Nichole Marie Humphres movement



i believe she murdered her girlfriend.

Victoria koiner (durant , 2021-09-18)


There's been too much senseless death in our community that hasn't been brought to justice

Cici Hinrichs (Durant, 2021-09-18)


Obey the commandment tho shalt not kill.

Evangelist Louise Eads (Durant , 2021-09-18)


Nichole Humphres deserves justice and Makayla Patino took her life.

Sarah Farmer (Durant, 2021-09-18)


because its not right , you shoot a person and they die? on purpose ? accidentally? ( doubt it) there needs to be consequences for her actions....

Mary Kurth (mead, 2021-09-18)


I want justice for Nicole and her babies

Misty Bates (Calera, 2021-09-18)


I’m signing because Nichole and her family deserves justice

Ashley Shelton (Durant, 2021-09-18)


She needs justice i miss you

gena mcgee (Durant, 2021-09-18)


Choices were made.

Cheyenne Spears (Durant, 2021-09-18)


This is not right . and they need justice

Julissa Uribe (Denison, 2021-09-18)


For Justice for my cousin

renee Alston (Fairfield Bay, 2021-09-18)


My goddaughter deserves justice and so do her 3 babies that r having to live the rest of their lives without their mother. While this waste of oxygen that claimed to love her gets to walk thlhe streets & live her life like nothing ever happened.

Crystal Owens (Mead, 2021-09-18)


Nichole Marie Humphres deserves justice, no matter what she was murdered in cold blood by someone who is yet to have to answer for that

Abigail Gooch (Hugo , 2021-09-18)


My cousin deserves justice

Heather Jimenez (Keizer, 2021-09-18)


Everyone deserves justice !

Rainbow Romero (Stayton, 2021-09-19)


I want justice

Dorothy Simmons (Kingston, 2021-09-19)


Justice needs to be served.. letting a cold blooded killer walk the street to find her next victim.. McKayla did it to one person she says she loves she will do it to the next..bring justice to this family bryan co do y'all's job for once get this cold blooded killer McKayla off the street before another body is found by her shooting them..

Tina Kenedy (Kingston, 2021-09-19)


Nichole deserves justice! No way the girl who shot her needs to be out walking free. Much less getting to see the light of day again.

Amber Mathews (Durant, 2021-09-19)


The family Deserves Justice!

Talysa James (Stonewall, 2021-09-20)


She should at least be held accountable with a charge of involuntary manslaughter

Chasity Amix (Key Largo, 2021-09-20)


Justice needs to be served!

Raychel Alexander (Durant, 2021-09-20)


I’m signing because you don’t “accidentally” shoot someone point blank in the head. Nichole needs justices and Makayla needs to be behind bars!

Brooklen LaFlore (Hugo, 2021-09-20)


That’s my cousin and it’s not okay her killer is walking away free! My cousin needs justice

Harmony Osborne (Portland , 2021-09-21)


She is my cousin and she deserves Justice

Deanna Lupo (Tucson, 2021-09-23)


I'm signing this because it's heartbreaking and brought me in tears I lost My brother to so I know how u guys feel but on the real note if I did something in this town the cops would be quick to throw me in jail and it's not right to take someone else's life for no reason it breaks my heart that this happen and them babies have to remember something like that for the rest of there life's I pray Justice gets done prayers for the family and them babies

Ashley Yarbrough (Durant , 2021-10-17)


There are countless stories of domestic violence that end this way. When you see a situation and you wonder why the victim doesn’t leave or why they don’t seek help… this is a prime example. She lost her life at the hands of her abuser and still nothing is being done to the abuser.

Stacie B (Durant, 2021-10-18)


Justice needs to be served

Angie Reyes (Durant, 2021-10-19)


I’m unsure of the full details I wasn’t there but I feel a full investigation needs to be done.

Cammyale Foreman Eaton (Caney, 2021-10-19)


She shot her in the head and covered it up, because she didn’t wanna look at what she did. Let a jury decide.

Phoenix Carpenter (Durant, 2021-10-21)


I'm from this area born an raised. My family is all from Durant. It use to be a nice family town now it's turned to this. I'm signing this because she needs justice an this family needs peace.

Michelle Michael (Colorado Springs, 2021-10-22)


I'm signing because this is wrong this women belongs in jail even accidents have consequences when they are bad enough. And this "accident" would have never happened if she had fallowed the laws addressing felons and fire arms she clearly doesn't fallow rules and if she had this women would still be alive.

Frances Fraser (Durant, 2021-10-22)


I’m signing because this family deserves closure and the monster deserves to be in jail

Summer Shanea Williams (Durant, 2021-10-22)


I'm signing because Nichole deserves justice, her kids and her family deserve peace! It is outrageous something hasn't been done and over 3 months!!

Tashina Childers (Caey, 2021-10-22)


Nicole was my friend and she and her family deserve justice for this crime.

Nicholas Brooks (Durant , 2021-10-22)


I believe justice should be served.

Ashley Spencer (Russellville, 2021-10-22)


This is my step moms family and this woman and her children deserve justice and to be able to be at peace knowing the person who took her life is where she belongs. Behind bars.

Chloe Jaramillo (Russellville, 2021-10-22)


My daughter was murdered in cold blood by Makayla Patino. My daughter Nichole deserves justice my grandchildren deserve to know there mom's murderer is being held responsible. Maybe then they will not be so scared all the time thinking they are next.

Sheila Farmer (Durant, 2021-10-23)



Sydney McBurney (Crystal Lake, 2021-10-23)


I'm signing this because I'm furious that we still have no sign of justice happening in this case. They have all the evidence they need to move forward with charges against this murderer yet they just sit back and do nothing. So what do we do just sit back and wait for her to kill again? The incompetence is astounding!

Cora Dann (Conway, 2021-10-23)


This was y beat friend who need justice its not fair her murder is just out like nothing happened

Douglas Sierra (Durant, 2021-10-23)


She was a good friend of mine and she didn’t deserve what happened to her! And there still hasn’t no just brought to the family!? Her kids deserve it, she deserves it!!

Kramer Layla (Durant, 2021-10-23)


It's so irritating and such bullshit that girl gets to take the life of my niece and get away with it period there's something way wrong with this.

Farmer Melanie (Keizer, 2021-10-23)


I believe it wrong

Danny Hardy (Bokchito,Oklahoma , 2021-10-23)


Nichole deserves justice

Strong Emily (Waldron, 2021-10-23)


We must stop domestic violence!

Patricia Eggemeyer Cook (Evansville , 2021-10-23)


I love my cousin and we want justice! Makayla should be behind bars!

Rolfe Trish (Higden, 2021-10-23)


Justice needs to be part of checks and balances.

Jessie Dalrymple (Durant, 2021-10-23)


I want justice for Nicki Nacho love you Sheila and girls 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Willburn Markien (Willits, 2021-10-24)


Justice for Nicole

Devin Horton (Durant, 2021-10-24)


If you shoot someone "accidentally" you would run, call 911 and try to help . The only reason someone would run was if it wasn't accident and you were scared to get arrested.

Rikki Brown (Atoka, 2021-10-24)


Even though I didn't know any of these girls very well, it's still plain to see that the patino girl had no mercy or conscience. She deserves to behind bars!!!!!

Rikki Welborn (Durant, 2021-10-24)


Nicole grew up with my daughters and I knew her as a good human being! She didn’t deserve to be murdered and her kids didn’t deserve to be without their mom. Please put her murderer behind bars and throw away the key.

Michele Hendrix ( Belleville, 2021-10-24)


This is my sister and she needs justice.

Humphres Tori (Durant, 2021-10-26)


Nichole was murdered and the cops swept it under the rug.

Kali Guthrie (Durant, 2021-10-26)


I'm signing because the victim's family deserves justice. Nobody has the right to take another's life without consequence.

Joy Beck (Lindsay, 2021-10-26)


She deserves justice!

Tina Ball (Durant, 2021-10-26)


Nicki is my husband's cousin. She is family and she deserves better. She deserves justice. She deserved to live and raise her children.

Justina Collier (Aumsville, 2021-10-27)


Because I knew of the young lady, She was friends with my nephew's & Neice & Was a Really Great Kid!!

Timmy J Farrell (Durant, 2021-10-28)


Nicole deserves justice

Jessica Swearingen (Durant, 2021-10-30)


I am signing because when a person makes the decision to pick up a gun and hold it near someone’s temple they deserve the consequences regardless of whether they meant to pull the trigger & kill.

Mathews Kathy (Kingston, 2021-11-01)


The mother of my kids was murdered. Something needs to be done about it.

Gary Owens (Denison, 2021-11-17)


Nicole deserves justice!

Mote Mackenzie (Durant, 2021-11-17)


Justice for Nicole

Sheryl Summers (Elizabeth, 2021-11-17)


Nichole was a good friend.

Johnston Ashley (Durant, 2021-11-17)


This is not fair to the family this person can walk the streets. Sending prayers and love from California..

Leah Gonzalez (Santa Rosa, 2021-11-17)


This is a very good friend of mines petition ,whom I've known for over 40 years, so if she suggested I sign this ,then ill sign

Rene Winters (Reno, 2021-11-17)


Nichole is my cousin and she and her family need justice

Angela Long (Tulare, 2021-11-17)


Nicole deserve justice and also for her kids n family

Naoma Sharpe (Durant, 2021-11-17)


she deserves justice.

Destiny Ash (mead, 2021-11-17)


I’m signing this because this family needs justice. makayla a murderer that shot and killed nichole should be behind bars. I pray that this family gets justice. it is not right. 💗

Vandenburg Kimberly (Albany, 2021-11-17)


I feel like justice needs to be served

Brandy Reese (Durant, 2021-11-17)

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