To include local bees (Anthophila) in Wildlife (Protected Wildlife Species) Rules 2020.



Bees are important to the ecology. Bees are pollinators and not pests so they should never be killed for no valid reasonable reason.

Angeline Tan (Singapore , 2021-11-11)


I agree that bees should be protected by law. It makes no sense for Town Councils to engage pest exterminators to deal with bees and they will not stop doing so as long as the law allows it.

Rachel Chan (Singapore, 2021-11-11)


These Singaporean bees provide us with essential ecological services, and with rapid urbanization and habitat loss, we should be responsible for and protect them.

Matthew Lim (Singapore, 2021-11-11)


We need to save our bees as they are vital to the environment. They help our trees, plants and flowers to thrive. Singapore is a garden city. We need bees and they are harmless.

Lily Toh (Singapore , 2021-11-11)


I’m signing because I believe that Singapore is moving towards a new phase in transforming into a greener nation. This is supported by the efforts that Singapore made with the implementation of the SG Green plan 2030, first point being making Singapore a “City in Nature” and second being striving towards a “Green economy” by 2030. I truly believe that if Singapore wants to draw closer to the 17 SDG (sustainable development goals), we first have to support our local efforts in two main areas, financially to keep the business functional and implementing changed efforts to circulate our natural resources sustainably instead of destructively.

Johnson Tan (Singapore, 2021-11-11)


Protect our local bees

Elvin T (Singapore, 2021-11-11)


I would like everyone to be aware of the benefits bees provide us.

Hera Ahmad (Singapore, 2021-11-11)


Bees are part of the ecosystem

Cherlek Toh (Singapore, 2021-11-11)


The bees are important. Nuff said.

Farhan Rashid (singapore, 2021-11-11)


I want my children & the generations after to love & appreciate nature. Little drops of water make a mighty river. Let this petition be the beginning of good things to come.

விஜயஸ்ரீ வெங்கடாசலம் (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


This is the best way to stop intentionally killing our local bees!

Xavier Tan (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


I recognize the importance of bees to our ecosystem, our very survival. It is unthinkable that our government agencies are still resorting to extermination when they are the ones who are most informed. If this is the only way to save our bees then I'm all for it.

Eunice Leow (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


Yes, bees are keystone species in maintaining the biodiversity of the flowering plants.

Yap Jiawei (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


Bees are essential to the health of our natural and human ecosystems. Thank you for the good work protecting them!

Claryce Lum (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


Bees are an important part of our wildlife ecosystem, with the dwindling population of bees in recent years it would be wise to keep them protected

Amos Chew (Woodlands, 2021-11-12)


Why kill bess?

Lynn Ee (Sg, 2021-11-12)


I like bee. Protect bee.

Nicholas Gay (singapore, 2021-11-12)


Save the bees...

Chong Seng Tan (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


We should understand the importance of bee in our eco system. They are not pest

Nan F Sho (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


CarpenterBees are very non-aggressive, the males that collect food are stingless and even the females only sting if you handle them.
They are an essential part of the flora and wildlife in Singapore and should be protected in Singapore, just like I protect them in my garden.

SY Khoo (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


Bees are critical to a healthy ecosystem and good indicator of how healthy our environment is. We should educate more and eradicate less.

PAULINE Wan (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


Bees are so important to our ecosystem!

Yuhan Lin (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


Used to use pest control for hive removals but then realised this is senseless to kill something natural and useful for nature. I've had several hives removed now and it just makes so much sense to let the bees thrive and work in partnership with nature.

Phillip Wang (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


Bees are essential to the natural ecosystem!

Phoebe Swinn (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


I'm signing because the bees are essential to our longevity

Peter Bok (Newton, 2021-11-12)


We need bees period. Please stop destroying our wildlife.

Rathi Ho (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


I'm not a pest! Pollenation is essential for a well balance ecosystem. I believe its in the primary school science curriculum.

Bee Bear (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


The need to educate the general public about the bees and its role in nature

Naidu Billy (pasir ris, 2021-11-12)


Bees are essential for our survival on this planet.

Lisa T (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


I’m signing because, I had the option to remove a new hive and chose the humane way. Because bees are so important to the broader eco system.
Because we live in their environment and they in ours - extermination should not be the default way to remove bees.

Alexandra Rochelle (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


we need to care for our local bees.

Christopher Tay (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


Because i feel that bees are important for nature

Abdul Hafiz Bin Mazelan (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


Bees are part of our eco system. Let’s all live in harmony with what nature created.

Jen Koh (Singapore , 2021-11-12)


Save the Bees they play an important role in our eco system.

Sithu Chrishen Bijay (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


I love bees!

Bridget Chen (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


I support the protection of bees. They are essential to our ecosystem and we need to do much much more to protect them.

Tzu Tzian Hwang (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


No killing of bees. It harms the ecological environment

Casey Tang (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


Help planet help us

Thi Kim Phung Bui (SINGAPORE , 2021-11-12)


I’m signing this petition because I support the local bees conversation program. Beehives should be removed and handled humanely!

Yit Seng Cheng (Singapore , 2021-11-12)


Bee populations are falling, it is time Singapore applies measures to protect them, including bans on outdated practices.

Carole HUMBLOT (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


The good health of bees is essential for themselves and the pollination of our crops. Humans must discriminate about insecticides NOW

Antoinette Martin (Worthing West Sussex, 2021-11-12)


Bees are important to our ecosystem, I hope it will get more support to create more awarness~

Jim Tan (singapore, 2021-11-12)


I am signing because I support nature and I believe development and nature can work hand in hand and co-live together

Conroy Tan (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


Food is a vital part of my life. Bees make food happen. I operate a restaurant and a farm that rely entirely on pollinators for their fundamental supply chain.

Oliver Truesdale-Jutras (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


Bees are one of the most important part in the ecosystem.

Lee Hong Yap (534027, 2021-11-12)


All life is sacred, and bees play an extremely important function in the ecosystem. If you can’t save the bees, how can you expect to save the planet?

Gary Ng (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


Bees r vital pollinators to our food production n they r NOT pests!

Waun sun Chiong (Singapore , 2021-11-12)


Bees are part of our ecosystem and should be respected as a living thing just like any local species. I have often witnessed dead bees in my estate after an extermination and it really hurts to see hundreds of dead bees everywhere. Although there are some concerns of allergies and such, bees are usually not aggressive unless provoked. Extermination of bees called by the public is often due to fears and misunderstanding of bee behaviours due to the proliferation of popular culture depicting bees as dangerous creatures. If there really is concern for safety, there are many companies who can safely relocate the bees and thus not warrant for unnecessary killing of bees.

Latricia Tay (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


I support the cause of city in nature. Not just talking but walking the talk.

Josh Zhao (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


I support local honey.

Senthil Kumar (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


Bees play an important role in pollination. We cannot be a city in nature if we cannot coexist with nature.

Justin Chee (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


Bees are an extremely important part of the ecosystem. Finding out about the many varieties living in Singapore was eye opening. Please protect the bees!!

Giorgio Castellini (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


I am signing this petition because bees are essential to all humanity. They must not be exterminated by our species.

Geraldine Hebras (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


To resolve a report of a colony of bees, the easiest and most profitable way for pest control is outright extermination. Unfortunately this is also the cheapest route for town councils and government agencies.
By protecting bees, it does make the control of unwanted colonies more time consuming, but not impossible. Yes, it will cost more - as I have personally experienced with a bee colony on my premises, but a lot more fulfilling to see them relocated rather than exterminated.

Yung Lee (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


Bees are so important to our entire ecosystem and they're really harmless (unless provoked). I witness my back neighbour's contractors brutally destroy a dwarf beehive after we told them it was right outside our window and we even told them to please pay a little to get it re-located but they just destroyed the tree and the bees. It's also harmful because our house is right there and I have young toddler. I don't understand how someone with such a big house cannot spend a little to remove the beehive humanly, or maybe it's just the contractors were being cheapskate.

Kenneth Kwok (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


Bees are important

Frank Cranky Lee (Sg, 2021-11-12)


Bees pollinate plants and do not harm people if left alone.

David Rose (Bedok, 2021-11-12)


These species are poorly understood but essential pollinators of native forest species. unregulated pest control services cause unrecorded mortalies, in effect harming the very resilience of the local. Forest ecosystems.

Jamie WhitehOuse (Singapore, 2021-11-12)

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