To include local bees (Anthophila) in Wildlife (Protected Wildlife Species) Rules 2020.



Cuz I find it absurd to kill such a beautiful creation if God, please look into this matter seriously if you have conscience.

Suresh Saravanan (Chua Chu Kang, 2021-11-15)


Should protect nature more than human

Ryan Chia Man Ling (Singapore, 2021-11-15)


Because I love wildlife and I respect wildlife

Harry van Dyk (Nee Soon , 2021-11-15)


The authority have been doing different from what they preach. Time for a wake up call for them.

Toh Jia keng (Singapore, 2021-11-15)


This is the right thing to do

Kian Meng Lee (singapore, 2021-11-15)


Because bees are dying in alarming rate and plants need bees to pollinate.

Monica Jolivet (Singapore, 2021-11-15)


When bees goes extinct, humans will too. Bees are important to our eco system as pollinators and scientists have estimated that humans can only survive for 4 years when bees are all gone. So every swarm of bee with their queen are important and must be saved.

Pearlyn Kang (Singapore, 2021-11-15)


Bees are essential to nature's eco-system. There might be long term irreversible consequences in their demise or attrition... whether intentional or otherwise.

CHRISTOPHER HO (Singapore, 2021-11-15)


Nature always has its own equilibrium-please do not destroy nature unnecessarily. Let the BEES live - relocate & not eliminate. We need bees for pollination - our food chain.

Yeoh Suat (Singapore, 2021-11-15)


Quite a shame while we pride ourselves as a garden city but the keystone species and pollinator are not protected and citizen is quite ill-informed of their importance.

more education is needed to coexist with this species.

bees are not pests. they just needed to be handled the right way and killing them with chemicals is wrong.

Zieliyu Zieliyu (singapore, 2021-11-15)


i believe that bee are essential to our eco system!!

Michelle Tan (Singapore, 2021-11-15)


Local bees are an important part of our local eco system

Christopher Chua (Singapore , 2021-11-15)


I believe that the bees play an important role in our ecosystem and would like to protect them.

Genevieve Tan (Singapore, 2021-11-15)


Bees are in danger and need protecting for the same of all wildlife and humanity.

Siobhan Hartnoll (Singapore, 2021-11-15)


The current way of exterminating bees is very harmful to the ecosystem and the world we live in. Bees are often misrepresented as dangerous insects in Singapore and kids are learning and thinking that bees are only going to sting and harm us but this is not true at all - in fact the reverse is true, we are the dangerous ones killing so many bees with our pesticides.

Jin Hao Wong (Singapore, 2021-11-15)


Bees are critically endangered and extremely important for sustainable environments

Amala Menon (Singapore, 2021-11-15)


Support local bees in our city

Ian lee Tay (Singapore , 2021-11-15)


Bees are a crucial part of our food chain. Singapore cannot talk about food security and promote local farming if it is still killing bees all the time. It's time to launch public education on how to co exist with bees in our urban environment. In fact, beekeeping for honey in urban cities are gaining popularity in places like new Zealand where I now live. There is a local school which even keep its own hives for honey.

Hui fang Ong (Wellington, 2021-11-15)


bees are important

yiming tan (Singapore, 2021-11-15)


I'm signing because bees are beneficial to the eco system. Extermination also introduces more toxins into the environment which cannot be good for our health.

Su-Jae Chee (Singapore, 2021-11-15)


I have bees on my balcony and we should protect them

Frederic Cabay (Singapore, 2021-11-15)


It doesn’t make sense to treat bees, both native and imported species, as pests when they are highly beneficial to the larger ecosystem. A lot of other insect and animal (human included) species depend on the outcome of the bees’ actions (namely pollination) for their food and shelter. We want to be a city in nature, we want to be a gentler and kinder society, we want to be food secure - then we should protect native and western honey bees.

No more reactionary pest-control, and no more fogging around bee habitats or bee food sources.

Chingwei Chen (Singapore , 2021-11-15)


Bees are essential to life.

Zhana Sandeva (Singapore, 2021-11-15)


As a gardener/farmer, we rely on them heavily to produce our fruits for consumption n sales

Nicholas Chin (Singapore, 2021-11-15)


To protect natural insects & small creatures like bees, frogs, toads etc. They are killed by weekly toxic fumigation at reservoirs, parks etc which plants & insects lived in eco- system.

Linda Ng (Singapore, 2021-11-15)


Even though Singapore does not rely on bees for food crop pollination or food security, bees in the wild still play a significant role in the ecosystem. Bees are major pollinators and help with the reproduction of many of our wild plants. Without bees, we may see a substantial loss of plant biodiversity locally. Furthermore, by protecting bees from chemical extermination through insecticides and pesticides, we can ensure that other insect pollinator species such as moths, butterflies, and beetles are also protected from such removal methods.
Lastly, it is well known that insecticides and pesticides can travel up the food chain. Thus, predators and scavengers feeding on these bees could also be negatively impacted over time.
Thus, bees must be protected, and any removal, should it be needed, should be humane and free from pesticides and insecticides.

Kannan Raja (Serangoon Central, 2021-11-15)


We lived with bee hives several months peacefully with no issue. Some people get paranoid by unharmful insects. Instead of eliminating them, “WE” need to be educated to respect the natural beings so we can embrace the nature. I am glad my kids watched the lifecycle of the bees from making the hives in our yard and migrating out. They learnt and enjoyed the nature!Life experience that can’t learn from the book 👍

Amy Wang (Singapore , 2021-11-15)


Bees are an important part of our eco-system. We NEED to take action and protect them.

Audrey Chia (Singapore , 2021-11-16)


Bees are essential to the propagation of plants, therefore all beings on earth

Ken Teagle (Singapore, 2021-11-16)


Bees are essential for our ecosystems and should be protected. But we do have to find a way to fund the non-destructive relocation of beehives because bees can be dangerous to certain people who are allergic.

Watanan Petersik (Singapore, 2021-11-16)


Xavier has helped me to humanely remove a beehive before. It was relatively fast and easy, and no bees were harmed.
Bees play ab important role in our ecology. I think it is a travesty how NParks and town councils routinely engage pest control companies to just spray chemicals and kill a beehive.

Beverly Goh (Singapore, 2021-11-16)


Truly need to save it coz Xavier is the Bee Keeper … truly understand what’s he doing 🙏🙏🙏
2) Wild boars and stray dogs are badly managed … since u have so much time , go and look u to this ./

Patrick Koh (Singapore , 2021-11-16)


It is an impressive cause

Kirsten Zarcone (Singapore, 2021-11-16)


Help to save the bee

Teo Tian hock (Malaysia, 2021-11-16)


I believe in the protection of bees for the survival of the human species

Georgina Penhall (Singapore , 2021-11-16)


Protect bees from intentional killing and more humane removal of bees.

Desireen Law (Singapore, 2021-11-16)


This world is not only for mankind............for all living beings

K Balasubramaniam (Singapore, 2021-11-17)


Bees are not pests!

Yong Chris (Singapore , 2021-11-17)


I am signing in because I love nature and bee's

Nallathambi Honestraj (Singapore, 2021-11-17)


I support humane way of relocating hives instead of exterminating them and killing the bees populations without thinking.

Cindy Lee (Singapore , 2021-11-17)


I am aware how important bees are to the earth and balance of the eco systems

Ruth Ng (Singapore , 2021-11-17)


Bees are fundamental to our ecosystem; we must protect them!

Margaret Tan (Singapore, 2021-11-17)


Bees are an essential part of pollination process

Sarah Howells (Edinburgh, 2021-11-17)


The bees are needed!

Phillip McDavid (Edmonton , 2021-11-17)


Bees are incredibly important to our ecosystem

Elaine Davis (sentosa, 2021-11-17)


I want bees to be recognised as sentient beings just like other animals and given the rights and protections of all other species. It is disgusting how they are overlooked when they basically feed the world with their busy pollinating of our crops and trees. Save the Bees or we are all dead.

Shauna Baker (Hartford, 2021-11-18)


Bees are basic to ecosystem.

Jamie Tan (Singapore, 2021-11-18)


I have a 7yr old son whom I have raised to respect animals. Equally, I need to show him that the Singapore authorities is kind and respectful to bees. It is disrespectful and distressing to see bees being killed, carcasses all over the area with no answer when he asked me why are they killed when he has never seen a bee attack in my neighbourhood (we lived close to a tree where there is a beehive once and spent hours observing them). Why are otters seen and rescued (in my Facebook) but not bees. What will happen to the flowers (pollination - a good example to show pollen is in the movie Honey, I shrunk the kids). At that age, he is able to link these thoughts.

What type of lessons are we imparting if we kill instead of giving them a chance to live elsewhere when we could have? Convenience? Isn’t the goal is to co-exist peacefully? Education is key. So, walk the talk.

Noraini Omar (Singapore , 2021-11-20)


Bees are very important for nature

Raymond Chew (Singapore, 2021-11-20)


I'm supportive to protect bees from being exterminated from urban environment.

Jimmy Chan (Singapore, 2021-11-20)


I am signing because I am concerned by sustainability of bee colonies in Singapore and everywhere around the world.
I have arranged for hives relocation in the past to avoid destruction.

Fabrice Marcotty (Singapore, 2021-11-20)


Bee’s population is being threatening. They are great pollinators for plants n their honey is our food. Strongly felt we must protect them.

Doris Teo (Singapore , 2021-11-21)


Bees are becoming endangered. There are orchards without bees and manual pollination has to be carry out. World with less bees will have less fruits.

Philip Hew (Singapore, 2021-11-22)


Bees are essential to human life. It’s about time that we realize this, and act on it. Organizations to protect bees are proliferating around the world, and Singapore should do its part in this endeavor.

Margaret Pan (Singapore, 2021-11-22)


Bees are important in our eco system.

With current stances of our town councils to exterminate bees as the main and easiest method to remove bee nests is very damaging to the environmental and it's not helpful in conserving the greenery.

As most of the local bees are stingless bees, a more humane ways of removing the bee nests should be adopted.

It also shows to our younger generations that we care for the environment by taking an extra steps in conserving our environment rather than taking an easiest way out and disregarding mother nature.

Mohamad Roszaini (Sembawang , 2021-11-23)


To save animalsssss

B Tharrshene (Singapore, 2021-11-24)


believe in sustainability and conserving wildlife.

Petrina Loh (Singapore , 2021-11-24)


Protecting nature is as important as city development

Pam Soh (Singapore, 2021-11-26)


I noticed a significant drop in the number of 2006 my lime tree fruit thanks to bee pollination. Now I have to hand pollinate.

wong andrew (Singapore, 2021-11-26)


Bees are such important animals, please protect them!

Chuah Xiao Fen (Singapore , 2021-11-27)


In comparison to other species that pest control deal with, bees fulfil a vital role in the environment and can be relocated with limited hassle. Let's make this city a "city in nature" rather than a "garden city"!

Adam Roberts (Singapore, 2021-11-27)


Bees are an integral part of our ecosystem, they should also be categorised as wildlife and given the same level of protection.

Joy Yeap (Singapore, 2021-11-27)

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