bring skylar's cat (conky) back home!!!



Skylar is a loving pet owner and deserves to get her cat back.

Lucy LaValley (Scandia , 2021-09-16)


Skylar needs conky back home!

Kayla Anderson (Richfield , 2021-09-16)


conky is her baby and always has been. skylar needs her back :(

Erin Fodor (Stacy, 2021-09-16)


Skylar is a great pet owner. Conky has a safe, loving home and should be returned immediately.

Tamara Iverson (Scandia, 2021-09-16)


I'm signing because this is stealing and I am saddened that the police do not recognize as so! One post on one Facebook page is not enough. If the finders intentions were to locate the owner, she would have walked the neighborhood, posted signs, notified Humane Society and returned the cat when she located the owner! Imagine if this was your pet lady! Pets are like children and the police need to begin to recognize this! Pets are stolen too often because the police do nothing! So very frustrating!

Melissa Hurd (Minneapolis, 2021-09-16)


I’m signing because some bat shit crazy idiot stole my friends cat. Who does that!!?

Justina Froberg (Scandia, 2021-09-16)


Skylar and the Conkster live across the street. I miss her but not like her owners do. We all want Conky home. She NEVER should have been taken.

Jamie Flaten (Marine on St Croix, 2021-09-16)


I’m signing because Conky deserves to be back with her mom and the family she knows and loves. This is so unfair and such a horrible thing to do to a cat who HAS A FAMILY

Margaux Reynolds (Crystal , 2021-09-16)


Skylar is a great cat mom and her baby deserves to be brought back to her!!!

Julia Anderson (Forest Lake , 2021-09-16)


Sky’s a mama missing her baby ❤️ BRING CONKY HOME

Sara burke (New Richmond, 2021-09-16)


I know skylar very well and she’s a great person and loves her cat very much. I have witnessed her caring and loving her cat a lot. Bring back her cat!

Steve Engstrom (Forest lake, 2021-09-16)


I know Skylar and her family and this is their cat. This woman is being cruel to steal their cat then hide behind the letter of the law.

CLINTON HANSON (minneapolis, 2021-09-16)


The owner wants her back she is a good owner and some lady just took her cat and won't give it back and that's wrong!!!!

Jenna Bressler (Bloomington, 2021-09-16)


This cat belongs to skylar & skylar belongs to Conky..

Jessica Palomino (Saint Paul, 2021-09-16)


Skylar has proven she takes good care of her Conky who is a large part of her family.

Leanne Meyer (Marine On Saint Croix, 2021-09-16)


The cat needs to be in its rightful home. It was wrong for the lady to steal Skylar's cat.

Andrea McCready (Stillwater, 2021-09-17)


She deserves her cat back!!

Jamie Lynn Ruka (Scandia, 2021-09-17)


If a cat has a loving home they should give it back. Help an animal that actually needs to be rescued

Amelia Schilla (Esko, 2021-09-17)


Skylar deserves her cat back. It's hers.

Brandi Voigt (Forest laks, 2021-09-17)


It’s not right to steal someone’s cat. If you didn’t know it was someone’s cat, you certainly have since learned it is and you need to return it immediately!

Ann Kirn (Minneapolis , 2021-09-17)


Crazy lady stole skylars cat conky

Tianna Tavarez (Coon Rapids , 2021-09-17)


SKYLAR WOULD NEVER HURT A FLY LET ALONE A CAT. she deserves her cat back. If you don't want to listen to Skylar tell you the cat was in a good home . Talk with her vet.

Hailey Pishchik (Minneapolis, 2021-09-17)


If I lost my cat to some bitch I’d want people to help me too

Shayla Pearson (North branch , 2021-09-17)


She clearly loves this cat and deserves to get her back !

Rylie Baxley (Andover, 2021-09-17)


Conky deserves to be with his owner!

Paula Williams (Bloomington, 2021-09-17)



ghislain mallet (moncton, 2021-09-17)


Every effort should always be made to find a pet's owner. Once found, returned unless actual proof of abuse is present which in this case - it is obvious there was/is no abuse.

Tammy Dochniak (SCANDIA, 2021-09-17)


This just is not right. I’m not understanding why it isn’t criminal.

Candy Huber (Spencer, 2021-09-17)


Because pet thieves should be arrested. Not protected.

Jase Smith (Minneapolis , 2021-09-17)


Because someone took my friends cat wrongfully and she needs to have her cat back

Aymeri Effertz (Chisago, 2021-09-17)


Skylar is very genuine and loving person. This lady stole her cat! Skylar deserves to have her cat back she is the rightful owner and honestly this is bullshit.

Jay Mattson (Forest lake , 2021-09-18)


Skylar loves Conky. Conky is well cared for and loved. Give Skylar her cat back !!’

Courtney Rolfhus (Saint Paul, 2021-09-18)


It’s wrong to steal Skylar’s cat! Conky comes from a loving home!

Angel Tomaino (Vadnais Heights, MN, 55127, 2021-09-18)


Hoping that you get your Conky back♡

Dawn Yang (Hugo, 2021-09-18)


You're taking sky's cat you maniacs. That's ludicrous. She wouldn't harm her kitty!

Peyton Hoenie (White bear lake, 2021-09-19)


With the amount of documentation (including pictures) and vet records available from the owner, there should be no reason someone should be able to keep Skylar’s pet from her. An individual keeping someone’s pet from them in this manner and this situation is only out to hurt the owner. It is a devious act & there is no reason to have taken things to this level.

Leanne DelSantro (Goodhue, 2021-09-20)


As a fellow cat parent, I would do anything to protect my babies and I am happy to help anyone who wants to do the same for their fuzzy little babies.

Ciaran Johnston (Wellington, 2021-09-20)


This lady should not be stealing people's cats, this cat is not hers and she needs to give it back to the rightful owner. That is stealing and it is illegal. Even if it is a lost pet you still cannot take it.

Kathy Tomnitz (Scandia, 2021-09-20)


I'm signing because this is heartbreaking and outrageous. If that were my cat that had been taken I would be beside myself with grief and all sort of other emotions.

Jan Hogle (Scandia, 2021-09-20)


This is ridiculous. No one should be allowed to steal someone's pet. Your perception of neglect without veterinary documentation is simple theft!

Carol Amundson (Scandia, 2021-09-20)


Sad that this women will not release the cat she found to its owner! There are lots of cats on the streets that she could help! This cat has an owner! And should be released to its rightful owner

Crystal Sticha (Circle Pines, 2021-09-20)


I'm signing because I have followed this tragic story from the beginning. What this lady did is so wrong and she should be held accountable!

Amy Richter (Forest Lake, 2021-09-21)


I don't understand how anybody can get away with doing this, To me it is just flat out stealing.

Bonnie Hendrickson (SCANDIA, 2021-09-21)


I’m signing for Conky to be returned to their home and their person Skylar. Kidnapping animals and holding them ransom is cruel and should be punishable! No law or loophole should keep a healthy cat away from their healthy and safe home.

Kelsie Norenberg (Dayton, 2021-09-22)


Give this girl her cat back. You have no right to keep it… it doesn’t belong to you.

Jeffrey Yucel (New Brighton, 2021-09-23)


I hope you get your cat back!!!

Jenna Brobjorg (Circle pines , 2021-09-23)


I’m signing because I believe skylar is an exceptional cat mother and doesn’t deserve this at all

Jesse Mitchell (Rush City, 2021-10-03)


I remember coming over and finding conky laying in Sky's flowers and plants she just planted. Conky loved those pkants!! He wants to come back to his jungle!

Matthew Mollen (Scandia, 2021-10-16)


Give her back her cat! Pets are family members this is akin to kidnapping, completely unacceptable!

Lisa Canning (Eden Prairie, 2021-10-17)


Is this woman actually even saving the cats that are actually been abandoned and abused

Not the ones that have owners/parents

Please keep your cats indoors so this won't happen again to anyone

W F (Warren, 2021-11-27)

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