for everyone!

Steven Kenyo (Modesto, )


Rata on Suomen parhaimpia ja vaativimpia, mikä tekee siitä arvokkaan ja tärkeän sekä ammattitason urheilulle että normaalille joka päiväiselle käyttäjälle.

Kristian Jaskari (Tampere, )


I like playing discgolf and i want to visit TDGC!

Viktor Thörnroos (Åland, )


We need to take care of the courses. I wanna visir this course so badly!

Jan-magnus Sørli (Elverum, )


I play Frisbee, Ultimate, Guts, DDC etc ... and for 32 years I have been playing Disc Golf above all. I am opposed to seeing a disc golf center disappear. I support you
PDGA # 33863 Xtophe

Pontieux Christophe (Besançon , )


Save disc golf!

Tom Corella (Graham , )


I’m signing this because I love discgolf and It’s 1 of the best soorts for kids and adults.

Niko Juntunen (Vantaa, )


I love disc golf.

Marcus Paulson (Tartu, )


Disc golf courses should be nurtured all over the world

Charles Brown (Biloxi, )


Because disc golf

Patrick Grant (Belfast, )


Its my favorite course and it has an amazing disc shop too

Oliver Myllymäki (Pirkkala, )


Because Ive wanted to go play there for years and I just now have a stable career and will be looking to make a trip as soon as possible depending on covid restrictions.

Noah Newman (Puyallup, )


...disc golf...

James Wisegarver (Clearwater, )


Disc golf rocks

Ben Duimstra (Byron center, )


tampere needs to stay. widely regarded as the best disc golf course in the world. limitless potential.

alex beauchamp (clarkston, )


It needs to be reserved.

Tony Sheng (Espoo, )


Keep the disc golf course!!

Björn Ersgård (Hallstahammar, )


I care about discgolf

Anete Tukule (Jelgava, )


This beautiful discgolf course should be saved!

Elin Clarenäs (Borås, )


I really like discgolf.

Anthon Grönqvist (Godby, )


Love discgolf.

Joel Rosén (Stockholm, )


Discgolf is one of the fastest growing sports. Don’t ruin a world class venue of that sport.

Marcus Åstrand (Vingåker, )


I want to help save one of the coolest disc golf places in Scandinavia

Johannes Avaheden (Stockholm, )


i want to visit this beautiful disc golf course!

john clark (glasgow, )


Disc golf>>>>>>>ball golf

Richard Sundberg (Turku, )


Love discgolf

Evert Trygg (Turku, )


The disc golf community is growing fast and a desition like this is terrible in the long run. I bet the politicians will gain more by leaving it to the discgolfers in the end.

Simon Söderholm (Kramfors, )


Tampere dgp on paras paikka suomessa. Monet perheet ja monet ammattilaiset pitävät sitä parhaana ratana

Oskari Keränen (Espoo, )


That discgolf course is awesome and should stay

Mattias Andersson (Linköping , )


It is best course in Finland and my home course.
So many users mostly young.

Joel Laakso (Tampere, )


They can't ruin this course!

Jesse Järvinen (Mäntsälä , )


I love discgolf and i want to be able to play the course when i start touring

Halldór Guðlaugsson (Akureyri, )



Santeri Koivisto (Tampere, )


Yksi suomen hienoimmista radoista, ja uniikkiutensa takia harrastajat tulevat kauempaakin pelaamaan.

Emil Kähkönen (Helsinkk, )


better to have a thriving frisbeegolf center with thousands of players from kids to grandpa's than have a golf course with a few dozen users.

Jari Reiman (Komossa, )


I want To Come play again In center

Lauri Hollmen (Kuopio, )


Save the discgolf

Rasmus Olsson (Stockholm, )


Disc golf is a growing sport that needs more, not less courses in Finland.

Alvar Dürr (Jyväskylä, )


I'm signing because disc golf is a great community and this was here first and is crucial to the community as there is a lot of rounds played here every month. It would be absurd and disgusting to take it away.

Shawn Pendleton (Shelby Twp., )


Disgolf is best

Benjamin Evans (Sotkamo, )


So that DGWC happens in EU

Leonards Kaspars (Lejaciems, )


It's important to keep something so well established that keeps new players and established players getting out and enjoying it together.

Bruce Bywaters (Eagle Mountain, )


Please don’t remove one of the world’s premier disc golf courses. It would be a blow to the entire sport.

Reid Ausband (Auburn, )


One of the best discgold courses in finland there is noway this is going away

Simon Sund (Pietarsaari, )


Because why not

Oskari Siren (Espoo, )


Tampere is a beloved course that deserves more than land just taken away from them, disc golf is on the up and golf is on the decline. The Tampere council are backing the wrong sport in that race.

Adam Mackrory (Reading, )


No discgolf course should be taken away! Every sport matters and you can find somewhere else to put the darn golf course

Hunter Newman (Buffalo, )


The sport of disc golf, is such an important thing, and a course of this caliber cannot be lost.

Kyle Rebo (Troy, )


Disc golf is great for every community

Jacob Pratt (Belding, )


Im signing because discgolf!

Dennis Petäjävaara (Gällivare, )


I’m signing because Disc Golf is a sport more easily accessible to the general public than regular golf, and Disc Golf is one of the fastest growing sports globally, so it is important to maintain venues instead of destroying them

Gustav Jandausch (Hvidovre, )


I follow Simon Lizotte, saw his Instagram story urging to save this course, and I love disc golf and don't think it's right that a beautiful course is just going to get swallowed up by a sport that already has more than enough land around the world.

Joseph Marzola (3295 Terrace Ridge Lane , )


Such a shame to see so many of Europe’s best courses at risk and not getting the respect they deserve for what they have to offer.

Fredrik Lundgren (Örebro, )


Tampere is a bucket list disc golf course for many people in the community. Even over here in the states we see pros playing the course and it’s truly a world renowned course. This value proposition this disc golf course creates much rivals whatever a traditional golf course could bring in and that’s coming from a person who plays golf and disc golf and probably lives in one of the hot beds for golf tourism worldwide.
This disc golf course brings people in worldwide to play and this course is always ranked within the top five globally. Instead of creating a golf course just leverage the popularity of this disc golf course and keep the beauty and amazement of this disc golf course.

Austin Dow-Smith (Phoenix, )


Discgolf is the future!

Mittjas Carl Edin (Boxholm, )


This disc golf course is historic and good enough for a disc golf major. We need to be growing this sport, not tearing it down.

Dominic T (Cleveland, )


Fuck ball golf! Dont mess with a good thing

Chase Harper (Westminster, )


I love DiscGolf and the more courses the better. Grow the sport! Not decrease the sport.

Tom Loseke (Lavista, )


Disc golf is great and TDGC is a great course

Viking Danskanen (Lahti, )


Disc Golf is one of the largest growing sports and deserves this property and course.

Colleen Thompson (Shrewsbury, )


Golf courses are the past and a huge waste of natural resources like water, disc golf is the future and is sustainable. Certainly our Finnish politicians must understand this over making short-term monetary gains.

Martti Jaakoka (Minneapolis, )


Disc golf is the new golf!!

Tobias Anker Frederiksen (Hjoerring, )


Tampere disc golf center is one of the best disc golf courses ever created. It would be horrible to destroy all of the work put in to restore the property to how beautiful it is now.

Micah McNeil (Mooresville, )


Disc golf is the greatest growing sport in the world. To develop over a prominent course would be disappointing, and take joy from many passionate athletes.

Blake Derksen (Winkler, )


I want to see this course stay and be used fir future DG championships. It’s critical to the continued growth of the sport.

Tony Bojko (Jenks, )


I like this place.

Daniel Leskelä (Tampere, )


I want to be able to go there!

Emanuel Persson (MALMÖ, )


I love this course

Jason Schindler (Onalaska , )


I want to help save a great course.

Barry Newkirk (Mendota , )


Disc golf is a rapidly growing sport and this venue will be instrumental course in this sports future.

James Biggers (Flat rock, )


A lot of hard work went into this.

Jacob Robertson (Boulder, )


Save disc golf courses

Andrew Upmalis (Leeds, )


Disc golf is a great sport to get people out and active for a lower cost. A small course fee could be implemented if absolutely necessary to raise funds for the course and land owner. Golf courses are not always the best use of land.

Matthe Vedova (Vancouver, )


I can’t wait to play this course once it gets in the pro tour schedule!!

Jared Stoll (North Adams, )


Discgolf is the future and will overthrow golf in player numbers

Oskari Räsänen (Kuopio, )


Pelaan itsekkin frisbee golffia ja se on hieno laji

Pekka Tanskanen (Iisalmi, )


Disc golf is a great sport and courses need to be preserved!

Ryan Gall (Mashpee , )


Disc golf is better than ball golf

Danny Benincasa (Lake Forest, )


Respect disc golf

Kurt Franz (State College, )


I love discgolf......

Tommy Holboe (Oslo, )


It's a new course, with a lot of daily users.

Christian Sørensen (Aarhus , )


Tampere disc golf centre represents a special and purpose-built location as the capital of disc golf in Finland. It attracts visitors from all over Finland and will soon attract players from over Europe during the European open. Golf already has many beautiful courses, this is the biggest and best disc golf course in the country, please don’t destroy it

Isaac Keinonen (Helsinki, )


The DG world needs this course!

Kyle Giovannini (Dyer, )


I love disc golf and wish to visit Finland one day and play this beautiful course!

Andrew Davidge (Riverside , )


I'm an avid disc golfer of 6 years we need ever course in this world we can. Most disc golf courses have 0 sponsored funding and it usually kept up from good of people's hearts. They deserve this course. Their hard work is worth more than your ball golf course.

Taylor Gottselig (Lilburn , )


I love DiscGolf and the sport is growing and needs to stay

Stuart Walker (Kent, )


Beautiful discgolf course - World class

Pontus Welin (Oskarshamn, )


Disx Gomf is a wonderful Sporzs and Tampare has one of the Worlds Top Courses. If there will be build up a Ball Golf Place, then Tampare becomes one of a lot and looses hus spot in the World.

Mark Chardonnens (Reichenbach im Kandertal, )


I have visited the city of Tampere several times, only because of frisbee golf. I have been looking forward to the next visit to Tampere, and especially to a world class event
at the Tampere Disc Golf Center. Tampere Frisbee Golf Center needs to stay right where it is.

Johannes Högberg (Skellefteå, )


Because frisbeygolf is a growing sport that is very popular in Finland. It is also the perfect corona safe activity.

Toni Lahnakoski (Vaasa, )


Best discgolf course in Finland

Anton Lindström (Kirkkonummi, )


This is a beautiful course and would love to see it continue.

Erik Davis (Farmville, )


I support excellent disc golf facilities and the Tampere Disc Golf center is renowned throughout the world. In fact how about hosting Disc Golf Worlds there?

John Clark (Allegan, )


Disc golf is a growing sport that is much more accessible to entry-level players than traditional golf. We need good courses!

Cody Speh (Granite Falls, )


Let's bring world championship to Finland!

Henrik Svensson (Stockholm , )


I’m signing to support EU disc golf.

Hunter Spears (Dayton, )


I am planning a trip to Finland after COVID to visit the country's beautiful disc golf courses and saunas!

Jon Rohlf (Indianapolis, )


Disc golf is way better than regular golf

Chris Altman (Kalamazoo, )


I am working up the level need to compete at this course and do not want it covered in to an overwhelming saturated choses of ball golf courses.

Eric Dufeau (Austin , )


I’m signing because I have heard this is a great course and should not be removed! Thank you!

Don Mordecai (Norton, )


This is one of the most important disc golf courses in the world.

Abel boyd (Raleigh, )


Grow the sport! Taking amazing courses out doesn’t support that cause.

Jason Moore (Norman , )


This course will be the future of disc golf in Europe. No reason to replace it with just another golf course

Collin Stetler (Nashville, )


This is madness.....

Mikael Cederberg (Upplands Väsby, )


I think there are alot of gulf parks in tampere . But this one is only one and its a good place for young people to chill.

Shahzad Azhar (Tampere , )


Discgolf is way more fun than regular golf.

Andreas Forsberg (Katrineholm , )


Becouse discgolf is a rapidly growing and easily accessible sport for all ages, sizes and backgrounds. A walk in the park or in the woods will never hurt you. And it's soo fun!!

Andreas Stam (Mockfjörd, )


The Tampere Disc Golf Center is an internationally known and loved disc golf park. Closing it down would be extremely short sighted.

Miikka Lehtonen (Tampere, )


Save the disc golf course!!!! Much love from Oregon, USA!!

Niko Smith (Bend, )


I'm signing because the Tampere course has a huge potential to be a course at which worldwide events could be held.

Jakub William Gráf (Prague, )


I am signing this petition because I am an amateur disc gold player who has sought and and played at disc golf course while traveling internationally. I support efforts to have quality disc gold courses established and operated throughout the world.

Ben Walters (Portland Oregon, )


Joe's Disc Golf Podcast is supporting you 110%! There is no way such a beautiful course should be destroyed. Onnea!

Joe McCudden (Fort Wayne, )


Keep the disc golf course!!!!

Brian Garrison (Crystal Lake, )


This is one of the best courses in the world. This should not be an issue.

Joe Nicol (Lake Zurich , )


I would love to see Finland be able to host disc golf worlds and travel there myself to play.

Alicia Brisach (Nottingham, )


I'm signing because I don't want to see such an amazing disc golf course that so many people have invested time and effort to be lost.

David Wilson (Cambridge, )


I love disc golf and it’s a great lifetime sport.

J. Gary Dropcho (Wexford, )


Disc golf is a modern sport with phenomenal growth which will continue for decades. Traditional golf has declined in popularity and participation and is forecast to continue to do so as it will continue to be out of step with a population available leisure time and concerns with environmental impact.

Frank Garcia (Columbus, )


Disc golf is an important sport that builds community and keeps the populace healthy. This course is a world class course that needs to be respected.

Will Fernandez (Monrovia, )


I want to go play there someday.

Simon Koczwarski (Salmon Arm, )


Disc golf for life!

Elmo Rajamäki (Kotka, )


Saving tampere discgolf

Jimmy Bäcklund (Mariehamn, )


I like to see European opens again. It's a big event that gathers discgolfers around the world together.

Petrus Luokkanen (Oulu, )


One of the best courses in europe

Oscar Engman (Tyresö , )


I want that tampere disc golf center would stay

Samu Puumala (Kellokoski, )


I’m signing because it is one of the best courses in the world! And I want to keep it and have the chance to play it some day!

Kristoffer Bakken (Lillehammer, )


This an important course for the rapidly growing sport of disc golf.

Chad Sanders (Bloomington , )


Todella iso menetys, jos näin hyvä rata tullaan tuhoamaan. Ei mitään järkeä.
Kyseinen rata on tuonut lajin saralla julkisuutta Tampereelle ihan ulkomaita myöten.

Jere Känsälä (Seinäjoki, )


Disc golf needs more great venues like this that can host daily players and majors

Andrew McDonagh (Springdale, )


Disc golf should stay!

Benjamin Bland (Broken Arrow, )


I am signing because while I may not live in Finland, I am a lover of the sport of disc golf. It is a great outlet for youth, adults and elderly alike providing a cheap and fun way to connect with both nature and a competitive spirit.

Spencer Williams (Scarborough, )


Discgolf is a fantastic sport which is growing immensely. To close a course of this caliber would be really bad not only for the sport and all it brings to people's health and wellbeing.

William Nyström (Borås, )


It would be a shame to take away an amazing disc golf course

Daniel Godfrey (Mooresboro, )


Disc golf is the future!!! It creates opportunities for all with lower barriers of entry to start playing versus golf which is so often reserved for those with higher financial means.

Madison Schmautz (Tigard, )


Although I am from the United States, I strongly believe that Baltic disc golf is the best in the world. I and my wife have watched many rounds from Tampere Disc Good Center on YouTube, and hope to visit when travel is available again. It would be sad for Tampere to waste the remarkable good will it has gained from the International Disc Golf Community on more ball golf which is generally elitist, hard on the environment, and epically oversaturated. Please trust the many young families that use Tampere's Disc Golf, and support this growing sport.

Kyle Engen (Beaverton, )


Known to be an incredible venue that I wish to one day travel to play. Really ope it’s around long enough to experience it

Steven Skibbe (Fort Wayne, )


I'm signing because I love disc golf and we need more courses, especially considering the growth of the sport. If anything you should shut down the golf course to add to the disc golf course.



Disc golf is better than ball golf, TDGC needs to continue on as is.

Bryan Elsworth (Saratoga, )


i like disc golf and hate politicians.

joni rasmus (ivalo, )


Hyvä rata, pakko säilyttää

Valtteri Lehtiniemi (Tampere, )


Disc golf is an affordable, family-friendly activity that is growing exponentially in popularity. The city of Tampere just built this course in 2018. I traveled all the way from Portland, OR, USA to play this course. There is demand for disc golf venues, and they have their place alongside golf venues. Removing this course will be a devastating blow to the international disc golf community.

Conner Williams (Portland, OR , )


I want to preserve the Tampere Disc Golf Course for future generations of a rapidly growing sport and for all the effort, planning and time that went into this Top ranked course. Disc golf reaches many people who cannot afford to play ball golf and is a great asset to any community.

Dan Magnuson (Roanoke, )


Disc golf must stay

Lucas Adams (Wolfforth, )


Disc golf in Europe and abroad us growing exponentially. Disc golf is far more accessible financially to a broader sector of the public than ball golf. Maintaining a world class disc golf course utilized by many people is a much greater public service than to destroy and turn into yet another ball golf course.

Jody Smith (Louisville, )


I want to help continue to grow the game of disc golf

Drew Garrett (Henderson, )


I’m signing because I want worlds to be able to be held across the world in places like Tampere

Noah Fields (Williamsburg , )


I love discgolf

Maja Gran Erke (Fornebu , )


I support disc golf

Adam Farago (Cleveland, )


Tampere needs to stay a disc golf course

Jake Anderson-Jones (Kearney, )


I’m signing because disc golf is such a great sport that is often overlooked. There is definitely no need for more golf courses, and an expansion of an existing golf course is very much not needed. Especially as this will remove the best course Europe has to offer.

Ben Preston (Edinburgh, )


I love disc golf and don’t want to see this premiere venue go away!

Macklin Hamilton (Seattle, )


Lempi rata vaikka pitkä matka

Niilo Kuusisto (Riihimäki, )


I want this disc golf course to remain open!

Jenn White (Lunenburg, )


Disc golf is a great sport and the tampere disc golf center brings people from all over the world together and is a state of the art facility

Jeremy Hewitt (Niagara Falls, )


Disc golf is here to stay and has a massive positive boost on local economy and healthy lifestyle.
Such a beautiful course.
Which should be respected and looked after.

Samuel R Banner (South shields, )


Ainutlaatuinen kokonaisuus Euroopan mittapuussa.

Maria Onikki-Górski (Warsaw, )


I have heard great things about tdgc and i would want to go and play it

Jeri Hokkanen (Helsinki, )


Disc golf is amazing and needs to be protected. It is sustainable for the environment and has almost no barriers to entry.

Nate Shafto (Midland, )


Yksi Suomen parhaista radoista eikä sitä saa purkaa

Eetu Leino (Nummela, )


I would like to see them keep the disc golf course

Francisco Guzman (Joliet, )


The work that went into this course will continue the explosive growth of a sport which has been growing faster in Finland than anywhere else in the world.

Jason Hibdon (Helena, )


Disc golf is a sport for all ages. Quick to play & inexpensive to play. It's a lifetime sport that families can play together with friends with only a disc as equipment.

Alan Beaver (Chapin, South Carolina, )


Disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports and needs more high caliber courses in the world. Because there are so few, disc golfers will travel all over the country or even world just to play them

Cameron Luchtel (Livonia, )


This course is beautiful.

Austin Orville (Mission Viejo, CA, )


Disc golf is an incredible sport that deserves every chance to continue to grow. The destruction of the Tampere course is a massive detractor to those wanting to get involved in the sport. It’s a beautiful course that is a staple in the disc golf community.

Seth Whittington (Tulsa , )


It's important

Mads Murvold (Oslo, )


Disc golf is spreading across the world, gaining attention at a very rapid pace. Destroying the best DG course in Europe could prove to be a huge mistake in the long run. Not to mention the immense amount of work that has gone into it.

Collin Correia (Byron Center, )


Tampere disc golf center is moving much more people than any golf track

Tomi Lampinen (Punkalaidun, )


Discgolf saves kids from drug abuse

Kim Lantyo (Göteborg, )