Call for a Referendum by the Citizens of South Africa



I agree in full

Dave Gaybba (Langebaan, )


M an unhappy citizen seeking change

Sibongukuphiwa Kuzwayo (Stanger, )


I fully support this referendum

Jacqueline Joubert (Langebaan, )


I'm signing because I believe in fairness and my constitutional rights. Stop enforcing unjust rules on us

Lise Geldenhuys (Langebaan , )


I'm signing this petition because we deserve to be heard. We shall not be bullied into unwanted and ungrounded mandates!

Elizabeth Lazenby (Langebaan , )


I’m sick to death of this incompetent, tyrannical excuse for a “Government”.

Debbie Withfield (Durban, )


I am against unconstitutional mandatory vaccines.

Joyce Tholo (Delmas, )


Im signing this petition so that we can have a United and prosperous South Africa for both Black, White, Indian and Coloured. Our freedom is being removed and we want to elect a new Government that will represents South African values and culture not the globalist. We are seeking a new constitution that is written by the people of South Africa. We want an end to corruption that takes our future by a handful of selfish individuals.

Eric Sambo (Pretoria, )


This is the return of Apartheid and Must be stopped.

Hluke Maleyana (Brentwood Park , )


My body is not government property, or a guinea-pig.

Onthatile Mlambo (Springs, )


Red flags all around. We were clearly told that no one will be forced to take the vaccine.

Thabani Shandu (Other - KwaZulu-Natal, )


Vaccine shouldn't be mandatory, it is against the constitution
Every citizen should be able to be make a decision about whether they want to vaccine or not without being coerced by the government and big companies

anele khwela (Durban, )


I’m signing because it is inconceivable that a country that experienced so much discrimination against her own people will find it within themselves to do the same! Let those who choose not to vaccinate do so!

Ayanda Ntsho (Sandton, )


We have been misled by our government officials

bryan bradley (Overstrand , )


Anarchy would be a step in the right direction from where things are now. Less government, more justice. Direct elections ftw.

Christiaan Brand (Cape Town, )


Im signing this petition becasue I believe in the right to choose what goes in my bidy and the to ensure people denyjng and violating any human rights are prosecuted and held accountable..I also demand an end to the lockdown.

Warren Rogers (PRETORIA, )


I am against mandatory vaccine. My body my choice.

Wandile Hosana (Cape Town , )


I'm signing this because I am against mandatory vaccine and I believe everyone has got a right to choose what is right for his/her body.

Thozamile Tyana (Gauteng, )


I am signing because nobody is willing to take responsibility should anything happen to me and i feel my rights as a person are violated. Let it be my choice to vaccine or not

Sbonelo Mzimela (Richard's bay , )


I do not agree to mandatory injections and or discrimination against a person who has not taken the injection.

Steven Broughton (Port Elizabeth, )


I'm against this vaccine

Xolisa Musa (Port Elizabeth , )


I'm against the international scam used to Inslave countries, specially countries rich with natural resources.
I stand against the lies n fear instilled in people about a fake pendemic,
a government that fails to take accountability, health institutions agreeing to dataless trails putting citizens in danger.
I am against mandatory vaccines that are worse. Less than a year of research

Tebogo Mokgotlwa (Mbombela , )


Stop vaccine and we call for independent South Africa from elite cabal

Elvis Mbuyisa (Springs, )


I dnt want to be vaccinated

Edward Makara (Kriel, )


I believe in the people right to choose for themselves in what best suits their bodies and their needs without dictation from external bodies. Pro-choice should apply to all situations

Charmaine Dube (Johannesburg , )


I am signing because we need a government who is accountable to the people.

Our government and its various SOEs have gone Rouge and we need accountability.

Mechele Classon (Cape Town, )


Hierdie is net 'n griep. Ek is gatvol om hierdie maskers te dra. Dit is wat ons siek maak. Ons kry nie suurstof in soos ons moet nie. As hierdie patetiese regering dink hy gaan my kind in ent sonder my toestemming dan maak hy 'n moerse fout!

Engela Pienaar (Vereeniging, )


I won't go for the vaccine. Don't believe in it. Kills people. It's MY RIGHT WHAT HAPPEN TO MY BODY. JESUS DECIDES OVER MY LIFE AND DEATH NOT THE GOVERMENT.

Helena De Lange-Coetzee (Makwassie, )


I am signing as I will not take the excrement. It's my right if I want to take or not

Jan Kruger (Durban , )


We need to stop this lie.

Trudie Potgieter (Thabazimbi, )


Covid is a scam and it's being used to control the world and force unwanted vaccinations. We have a right to choose and a right to freedom without lockdowns, limitations and vaccine apartheid being created in South Africa according to our constitution.

Tania Brown (Durbanville, )


Free to make my own choices

Susan Scholtz (Despatch, )


The “vaccine” is not a vaccine! It is an experiment and being forced on us with ulterior motives . The locked downs, jabs and masks must be stop.

Elsabe Van Niekerk (Krugersdorp , )


It's unconstitutional and not within our human right

Willie Esterhuizen (Pretoria, )


This is unconstitutional and inhumane. Against all laws regarding human rights and DO NO HARM.

Mignon Smit (Johannesburg, )


I do not agree with forced vaccination or discrimination against those who exercise their constitutional rights and free will to choose what we allow to be injected into our bodies.

Estelle Van Wilgen (Cape Town, )


Stop the deadly jab

Martie Allers (Pretoria , )


I don't want this untested injection forced upon me and into my body by unconstitutional laws!!

Marileze Van Sittert (Cape Town, )


Totally uncomstitutional!

Mark Strydom (Montagu, )


Freedom of choice and integrity of autonomy

Hetzibah Andra (Gauteng, Cullinan District, )


It is my right to choose what goes into my body, not the government. No long term safety data is available. There have been many, many deaths because of these clot shots, as well as serious side effects.

Yvonne Koekemoer (Cape Town , )


Vaccine passports are unconstitutional and therefore medical tyranny. I stand for pro choice and let us not forget that these ‘vaccines’ are experimental and not approved. Covid strain had never been isolated, which brings into question what are in the vaccines?! So many questions and no answers, just bullying from Pharma and government and now they are pushing it on the children, who have a 99,98% survival rate. What is going on?
Lastly, I am a sovereign being and I choose to remain this way. No government or corporation has the right to enforce medical procedures on my being, as per the Nuremberg Code.

Nadja Engel (Cape Town, )


Every individual has the right and freedom to make a choice what goes into them.

William Cooper (Capetown , )


I do not want Me or any member of My Family to be vaccinated by the chemicals that could potential cause harm to our health; and does not provide immunity, does not prevent You from getting the virus, and does not prevent You from passing the virus to someone else.

So why are we actually getting the vaccine??

Thebeyagae Pitsonyane (Kuruman, )


My body, my choice.

Nick Joubert (Durban, )


Mandating any medical procedure is against the Contstitution, the Bill of Rights, the African Charter and it violates all of the Nuremberg Codes. We are Sovereign Beings with the right to Bodily Integrity by Design, that is the Universal Law. No person, Institution and/or Government can override that.

Gerda Williams (Kempton Park, )


Want our freedom back

Daniel van Zyl (Capetown, )


It is time to stand together to get order in this country of ours as that is what left will also be hone soon.

Lucas Bester (Pretoria, )


1. Right to bodily integrity 2. Due to unknown ingredients in the vaccine, and unknown side effects of the vaccine. 3. Religious regions, my faith is in Jesus and the scriptures of the Bible, definitely not in big pharma and government.

Craig Van der Merwe (Cape town, )


I have faith in this petition and in my freedom of choice especially when it comes to my health. My body my choice. It is everyones right to have freedom of choice to decide for themselves. There should be no manadory rules , it is not because of a virus that has such a high recovery rate or even about the jab, its totally a control mechanism and I say NO.

Bernice Blake (Greenhill Randfontein, )


It's my body and my choice!

Shenaaz Clarke (Cape Town, )


My body, my choice. I say no

Magda Engelbrecht (Gauteng , )


Im signing because its unconstitutional to forse a vaksine and wearing mask mandates

Erica Nienaber (Rustenburg , )


No vacine myst be forced, i can decide what is good for my body and what is not

Ronell Opperman (Mosselbay, )


I have signed this petition

Zipho Khumalo (Richardsbay, )


I believe that it is our right to choose if we want the vaccine or not. Workplaces should not force it on their workers and neither should schools or any mall want to tell you you cant enter because your not vaccinated.

Leandra Botes (Heidelberg , )


Vaccines mandates are medicine Apartheid where citizens have no rights to choose, and soon will be marginalized and discriminated against. And that is evil.

Dumi Mbona (Johannesburg, )


I'm signing because as a sovereign being I have the right to freedom of choice, I have the right to do my own research and the right to informed consent.

Anna Smit (Johannesburg , )


I do not feel that it is right to force vaccines or medical procedures on any human being whether said vaccine has proven itself or not. If a person that is determined to die may not be lawfully interfered with, then it stands to reason that no procedure may be enforced on a person's physical being over which no government on earth has sovereignty.

Shane Jansen van Vuuren (Cape Town, )


As it’s my Freedom of choice

Nicholas Ives (Tableview, )


It is wrong

Johnn Henry Roselt (Pretoria , )


My human rights

Rene Van Niekerk (Rustenburg , )


Many of our constitutional rights are being blatantly disregarded. This vaccine has not to date been scientifically proven to prevent Covid in its totally.

Graham Clouston (Vereeniging, )


I'm a sovereign being and tyranny can not be in my life time. Godspeed

Nkululeko Ndhlovu (Mbombela , )


The government is raping our beloved country!

Shaun Smith (Pretoria , )


I am agreeing to sign this this as I love my fellow Man, I love my family, my children their children, I cannot accept this crime against humanity to continue any further.

Roz Stopforth (Mosselbay , )


I have Freedom of Choice. And I choose not to have a foreign substance injected into my body. I choose to rely on my body’s natural immunity to protect me. I definitely will not allow a foreign substance to be injected into my body without all the necessary trials being done.

Letitia Matthyser (Mosselbay, )


My body my choice. I am a Sovereign being. I do not belong to the government. I make my own choices.

Elke Van Zyl (Gauteng , )


We the people, reject the misuse of government power to dictate what we must inject into our bodies! This violates every constitutional code in the book, including the Nuremberg Code. It needs to be stopped immediately before more harm is done!!

Kim Trent (Durban, )


We need the current government to step down and be tried for crimes against humanity.

Michele Minnaar (Cape Town , )


I have rights

Chani Van Zyl (Durbanville, )


I don't wanna be vaxxed

Xolani Mahlinza (Johannesburg , )


I'm not a robot and dont belong to goverment or politician

Tania Hofmann (Pretoria,Gauteng, )


It is an experimental vaccine and also deemed an emergency intervention only for those with compromised health issues. It has NOT undergone nearly enough testing, no animal trials, and no-one has any adverse effect data NOR disclose ingredients in these experimental drugs/vaccines. It should therefore due to these facts, and mainly due to the fact that we are in a democratic society
stay a personal choice whether you would want you and your children treated or inocculated with a widely known experimental treatment. Especially since these drug companies have been exempted from being sued by the public or government for injuries and/or death after having been injected with their experimental product.

Ian Harding (Kimberley, )


I do not beleave the vacseen is safe or nessisary

Andre Van Zyl (Pretoria, )


No sufficient data to take the vaccine

Thembi Ndlovu (Cape town, )


I don't trust it.

Maryke Senekal (Port Elizabeth , )


I am signing because I am totally against the Covid-19 vaccine.

Janet Bunk (Pretoria , )


The vaccines dont work. They dont stop transition, they dont stop the spreading of the virus, they dont weaken the effects of covid if you get it.
There are serious permanant side effects. Miocarditis, pericarditis.

Tracey Telford (Cape town, )


I have liberty to choose whether I want a vaccine or not, it is in the bill of rights in our constitution, the Nuremberg code etc. Those who chose not to vaccinate are acting within the parameters of the law. So why mandatory vaccination? Are all these documents ignored?

Sipho Mdaka (Mkhuhlu, )

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