To include local bees (Anthophila) in Wildlife (Protected Wildlife Species) Rules 2020.



Honey bees alone are responsible for $30 billion annually in crops. If bees disappear completely, we don't know what foods will survive. If we lose all plants that bees pollinate, the animals that eat those plants will also be threatened, leading to the potential collapse of many ecosystems and food chains.

Tomoko Devidal (Sentosa, 2021-11-13)


Bee's are very important to the ecosystem

CY Boon (Singapore , 2021-11-13)


Bees are an important part of the ecosystem and should be removed humanely if deemed as a threat. They should not be killed indiscriminately.

Hui Wen Lee (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


Save the bees

Jia Jie Lee (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


I believe bees which help our plants survive must be protected

Ainon Ismail (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


For improvement / enhancement to wildlife act for conservation of keystone species (bees)

Tony ODempsey (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


Bees are very important! Without bees, the earth won’t produce enough fruits and food for human

Maria Saputri (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


If we are serious about protecting our environment and future generations, we meed to make the first step to protect bees and ban killing bees with insecticides.

Huili Kua (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


I’m fully supporting the purpose of this petition.

Herbert Salim (Singaprw, 2021-11-13)


I do know the importance of bees for the survival of many life forms including mankind

Sau Hsien Yap (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


Bees are one of the most important organisms in the world. We literally wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for bees.

Dilshad Malhi (Singapore , 2021-11-13)


We need to protect nature if we are to survive and thrive.
Our health and wellness is directly linked to nature and the environment. And bees are essential part of that

Ping Coates (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


bees r important. they help pollinate your flowers to make food. n their dying from pesticide n herbicide.

Nigel wong (Hougang , 2021-11-13)


Bees should be protected

Anderson Lum (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


We need bees. Hope this protection will encourage moving of bees nests rather than exterminating them.

Han Tan (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


No bees, no pollination, no ecosystem that can sustain life 🐝 🌿💚

Adrienne Kane (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


It’s the right thing to do to save our wildlife.

Alexander Hartnoll (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


Without bee we’ll become extinct in a few short years

Vasu Dev Veerappa (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


Bees are so important in nature and we need them in the ecosystem

Melanie Tan (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


I am signing because I believe bees should be protected in Singapore.

Teng Hong Tan (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


I agree that bees are so important

Kim Nicolson (Singapore , 2021-11-13)


Bees are an integral part of the process yet they are not mentioned specifically.

Suzanne Hartnoll (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


The forest needs the bees to bring balance n harmony to the exosystem

Esther Thien (Singapore , 2021-11-13)


Bees are critical to mans survival and are threatened as a specie.

Trudi Dibb (singapore, 2021-11-13)


I believe in protecting our bees.

Pratima Kadam (Singapore, 2021-11-13)


Bees are important to our our system

Lyle Sudheeran Madhavan (Kembangan, 2021-11-13)


I agree

Robert Chan (Singapore , 2021-11-14)


Bee is an important part of our eco system.

Giem hong Lee (Singapore, 2021-11-14)


Bees are important pollinators for many plant species including trees.

Jing Xiang Tan (Singapore, 2021-11-14)


Sg need to preserve nature's ecosystem.

Feiroz Lycans (Bukit batok, 2021-11-14)


Bees play a bigger role in our eco system than we have understood until now!

Christin Culme-Seymour (Singapore, 2021-11-14)


I believe that bee conservative is an issue that deserves our forefront attention. I am signing this petition with hope that others do too. Giving the petition spotlight will not only kickstart plausible legislation change, but also get more people to find out about the importance of bees to our ecosystem too, essential for our move towards sustainability.

Christen Samuel (Singapore, 2021-11-14)


I love bees

Kingsley Morse (Singapore, 2021-11-14)


Bees are integral to a healthy ecosystem

Nyx Chong (Singapore , 2021-11-14)


Bees are crucial to our survival. It is important to keep their population thriving. Bees don’t harm humans, there is no need to be scared of them at all. We just need to live with other species in harmony.

Miriam Yeung (Singaporr, 2021-11-14)


Bees are vital to the ecosystems remaining in Singapore

Jerome Tan (Singapore, 2021-11-14)


Bees play an important role in our ecosystem and should be humanely treated.

Lieh Yen Chern (Singapore , 2021-11-14)


I care

Marcus Chua (Singapore, 2021-11-14)


Pls conserve the bees

Francis Goh (Singapore, 2021-11-14)


This world is not for mankind only. All living beings is entitled to live their life

Balasubramaniam K (Sengkang, 2021-11-14)


Highly compromised recruitment process

Moses Usoh-Abia (Lagos, 2021-11-14)


Bees are essential to our ecosystem and our food supply they must be saved.

James Jack (Clementi, 2021-11-14)


I am signing because bees are important to the ecosystem and I want to protect them!

Lin Jiawei (Singapore, 2021-11-14)


Our planet will not survive without bees to pollinate flora.

Suyin Lee (Singapore, 2021-11-14)


I’m signing because it simply makes sense. We need to maintain the natural balance of things before we lose everything that is good and right for our environment and ourselves.

Christopher Supple (Singapore , 2021-11-14)


To save the bees

Nadaraja R (Hougang, 2021-11-14)


Because Bees are at the heart of our biodiversity, and preserving them means preserve humanity

Tiare Muller (Singapore, 2021-11-14)



Nellyn Tan (Singapore , 2021-11-14)


Bees are so important to the ecosystem but they’re often mistaken as pests or a danger to people. Save our bees!

Annie Chew (Singapore, 2021-11-14)


I'm signing because I think having bees' habitat and learning how to live with them can be good for our ecosystem. Perhaps Singapore can produce our own honey too. I hope to live in harmony with bees.

Thia Elizabeth (Singapore, 2021-11-14)


I have experienced first hand bees building their hive in a branch in my parents potted plant and they pose no threat. I have also had occasions when bees fly around me. Bees are harmless unless they are provoked. This is a natural response from any living thing. Yet, many people choose to focus on the negative aspect of bee stings instead of examining why and when they do sting. The role of bees in the ecosystem certainly does not figure in this urban narrative for most people. It is time the public is educated on bees and their role in the ecosystem. More importantly, it is only through protecting the bees that the species will survive and public awareness raised to focus on the positive roles of bees.

May Soon (Singapore, 2021-11-15)

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