Stop the quarry at Wreck Cove



this area is too beautiful to be marred by a quarry. this value need to be respected.

jitka Zgola (wreck cove, 2021-11-05)


We do not need an industrial operation at the bottom of a steep grade serviced by a hairpin turn. Any slow activity or accident here blocks access to police, ambulance, snowploughs, and CABOT TRAIL. It's simply impractical.

L Doyle (Englishtown, 2021-11-05)


I own property in Skir Dhu near the proposed site and want to keep the natural scenic views intact.

Bettina Belt (Califon, 2021-11-05)


The positive economic, including jobs, impact for regions that protect and promote their ecology is far greater than regions that engage in 18th century models of economic development. It's embarrassing that the county or province would consider this an acceptable activity right on one of the most famous scenic roadways in Canada that attracts millions of dollars a year in visitor spending, and supports thousands of jobs.

Mel Sweetnam (Goose Cove, 2021-11-05)


I feel that the quarry will jeopardize enjoyment of
visitors to Cape Breton and the enjoyment of local people.

Paul Weinberg (Englishtown, 2021-11-05)


Wreck Cove is not wrecked, but the scene of an historical shipwreck. This quarry will make sure that it is, in fact wrecked, and wrecked for ever. Stop this Quarry!

david fairchild (baddeck, 2021-11-05)


It will damage the natural environment!!

Joanne Peters (Skir Dhu, 2021-11-06)


The natural beauty of this area needs to be protected.

Karen Fraser (Englishtown , 2021-11-06)


I'm signing because I believe the quarry wouid become an environmental disaster and also ruin the beauty of one of the most scenic area's is Canada if not the world.

Les Orford (Skir Dhu, 2021-11-06)


Our land is sacred & should be honored as such.

Nancy Paruch (RR#4 Baddeck, 2021-11-06)


I agree with not compromising the scenic and touristic value of this area.

Tonia Schluter (Skit Dhu, 2021-11-06)


Our natural beauty is a far more important and long term contributor to the local economy (tourism) than this development could ever be.

Demmarest Haney (Albert Bridge, 2021-11-06)


We need to protect the Beauty of Nova Scotia

David Eeles (Antigonish, 2021-11-06)


don t spoil out beautiful Cabot Trail with a quarry at Wreck Cove!

Gillis Ann Frances (Sydney N S, 2021-11-07)


Smokey and its environs have already become a sad sight, from the roadwork alteration (which were understandably needed) to the ravaging of the land and area at the top for a quarry, then on the north side for the ski hill development.

Tourist dollars are also important and they have already been complaining about how Smokey looks right now. we strongly object to the Quarry development.

Stephanie Conn (River Bennett, 2021-11-07)


I'm a local resident and I believe that this quarry will have a terrible impact upon the environment and the local tourist industry.

Lorne Pearce (Tarbot , 2021-11-07)


I believe a quarry at the foot of Smokey would leave a blight of an eyesore to a lovely vista where nearly a million people come and leave money on one of the most travelled tourist trails in Canada!

Nona MacDonald-Dyke (North Shore, 2021-11-07)


Smokey is the first/last mountain on the Cabot Trail. To deface the Smokey futher, in any way, would be dreadful and unnecessary when there are so many other options.

Pam Lewis-Young (Baddeck, 2021-11-07)


We live in this area and would be directly affected by this quarry. The noise, potential runoff and water issues, de-stabilization, de-forestation and the general eyesore is not required. We already have several open pits in the area to get road repair materials from and they're brutal to look at. Please just lease those to the contractors instead of cutting new eyesores in this region which is growing so well right now. We need to stop putting profits in front of beauty and a sustainable region to grow.

Adam Shore (Wreck Cove, 2021-11-07)


I’m signing because, even though I don’t live near this place i live near an ugly quarry that has scarred a beautiful landscape. Even though the owner is supposed to return it to the way it was, that will never happen. Once a quarry is allowed the land will never be the same. This sounds like a beautiful and special place and I don’t want it to be scarred forever.

Tamara Tarasoff (Farrellton, 2021-11-07)


I am opposed to a project that will be harmful to the major industries of fishing and tourism so critical to this community. Also, to prevent damage caused by heavy machinery to the roads and danger that they and the damaged roads would cause to the people driving on them. I also don’t want the area’s nature, beauty, or wildlife damaged by this project.

Steaphan Dyke (North Shore, 2021-11-07)


We don't need or want a quarry destroying our landscape here.

Sean MacCath-Moran (South Haven, 2021-11-07)


It will be devastating for Cape Breton's #1 Tourism industry. Although very grateful for Cape Smokey's Atlantic Gondola, Ski Hill & future Tree Walk drawing in additional tourist, we have heard many complaints from tourist regarding sharing the narrow road with trucks, they are already a burden to our Tourist traveling The Cabot Trail adding stress and time being forced to stop for periods of time waiting to continue on the trail. A Quarry would be a major blow to The Cabot Trail Tourism Industry. We need to keep our rugged coastline pristine filled with additional Tourism opportunities and not alter the Cabot Trail's beauty by an unsightly quarry which will not bring much employment opportunities or money into Cape Breton which in addition could become abandoned in the future! and unsightly!

Donna-Lynn Burns (St. Ann's, 2021-11-07)


Protect this area from being developed

Lisa Grover (Dingwall, 2021-11-07)


Huge negative impact on aesthetics of our landscape

Kinnon Mackinnon (Dingwall , 2021-11-07)


I live in this area and am interested in protecting our beautiful nature

Regina Stracke (Englishtown , 2021-11-07)


I have a place in Wreck Cove. I've said many times in the last 2 years that it's absolutely criminal how they stripped the mountain coming down Smoky. It used to be a lovely verdant green. The fact that homeowners on the shore can't take rocks from the shore to prevent the erosion of their land because it would supposedly disturb the shoreline and balance yet the government can ravage and needlessly destroy acres of land for their purposes disgusts me. It's all about money, money, money. They don't think to the future.

Valli Ostrowski (Wreck Cove, 2021-11-07)


Neighbours, please join me in opposing this quarry. It will destroy the landscape, disrupt wildlife habitats, and create noise pollution.

Ceallaigh MacCath-Moran (Baddeck, 2021-11-07)


One of the reasons I travel to Cape Breton is to explore the stunning and beautiful scenery and shoreline. I have seen first hand the devastation on an environment and eco system a quarry does. There is no justification for destroying rare and natural beauty that tourists travel from all over the world to see. Do not let greed of a few take precedent over the tourism dollars that benefit all of the locals.

Linda Bowers Connolly (Rio Linda, 2021-11-07)


As a long time resident on the North Shore, I learned first hand the fragile nature of its beauty and landscape. The entire population of the North Shore relies heavily, through tourism and fishing, on the preservation of this landscape.

Michelle Smith (Whycocomagh, 2021-11-07)


I strongly abject to ruining the tourist experience, the destruction of land and the proximity to the ocean and neighbours! No blasting!

Penny Steele (Indian Brook, 2021-11-07)


This will be devastating to the beautiful views that tourists flock to the Cabot trail to see.

Shannon Costelo (Ingoniah, 2021-11-07)


Environmental concerns

Ainslie MacNeil-Campbell (Halifax, 2021-11-07)


Tourism is extremely important to our area. Defacing a beautiful view with a quarry would be terrible. Who wants a scarred, barren landscape replacing gorgeous scenery? Definitely, not in our area.

Rosemary LaRusic (Ingonish, 2021-11-07)


The quarry, adjacent to the Cabot Trail will be an eyesore.

David Gabriel (Sydney , 2021-11-07)


I totally agree that a quarry in close proximity to the southern section of the ioconic Cabot Trail along St Ann’s Bay would be an immense mistake . It would badly contribute to noise pollution, visual unsightliness both from the land & the sea, impairment of the night sky from quarry lightning, increased heavy truck traffic etc. There can easily be granite obtained from quarries in more obscure less scenic places .

Leslie Dubinsky (Bedford & Englishtown , 2021-11-08)


I'm signing because this proposed quarry would be an eyesore where we currently have a beautiful coastline view. There is an existing quarry very nearby and a lot of recent road and mountain construction was easily completed using just that. There is no need for another quarry to be created that will hinder the coastal views of our beautiful world renowned Cabot Trail.

I'm also concerned about the ecological impact of the proposed quarry. Especially, any effect runoff might have on the local coastal waters. As a lobster fisherman, I am concerned that it may affect the lobster fishery along this part of the coastline.

Graham Whitty (Ingonish, 2021-11-08)



“We are also appalled at the damage to the environment this project would cause and, at the end of the twenty year life of said operation, a legacy of scarred, barren landscape.

We treasure the ecological value of this area and also need to protect the economic value of our tourism industry far more than any of the potential benefits that might be derived from this undertaking and that would permanently destroy a natural treasure. There is already a quarry site at the top of Smokey”

Bricin Lyons (Cape North, 2021-11-08)


I’m signing because we need to protect Cape Smoke and surround communities. This will negatively impact the environment as well as tourism. There are plenty of other locations to have this quarry. Leave the previous Cabot Trail alone so our great grandkids can take their families to a place that has not been spoiled by corporate greed.

Richard Leyte (Kitchener/Englishtown, 2021-11-08)


Environnement, traffic, noise , tourism etc; all will affected negatively by this quarry. No !

Kim Rouvelin (Baddeck , 2021-11-08)


This is my home.

Katie Wood (Wreck Cove, 2021-11-08)


Enough has been altered already

Jessica Cameron (Hillside Boularderie, 2021-11-08)


I am a concerned citizen living in Breton Cove

Brigitta Buehlmann (RR# 1 Englishtown, 2021-11-08)


Quarries. are not attractive for highly scenic tourist attractions. As well the negative economic impacts on the local community would be significant.

Evelyn Howard (Baddeck, 2021-11-08)


As a property owner in wreck cove and more importantly as someone who has been enamoured with this area in particular and the Cabot trail in general . I consider this development to be totally unnecessary as there is an existing quarry nearby as well in contradiction to sustainable development which is required in an area where tourism plays a vital role in economic development

Parker Rudderham (Sydney, Nova Scotia , 2021-11-08)


I totally agree with all that Jitka is standing for, this island is precious and beautiful and brings in people from all over the world, this quarry would make an ugly scar on a splendid vista.

Wrinda Light (Baddeck, 2021-11-08)


The "World Famous Cabot Trail" is no place for a rock quarry, especially when it is in full view from an iconic location on Cape Smokey. The Cabot Trail draws thousands of visitors every year, they do not come here to see scared landscapes.

Donna Montgomery-Frizzell (North River Bridge, 2021-11-08)


I'm signing this petition because of a couple reasons. The first is for the concern for the environment. Hard rock quarries can come with pretty hefty environmental risks including runoff of chemical pollutants into bodies of water, loss of natural habitats, farmland, and vegetation, and natural resource exhaustion. Secondly, the impact it will have on the view. The Cabot Trail is one of our most vital tourist attractions. The road was just redone making it an easier drive to intice visitors to make the journey, ruining this with an industrial project like this seems to ruin the point, making the investments into the upgrades moot. The profit we generate from tourism over the next twenty years from this area without the project will out-weigh the benefits of the project. I respectfully am asking you to please not move forward with this project. The risks of environmental issues and the eye sore this quarry will be, far out-weigh the rewards.

Mikayla MacDonald (Sydney, 2021-11-09)


I’m signing because this long term project needs to be halted immediately as it will have a very negative impact on our much needed tourism in Northern Cape Breton. This quarry will also have a negative impact on the environment with a stream running directly beside the proposed site and the amount of dust that will be produced.

Meredith Copp (Ingonish Beach (top of Smokey) , 2021-11-09)


I love Wreck Cove and I visit every year. The quarry will disrupt the tranquillity and beauty of the area.

Laurie MacNeil (Richmond, 2021-11-09)


As a longtime resident of Cape Breton and frequent visitor to the Ingonish region this proposed quary would be scar to the region. It’s proposers have obvious disregard for the environmental impact by purposefully limiting its proposed size to attempt skirting an environmental impact study. Additionally the roads in the region have been drastically improved in recent years. Added heavy truck traffic would accelerate their decline. This region is one of the jewels of Canada and should be treated with the respect it deserves, not further defaced.

Geoff Gabriel (Moncton , 2021-11-09)


In 2019, about 301,000 people visited the Cape Breton Island Highland Park. People come to Cape Breton for its natural beauty, unspoiled in many places. We must protect our greatest asset. Plunking a quarry at Wreck Cove undermines our tourism strategy and is environmentally risky. This should be an easy "no" for the powers that be.

Lorna Neil (Big Pond, 2021-11-09)


Concerned about the environmental impact and damage that this would cause to the environment as well as the eyesore it would create. Makes no sense.

Neila Buchanan (Sydney, 2021-11-09)


Since this proposal is less than 4 hectares it is avoiding a “full” environmental assessment which would normally engage other stakeholder departments (Tourism being the most obvious). The Minister can override this technicality and request a full assessment if concerns from the public are sufficient. In this case an intervention by the Minister would certainly be warranted.

Any serious consideration for approving this proposal would be a huge and permanent mistake for the region. The negative impact on Tourism would be obvious and totally at odds with any government efforts to promote tourism along the Cabot Trail. Excessive and constant truck traffic and emissions, as well as the scarring of the natural beauty of this section of the Cabot Trail is completely unacceptable, by both local residents and tourists.

In addition to Tourism, environmental concerns are numerous. Fishing and marine life will most certainly be negatively impacted given the proximity to the ocean (blasting, run-off, stream diversions, water table impacts etc.). The same concerns apply for wildlife in the region.

Surely common sense will prevail.

Rob Thomas (Jersey Cove, 2021-11-09)


The industrial revolution and it's consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

Stephen Thomas (Glace Bay, 2021-11-09)


This would be a crime, a travesty and a waste of taxpayer's money. Tax payer money has been used to improve the road way over Smokey and included a look-off area to view the stunning view along the North Shore. This provides an opportunity for visitors and residents alike to take in this amazing vista. Please do not spoil this with a quarry stuck at the roadway's base, basically in the middle of this view.

Ralph Baxter (Sydney Mines, NS, 2021-11-10)


The tourism industry is one of Cape Bretons main industries and especially to those who live North of Smokey.
With the talk of a new quarry being developed its really upsetting because people travel here for our amazing views on the Cabot Trail and I don't think they want to come to see a big ugly quarry that really isn't necessary. Not to mention that there is probably a multitude of ecological concerns associated with constructing a quarry.
Overall not a good idea.

Jericho Powers (Ingonish, 2021-11-10)


I think it is the worst place for a quarry. Please have it stopped.

David George (Cape breton, 2021-11-10)


I am opposed to the quarry at the base of Cape Smokey because it will degrade the natural beauty of the area, possible future expansion of the quarry beyond 3.9 hectares & road safety concerns as the quarry location is to be located in an area of numerous accidents in the past.

John Sedgwick (Main-a-Dieu, 2021-11-10)


Please don't do this! It will be ugly and damaging to our environment and beautiful home. PLEASE NO!!!

Grant Richard Alexander (Neil's Harbour, 2021-11-10)


The permanent destruction of a site within in the heart of Cape Breton’s greatest asset - The Cabot Trail-the biggest tourism draw we have-in an era of heightened environmental awareness will be a black eye on all of us that we let this happen, real act of blind decision making. There are other choices farther from our well travelled places.

Anne Latour (Sydney , 2021-11-10)


Not the right thing to do.

Rhonda McKinnon (Halifax, 2021-11-10)


I am very opposed to this quarry and any quarry ruining the natural beauty of our biggest tourism asset…the Cabot Trail. It does not belong here!

Lisa Patterson (Sydney Forks, 2021-11-10)


I do not want the beauty of our island destroyed.

Linda MacDonald (Gardiner Mines , 2021-11-10)


Having a quarry at the base of Smokey will ruin the view from Smokey and affect the tourism in the area. This view of the Cabot Trail is very well known for its natural beauty and colourful foliage in the fall. I would hate to see this view marred by a quarry.

Sheila Fricker (Neils Harbour, 2021-11-11)


My family is fortunate to have a summer place at Indian Brook on the Cabot Trail, not far from the proposed site for a hardrock quarry at Wreck Cove. We also travel the Cabot Trail throughout the year, as do hundreds of thousands of visitors to our island from all over the world.
That proposed quarry would not only be a blemish on the landscape, and an eyesore to visitors who come to see the beauty of the Cabot Trail, it would be a blemish on any environmental record that the newly elected, current Conservative government in Nova Scotia may hope to achieve. A hardrock quarry at Wreck Cove will destroy one of the most beautiful and iconic views of the Cabot Trail - the view from the top of Cape Smokey.
Not only will it destroy the landscape, it will affect the wildlife and their habitats. I don't doubt that the nearby lobster fishery will also be negatively affected with a hardrock quarry just 500 metres from the shoreline. Is it possible that Zutphen Resources are aware of those possibilities and that is why they chose to apply for a 3.99 hectare quarry, just 0.01 under the 4 hectare size which would require an environmental assessment be carried out before approval? I would think so. A company which knowingly proposes a quarry of a size to ensure that it does not require an environmental assessment, should never receive approval for its project, especially when that project will forever change the landscape of the Cabot Trail if it is allowed to go ahead. In fact, that proposed Wreck Cove quarry, if allowed to go ahead, may even expand its size in the future, as is currently being proposed by a different company which has operated a hardrock quarry in Whycocomagh for a number of years.
Yes, materials for building and maintaining roads are necessary and can be found at hardrock quarries, but those quarries do not have to be ‘in your face’ as you travel the Cabot Trail, and drivers should not have to compete with large trucks hauling rock along the narrow Cabot Trail highway.
No company should be allowed to forever damage the landscape along the world famous Cabot Trail for the seemingly sole purpose of benefitting itself.

Rose Courage (Sydney, 2021-11-11)


I do not want the quarry to destroy the beautiful landscape south of Smokey. The Cabot Trail is renown for its beauty. Let us preserve it.

Ken Donovan (Ingonish , 2021-11-11)


The quary would be a clearly visible scar on this beautiful parcel of natural landscape.

Barb Donovan (Ingonish , 2021-11-11)


The landscape IS our most valuable asset. Why throw that away when that is what motivates people to come here?

MB Whitcomb (Baddeck, 2021-11-12)


I was appalled with the news that someone was was planning a quarry at this location. Government administrators, responsible for tourism, the environment and natural resources, should be embarrassed to have allowed this to get to the point of being a consideration. I, like most Nova Scotians and our many tourists, agree with Jitka Zgola's position on this.

Michael Fleming (Dartmouth, 2021-11-12)


This will not only ruin the landscape but will also impact the wildlife.

Jacquie Rowsell (Oshawa, 2021-11-12)


This gravel pit will be a huge eyesore. The Cabot Trail is all about the beautiful scenery and vistas. Environmental impacts could greatly affect the sensitive ecosystems in the area. Another point is that the highways just got rebuilt. We’ve been waiting decades for this to happen. Numerous gravel trucks will have it destroyed in no time at all.

Darren Doucette (Chilliwack, 2021-11-12)


I would hate to see our beautiful landscape damaged, become an eye sore, disrupt wildlife and become an environmental issue.

Naomi Stockley (Dingwall, 2021-11-12)


This is my home

Nicholis Norman (Dingwall, 2021-11-12)


Countless generations of Cape Breton’s residents have endured the irresponsible exploitation of their island’s natural resources, by self-serving organizations, abetted by a provincial government hostage to the mindset of the 19th Century. Quarries are forever; and generations living here far into the future, who will have had no say in objecting to these depredations, will nevertheless also suffer their environmental, health and spiritual wounds. This has to stop now. Only a handful of individuals, with unwarranted political influence, are allowed to manipulate our antiquated laws to benefit themselves - while callously impoverishing and poisoning everyone else - and then abandon without reclamation, entire landscapes of what is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands on this planet. There are already enough quarries to meet the needs of public development. Use them, instead of permitting competing interests to proliferate and sell cheap gravel to outsiders. Have we not learned enough from the environmental and social-economic travesties of our industrial past? This proposed quarry is utterly inappropriate, from any perspective.

Paul Patterson (Sydney Forks, 2021-11-14)


The quarry will damage the scenic Cabot Trail, potentially damage the lobster fishery and pollute local stream.

Brenda Morrison (Breton Cove, 2021-11-14)


As a tourism operator I am very concerned about the impact that this quarry will have on the local wildlife, the scenic view and the tourism traffic on the Cabot Trail. The increase of heavy haulage trucks on an iconic scenic road will have a huge impact on locals and tourists alike.

Jan Vickers (Baddeck, 2021-11-14)


I am signing because I would like this area to be pristine

Lila Donovan (Moncton, 2021-11-14)


This would be such an eye sore, we are known for our beautiful views don’t ruin it!!

Catherine Ashford (Ingonish, 2021-11-14)


a great deal of money has been spent to promote the tourist destination of smokey cabot trail even a lookout point was made for the view off smokey by the ministry of transport for the demand.

gary schultz (ingonish beach, 2021-11-14)


It will be a blight on an otherwise peaceful,serene,beautiful place.

Gillis Anna (Parker's Cove,Nova Scotia, 2021-11-14)


Increased heavy truck traffic turning on and off the narrow highway.
Too close to roadway, destruction of untouched area.
Dust ,noise from potential blasting



This is a really bad idea.
Nova Scotia is more than resource extraction economy.
We need the tourism industry in Cape Breton. This would be in direct conflict. Any gain would be lost 10 fold.

Taylor Cynthia (Halifax, 2021-11-14)


We already have quarries along the Cabot trail. This quarry is very close to fishing territory.

Claire MacLean (Sydney Forks, 2021-11-14)


It seems strange that the project is .01 hectares under the size that would require an environmental impact study. Don’t scar Smokey any more !!

Mariom White (Florence, 2021-11-14)


I believe the quarry will be detrimental to the importance of the Cabot Trail to the important tourism industry on the island as it would ruin the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

Nicola Argento (Breton Cove , 2021-11-14)


This quarry threatens the scenic as well as aural integrity of the Cabot Trail. Cape Smokey area is one of it's most iconic attractions. It will also be a traffic hazard for both locals and tourists.

Bev Brett ( Baddeck, 2021-11-14)


This is the worst spot for a quarry.
We just got a look off built on Smokey and now we are letting a quarry tear the entire view away.
This can’t happen.

Ryan Costelo (Ingonish, 2021-11-14)


This is not a good spot for a quarry. This is a major tourist route that generates so much money for the community. We need to keep Cape Breton beautiful..this will be so ugly and damaging to the environment.

Matthew Smith (Wreck Cove, 2021-11-14)


It will ruin the beautiful sights. They already made one quarry and abandoned it. There’s too many of these cleared out, dug out areas along the way, they’re ugly, they take away from nature and the animals.
We do not need another!

…Make a picnic park or something the people and tourists can utilize.

Chantelle Blais (Ingonish, 2021-11-15)


I think it would be a disaster to have a quarry at Wreck Cove. CB was rated for it’s beauty as # two in the world and #1 in Canada and this status should never be undermined.

Gloria Clifford (Sydney, 2021-11-16)