To include local bees (Anthophila) in Wildlife (Protected Wildlife Species) Rules 2020.



Because it is important to have bees in our ecosystem

Kenneth Goh (Singapore, 2021-11-27)


Bees are essential and endangered. When the bees die, we die as well.

Elisabeth Lange (Limbang, 2021-11-27)


Bees are vital to the ecosystem and must be protected!

Nicole Chung (Singapore, 2021-11-27)


i’ve sponsored bee rescues before and have alternative investments in manuka honey in NZ and i’m proud that xavier has started this educational programme as a pioneer beekeeper and relocator in sg

Rose Low (Singapore, 2021-11-27)


Please use a gentle way to remove bee hives. Don't kill them.

Jocelyn Chua (Singapore , 2021-11-27)


Bees are important to maintain a healthy ecosystem. They may be tiny but they are mighty hard workers that contribute so much. Please save the bees.

Michelle Ong (Singapore , 2021-11-27)


Saving the bees are important for our environment, just relocate the bees!!

yun ying low (singapore, 2021-11-28)


Bees are very beneficial insects which help with humans agricultural produce.

John Tan (Singapore , 2021-11-28)


I am signing as bee need to be protected, as they help the eco-system

Adeleen Ong (Singapore, 2021-11-29)


We need a balance between wildlife and human population. However that does not mean exterminate wildlife. I support the humane relocation of bees.

Robert Vrolijk (Singapore, 2021-11-30)


Re-homed bees can be used to produce local honey . It is important that Singapore becomes more self sufficient in providing
for ourselves as this pandemic has shown us.

Fiona Chua (Singapore, 2021-12-01)


I'm signing because 1. the extermination of bees ignores the essential work of bees in the ecosystem and runs contrary to Singapore's Green Plan. 2.Anthophila needs to be included as a protected species in the Protected Wildlife Species Rule 2020. 3. Current methods of exterminating Anthophila need to be replaced by a humane beehive removal and relocation method.

Charmini Sandra Segeram (Singapore, 2021-12-06)


Bee lives matter

Mean Jia Ong (Singapore, 2021-12-06)


I fully agree and support this action! The importance of bees & insects is underestimated but well established in studies.
Let's raise the concern together & protect biodiversity.

Marie Roth (Singapore , 2021-12-06)


I’m signing because I support the protection of bees for the health of our environment and the planet we live in.

York Pin Lee (Singapore, 2021-12-06)


Insect population collapse is a hugely underestimated problem. Bees are one of the more visible species and perform a fundamental role in the ecosystem.
Mr Tan helped us relocate a small hive which must have been in our garden for months before it was noticed. He is an expert in this field

John Wigglesworth (Singapore, 2021-12-07)


Bees are part of our society .

Tony Liew (Singapore, 2021-12-07)


Bees are crucial

John Ng (Singapore, 2021-12-08)


Bees generally are on a decline globally (climate change, lost of habitat due to urbanization, chemical and air pollution, diseases, etc). We cannot afford to take these bees for granted, and assume that their so-called abundance means we can simply exterminate them. With humane removal and relocation a real possibility, surely we can consider this option and do away with pesticides unless necessary? We must live up to our responsibility as stewards of all of our wildlife, regardless of their conservation status. I firmly believe humane removal is the right way to mitigate this human-wildlife conflict. Hopefully common sense and understanding will prevail

Matthew Lim (Singapore, 2021-12-08)


I believe bees plays a big part in our eco system

Tommy Lye (Singapore, 2021-12-09)


We have been too callous about exterminating bee hives far too long because of ignorance. The public needs to know that we must learn to coexist with bees and other wild animals.

Pornchada Vanich (Singapore , 2021-12-09)


I care that these bees are not decimated just because it is the most convenient option. No bees, no pollination, no vegetables and fruits. Can you imagine? So et's act now and have a legislation in place and enforce it.

Anitha Kamath (singapore, 2021-12-10)



Paris Maitreya Lim (Singapore, 2021-12-11)


Bees are important for the ecosystem.

Monica Holtforster (Singapore, 2021-12-11)


Bees are a very essential part of the eco-system. Extermination is just an easy "solution" for those who don't know better. Xavier is right. We should not wait for a time where the numbers are deemed by your one professor or your often slow-to-act NParks to realise the magnitude of losing bees in and around the world. We are a very urbanised country. We need to educate quickly and firmly our people and the growing youths on this matter. Protect them by protecting the bees.

Serene C (Singapore, 2021-12-12)


We need the bees for our biodiversity

lena quek (Singapore, 2021-12-13)


Stop the killing of native bees to Singapore by pest control measures.

Kymberley Wang (Singapore , 2021-12-13)


I would like to help preserve wildlife and our natural surroundings.

Christopher De Spuza (Singapore, 2021-12-13)


Bees are important to the ecosystem.

Julie Wee (Singapore , 2021-12-20)


Bees are crucial to the survival of our flora and fauna. Without them the world will be barren. They are the hardest working of the animal kingdom. Protect them we must!

Rose Awang (Singapore , 2021-12-30)


if possible should just relocate the bee instead of killing it

Karen Kwa (Singapore, 2022-01-12)


I believe that bees are essential to the environment and plant life, and they aren't aggressive as well. They should be protected.

Isabelle Ong (Singapore, 2022-01-15)


Bee colonies should be relocated humanely whenever possible and not exterminated! They are essential wildlife!

Tasha K (SG, 2022-01-16)


I believe bees are vital to the ecosystem of reviving our planet.

Syed mohamad Azrul (Singapore, 2022-03-10)


I love nature and bees are of paramount importance to our ecology

Vikneshwaran Arunaneethi (Singapore, 2022-03-11)

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