Online Mode of Examination



Because I want online exam. We took online classes and now appearing offline exam is not fair

Ayangshi Jamir (Mokokchung, 2021-11-18)


I support this

Rongsenmeren Longkumer (KOHIMA, 2021-11-18)


I'm signing because I agree to the petition. Admist the rising cases of covid 19 ots difficult for almost everyone coming from different district to manage their transportation and accommodation.

Neetu Maurya (Tuensang, 2021-11-18)


Too much risk for offline exam as well as what if we are to be sick during exams, we won't be able to give it , don't wanna be quarantined during exams and fail.

Samalemla Longkumer (Mokokchung , 2021-11-18)


I want to appear online exam

Chachi Shiu (Dimapur, 2021-11-18)


The whole year they took the class online and now taking the exam offline is so unfair. I didn't mean to say that they did not teach well but it's s new thing for us

Yimzunthy I pongen (Mokokchung , 2021-11-18)


It's really unfair to take offline exam suddenly after taking online classes

Atsung Pongen (Nagaland, 2021-11-18)



Suman Ali (Mokokcung, 2021-11-18)



Moarenba Lkr (Mokokchung, 2021-11-18)


I'm signing in as it's better to have online exam than having offline exam because of the current pandemic and with not having regular classes....

Temsutoshi Aier (Mokokchung, 2021-11-18)


I authorize Nagaland students to hand over this information I provide on this form to those who have power on this issue

Moasenla Imsong (Mokokchung, 2021-11-18)


I'm signing because its inappropriate to attend an offline exam after going through online mode class throughout the year and months ...and attending class just for 3 days and letting us appear offline is totally savage.

Nancy Rangthang (Mokokchung , 2021-11-18)


Due to this rising covid cases in our area we should not gather in group to prevent this infection.the winters seasons are closing in and we could not be able to differentiate between covid nor cold's better for the institution to take up online examination to prevent gathering and to prevent this infectiin

Akang Temjen (Mokokchung, 2021-11-18)


I want online mode of exam

Temsumenla Imsong (Mokokchung, 2021-11-18)


I want to

Moa Mongba (Mokokchung, 2021-11-18)


I am signing this because i want 2021 odd semester exam to be in online mode

Pomei H Konyak (Mokokchung, 2021-11-18)


I am singing this because i want online mode of examination for 2021 odd semester

Imtichenla Longchar (Mokokchung , 2021-11-18)


Appearing exam on offline mode cause a lot of problems. Many students face issues such as transportation, it's hard to find a place to stay and mostly the virus is still out there. And it's unfair to take exam on offline mode when, the whole semester classes were conducted online.

Akumlong Kichu (Mokokchung town, 2021-11-18)


Online exam mode

SENTITULA Sentitula (Mokokchung, 2021-11-18)


Im concern about the new update on covid which has affected us..

Lanusama Longkumer (Mokokchung, 2021-11-18)


It is not possible to take offline Exam while we had all the syllabus online.

NAROKALA Jamir (Nagaland, 2021-11-18)


Transportation is the main issue at this time and it is very risky to have all the students have attend the college .

Yimkumla Gonmei (Mokokchung, 2021-11-18)


Online exam✊

Imba Jamir (Mokokchung, 2021-11-18)


I consider the life of the students and teachers more than passing an exam.

Kilangbenla Imsong (Nagaland, 2021-11-18)


It's not fair for us students to conduct offline exams while we took online classes.

Kelevino Vitsu (Kohima , 2021-11-18)


I'm signing because I worry for the health of my fellow beings and me myself. I mean I'm just afraid to take the risk

Toimoi T Konyak (Mokokchung, 2021-11-18)


We don't know what might happen in this uncertain situation...

Changlee chang Chang (Mokokchung, 2021-11-18)


I m signing because we have been facing issues take partial online n offline classes n out of which mostly teachers werent much available. So it is better to conduct online exams then put students life on stack

Avineet Dhar (Dimapur , 2021-11-18)


Because we have been taking online classes till November and only from the middle of November were taking offline classes and during the online classes many of the time we couldn't able to join the class because of network issues so its hard for us to appear the exam without an proper explaination im sign in because it is very important for me and for all the students, of all the semesters.

Imti Meren (Nagaland, 2021-11-18)


I prefer online..

Imsumanen Manen (Mokokchung, 2021-11-18)


the mode of exam should be online

Imti Nuksung (Nagaland, 2021-11-18)


It's a must for online examination!

Sepi Stm (Nagaland, 2021-11-18)


We can't appear offline exam while our classes were taken online....

Pholang Konyak (Mon, 2021-11-18)


I'm signing this because we never had physical classes and yet we have to give exam offline which is hard step to take for students

Imsulemba Jamir (Mokokchung, 2021-11-18)


I'm signing this petition because i want this years semester exam to rake take online n start the new semester goodly

Imlisanen Pongen (Mokokchung , 2021-11-18)


Online mode of examination

Imtijungshi Imchen (Mokokchung, 2021-11-18)


Online mode of conducting examination will be the most convenient at this hour just to the fact that everything ;the entire syllabus was completed via online and we can't deny the fact that the spread of the virus is still relevant in every corner of the place we live in.
To be fair with the students as well as with regards to the prevalent situation, the government; the chancellor should take this into consideration.

Nathan Sunep Aier (Mokokchung, 2021-11-18)


Because I authorize Nagaland students to hand over the information I provide on this form to those who have power on this issue

Asenla Jamir (Mokokchung, 2021-11-18)


The mode of exam should be online

Imyangluba Jamir (Nagaland, 2021-11-18)


I'm singing this petition because we've been taking online classes almost throughout the present semester and have covered all our syllabus through our online classes. So, i prefer to take online exam cause it'll be unfair if we take offline exam as we haven't learnt as much to go for offline exams.

Tialemba Longchari (Mokokchung town, 2021-11-18)


I sign this petition because i want exam to be online as we started our classes with online ..its so hard for us to take offline exam and i want it to be online exam.

Dio A sangtam (Dimapur, 2021-11-18)


I'm signing because I want my exams to be held online.

Kitienla Sanglir (Mokokchung, 2021-11-18)


Im signing in because I want online exam.

Kipangwala Jamir (Nagaland, 2021-11-18)


I want online mode of examination.

Wati Temsu (Mokokchung, 2021-11-18)


I'm signing in because I want to take the examination through online mode due to high risk of the virus.

Lanumongla L Aier (Mokokchung Nagaland, 2021-11-18)

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