South Frontenac residents' request for enactment of a Short Term Rental Policy and enhanced Bylaws



STRs, especially Airbnb, are irresponsible when it comes to controlling Guest noise, disruption of neighbourhoods, disrespect for our lakes, etc. I know because there is an Airbnb close to our home and it is out of control. The owner will not take action against rowdy Guests and Airbnb Customer Service refuses to communicate with us when we complain. When owners of a 5 bedroom 10 guest house don’t live close by, they often care less about how awful their renters treat us and our neighbours

Rick Ottenhof (Verona, 2021-10-05)


Crime is getting out of control in South Frontenac.

Glenn Frost (Sydenham, 2021-10-06)


Air BnB and short term rentals are destroying these small communities.

Dave Travers (HARTINGTON, 2021-10-06)


I agree with the petition as written.

Melanie Fassnacht (Hartington , 2021-10-06)


Our community has been negatively impacted by short term rentals, especially those whose owners do not live in the rented property. Vandalism, noise, garbage, covid breaches, loose dogs , fireworks at banned times, theft and undue wear and tear on our roads are some of the issues.

Lynn Thompson (Hartington, 2021-10-06)


I cqng seem to be able to afford a house out there why tge hell should people from other country's be aloud to buy it all up, so no one around here can enjoy it. Greedy landlords need to be stopped!!!

Jennifer Best (Kingston, 2021-10-06)


I share the concerns of many residents regarding issues surrounding short term rentals. I feel there needs to be some guidance and control using the best practices of other municipalities, adjusted to fit our municipalities and residents needs.

Stephen Kapusta (Sydenham , 2021-10-06)


I am a property owner on a lake in South Frontenac and have concerns over the proliferation of short term rental properties on my lake. There needs to be some regulation in South Frontenac similar to what has be passed in The County, Kingston, Ottawa and other locations across Ontario.

Rob Sinclair (Perth Road , 2021-10-06)


I own waterfront property in SF and I have concerns with STR on my lake and the abuse that residents endure.

Louise Ouellet (Battersea, 2021-10-07)


To me this is a topic well worth investigating to protect the well being of people and our environment.

Cathy Keates (Verona, 2021-10-07)


People own homes and properties primarily for their personal use and enjoyment. Commercial uses, including STRs, need to be regulated as a business for the protection of citizens and the environment.

Steve Denes (Hartington, 2021-10-07)


STR are businesses and need to be regulated and taxed properly.

Kelly Graham (Perth Road, 2021-10-07)


I’m a neighbour to Rick. I’ve witnessed the rudeness and disrespect to our lake first hand.. throwing fire sticks down to the lake during summer could have resulted in a massive fire and could have cost millions of dollars in damages.

Mellie QUinn (Verona , 2021-10-07)


I agree that the STR market is significantly impacting the quality of life in South Frontenac. I myself have had to clean up garbage in the lake after people using a rental. There needs to be protection for residents from negligent behavior of the owners and users of these accommodations when warranted.

Chris Sharpe (Verona, 2021-10-07)


A special tax assessment to hosts of strs for the additional services required for guests of Airbnb's is warranted. I personally witnessed paramedics, fire and rescue, OPP and private citizens in the safe rescue of 8 guests of an airbnb from 2 capsized canoes in a late fall. Hosts should incurr these costs directly rather than spread over all tax payers.

Preben Mikkelsen (Hartington, 2021-10-07)


STR tenants do not have vested interest in our community, our infrastructure or our environment. I’m particularly concerned about possible deleterious effects on animal habitats with increased human interaction.
Thank you for initiating this petition.

Lauri Burgess (Sydenham, 2021-10-07)


I agree that all of the issues identified in this petition are of grave concern. Cottage and home owners who choose to own property and spend time on Ontario lakes generally do so because they want to spend quiet time in a natural environment. The health of our lakes, and the planet in general, is critical for the physical and mental well-being of everyone. Please help us to preserve our lakes, and the peace and tranquility of cottage country!

Nancy Wainman (Kingston, 2021-10-07)


STR need guidance so the users of these venues know how to fit into the local lifestyles, that includes following garbage and recycling schedules, noise and capacity bylaws and protecting lake health.

Rob Pasch (Holleford, 2021-10-08)


There has to be a balance between occasional rentals by cottage/home owners who make their own personal property available a few times a year VS a rental property that is run as a business. We need proper zoning, licensing and inspection of STRs (septic, fire, building code) to protect neighbouring properties, the natural environment and communities before the situation gets further out of hand.

Frank Edwards (Hartington, 2021-10-08)


No one wants to live beside a constant stream of strangers having overflowing bachelorette parties, and loud nightly bashes with zero concern or connection with our community.

Cynthia Gibson (Perth Road , 2021-10-09)


I own waterfront property in A Frontenac and have experienced the disregard and disrespect that occupants of these STR's have demonstrated.

David Lucas (Hartington, 2021-10-09)


Agree with petition as written

Lori Proulx (Verona, 2021-10-09)


I agree with all the recommendations and points made.

Tracy Trothen (South Frontenac, 2021-10-11)


Housing situation is a crime in this country. I had a BIDDING WAR just to RENT a BASEMENT!

Patti Lennox (London, 2021-10-12)


I`m signing because I believe a policy up front (that can be amended as needed) is better than scrambling afterwards

Susan Cole (Kingston, 2021-10-12)


Have a cottage on 30 Island Lake and have a few STR on our lake. For the reasons listed I have signed my name to the petition

Lori Kelly (Ottawa, 2021-10-12)


We have experienced the disrespect in our community & it HAS to be addressed.

Kimberly St-Onge (Hartington, 2021-10-13)


Although I have had no direct unpleasant experience with this issue, I have both friends and neighbours who have had, and I am sure that without some regulations and guidelines in place, it is only a matter of time before I do.

Cory van Allen (Verona, 2021-10-14)


I agree with this petition

Kate van Allen (Verona, 2021-10-14)


The measures proposed are reasonable and overdue.

Lorie Cooper (Harrowsmith, 2021-10-14)


I agree with the content we have the same problem in our area.

Terry Sauve (Verona, 2021-10-15)


This is an increasing concern. Hopefully some guidelines and regulations will help to protect our neighbourhoods and especially our lakes.

Kathy McDonald (Perth Road, 2021-10-15)


I agree with the petition as written.

Ross Wilson (Verona, 2021-10-15)


I agree with the petition as written. Every three days the renters turn over and we have to experience their euphoria about being on vacation yet again - with all that that entails. The worst part is that each rental seems to include four or five car loads of people staying at the cottage which increases noise and environmental impact. Our local garbage and recycling centre is a mess because they don't care. One renter told me he was paying for the cottage so he could do whatever he wanted! Its hard to have a rational reasonable discussion about our concerns with people that are constantly intoxicated.

Ron Pearson (South Frontenac, 2021-10-16)


This major problem needs to be
Addressed (e.I. Registration and
Taxing for air bibs

Donald Morin (Hartington, 2021-10-16)


I've been nearly driven off my road and I want my neighbours to be permanent.

Peter Knapp (Hartington, 2021-10-16)


There is an airbb near us and is well run and maintained and but the stories I have heard from other areas makes me believe we do require some rules

Henry Ottenhof (Hartington, 2021-10-17)


I'm signing because I think this is a relevant and important issue. As STR operators are driven out of urban markets, they are increasingly focused on rural areas like South Frontenac. Our laws need to be updated to protect the rights and quality of life of its residents.

Rob Howard (Battersea, 2021-10-18)


We have seen instances of renter disrespect and lack of regard for residents and the environment on our small lake and support the importance of taking further steps to protect our environment for the future

Judy Tetlow (South Frontenac, 2021-10-19)


I agree that this is an issue, I live on Holleford lake which two AirBNB have recently developed and resistances have been experiencing the obnoxious behaviours,
Partying and being loud all hours of the night and early morning, having fires and setting off fireworks while complete burn bans were on, littering in the lake, fishing bass and pike out of season (most likely fishing without a license) and list could go on and on!!!! It causes nothing but problems for our lakes and the beauty of the Frontenac’s and the only people that benefit are the tax evading unregistered landlord owners and the rest or us pay the tax bills. It’s kinda like desert lake campground, they have over 50 acres, over 50 rv sites, and a huge number of camp sites, basically housing 300-400 people, 300-400 people using our roads and dumps/ recycling and their property tax is just a few hundred dollars more then my private home with 7.5 acres… their definitely needs to be some changes!!!!!
Zach Amey.

Zach Amey (Hartington , 2021-10-20)


Am not aware of this being a problem, yet, on our lake (Verona), but I can see the potential for this to quickly get out of control. We live here for the solitude and pleasure that a waterfront property gives us, and it would be offensive to us to have a party house next door disrupting our habitat. At the very least, these STR properties need to be taxed and overseen as a business, not a recreational, private home.

Steve Willing (Verona, 2021-10-21)


I’m signing because I have experienced firsthand the problems mentioned and another that has not been, which is the indifference and sense of entitlement displayed by the new owners when they install fences to block the view of the lake because they know the township has no height restrictions on fences

Zigman Michele (Verona, 2021-10-21)


I reside beside a short term rental and have personal experience with the issues noted in petition along with a few issues not included

Peter Power (Verona, 2021-10-21)


We have several rentals in our neighborhood and we are tired of the noise, traffic, garbage and total disregard of the neighbors and neighborhood.

Debbie Torrey (Perth Road , 2021-10-21)


We are dealing with the very same issues with a cottage rental. All these issues and more are part of the experience we are going through - excessive noise, no respect for the other property owners in the neighborhood, no respect for the care of the lake, no respect for the existing laws regarding fishing, hunting, dumping, etc. Our Municipality needs clear laws and teeth to enforce those laws. Hopefully this petition will spur them to action in this regard.

Westlake Carrie (Maberly, 2021-10-21)


I’m in agreement with all the issues that have been brought forth, we live beside an Airbnb and I’ve had nothing but problems with the owners and several renters.

Christopher Arbeau (Maberly , 2021-10-21)


I’m signing because people who live on lakes are caretakers off that lake.

Dale Smith (Kingston , 2021-10-22)


I completely agree with the issues raised and the petition as written.

Robinson Annie G. (Inverary, 2021-10-23)


Disrespect of anyone's community is appalling.

Hugh Fisher (VERONA, 2021-10-24)


I live too close to an unlicensed 12 person hotel, I have lived here for over 20 years and have recently started to feel unsafe in my home due to the amount of intoxicated strangers I am experiencing.

Donna Bayly (South Frontenac, 2021-10-25)


I support specific Bylaws that will regulate and fine offenders in short term rentals with absent landlords.

Jennifer Eastman (Hartington, 2021-10-25)


I live on Desert Lake and we have an Airbnb in our bay, which is well managed and hasn’t been an issue so far. With the crazy Real Estate escalated prices it is forecasted that many cottage owners will be using services like Airbnb or VRBO in the future. My opinion is that council needs to act swiftly and have Bylaws passed this year not waiting until another study is completed. The OPP are the only enforcement party and without any bylaws in place, they don’t act.

Andy Bryson (Hartington , 2021-10-26)


I care about affordable and accessible housing. Everyone must be housed in Canada.

Jayne Walker (Westport, 2021-10-30)


I'm signing because I'm a member of the WLA



Concerns about AirBnB rentals on Kingsford Lake, a Frontenac Park boundary lake.

Kaye MacInnes (Verona, 2021-10-31)


I’m very concerned about the existence of STR and have heard serious “grumbling” by local residents that this problem is not being addressed. Short of an out right ban, stringent regulations must be put in place to adequately control these unregulated businesses. As well, limits on the number of any rentals should be established. To be clear, I have no problem with owner occupied B&B establishments whose owners have a vested interest in the safe and responsible operation of their business.
Thanks you for your time and efforts in addressing this serious issue.

William Peairs (Sydenham, 2021-10-31)


We have to keep properties reasonably quiet and safe for the owners and everyone nearby.

Donna Brown (Hartington, 2021-10-31)


It will be a growing problem for lake/rural dwellers.

Norm/Nancy Hart (Sydenham, 2021-10-31)


Remote operators cannot handle short term leases with all subsequent negative impacts on the area and locals

Ellie Russell (sydenham, 2021-11-01)


I want Wolfe Lake to remain clean, safe for all and a serene retreat as a land owner.

Danielle Pellerin (North Bay, 2021-11-01)


This sort of action will hopefully curb this ever-increasing problem nationwide

Michael Steacy (Verona, 2021-11-01)


Loud and obnoxious short term renters can ruin the lake atmosphere and there is nothing we can do about except have our peace and quiet disturbed.

Matt St.Onge (Westport , 2021-11-03)


Excessive STR’s erode the ability to develop communities. With no regulations or accountability we are set for many problems

Lyn Pople (Perth Road, 2021-11-04)