Tehaleh Residents Against 7-11 and Wendys coming to Tehaleh neighborhood



Corporate franchises do not meet the needs, desires, or aesthetics of this community.

Brian Lemoi (Bonney Lake, )


We live in a beautiful community that will be ruined with a fast food restaurant and a gas station. This community needs to maintain its beauty and unique appeal.

Adrienne DiNicola Stewart (Bonney Lake , )


I think there are better options.

Birt Beltzer (BONNEY LAKE, )


I’m signing because there are other community beneficial establishments that could be brought in.

Eric Zachreson (Bonney lake, )


I want it known I won’t patron these establishments

Victoria Reyes (Bonney Lake, )


Wendy’s and 7/11 are terrible options of businesses for this community, and my family will not financially support them if they are built.

Alexander Pouliot (Bonney Lake, )


I do not want a Wendy's or a 7 / 11 in Tehaleh. These are not the type of retail establishments that we were hoping to see in our neighborhood.

Teri Camus (Bonney Lake, )


These businesses do not reflect the type of environment Tehaleh was promised to be. Family friendly, in nature, calm, etc… These are fast food chains (one of which is the same as a mile down the road 7-11).

Alex Collins (Bonney Lake, )


I don’t agree with the proposed brands/franchises (Wendy’s and 7-11) as options that resonate with the vibe and intent of this community. I am in support of the developers needing large Corp brands to turn a profit, just find more suitable options that resonate!

Sarah Maxwell (Bonney Lake, )


I am in support of development, but NOT putting a convenience store right in front of our elementary school. Find some other market or coffee shop to go there (Starbucks, Trader Joe's, etc).

Amanda Gudmunson (Bonney Lake, )


These establishments do not represent the Tehaleh lifestyle. There is already a 7/11 in close proximity.

Timothy Mauesby (Bonney Lake, )


Wendys and 7-11 are a door opened to more fast foods and trashy businesses. We don't need to kill the charm of this community and bring this kind of trashy and smelly businesses.

Walter Gaugler (Bonney Lake, )


The proposed franchises do not well represent the homeowners within this community

Scarlet Nordholm (Bonney Lake, )


No need such retails at all..pls No

Renat Gorodenco (Bonney Lake, )


This community isn't just a beautiful site. It's a community of people who talk, Communicate, support. I have only been here since July but if you allow a 7/11 or fast food restaurant to come in a make this into a typical run down city, I will move. If I want either. They are in the city portion of Bonney Lake. We chose Tehaleh to get away from homeless and drug addicts and you can not tell me you haven't been to one single 711 without those. Hell I got gun pulled on me at one in Portland and it was my last visit. The beauty here sells the moment you drive in, those will not sell they will devalue our homes and this glorious community.

Heather Brown (Bonney Lake, )


I do not think that these establishments belong next to an elementary school.

Florence Conte (Bonney Lake, )


Please don’t foul this beautiful area with fast-food franchises. Here is an alternative: cook healthier meals at home.

Rochelle Cole (Bonney Lake , )


Does not work for demographic, poses health and safety risk. In distance of children. Environmental risk

Alexandria Harris-Caver (Bonney lake, )


Corporate businesses hold no one accountable, specifically criminals and transients. Bringing these businesses in would provide a location for criminal conduct to be conducted which will then flow into the neighboring communities. Given the current hands of approach by Washington police, crime would dramatically increase as a result of the developed of these businesses. Small family or locally owned businesses would be more willing to interupt crime and hold criminals accountable which would make for a significantly safer neighborhood.

Ulrich Von Lichtenstein (Bonney Lake, )


These two establishments do not fit the neighborhood and may draw an undesirable element from outside

Becky Adams (Bonney Lake, )


We already have these both just within a few miles. Please consider other chains that have not already established locations in Bonney Lake.

Aubrie Scully (Bonney Lake, )


Not something that I would like to see in the area. It would not fit the look and feel of the area. Would much rather prefer a market (Trader Joe’s) or something healthy that fits the vibe of the area

Vadim Motso (Bonney Lake, )


We do not need nor desire to have our community become a mirrored image of Hwy 410

Frank Albanese (Bonney Lake, )


As a parent in the Tehaleh community I do not think it’s right or feasible to put a gas station right in front of a school for health reasons, such as emissions/gas smell, and unhealthy snack alternatives to our children. As well as, reasons for bums/addicts who I’ve seen hang outside these establishments isn’t great for our neighborhood or our children.

Chesha Thompson (Bonney Lake, )


I’m signing because putting these two in our community defeat the purpose of the communities healthy lifestyle.

Marie Garrison (Bonney Lake, )


These proposed businesses do not fit the community.

MaKinzie Cody-Berry (Bonney Lake, )


These stores are to close to the elementary school. I’ve seen to many older kids just hang out of many 7-11 and that is not good for elementary kids.

Wendy Somma (Bonney Lake, )


I'm a resident of Tehaleh and disagree that the Wendy's and 7-11 would be an enhancement to our community. We lived in Mill Creek for years and enjoyed the Mill Creek Towne Center. Perhaps, something like that could exist in Tehaleh. The small businesses and restaurants there thrived with the local support.

Elizabeth Biviano (Bonney Lake, )


I am signing because fast food restaurants and 7-11 type establishments do not conport with the esthetics and environment in Tehaleh. They will reduce property values here.

Dannette Matheny (Bonney Lake, )

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