කෘෂිකර්මාන්තයට, සත්ව පාලනයට, මහජන සෞඛ්‍යයට හා පරිසරයට අහිතකර කාබනික පොහොර ආනයනය නතර කරන ලෙස ඉල්ලීම.



I want to save the precious biodiversity of Sri Lanka and I am well aware of the consequences of breaching biosecurity barriers in a country

Nalika Ranathunge (Kamburugamuwa, 2021-09-26)


Preserving our Natural soil flora and fauna is essential for our future.

Venura Herath (Kandy , 2021-09-26)


Going organic as a country and banning import and use of synthetic agro-inputs will result in irreversible negative effects on our food security. Further, importing organic fertilizer with such high risks, as an alternative measure, will ruin our environment. The negative impacts of such efforts will be multi-folded compared to the use of synthetic fertilizers at recommended dosages.

Buddhi Marambe (Peradeniya, 2021-09-26)


Because it’s a huge risk to import organic fertilizers since they include pathogenic microorganisms which ultimately cause huge losses in yield.

Lakmini Senevirathne (Matale, 2021-09-26)


Against import of substandard fertilizer

Priyanka De Silva (Thalawathugoda , 2021-09-26)


It's our responsibility to protect the food security of Sri Lanka and the overall ecosystem 0f the country

GVH Gotabhaya (Colombo, 2021-09-26)


I’m signing because importing organic fertilizers is a threat to biodiversity of our sensitive Eco-systems. The harmful impacts of potential contaminants in these fertilizers will affect generations to come. We do not have fully fledged screening facilities to ensure the quality of these products. Also it’s not cost effective and not sustainable.

Warshi Dandeniya (Gampaha, 2021-09-26)



Tharupathie Piyasinghe (Ratnapura, 2021-09-26)


Bad decision of importation of organic fertilizer from another country

Seranga Athuluwage (Horana, 2021-09-26)


Introducing hitherto unknown pests, diseases, fungus and weed seeds are extremely dangerous and harmful to the Srilanka’s ecosystem and the Agricultural sector of Sri Lanka

Lal de Silva (Battaramulla, 2021-09-26)


I am against this hazardous decision

Aminda Lakmal (Homaga, 2021-09-26)


I love soil in it is the life of all living beings

R. Saman Dharmakeerthi (Peradeniya, 2021-09-26)


I am signing because I am concerned about the future of the country particularly about the national food security.

Pradeepa Silva (Kandy, 2021-09-26)


I, m tea farmer

Laknath Sannasooriya (Galle , 2021-09-26)


This has bad impact on Sri Lanka's agricultural sector and food safety

Ruwanthi Nawarathna (Mount Waverley , 2021-09-26)


Imported organic fertilizer may have negative impact on our crops due to the that fertilizer consist with pathogens causing plant diseases

Chathurika Perera (Rathnapura , 2021-09-26)


Because I love my country and its own biodiversity.

G.M. Mahesh Mohottala (Ratnapura, 2021-09-26)


importation of this substandard ( so called) fertiliser strictly violates plant quarantine regulations and thereby law of Sri Lanka. This country is not a garbage site.

Pradeep Herath (Puttalam, 2021-09-26)


Im in the sector for a great deal of time and this is not acceptable

Suchira Hirampola (Katugastota, 2021-09-26)


Our soil structure is already damaged. Indigenous microorganisms are completely different from populations of foreign microorganisms. When mixed, the inevitable result is an outbreak of disease. Bacteria have historically been the cause of a disproportionate amount of human disease and death. I suggest the authorities first understand the rhizosphere. We are trying to import such foreign MOs with pathogens, which will destroy our agriculture industry. This has to be stopped!!!

Channa Abeygunawardene (Kiribathgoda, 2021-09-26)


This is one of the worst decisions the government has made. This will create a lot of irreversible adverse effects to this whole country.

Chinthaka Nuwan (Galle, 2021-09-26)


Environmental and national food security concerns

Kasi Adikaramge (Colombo, 2021-09-26)


If we need to import just we have to look back at what we did wrong. This temporary solutions will affect the countries food security let alone national security

Kevin Perera (Ja-Ela, 2021-09-26)


As a professional and civilian of this country who love this country
, hope its my duty

Piyal Walisinghe (Kandy , 2021-09-26)


I also belive that importing of such product will destroy our soil as well as all cultivas.

Nalin Karunarathne (COLOMBO , 2021-09-26)


This is a huge problem that may cause unrecoverable issue in Sri Lankan agriculture.

Isuru Kasthuri Arachchi (Kandy, 2021-09-26)


Sri Lanka should be saved for future generations. In which soil plays the major role in feeding the nation. Imported of organic fertilizer could bring not only microbes but also many unwanted contaminants.

No Soil No Us.

Priyantha Weerasinghe (Matara, 2021-09-26)


I have no trust over what is being imported and might bring more damage to our eco system

Malika Perera (Imbulgoda, 2021-09-26)


This is a threat to Sri Lankan Agriculture and Bio Diversity

Sureshi Withanage (Galway, 2021-09-26)


I am sign this because I think these organic fertilizer contain harmful pathogenic microbes and some invasive algal parts

Jayani Methma (Ambalantota , 2021-09-26)


This will definitely huge impact on whole Sri Lanka.Not only for agriculture sector but also many other sectors as well. Experts in the agriculture sector clearly explained the situation behind this. Relevant government sectors should have to pay more attention on this as soon as possible!

Amani Kahandawa (Polonnaruwa , 2021-09-26)


Because of the bacteria issue in the recent importation of organic fertilizers from china 🇨🇳.

Manuja Rajakaruna (Kandy , 2021-09-26)


This is a great gamble playing with the future of SRILANKA in its entirety.

When even one sample has shown evidence of microbes even benign it is the reason to avoid the possible calamity as it is not possible to confirm the sterilization of thousands of tons by testing any number of samples. The very stringent standard has been violated and trying to circumvent by testing more samples is a fraudulent action to be viewed very seriously

Parakrama Jayasinghe (Colombo, 2021-09-26)


To stand against this decision

Tharindu Rambadagalla (Kandy , 2021-09-26)


The best and most expert soil scientists are against this importing compost idea. But still government tries to do it. It means the government does not want to do the correct thing.

Chinthaka Widanapathirana (Matara , 2021-09-26)


This stupid move of the government is disastrous to the agriculture of the country.

Gamini Warushamana (Aranayake, 2021-09-26)


I'm signing because i want to make a request from the government not to import of environmental adverse orgnaic fertilizer.

Anuththara Lakshani (Kanthale, 2021-09-26)


ආනයනික කාබනික පොහොර ලාංකීය ගොවි බිමට මොනම විදිහකින්වත් එකතු නොකරන්න වගබලා ගමු.
රටට ආදරේ අභිමානවත් ගොවි ජනතාව දැනුවත් කරලමු.

Chinthaka C. Gunadasa (Ruwanwella, 2021-09-26)


This import is going to be a threat to the entire agriculture sector in Sri Lanka.

Wicky Wickramatunga (Colombo , 2021-09-26)


I know the repurcussions and irreversible negative impacts to the Soil.

Charaka Eranda Gamage (Welimada , 2021-09-26)


I care about what happens to Sri Lanka.

Saro Jay (HIGH Wycombe, 2021-09-26)


Processes not in place for ensuring harmful organic products do not enter the country.

Rizvi Zaheed (Colombo, 2021-09-26)


I fully agree to use organic fertiliser for our agricultural use. But it must be produced hear locally with the experts advice from our own country people. While we have the world best people and expertise in any field today why we depend any more on foreign people and countries. It is time to make use of our expertise , resources and intelligence. Begin to value our people and their products.

Sisira Jayamaha (Nugegoda, 2021-09-26)


because importing improper organic fertilizer is not suitable.it will be become big issue in the future.it also affects whole people in the country.

Rasindi Priyadarshani (Rathnapure, 2021-09-26)


It will make huge impact to the environment as well as people.

Tharaka Sahan Abeysinghe (Matale, 2021-09-26)



Anurudda Karunarathna (Kandy, 2021-09-26)


This compost can be a threat for our country

Lakshan Viraj (Matale , 2021-09-26)


I graduated in the stream of Agriculture Sciences and working in Agriculture field almost 13 years after graduation (BSc and MSc). I have the better understanding on consequences.

Nadeesha Waduge (Angunakolapelessa , 2021-09-26)


I am fully disagree with the decision taken to import organic fertilizer from another country. Also do not agree with sudden decission taken to move for fully organic within a short period.

Withanage Don Gunaratrne (Peradeniya, 2021-09-26)


I love my country bio diversity.

Erandaka Samarathunga (Narammala , 2021-09-26)


1. Imported organic Fertilise will introduce harmful bacteria and micro-organs.
2. Agricultur with 100% organic fertiliser is not a practical solution.

Sunil Wickramanayaka (Singapore, 2021-09-26)


This decision puts the entire island`s ecosystem and the biodiversity at risk of bein infected by invasive species. As a biodiversity hotspot with many endemic and endangered plants we cannot allow such short sighted decisions go ahead.

Melani Gunathilalka (Colombo, 2021-09-26)


I am against importation of organic fertiliser

P B Ekanayake (Kandy , 2021-09-26)


I love my country

Asoka Wijenayake (Colombo, 2021-09-26)


I believe that importation of organic fertilizer is an extremely dangerous and detrimental act. In addition to all the harm it could do, it's implemented as a solution to a non-issue. The current ruler of the country is extremely deluded and misguided in this issue, and his advisors have blown adverse effects of chemical fertilizers out of proportion. By trying to mitigate a non-existent issue, they are about to cause much more harm to our environment, health, economy and even the very survival.

Buddhika Thambugala (Peradeniya, 2021-09-26)


I'm signing this because importation of organic fertilizers would have irreversible negative effects on our highly sensitive and priceless soil resource.

Janani Palihakkara (Peradeniya, 2021-09-26)


Organic fertilizer must be free from any microorganisms.

Sampath Munasinghe (Matugama, 2021-09-26)


It is dangerous to Sri Lanka living beings

Kumara Ubhayarayhne (Kadawatha, 2021-09-26)


This is an extremely dangerous thing. Everybody should listen to the scientists. I myself specialized in soils science for my undergraduate degree. I know how dangerous this could be.

Herath Gunatilake (Kandy, 2021-09-26)

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