Demand Middletown Public School Administrators Give All Our Students A Choice Before Erasing our Homecoming Dance Tradition



My Senior & all students deserve the choice in their life.

Colleen Jones (Belford, 2021-10-08)


My daughter is a sophomore and did not have a 8th grade graduation, field trips, dances etc. Freshman year nothing again do to covid. Now in her Sophmore year other schools are moving forward and trying to get back to traditions and Middletown North HS didn't bother to even ask what we can do to provide a safe Homecoming.

Erica Gigante (Belford, 2021-10-08)


It is clear the administration does NOT car about the kids at all..... This needs to stop!!! MAN O MAN Let them have a dance..... Do we need to pull a footloose and find a grain mill so they can have one?

Paul Anderson (Belford, 2021-10-08)


My kid deserves a choice!

Colleen Halloran (Middletown, 2021-10-08)


Your taking away our tradition that wasn't even voted on?? What is happening with this Administration?

Lynn Schaller (MIddletown , 2021-10-08)


My grandson has been looking forward to Homecoming. There is no reason it cannot continue.

Janet Chaballa (Belford , 2021-10-08)


Traditions are sacred

Keri Vaubel (Middletown, 2021-10-08)


our children need and want this!!!!

Janine Mazzaro (Middletown, 2021-10-08)


My son and all kids deserve to participate in this tradition. These kids have been through enough.

Kate Chaballa (Belford , 2021-10-08)


I want to preserve the homecoming dance for my kids and the other kids of Middletown.

Jocelyn Gottschalk (Middletown, 2021-10-08)


Kids need to have a dance.

Cheryl Mcclellland (Red bank, 2021-10-08)


I believe these kids deserve to be able to continue these traditions and enjoy their HS years. It is absurd that they can take off masks and eat together everyday, yet not ok to enjoy a Homecoming, Bonfire or other traditions.

Dana Branson (Oceanport, 2021-10-08)


We as Middletown residents that pay the majority of our property taxes for our schools should most definitely have a say or an opportunity to be heard.

Barbara Fisher (Port Monmouth, 2021-10-08)


Our kids should have the option!

Kelly Fernandez (Middletown , 2021-10-08)


This is a democracy, and elected officials supposedly represent the majority.

Candace Moschella (Leonardo, 2021-10-08)


My sophomore was extremely disappointed to have had it canceled

Vera Chuisano (Middletown , 2021-10-08)


Homecoming is a tradition. Kids who don't want to attend don't have to go, but it should be an option for those that do!!!

Margaret Curcio (Middletown , 2021-10-08)


The students and family should decide!

Ann Marie Lusquinos (Middletown , 2021-10-08)


I’m signing because I feel the students of Middletown should be able to continue the tradition of going to a homecoming dance.

Susan Chipman (Belford , 2021-10-09)


It’s time to stop the madness! There are concerts taking place across this Country, college football games are being played at full capacity, other township schools are going forward with their plans. Yet, MHSN can not have a homecoming dance? It’s time to wake TFU and stop the bullshit! Let our students enjoy a night out with their classmates!

Maria McNamara (Middletown, 2021-10-09)


The kids need to have fun!

Janine Ruisi (Middletown, 2021-10-09)


I feel the kids should have the dance!!

Nicole Uhl (Belford, 2021-10-09)


Tradition should not be broken! This is still America!!!!!

Kelly Bellotti (Middletown , 2021-10-09)


My daughter has yet to have a “normal” high school experience (she is now a sophomore), and was devastated to hear the dance is canceled.

Rebecca Lynch (Middletown, 2021-10-09)


Kids deserve a choice. Adults can choose to go to a bar or nightclub, with probably less social distancing than a school dance.

Emily Ottinger (Middletown , 2021-10-09)


The kids already get together outside school without masks. Time to get back to some sense of normalcy and tradition. If a family isn’t comfortable with it, their child doesn’t have to attend.

Maryellen Chappell (Middletown, 2021-10-09)


My daughter deserves this !!!!!!!!

Sean Flannery (Port Monmouth , 2021-10-09)


I’m signing this because these decisions should be made collaborative with parents and students involved.

Kelly Mooneyham (Middletown, 2021-10-09)


For the kids

Logan Houlihan (Belford, 2021-10-10)


This amounts to Outrageous cowardice and a shocking lack of consistency or logical thinking.

Robert Farley (Middletown, 2021-10-10)


They have rights.

Cynthia Cook (Port monmouth, 2021-10-11)


These are long-standing traditions that shouldn’t just be erased without polling public opinion. These children have looked forward to these events and in a time when so much of their daily normalcy is altered, we should go out of our way to make sure the larger events still happen. Shame on you Middletown Paid Administration for entertaining this. We agreeably pay high taxes and deserve more transparency.

Susan Heffernan (Red Bank, 2021-10-11)


Home coming should be available

Coryn Fortier (Lincroft, 2021-10-11)


I am a student who wants the homecoming dance.

Aydan Hynes (Middletown, 2021-10-11)


Because I want to keep traditions! I demand normalcy for our children!!!!

Maureen Salesi (Middletown, 2021-10-11)


Our kids should be able to have a choice.

Janine Boyd (Port Monmouth , 2021-10-12)


Give the kids an experience they deserve

Erin Marcus (Port Monmouth , 2021-10-12)


I support returning our children’s lives to normalcy the best way we can and stop the mental anguish they have been out through with these restrictions.

Michael Deignan (Middletown, 2021-10-13)

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