Moreton Bay Region to remain a Pro Choice shire



I strongly oppose segregation in our community. Fully support pro choice. Fully engage section 94H of the privacy act and rely on section 51 (××iii) a of the commonwealth of australia constitution. No medical conscription.

Samantha Hanrahan (Bongaree , 2021-11-25)


this entire charade is over ! ..i reject your disgraceful demands , it si an affront and hostile assualt on our very way of life . and still rejected even if it was tabled enactedf legislation it is wrong and reduntnat. but it is even that it is simple a demand by a fluuzy!

Mick McLennan (Caboolture, 2021-11-25)


Discrimination & segregation has no place in Australia. Pro choice

Leisa Foster (Belli Park, 2021-11-25)


I do not want to be discriminated against for choosing to be unvaccinated

Chanelle Elizabeth (Caboolture, 2021-11-25)


I am signing because businesses need all the $ they can get, they shouldn't be tax collectors, regulators and police for the government and because PEOPLES CHOICE IS THEIR BIRTHRIGHT

Lynda Baldwin (Beachmere, 2021-11-25)


There is increasing evidence that people who are vaxed are playing a role in the transmission of the infection and therefore the increase in positive cases.
People who have had the CV-19 vaxes may have a lower risk of severe disease, but they are still a relevant part of the pandemic, and its transmission.
Published studies have found that fully vaxed people can still transmit the infection to those around them and have similar viral loads to unvaccinated people with CV-19 (Singanayagam et al., 2021; Riemersma et al., 2021).
So it is a little ironic that the fully vaxed are at least equally, or perhaps more so in some studies, to blame for the number of cases of the infection.
Health officials and governments need to stop the inappropriate stigmatisation of unvaxed people and put more effort into bringing society together.

Linda Jennings (Deception Bay , 2021-11-25)


Everyone should have a choice of what to do with there lives

Judy Cockram (Redcliffe , 2021-11-25)


I'm signing because the damage this causes is far greater than numbers of covid fatalities....Mandates are not Law and you need permission for poeple to undergo trial experiments...As these vaccines are still in trial phase...

Donna Murdoch (Brisbane , 2021-11-25)


I’m signing because I do not want to live in a 2 tiered society. This is not the Australia I grew up in.

Angela Daniels (Redcliffe , 2021-11-25)


I strongly believe the Qld Government mandates of no jab no job & no jab no entry are gross overreach of power. Businesses should not have the responsibility to enforce government mandates or sack valuable employees. While vaccines should play a role in the pandemic, they should not be the only solution or coerced upon the people. As there is no long term data to support their efficacy or safety and known short term adverse reactions can be fatal or cause hospitalisation, caution must be taken.

Erica Goodman (Deception Bay , 2021-11-25)


I believe the mandates and passports are an absolute abuse of Government authority and abuse of our Human Rights as Sovereign people.

Jo Baker (Caboolture, 2021-11-25)


This will bankrupt my business

Ty Geary (Brisbane , 2021-11-25)


I’m signing because I support humans having the right choose about their bodies & lives & our community to come together not be segregated

Samantha Spencer (D’Aguilar, 2021-11-25)


The mandates and apartheid are ridiculous and defy all logic. Do not divide our beautiful region!

Erica Stubbs (Kallangur, 2021-11-25)


I strongly disagree with these mandates

Karen Hill (Brisbane , 2021-11-25)


I do not agree or consent to any form of segregation or discrimination.

Julie Stower (Elimbah, 2021-11-25)


I am a small business
People have the choice what they feel for there own body.. I am a nervous system disorder which can be triggered by stress, drugs or 💉 substances in my body.. we all have a different reason.. health reason, beliefs.. I'm dontb5ake medication, I don't take drugs, I don't take flu injection so why would I take something that is a test.. pls do not sewerage.. I know have loss my family due to this segregation. I know havent seen my family for a few years.. freedom of choice is our country

Sandra Caruana (Redcliffe , 2021-11-25)


I’m signing because we should all have a choice

Jess Goodworth (Brisbane , 2021-11-25)


I am signing because I believe in people choosing what is right for themselves and the need for government and premiers to stop forcing us to follow their views on vaccine, mask and lockdown practices. I have had enough, leave us to see our family, work our jobs and interact with each other, we will take the covid consequences over your mandates.!!!

Jo Moore (Kippa-Ring , 2021-11-26)


I am passionate about Prochoice. There is absolutely no reason for coercion and control.
Free the people!

Christopher Avellino (PIMPAMA, 2021-11-26)


I do not support segregation or discrimination of any kind. Medical apartheid is not lawful.

Paul Ferry (Red hill, 2021-11-26)


We must not allow government sponsored segregation it against everything that Australians should stand for and hold dead

Mark Pickles (Narangba, 2021-11-26)


Im signing because I believe in human rights individual choice and bodily autonomy no government should dictate to the people who elected them, nor should elected councillors do the governments dirty work.

Natasha Packman (Burpengary , 2021-11-26)


I believe everyone has a choice if they receive the vaccination or not, and should not be penalised for the personal choice they make.

Sarah Kenward (Brisbane, 2021-11-26)


I'm signing this petition as I live in the area and strongly believe in a world where we have the right to choose what we do with our bodies and do not want people to be under added stress due to the ridiculous mandate on vaccination.

Oriana BARSBY (Brisbane, 2021-11-26)


We must remain United to be a cohesive society. Segregation is unconstitutional, illegal and against human rights.
Anyone that seeks divide us will themselves be ushered out.

Graham Kapinga (Deception Bay, 2021-11-26)


Because I choose not to be controlled Also for freedom for children now and in the future

Janette Cochrane (Bribie Island, 2021-11-26)


It is up to the individual to make their own health choices

Clare Lane (Brendale , 2021-11-26)


I have had an autoimmune disease for 4 years which is currently dormant, I have elevated red blood platelets which is a concern for blood clots so I'm not risking the side effects. Also it's disgusting to segregate people in this day and age.

Patr Andrews (Bongaree, 2021-11-26)


As a Business owner in the region these mandates are a further erosion & strain on already fractured resources thanks to miss management by the State Government.

Joel Eaton (Burpengary , 2021-11-26)


I am signing because there is no place in a civilised society for coerced, mandatory medication.
Our Diggers who died would turn in their graves at this.
There is no place for apartheid in Australia.

Dee ONeill (Banksia Beach, 2021-11-26)


I strongly believe that individuals should have the freedom and choice around their health and medical procedures, especially experimental procedures still in a trial phase!! We are Australia and Australians have the right to freedom of choice!!

Tash Carolan (Brisbane , 2021-11-26)


We should be all a pro-choice community . If the council choices to discriminate, then those who vote for the governments mandates, will be singled out , and be voted out at the next council elections. This will happen, as their are a large number of people willing to do this...

Robert Webster (Brisbane, 2021-11-26)


Right to personal choose,
my body my choice,
Free to live withoud segregation and apartied
NO mandates

Tess Huxley (Bribie Island , 2021-11-26)


Being a resident of the Moreton bay region, this impacts me as well as all the voters in the region. The outcome of this will be remember by thousands for years to come.

Wendy Taylor (Woorim, 2021-11-26)


I'm signing because I respect, honour and appreciate the freedoms that our forefathers fought and died for, for our FREEDOMS that we have enjoyed ALL of our lives, but are now refusing to pass on to our children & grandchildren.

They would be ashamed of us ALL for so GLEEFULLY discarding all that they died for.

Eugene Tanin (Bellara, 2021-11-26)


I am pro choice and have grown u in an environment that I have to had to make decisions about my or my children’s health. I trusted the government. This time I can’t trust them as they have no tested prognosis. We need to be able to make informed choices.

Graeme Robertson (Maidsland, 2021-11-26)


I am pro choice for everyone to live their lives how they see fit. Not forced to be segregated and discriminated against.

Erin Gardner (Upper Caboolture , 2021-11-26)


I do not want to live in a tyrannical, apartheid state or country. I uphold the Australian values.

Sharon Jackson (Margate, 2021-11-26)


Businesses in the region express strong concern on the impact the new restrictions will have on business, patrons, and employees.

2 - The community believe every individual has the right to make their own choice about their health and employers should not be forced to exclude and discriminate against valued employees or patrons who exercise their right to choose.

3 - These restrictions will further impact Queensland’s economic recovery by excluding individuals from participating in activities, events, and venues.

4 - Restrictions will dramatically reduce the pool of potential employees leaving businesses short staffed and, in some cases, unable to continue to trade.

Alison Cope (Bellara , 2021-11-26)


I believe in pro choice

Simone Weier (Bli bli, 2021-11-26)


No mandate. It's against our Constitution. You want us to follow your rule? Them you follow the Constitution.

Ki Hudson (Nerang , 2021-11-26)


Segregation Discrimination and Apartheid is so very must be pro-choice..where death is a possible side effect you must have the right to choose.

Karen Wallace (Bongaree, 2021-11-26)


I’m signing this petition because I and everyone else should be able to make their personal health and medical choices without being discriminated against in our free society.

Allison Crouche (Ningi , 2021-11-26)


Segregation has no place in our beautiful part of the world.

Tara O'brien (Brisbane, 2021-11-26)


I believe we should have a choice, and this division that is being created is horrible. Have we not learnt anything from the past?

Maree Robinson (Joyner, 2021-11-26)


Everyone should be able to choose without the fear of being segregated in a supposed free country

Jade Stack (Strathpine , 2021-11-26)


I am signing this because I dont believe anyone should be punished for their personal choices. I personally do not condone the covid "vaccine" as I don't believe it is a vaccine however it is peoples choice if they wish to participate in this or not. I have already seen the impact of these disgusting threats made by the government on close friends and family and it makes me so mad that people feel coerced into having the jab just to keep their livelihoods and jobs.

Rebecca Harris (Bribie Island, 2021-11-26)


I believe i have every right to chose what i have in my own body. We are protected under several laws to refuse the kind of discrimination and testing of bio weapons that this corrupt government wants to exterminate us with.

Steve Lucas (Banksia Beach, 2021-11-26)


You can't mandate a experimental medical device with known side effects short term and no long term safety studies on the entire population

Tracy Anderson (Brisbane , 2021-11-26)


It's unAustralian.

Tara Kilgus (Clontarf, 2021-11-26)


I don’t agree with the restrictions the Qld govt has or is planning to put on its citizens.

Jacqueline Smith (Chermside, 2021-11-26)


Pro-choice means we can maintain a control group and continue trials, which is essential to good pharmacovigilant medicines.
It also respects the international and human rights of people.

William Parry (Sanford Village, 2021-11-26)


We should have a right to choose! Where is our world heading if our choices are taken away. Not a society I want to be apart of and I’m scared for my own child’s future!

Krystal Mackenzie (Bongaree, 2021-11-26)


I believe no medical treatment should be the decision of the Government or the employer.
I believe small business is on the brink of collapse and these restrictions will only render them bankrupt.

Melissa Grai ey (Brisbane, 2021-11-26)


I believe in freedom for all, no mandate, no discrimination and no more lies.

Karen Mills (Brisbane , 2021-11-26)


Tyrannical Administration and corporate corruption reeks in our comunity.
I for one will not comply at all. NEVER.....

Nigel Stokes (Brisbane, 2021-11-26)


I don’t agree to segregation and discrimination against people who should have the right to choose whether they have a vaccine or not

Tracey Black (Caboolture , 2021-11-26)


I have the right to choice

Shaun Allen (Brisbane , 2021-11-26)


Discrimination based on a medical procedure is so so wrong. There is plenty of evidence worldwide that points out that both the vaxed and unvaxed can catch and spread covid. The unvaccinated are not a risk to vulnerable people.

Racheal Allen (Murrumba Downs, 2021-11-26)


Pro choice is the only way!

Annette Northfield (Petrie, 2021-11-26)


My choices for our family should not make us targets of discrimination.

Tanya Fischer (Redcliffe , 2021-11-26)


Engine has a choice what they put in their body. Medical apartheid is such a disgrace in 2021. Clearly nothing has been presented learnt from our history.

Renee Davis (Griffin, 2021-11-26)


I believe our rights for choosing a medical procedure that has limited testing have not been heard
I’m happy to be vaccinated with something safe
I also don’t think I should have to police who comes into my business because of vaccine status

Araminta Jackson (Brisbane , 2021-11-26)


We should all be equal and never discriminate

Trina Quarman (Morayfield , 2021-11-26)


I believe everyone has the right to choose whether a medicine suits them or not and to ignore or exclude them for their choice is a deprivation of their liberty.

Suzanne Bigalla (Closeburn , 2021-11-26)


I don’t want to see a two tier society created. People should not face losing their freedoms based on a private medical decision. Vaccinated and unvaccinated can both catch and spread Covid and will also be mixing in supermarkets etc anyway so where is the point? It seems like they are just trying to ‘punish’ those that ‘don’t do as they are told’.

Estelle Weir (Brisbane, 2021-11-26)


I'm signing because I do not support this open discrimination and segregation of the community. While I don't personally live I'm Moreton Bay, I am just over the boundary. I also have a number of family members and friends who live in Moreton Bay and I am supporting their right to choose whether to have a medical procedure or not without recourse.

Tamara McCrory (Bald Hills, 2021-11-26)


This craziness needs to stop. Segregation is not how we beat this thing. The Government for too long have done what they want and refuse to listen to the people so I pray the council does listen

Jason Lehmann (Kallangur, 2021-11-26)


I believe that we live in a society that is better than medical apartheid. To be segregated because of a medical choice on a virus that has a 99% survival rate is ridiculous.

Tracy Malone (Wights Mountain, 2021-11-26)


our for fathers fought for our right for freedom andthese desicions are betraying our former relations who fought and lost lives for our freedom,its a clear indication of the lack of respect these people who want to enforce these restrictions have never had to suffer the effects of having someone in the war that fought for us

irene olive (deception bay, 2021-11-26)


I’m signing this petition because I think the mandates will damage businesses and create division between the people in our council area. People should have the right to choose what goes into their bodies without experiencing discrimination.

Linda Pearce (Deception Bay, 2021-11-26)


I want pro choice. I want my freedom. My body my choice. Against apartheid.

Wendy Pickering (Bellara, 2021-11-26)


Discrimination in any form is wrong.

Laura Gibson (Narangba, 2021-11-26)


I'm signing because I do not agree with or consent to these ridiculous rules and regulations that the government wants to bring in. Not only is it breaking human rights laws it's discrimination against those of us who choose not to be vaccinated. Our body our choice.

Lucietta Kamea (Brisbane , 2021-11-26)


Im signing because i believe in a freedom of choice and as a democratic country which is suppose to push freedom i believe this petition stands for australians and there right to choose how they live in a democratic country

Dylan Perry (Morayfield , 2021-11-26)


This mandate is ludicrous, unconstitutional and reeks of a government without the best interests of their electorate at heart. It defies common law and is therefore not lawful. As a member of this community I have ensured that I have supported small business so that they can continue to serve our community. Now our government want to reward people for following rules and punish people for curiously questioning!?! This is punitive and counterproductive. This mandate is un-Australian and eventually people will push back!

Faith Lucas (Manly West, 2021-11-26)


I believe we need to retain democracy... 2 world wars fought for our freedoms i do not believe that any Public servant should discriminate against any citizen for their personal choice....

Jenni Tavinor (Clontarf , 2021-11-26)