Keep OBS services at the BPHCC!!!



We need to keep OBS services here without this services it will hurt family’s financially n emotionally

Susan Pardy (Burin, 2021-09-14)


I am an RN that works on this unit and agree that this is a necessary service that cannot be lost.

Jaye Pike (Burin Bay Arm , 2021-09-14)


Loss of obstetrics services at the BPHCC would ensure poor health outcomes for maternal-newborn population in our rural area. I would urge anyone involved in decision making on this issue to consider the well-being of this vulnerable population.

Jillian Edwards (Burin, 2021-09-15)


This service is so very important and would be a huge loss to many.

Jacqueline Pearson (Petite Forte, 2021-09-15)


This is a necessity! No one should have to worry about traveling 3 hours to receive this kind of medical care!

Dominique Wall (St.bernards, 2021-09-15)


I’m a mother and I plan on having more kids! This is devastating news !!! It would be a huge lost to this community

Sarah House (Marystown, 2021-09-15)


I’m signing this petition because removing OBS services at BPHCC would endanger the lives of the most precious people in our community; mothers and unborn children. How can we promote Burin Peninsula Industry and keep young people in this area, if adequate heath services are removed from the BPHCC?

James Edwards (Burin, 2021-09-15)


We are supposed to go forward, not backwards. How many young women's lives will be in danger if they have to travel to St. John's to have their babies? Just imagine the stress of having to travel this highway during the winter months to have a baby. It is a nightmare to even think about losing our Obstectrical services hospital at the BPHCC.

Linda Fitzpatrick (Creston South, 2021-09-15)


Unbelievable we need this here not 3or 4 hours away

Juanita Schumacher (Newfoundland , 2021-09-15)


We need all of our services in our hospitals

Trudy Hannam (Creston south, 2021-09-15)


This service is crucial to the burin peninsula!

Simone Evans (Burin, 2021-09-15)


There is no possible reason the government should think it would be even REMOTELY safe for them to take away OBS from the burin peninsula. A mother who goes into labour or even early labour may not make it to Clarenville or St. John’s. Most people won’t have the luxury to be able to afford to go spend weeks in St. John’s waiting for baby to arrive. This is a disgusting act by the government and they should be absolutely ashamed that they are even thinking of this!!! The number of pregnant women this year is plentiful and they do NOT need the added stress that they will no longer have a safe place to give birth.

Allison Legge (Winterland, 2021-09-15)


We deserve to have great care here on the Burin Peninsula! Why would we be going backwards with health care instead of forward?!

Terrilynn Butler (Burin, 2021-09-15)


I'm a nurse on the obstretic unit and believe the service should remain at the BPHCC.

Tina Degruchy (Burin Bay Arm, 2021-09-15)


The BPHCC services a large area and to expect people to travel 3 + hours to receive care is absolutely ridiculous.

Michael Courage (Burin, 2021-09-15)


I believe obstetrical services are essential to the Burin peninsula

Barbara Pittman (Marystown , 2021-09-15)


I’m am signing because as a retired LPN on the peninsula I have seen how important OBS services are of an extreme necessity at the Burin Peninsula Care Centre .

Daphne Matthews (Grand Bank, 2021-09-15)


This is a much needed resource on the Burin Peninsula!!!

Glen Pike (Burin, 2021-09-15)


As a mother of two children I know the need of OBS services in Burin! Having to travel 3 plus hours is ridiculous! What is the sense of having a hospital in our area if we don’t have important services at our fingertips! We need more services added, Not taken away!!!!

Connie Foote (Burin, 2021-09-15)


This is completely ludicrist 3 hrs away from hospital 9 months pregnant definately not good enough

Tracey Slaney (St Lawrence, 2021-09-15)


I have a daughter living in the area , possibly in the future there will be children, don’t want her life or baby’s life at risk because there is not an OBS in our facility. Having to travel by road or air could result in the loss of a human being.

Diane Walsh (Burin Bay Arm, 2021-09-16)


I am currently pregnant and would not know what to do if OBS was taken from BPHCC I’m at a point of a very high risk pregnancy and can’t risk travelling 3-4 hours away to get OBS care in the case that something happens to me or my unborn baby

Madison Smith (Grand Bank, 2021-09-16)


This is a service greatly needed in these rural areas. Having to travel 3 hours to have a baby it's obvious whoever wants this service taken are not woman. For god sake we already have lost enough in these small communities

Caroline Butler (Marystown, 2021-09-16)


Why should the people on the Burin Peninsula have to travel 3 hours each way to get care for their unborn baby?? What if the mom goes in labor early?? Where would she go? Not good enough!!

Debbie Fitzpatrick (Marystown , 2021-09-16)


OBS is an essential service and is needed on the Burin Peninsula.

Mandy Tucker (Marystown, 2021-09-16)


I am signing because I've needed these services and my daughter is needing this service now

Dale Collins-Stone (Burin, 2021-09-17)


I'm signing because right now I am 32 weeks pregnant and I can't imagine not being able to see an OB. These professionals specialize in this area of medical and it is greatly needed at our hospital which services the entire Burin Peninsula. Having to travel 3 plus hours for this type of medical treatment could mean a matter of life or death.

Ashley Ayers (Marystown, 2021-09-17)


I feel that it is very important for every pregnant woman to feel safe with having an obs at our hospital! Travelling while in labour can tend to put a lot of stress on mom and baby and perhaps lead to more fatalities because there wasn’t enough time to make it to another healthcare facility. Going without an obs is just unacceptable.

Kenny Ashley (Burin, 2021-09-17)


They need to stay

Tracy Beazley (Red Harbour, 2021-09-17)


The Obstetrical department is crucial to the Burin Peninsula. To expect an expectant Mother either in labour or with complications, to travel 3 1/2 hours to another hospital, is not acceptable. 30 years ago when my daughter was born, if this service was not available, I
would probably not be here today. We deserve to have this critical service kept here and Burin.

Sheila Hickman (Burin bay arm, 2021-09-17)


We desperately need this service at the BPHCC.

Debbie Cousins (Burin, 2021-09-17)


I'm signing because without these services our female population, our mothers, our daughters and our babies will render the consequences. OBS services outside of the BPHCC are too far away. Please don't jeopardize our women on the Burin Peninsula!

Claudia King (Rushoon, 2021-09-17)


As a diabetic who has had two failed pregnancies, I've been a patient of OBS at the BPHCC and can say with certainty that it is a necessary department in our hospital. Without access to OBS, I would have needed to move out of my home, my community and away from any family and friend support system to seek adquet care. Between OBS and endocrinology, I was at one time visiting this hospital 3-4 times a week. I would never have been able to attend my appointments if they weren't available locally.

Kimberly Isaacs (Burin Bay Arm, 2021-09-17)


The women of this community and surrounding communities need this service to make sure they don’t have to travel 3-4 hrs away ,this service is vital to the Burin Peninsula .

Brenda pearson (Marystown, 2021-09-17)


We need obs

Daisy Abbott (Burin, 2021-09-18)


I am from the Burin Peninsula and I know this is something that is needed.

Michael Jorgensen (St. John's, 2021-09-18)


Why is this happening there is to great a need for this at bphcc

Yvonne Power (Marystown, 2021-09-18)


Removing the Obstetrics services from the BPHCC has the potential to put many women's lives in danger if they experience complications during pregnancy/birth/miscarriages. How can you promote/expect population growth if you are going to make people travel over 3 hours to the nearest hospital with Obstetrics services?! These services are essential for women's health.

Emily Newport (Marystown, 2021-09-19)


We on the Burin Peninsula are too far away from a major centre, too many women and babies will not receive the care they need and will likely die.

Karen Inkpen (Burin, 2021-09-19)


It is the right of every woman to have safe healthcare and taking obstetrics out of Burin is very dangerous!!! Having to travel the burin peninsula highway in the winter which is impassable is unacceptable!!! What has happened to our healthcare????

Cheryl Farrell (Marystown , 2021-09-20)


Burin Pen NEED this ! SO important!!

jessica adams (winterland, 2021-09-20)


There should be Heath care services like this provided on the burin peninsula

Brady Hannam (Marystown , 2021-09-20)

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