Petition to Protect “Your” Financial Privacy



I'm signing because I believe in a free country and free enterprise. I believe the government works for the people instead of the other way around.

Scott Cox (Logan, 2021-10-13)


I am signing because it's non of the government busy what is in my bank account, they need to read the constitution. We are America not a communist country

Michelle Bokano (Clinton twp , 2021-10-13)


That's a person's private buisness and no government should have that much overreach, period!

Meredith Fouts (Kokomo, 2021-10-13)


No tyranny in the USA!!!
Follow the constitution!

Jessica LaCommare (Casa Grande , 2021-10-13)


This government is out of control and power hungry

Michael Esposito (East Haven , 2021-10-13)


I think it is absolutely ridiculous and crazy that anyone would agree to sign this bill. As if it isn’t enough that they take how much of our hard earned money to begin with, now they think they have the right to watch what we do with the money we work for!! They can take their bill and stick it up their asses!

Roni Yenges (Beaver falls, 2021-10-13)


The government has no business in my private financial accounts and I am protected by the Constitution of the United States!

Kristy Von Waldburg (Laguna Niguel, 2021-10-13)


We the people have are privacy not to be evaded.

Rob Casale (Benbrook, 2021-10-13)


I’ve paid my taxes all my life, they have no right to see how much money is in my account. I think they have enough of our money.

Toni Miller (Brooklyn, New York, 2021-10-13)


My finances are non of the illegal government!

Le An Senff (Sheridan, 2021-10-13)


I want my financial privacy no involved the government

Angelina Gold (Hialeah, 2021-10-13)


I don't want communism!

Karleen OHair (Inverness, 2021-10-13)


I believe in FREEDOM

Sharrie Swiderski (Spokane, 2021-10-13)


The government don’t need to know what’s in my account!!!

Shane Potter (Laredo, 2021-10-13)


My banking account(s) should be private no matter how much money I have!!

Regina Arrona (San Bernardino , 2021-10-13)


It’s looking in my bank account

Donna Neatherlin (Carlsbad , 2021-10-13)


It’s no ones business but mine! Government over reach must stop!!!

Deb Eck (Edwardsville , 2021-10-13)


This is discrimination against our American freedom and rights

Linda Ruberti (Warner Robins , 2021-10-13)


I’m signing because if Joe Biden wants to find tax evaders then $600 in an account is a low bar.

Victoria Eccleston (Jacksonville , 2021-10-13)


I care about my country and constitutional rights

James Morley (Villa Rica, 2021-10-13)


I’m signing because I believe it’s unconstitutional, & it violates my right to privacy! The democrats want complete power and control over American citizens, want to make America a socialist, Marxist country, and they must be stopped!

Virginia Clark (Yorktown, Indiana, 2021-10-14)


I'm signing because this is my private financial information the government does not need access to. I file taxes and give financial information to the government. This is complete over reach of power and infringement on my rights.

Jeannine Lehmkuhl (Camanche , 2021-10-14)


I want freedom!

David Brzezniak (Phoenix, 2021-10-14)


Government is completely overstepping and infringing on my basic freedoms.

Marcey Wascom (Walker, 2021-10-14)


They don’t have the right to look at my finances!!

Sandra Peters (Florida , 2021-10-14)


You see what I have when I pay my taxes. Other than that stay out of my business.

Carol Hill (Bay City, 2021-10-14)



William Hurst (Platte City, 2021-10-14)


This would be used to invade our privacy more. My money, none of the feds business

Janet Parrish (Aurora , 2021-10-14)


It’s no one’s business what I have in the bank! I worked hard for everything I have! Tell Joe to show us what’s in his and hunters bank accounts

Laurie Godfrey (Colbert, 2021-10-14)


The federal government does not need to know my financial situation or status, they tax me on what I make which is already treason

Mark Allen (Malaga, 2021-10-14)


Financial freedom is crucial in America.

Laura Luther (Redmond, 2021-10-14)


I'm signing because this is an invasion of our privacy

Sherry Barnes (Fort Wayne , 2021-10-14)


I’m signing because I don’t agree with the government oversight of our bank accounts

Sara Bakken (Carlsbad , 2021-10-14)


We are not communist China!!!

Laura Steele (Plainwell , 2021-10-14)


I don’t believe a free people should government going through any personal information especially financial. This is one stop short of shutting your finances off to comply with a lawless government

Mark Walker (Grand Island, 2021-10-14)


I am against the Government over reach and intrusion into Americans private financial institutions records .

Mary Carver (South Toms River nj, 2021-10-14)


I don’t like communism

Osmel Alvarez (Miami , 2021-10-14)


I believe in an individual's right to privacy and freedom.

Terry Rogers (Carlsbad, 2021-10-14)


This is very invasive and not realistic. I believe it will cost more than it will produce and ruin the American economy

Robbie Chacon (Carlsbad, 2021-10-14)


This is a violation of our rights

Jaimie Trouskie (Divide , 2021-10-14)


I believe our current administration is false, fraudulent and without we the people’s best interest.

William Root (Whitefish , 2021-10-14)



Teresa Bales (Stuart, 2021-10-14)


Infringements of our privacy

Vicky Hernandez (Pomona , 2021-10-14)


I don't want the irs snooping in my account

James Caster (Mobile, 2021-10-14)


My constitutional right ❤️🇺🇲❤️ and to honor our veterans and soldiers who fought for our rights and some the ultimate sacrifice. God bless America 🙏🇺🇲

Sherry Ellis (Carlsbad, 2021-10-14)


It’s none of the government’s business to see this information

Kristin Butler (Cleveland , 2021-10-14)


This is extreme overreach by the government and is completely out of line. It is also a huge financial burden and reporting nightmare for financial institutions.

Paul Trone (Carlsbad, 2021-10-14)


Enough with all the tyranny!! This is not right! They've lost their mind! The USA is a free country! Quit this nonsense, and start spending your county's time and money into "MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN'

Darleen Kidd-Hawkins (Kansas City, 2021-10-14)


I am totally against this

eva crittendon (Carlsbad, 2021-10-14)


I feel like the government is stepping on way too many freedoms. This is going to overwhelm our banking system!

Lori Elyasevich (Carlsbad , 2021-10-14)


Because I believe in freedom and the government has been overstepping their bounds.

Jesse Ortiz (Carlsbad, 2021-10-14)


To protect our rights

Michelle Rodriguez (Carlsbad, 2021-10-14)


My bank acct is my business. I'm not wealthy...but deposits are over 600. 600 dollars? Really? Why not 6000?? I will not stand for the corrupt govmnt being that involved in my personal business. Fuck the democrats

Ginger Franco (Carlsbad, 2021-10-14)


I am against the government collecting information on my banking account.

Denise Centeno (Mobridge, 2021-10-14)


To protect my privacy and my rights as an american😘

Luz Tatum (Carlsbad , 2021-10-14)


I am signing because I don't belive in the government control of everything.

Daria Penn (Kansas city , 2021-10-14)


This is completely illegal and violates people’s rights! Enough!!

Chris Nicolo (New York , 2021-10-14)


This administration has no business checking into my personal life in anyway, & this administration has wasted so much of our TAX DOLLARS, I believe they all need to be audited & leave us alone

Kathy Pate (Beckley, 2021-10-14)


It nobodies business , it infringes on my american rights

Danny Brito sr (Carlsbad, 2021-10-15)


This government is crooked, injust, corrupt!!!

Judah Wood (Prague, 2021-10-15)


My bank account is my business not the IRS!

Douglas Luna (carlsbad, 2021-10-15)


Im signing because with this bill the United States government is over reaching into the citizens lives.

Sharol Davenport (Shreveport , 2021-10-15)


Another Democratic move to completely control us

Margaret Luna (Monett, 2021-10-15)


I still believe in freedom!

Amy Jackson (Lynn, 2021-10-15)


I am signing because no one should have the right look my personal banking without my permission. If i am not doing anything illiegal they have no right. They are illegally stepping all over our freedoms and our rights.

Tabatha Ilinski (New Britain, 2021-10-15)


They need to get their heads out of their asses and start fixes problems instead of pissing the working class off and leave us hardworking people the hell alone!

Angela McCarthy (Carlsbad , 2021-10-16)


No one has the right to look into my personnel information and especially my bank account !!!

Cheryl Wool (Hampton, 2021-10-16)


It’s a violation of our privacy.

Charla Palma (Carlsbad, 2021-10-16)


This is extreme federal government overreach and a violation of my constitutional rights as an American citizen.

Amy Haynes (Mckinney , 2021-10-16)


I live in the United States of America, not in communist China. Nobody should have the right to see what's in my accounts except me. The illegal IRS should be shut down for hours!

Jeremiah Vigil (Colorado Springs, 2021-10-16)

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