Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity



My friends and loved ones were intentionally infected with these bioweapons and I have been pressured to comply and punished for not complying with these illegal demands.

Eric Snyder (Castro Valley , )


I did the research and the whole thing was planned.

Clayton Lea (Pueblo, )


It can be stopped 2 years ago..

Pavia Platou (Nuuk, )


Because it’s too much, too over!!

Ludovic Krundel (Cournonterral, )


I am one of the awakened who is going to help take back our country.

Sue Shipman (Gilbert, )


we cannot let the people that we gave authority to be able to any over reach. we need this to stop now.

barbara woodward (Canisteo, )


I got myocarditis and almost died from a gene therapy shot illegally named a vaccine.

Stephen Grossi (Wasaga beach, )


Fauci and Gates need to be prosecuted.

Steve Hopper (Atascadero , )


Obvious reasons

Erin Thibault (Titusville , )


We, citizen's wether or not, they fell for the propaganda about vaccine, injured people have been waiting and waiting for a voice

Dan Naiken (Melbourne, )


I am signing this petition because Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and all of the other billionaires, who are responsible for this bioweapon attack against the Earth's entire human population MUST be legally indicted, tried before a jury of their peers, convicted, and sentenced to:


Same destination as a needle, but a MUCH HARDER ROAD TO WALK.

For the squeamish, I'm not suggesting a sentence which has never been handed down from the bench in our federation before, quite the opposite.

Look it up.

I'm only suggesting that We the People give the guilty the sentence that THEY HAVE BEEN BEGGING FOR and which THEY SO RICHLY DESERVE.

Ryan Murphy (Ocala, )


Crimes against humanity.
Unconstitutional criminality.
Conspiracy to Commit Murder
Threatening the Sovereignty
of a Free Republic.

David Tartaglia (Snow Hill, Maryland, )


I am one of many around the world who
have been covertly micro-chipped and
are tortured, harassed and experimented
on 24/7.

jaime aguirre (Cali, )


I’m signing because Governments and their advisors have made a mess of our lives, freedoms and have allowed people to die without any support or medication.

Bruno Cassani (Southend, )


This evil needs to stop before they kill off 5 billion or more people. I have asked for charges against Justin Trudeau and an investigation into Dr. Tam, Canada's parliament, Dr. Moore, Chrystia Freeland, Jasmeet Singh and whoever else in Canada's parliament are members of wef. I am afraid for my family and mankind. I went to the London police twice and the Opp, I wrote the Governor General and emailed Reiner Fuellmich twice. Who needs to be held responsible and not convening on a world pandemic treaty. This must be stopped before we lose mankind.

David Marker (London , )


After viewing the entirety of the testimony of the Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples´ Court of Public Opinion, plus interviews by renown experts including Dr Richard M Fleming, Dr Robert Malone, Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Michael Yeadon, and others, I wish to join this petition supporting the indictment and prosecution of those who played a key role in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The evidence is now abundant that the COVID-19 pandemic had nothing to do with medicine.

Douglas Park (Phoenix, )


They have done crimes against humanity, and have to be hold responible for this!

Trond Lie (1405 Langhus, )


This is all insane!!

Lisa Mitchell (San francisco, )


It is time for the criminals to be exposed and punished.

Barbara Soumar (Gold Canyon, )


I am signing because I am a nurse and I saw first hand the innocent people who suffered and many died because these people blocked lifesaving, affordable medications and instead intubated and shut down their kidneys so big pharma could make billions.

Brenda Schweitzer (TALENT, )


Nobody should be above the law and this agenda needs to be stopped

Rachel Taylor (Alton, )


People should not be forced to take medical experimental drugs.

Ian Purcell (Tokyo, )


I agree that this is evil tyranny that must end!!

Claire Johnson (Cardiff, )


They are monsters and have murdered my family. I think this is Chinese snake venom. I also believe the protocol in the hospital is murdering people.

Edward James (Indianapolis, )


This nonsense needs to be stopped. The elite do not have a right to do and say what they want to just because they have money.

Ronell Lambert (Germiston , )


I am signing because as a person who has already suffered disabling medical conditions due to medical protocols and policies I cannot be complicit in the furtherance of restrictive and negligent medical practices that cause harm.

David McNamara (Sturgeon Bay, )


Government and pharma are killing people with the vaccine

Judy Dobson (Danville, )


I agree that so called pandemic about SARS-Cov-2 and experimental vaccines are planned and dangerous. And much more...

zdenka Kristan (Žalec, )


I believe there are many things unclear around the Pandemic which deserves investigation.

Pablo Tamariz (Cuenca, )


It is time to prosecute and investigate the criminals who are committing acts against humanity.

Ruth Lewis (Austin, )


I am signing this petition because I strongly believe that crimes against humanity need to be investigated and the responsible people must be prosecuted because otherwise the Biological Weapons Convention treaty, the Nuremberg Code and the International Convenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) treaty are not worth the paper they are written on.

Considering the devastating impact of the manmade virus on peoples' health, emotional well-being and their economic livelyhood, and the adverse effects of the vaccines and the deaths attributable either to the COVID-19 disease or the preventable treatment if the virus had not been released need additionally to be financially compensated.

If no attempt for seeking and administering justice is being made, how could anyone rely anymore upon courts upholding justice in the name of the peoples worldwide?

Sylvia Roock (Duisburg, )


Evidence now suggests the pandemic was actually a scamdemic and those responsible need to be investigated, indicted and arrested for their part in this treason against the U.S.

Janet Eyring (Highland, )


I'm signing because I believe in Rule of Law for all.

Mark Rissman (Newark, )


crimes against humanity have been committed and must be stopped

Mark Brown (Richardson, )


Our rights are being trampled on. Our lives are being turned upside down. This once great county is being destroyed purposely and May God have mercy on those perpretating these crimes for they will not go unnoticed.

Lisa Johnson (KEYSER, )


After much research of my own , I fully believe that most if not all governments, politicians and their medical advisors are criminally complicit to world depopulation via a multitude of methods, including this plandemic and their enept murderous concoction syrup.

rob Ponga (Huntly, )


These vaccines were not thoroughly tested… should never be given to pregnant women, cancer patients or children… the impact of these vaccines will live with us for many many years!!! Our health system will surely be challenged to manage side effects and long term problems..

Debra Winkeljohn (Albuquerque , )


I absolutely agree !

I want to see Justice served !

Judy Weiser (Keswick, )


I believe in the sovereignty of the USA and my medical decisions are my right. I do not authorize the any of the elected or appointed officials to make any decisions on my behalf without my consent.

Christine Jacobsen (Bullhead City, )


I do not believe it is a vaccine.
My body My choice

Kerryle Warwick (Seville Grove, )


These criminals need to be held accountable for their actions & be tried for treason amongst their other crimes they've committed!
Steve Raines

Steve Raines (Albuquerque , )


Our unity is needed by any means necessary.

Todd Hunter (Stillwater, )


It's my God given right!

Kyle Kortko (Guelph, )


I'm signing to hold the people in power accountable for their tyrannical actions

Harry Flores (Cuyahoga Falls, )


To stop the biggest mass murder in the history of the world.

Duane Gunderson (Red Bank, )


For justice

mary williams (Norman, )


We need to take America back.

ERICK ISLAS (League City, )


I believe there is evidence of a criminal conspiracy.

Michael Friend (Norwalk, )


Im A constitutionalist

Lee Randall (772 Josephine street, )


I want accountability and for people to be punished for crimes against humanity all over the world.

Victor Crawford (Aztec, )


I and my family were infected with the Covid-19 bioweapon.

Steven Messler (Covington , )


Our rights have been violated and its wrong what they've done to humanity

SHANE SMITH (Grimes, )


I was injured by the Maderno Vaccine.

Brian Harnage (Conyers, )


This is the most important issue of our time. We have to hold people accountable and the evidence is overwhelming.

Brent Rupnow (Tustin, )


Crimes against humanity must be prosecuted. PERIOD!

MARK SIFFER (Apache Junction, )


I do not agree with an un-elected group organizing to take away the sovereignty countries around the world. Damning evidence proves Gain of Function being conducted to "enhance" viruses.

Eric Lavergne (Rosharon, )


People should be prosecuted and go to prison.

Mike Pupis (Newtown Square, )


I was covid jab injured and my home State of Nevada is told me I couldn't prove it was the vaccine and offered me no care. I did not stop looking for help and was cared for by doctors who presented at Sen. Ron Johnson Covid a Second opinion. Now I speak for what is right and will not give up. What about all the other vaccine injured told it was not the vaccine and need care? We were lied to. If all the side effects were published I would not have taken it to begin with.

Gloria Sharlein (Reno, )


Concern about unelected people

Ralph Buschman (Maumelle , )


I love humanity and I want justice for it. I want people, corporations held responsible for this evil depopulation being pushed by the WEF.

Joshua Wakkinen (Bloomfield, )


These criminals need to be held accountable.

BRIAN SUTTON (Florissant, )


This genecide must STOP now

angela ridgeway (Durham, )


I believe these people involved in the research, manufacture, distribution, advertising, and administration of these bio-weapon shots should be held accountable for all the injuries and deaths to date and to come.

Keith Girard (Greenwood, )


I want these Motherfuckers to hang High . Liberty or Death 💀💀💀💀 GOD Bless America Again . ✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Joey Holman (Saginaw , )


Sick of these so called lunatic’s running our lives it has to stop.

Louis Lisio (Canton, )


I'm signing this because the evil must be stamped out!!

Michael Curry (federal way, )


I won't sit back and know I did nothing. I have had friends and family die either moments or a day after receiving the COVID 19 experimental drug. Ones who haven't have been sick since they took it. Many forcefully by our government in order to keep their jobs. I do not and will not comply with any foreign body forcing more drugs on my family and lockdowns. The WHO and the WEF have no right taking the United States sovereignty. In every possible form it is treason by the so called president of the United States. Human beings all over the world are being attacked and in my opinion exterminated. I do not feel this was and is, being done by accident. I am a father of young children. I will never. As long as I live, will ever allow them to get these poisons. The Biden Administration, Dr. Fauci, the FDA, the CDC, all need to take responsibility and charged with crimes against humanity under Nuremberg code.

Kristopher Nace (Lewistown, )


I totally support this petition for the Investigation and prosecution of those individuals responsible for Crimes Against Humanity that was perpetrated on the citizens of the world since 2020.

Patricia Moore (Napa, )


I believe a great ill has taken over our world and that lies, and deceit are occurring. I believe that the Nuremberg Code is being violated and the world is in peril.

Andi Breaker (San Alejo, )


This has been the biggest mass murder by medical lies ever in world history.

Fabian Asensio (Grants Pass, )


We are under attack by a global Cabul of elites and they must be stopped by any peaceable means available!

Adam Bradley (Atlanta, )


I believe this virus and the response has been engineered to move money from the common person to the so-called "Elite" who are attempting to forge a "New World Order" using the money they have stolen from us. As a member of the United States it is my right to vote on who leads us, and that is being handed over to the W.H.O. This is High Treason, and prosecutions need to be made. The deaths caused by the SARS-Cov2 virus are horrendous and used as a way to scare us into compliance. Now they are trying to do it again with "Monkey Pox".

Steve Shierts (Farmington, )


Because what Dr. Fauci and William Gates have been creating virus' via Games of Function Research. This is Crimes Against Humanity.

Sandy Neises (Colorado Springs, )


I want the American people to win this war against Satans minions and protect the future generations if any survive this war against humanity also and more importantly to stand in defense of the one true God Jesus Christ

Bryant Jackson (Hillsboro , )

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