Wine Bar in the Margaret River Wine Region



The town and the community have spoke of how much a wine bar is needed. I think this would be a fantastic addition to the town and I have been a local for 27 years

Monica Sutton (Cowaramup, 2021-11-09)


I’m all for it!

Gaz Potter (Bunbury , 2021-11-09)


I think it would bring more people/money to the area and surrounding business

Ashley Crawford (Bunbury, 2021-11-10)


This idea is brilliant, and our community needs an outlet for the incredible product that we produce.

Samantha Overton (Margaret River, 2021-11-10)


Cowaramup has grown so much over the last 10 years and is still growing. I think a local wine bar would be great for the locals and tourists alike. This is important for responsible service of alcohol, not driving, a sense of community and supporting local wines.

Charlotte Newton (Margaret River, 2021-11-10)


This is a great addition to cowaramup

Luana Day (Cowaramup, 2021-11-10)


It’s an exciting opportunity for employment and a new venue in the Margs region.

Kelli Ledger (Margaret River, 2021-11-10)


I think cowaramup will benefit hugely from this!

Rose Pateman (Margaret river, 2021-11-10)


Cowie needs a funky Bar!! Go Flynny! 💃🏾🥂

Trudi Martin (Margaret River, 2021-11-11)


I’m a winemaker in cowaramup who would love to see our whole region celebrated and appreciated together. And to have a bar in cwp would be amazing

Debra Devitt (Cowaramup , 2021-11-11)


To my knowledge there are no businesses of this nature already in Cowramup , would be so great for locals so they didn’t have to go to Margaret River

Celeste Bullock (Margaret River, 2021-11-11)


Because i think this is needed in our little community.

Amy Godfrey (Cowaramup, 2021-11-11)


This is a fabulous idea and a unique drawcard for Cowaramup! Would be wonderful to see lots of locally produced product showcased in this little wine bar. Can’t wait to see it in action.

Amie Taylor (Perth, 2021-11-11)


I’m signing this because Cowaramup needs night life options !

Estee Hartnett (Dunsborough , 2021-11-11)


It’s great !!

Janette Fankhauser (Margaret River, 2021-11-11)


While I’m not local to the area, I support local businesses supporting local business.

Carly McMahon (Cobargo, Yuin Country , 2021-11-11)


I believe in a venue for Cowaramup, that is a meeting/social place for locals, that showcases the best local wine

Rex Dubois (Cowaramup, 2021-11-11)


I’m signing because I’m a business owner in margs and very supportive of this amazing new venture

Kiara Musca (Mount Lawley, 2021-11-11)


Would love to throw support behind local people, running local venues who highlight high quality local wines and produce!

Lucy Akerman (Cowaramup, 2021-11-11)


The town is screaming out for venue exactly this to showcase all the regions amazing wine! And we have the population for it and will flourish s the town expands even more!

Karen McCahon (Cowaramup, 2021-11-11)


I’m supporting the growth and well being of local business owners in Cowaramup

Joe Davies (Harrisdale, 2021-11-11)


We have always thought a wine bar would be a great addition to the town of Cowaramup for locals and tourists.

Tania Jolliffe (Cowaramup , 2021-11-11)


The further development of Cowaramup as a growing town is a welcome, worthwhile proposition.

Cameron Haskell (Margaret River , 2021-11-12)


I think it’s a fantastic idea and I’d love to come and visit once borders open.

Kristy Milliken (Melbourne , 2021-11-12)


This is a much needed addition to Cowaramup and our region. This is a brilliant idea as there is no other venue in the region dedicated to highlighting solely Margaret River wines.

Brittany Rose (MARGARET RIVER, 2021-11-12)


Im signing because it will be an exciting new place to help with local economy

Celeste Case (Secret Harbour , 2021-11-12)


Great idea!

Sarah de Burgh (Margaret River, 2021-11-12)


I am signing because cowaramup needs a pkace to catch up with friends that isn't the club with kids running amok

Adam Loukes (Cowaramup , 2021-11-12)


I believe this area needs a bar dedicated to showcasing the wine in the area and supporting the local wineries

Sonia Holmes (Naracoorte, 2021-11-12)


I support small local business

Alison Palmer (Preston, 2021-11-14)


This is a great opportunity for cow town

Bo Boxer (Perth, 2021-11-14)


I believe this could be a great addition to Cowaramup's business landscape and provide much needed employment for local residents.

Troy Olsen (Cowaramup, 2021-11-15)


I believe we need more diversity in our venues in the south west region.

Adam Campbell (Margaret River, 2021-11-16)


I’m super excited to check this out!!

Ned Harrington (Perth, 2021-11-17)


We need a wine bar locally, it will attract locals and tourists alike and support the local economy :)

Cat Cawley (Cowaramup, 2021-11-17)


I spend time in down there friends that live in the area and I know that they would love for this to be a thing

Nicholas Bolton (Beaconsfield, 2021-11-18)


I am a local business owner & think this would be for other businesses, locals & tourists!

Nellie-Joy O'Mara (Cowaramup, 2021-11-24)


I think it would be good for the town

Karl Heussenstamm (Cowaramup , 2021-11-24)


I’m signing because I strongly believe Margaret River tourism would thrive from a locally owned bar show casing our regions best wines ect

Sunny Moore (Cowaramup , 2021-11-24)


Margs needs a cool place

Murray Figg (Coromandel Valley, 2021-11-24)


Cowaramup needs to showcase products from the local region. A great location, which can deliver local employment opportunities and increase tourism. At present There is only one other business in the township which has a Club licences which has restricted trading hours.

Christine Heywood (Cowaramup, 2021-11-24)


It’s a absolute great idea!!!

Jan Haase (Margaret River , 2021-11-25)


There is no good option for locals go to. The area has more than enough people to support it and warrant it.

Melinda Halden (Cowaramup, 2021-11-25)


I’m signing because this is an amazing idea, with strong support and the people behind it will make it a place worthy of visiting.

Luke Ward (Dunsborough, 2021-11-25)


Cowaramup is a thriving small town that could benefit from a small wine bar, especially showcasing local wines.

Jaimee Swan (Cowaramup , 2021-11-26)


What has been said is correct . There needs to be a bar that will showcase indeed where we live and promote it .

Jacinta Branson (Cowaramup , 2021-11-27)


I think the wine bar is a great idea.

Melanie Tognela (Cowaramup, 2021-11-29)


I think a dedicated wine bar would be a great idea for our wineries down south WA.

Rebekah Howell (Perth, 2021-12-07)


The area is lacking an actual wine bar, with so many wineries only offering lunch, this is a great option

Narelle Rodley (Cowaramup , 2021-12-10)


I support this initiative

Amber Edmonds (Cowaramup, 2021-12-11)


Its a much needed service to the local community and tourism alike

Louise Chambers (Cowaramup, 2021-12-11)


Who doesn’t love to sit back, relax and enjoy some wine in our beautiful home

Amy Lane (Perth, 2021-12-14)


Helping small local business to promote the local produce .

Sean Healy (Marmion, 2021-12-15)



Tanya Harvey (Cowaramup , 2022-01-10)


I think Cowaramup will benefit from a new, cool, calm place to meet.

Charmaine Brooke (Baldivis, 2022-01-23)


Santamaria's will be a cultural touch stone for the region for years to come. I know this to be true as the proprietor is a person who values loyalty, quality & also knows how to show people a great time.

Jarvis Jones (Mira Mar, 2022-10-13)

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