To include local bees (Anthophila) in Wildlife (Protected Wildlife Species) Rules 2020.



I hv lots of bees in my garden n I respect they have their own lives

Goh Peoy geak (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


Bees are important to our eco system as they are a main pollinating agent for plants. Without them we will be running out of plant food.

Jack Wong (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


I am signing because I believe bee is also a nature wild life animal and we should protect them , and we should not exterminate or kill them .

Kwang Wee Sim (Singapore , 2021-11-12)


Bees are an important part of the forest eco system.

Pritpal Singh (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


i believe it is VERY crucial to protect and conserve. Bees are so vital in our ecosystem. Such an important species that we need to respect and NEVER eliminate!!!

verg c (singapore, 2021-11-12)


Bees are important part of our lives. They must be protected

Chooi Yee (Telok Blangah, 2021-11-12)


Bees are an important part of the ecosystem and maintains essential balance of our livelihoods

Junjie Wu (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


I lived in Singapore for years, now back in Canada I appreciate more than ever the "City in Nature". Anything we can do to protect the future of nature in Singapore is essential.

Kim Bilous (Aurora, 2021-11-12)


Without bees we will have no food or flowers. Let's protect the bees.

Isabelle Ang (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


Because I feel that bees is a vital part of food production. Without bees there would be no organic fruits.

May Chan (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


I am signing the petition I support the humane removal and management of honeybees. I am a grassroots leader in Ayer Rajah-Gek Poh and have witness on many occasions, Town Council engaging their term contract pest control to use toxic chemical or fire torch to exterminate the honeybees hives. I strongly urge policymakers and members of public to contact Nutrinest directly when they spot a beehives in their estate. Thanks Janson

Tai Kearn Janson Lim (SIngapore , 2021-11-12)


I worked/work in Singapore and think bees are beneficial ecologically and financially for the people and city

Simon watts (Christchurch, 2021-11-12)


I believe bees are essential to the propagation. of flora and a critical connector to the ecosystem.

Ian Teo (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


I support the conservation of bees as a wildlife species as they are important for the flora and fauna in Singapore.

Pei Yi Ong (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


Bees are very important in the pollination process and must be protected

Ho Wai-ling (Singapore , 2021-11-12)


I am signing this petition because bees is an essential part of all living things, big or small and had coexisted with all living things since.

Tuck Choy Wong (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


Any local bees, we should preserve.

Yee Tah Ming (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


Bees are such an important factor in our life

Jon Parr (Singapore , 2021-11-12)


Bees are keeping the nature in harmony. We human have benefitted from bees. The bee is friendly if left alone. We, human should protect it from chemical, human handling of it and keep it alive when spotted in humans territories.

Lim Tek Hoi (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


We need to protect bees to ensure the ecosystem is sustainable.

Gerard Tan (Singapore , 2021-11-12)


I believe bees should be protected

Phua Song Chye (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


This cause is so.important. it is lazy and wreckless to destroy bee colonies when there are humane and positive ways to relocate and use bees

Mark Leadercramer (Singapore, 2021-11-12)


Bees are very important. No bees, no food!

Mary Lobb (Singapore , 2021-11-13)


Bees needs to be protected!

Joe Kam (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


I wanna save bees!

Xavier Sioh (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


Because I believe that bees are as important as any other wildlife and should be protected!

Henry Lin (West District, 2021-11-13)


Bees are so important and often overlooked!

Eunice Tan (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


I believe bees play an important role in any eco system.

Chong Swee Tian (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


Life should be respected

An Qi Kuah (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


I do believed bees are very important to our eco system and we should try to protect them rather than extinguished them. I support Mr Xavier and his work as well as his effort in bee conservation.

Desmond Ang (Singapore , 2021-11-13)


I support this as bees provide honey and help to pollinate flowers.

David Tan (Singapore , 2021-11-13)


Bees are not pests. They aid in pollination and are important in our ecosystem. Let's protect them by relocating their hives when necessary instead of exterminating them.

Sarah Ng (Ubi, 2021-11-13)


Bees are essential to a healthy ecosystem, our survival and the survival to our planet.

Hoe Wei Chua (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


No bees no life

Anupriya Iyer (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


I’m signing because bees are an important, integral part of our ecosystem and they are under threat

Rob Schilling (Kranji, 2021-11-13)


It’s a no brainer. Bees are generally harmless to humans if left alone and their critical place in the ecosystem and food chain is undeniable. We must protect them. There are many humane bee removal companies that can safely relocate bees - we just need to change the law and change people’s mindset.

Renee Bender (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


Signing as well being of Singapore wildlife = well being of Humans

Yukiko Stephens (Singaopre, 2021-11-13)


I believed in protecting bee

Mervin Lau (Singapore , 2021-11-13)



Jonathan Kho (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


I want to conserve local bees in Singapore

Ramesh Kumar Ramasamy (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


Support local agriculture

Hwee Yee Lai (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


I’m a citizen of Singapore.

Bhavani Krishnamurthy (Singapore , 2021-11-13)


I care for the wildlife

Jolyn TAN (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


Totally agree with the intention of the petition.
Also saved a hive above my roof from Mgt intention to send pest clearance and found a new saver :)

Christian Zachmeier (Singapore , 2021-11-13)


Bees are important polinators and have crucial role in the environment.

Fiona Koh (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


I love honey bees and they are crucial to the survival of our eco-system. Please save them from extinction!

Shan Kris (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


Enough is enough. If you want to save forest and what not, please think holistically and show a proper example that biodiversity is also equally important. It is very myopic to not consider about bees especially they are essential for food crop production.

Clayton Low (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


I am signing because these bees are harmless to humans and helps with our environment. If we are to move towards being sustainable in 2030, then all the more we need the help from these bees.

Angeline Poon (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


I strongly believe bee is critical in the ecosystem of our wild and human lives and if we lose them we are losing a lot in our livelihood. They need to be protected as we have done a lot to destroy their habitat whilst we benefit from their hardwork, this is not right and the way how we reciprocate our thanks. We must wake up we canmot keep taking and destroying things whilst we endanger those who helped nourish our lives as we have seen climate change telling us we are to be punished at our actions unless we correct it NOW.

Anthonia HUI (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


I fully support the preservation of nature and wildlife especially bees. They are the species which has tirelessly contribute to the earth producing honey and yet to think many others are treating them like domestic pest. I hereby plead we should never compromise the life of a living thing on earth. We as humans don’t deserve the right to kill another living species sharing this earth as a home with us.

Kyle Au Yong (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


I agree to protect and conserve nature, exterminating bees will disrupt the food chain...

Doreen Foo (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


I believe bees are an essential part of our wildlife diversity

Andrew Bell (Singapore , 2021-11-13)


Bees are essential to the ecosystem as pollinators. We can't be the garden city without them

Shourav Rahman (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


I care

Carsten Fricke (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


Bees are very important as they help to pollinate the environment without bees human kind will be gone

David Wang (Singapore, 2021-11-13)

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