I believe if this proposal goes ahead, it will mean the end of all MFRs in our province.

Nick Young (Miniota, 2021-12-03)


The service our responders is critical for our rural community. Being they are volunteers, these folks are well trained in what they do for our rural area. Increasing the amount of training will only hurt the amount of volunteers we have and will depreciate our services.

Rodney Mckean (Miniota, 2021-12-03)


The MFR system is working right now, recruitment and retention is very challenging for all rural fire/ems systems. The proposed changes to the hours of training needed, will only further impact the pubic safety in regards to recruiting new MFR’s

Richard Brown (Rivers, 2021-12-03)


Volunteer MFRs are needed in rural communities and this change in the time commitment will make it super hard to bring in new volunteers

Zach Stoesz (Rosenort , 2021-12-03)


I am signing because our wonderful volunteer firefighters in Miniota spend quite a lot of time already either putting out fires, responding to health emergencies locally and also car accidents etc. They also have plenty of training to do and they all have other jobs. They are much more qualified than they were 30 odd years ago and consequently are also busier.

James and Linda Young (Miniota, 2021-12-03)


MFR’s are a vital part of rural Manitoba and rural Canada. These decisions are being made urbanites that are crippling the rest of us that have a minimum of a 20 minute wait for EMS. We’re are not all on the same playing field!

Owen Jessop (St Lazare, 2021-12-03)


Heading needs our first responders. They are great at what they do and I’d rather have someone arrive to an emergency in a quicker time with less additional training than wait 20 + minutes for someone with a little more training. The first 6 minutes are critical between life and death in some situations. We need our Headingley hero’s aka our first responders

Carly Hink (Winnipeg, 2021-12-03)


As a Fire Fighter/Paramedic, from 1993 to 2010 the amount of training hours of 120 were adequate. In Thompson we had more skill sets than Winnipeg Paramedics from 1995 to present. Not all Paramedics in Winnipeg can do IV starts. Yet in Thompson they can. Same training hours yet a much larger Department cannot provide adequate levels as they do not have enough trainers. More hours will not help. This College of Paramedicine only want to have full time Paramedics, no volunteers. Volunteering is a great place to start as an entry. People balance their life, job and family with volunteering. Volunteering should also not put people out of pocket. Hospitals have closed and therefore more volunteers will be needed to transport longer.

Andrew Balfour (Winnipeg , 2021-12-03)


I let my medical license of 17 years lapse due to the massive increase the college’s yearly fee. I’m a firefighter and used my license for my community (volunteer).

The college representatives were very cold to the fact I have been a first responder for over 20 years, and did not make any money with the license.

I believe the college is making a lot of harmful, short-sighted changes… but at least they can call themselves professionals now.

Michael Anderson (Swan River, MB, 2021-12-03)


This would create barriers to access of services for marginalized groups outside of city limits. Municipalities rely on these services, making these changes will result in a lack of service providers and a decreased level of care in a province that is already struggling to keep medical care providers.

Haley Hansen (Winnipeg/Headingley, 2021-12-03)


I am currently a volunteer and it is becoming harder and harder as is to find new recruits

Michael Toews (Rosenort, 2021-12-03)


We need our MFR departments

Brad Yochim Yochim (Virden, 2021-12-03)


I have most certainly needed our local first responders and they have ALL been nothing short of amazing for me and to me. Please reconsider your stance on the increase of training hours!!

Bonny Fehr (Niverville, 2021-12-03)


I believe this will deter people from helping volunteer at rural departments.

Hayley McMurray ( Niverville, 2021-12-03)


MFRS are an essential part of our community. Increasing the hours and cost of training will discourage people from taking the training. MFRS in rural communities are volunteers and usually have full-time jobs as well.

Sandra Miller (Headingley , 2021-12-03)


I’m signing because EMR are an integral part of of the emergency service in our community and I fear without them people may die waiting for ambulances.

Diana Juchnowski (Headingley, 2021-12-03)


Important that we keep this service. Their service and care has always been good .

Jean Ammeter (Headingley, 2021-12-04)


We need to have Medical care available in timely manner for a community this size.

David AITKEN (Niverville, 2021-12-04)


I am very concerned that we will lose our emergency service. This is totally unacceptable.

Stephen Britton (Headingley, 2021-12-04)


This is not a viable way of getting the responders helping people who need it in a timely order. Increase to response times is not an option, so finding an alternate way of getting responders trained without having to spend 360 hours right off the bat is necessary. The way things have been done for the past 20+ years seems to be working...

Joseph Reimer (Winnipeg, 2021-12-04)


I’m volunteer fire on headingley and we always struggle to get emr to come out to calls due to low numbers available with current lisencing already, throw in 360hr course and there will be no more emr in the future! Putting patient safety at risk is not ok

Brett Mueller (Headingley , 2021-12-04)


My wife was in a cardiac arrest situation and thanks to the volunteer fire department and first responders in my small town she survived. If they have a shortage of manpower because it’s hard to find volunteers with the training then it will affect their effectiveness. Keep the training to the 120 hours it is now

Steven Cope (Niverville, 2021-12-04)


I'm signing because I've seen the effectiveness of local MFR's and this makes it hard for volunteer positions to want to do that big course and we need those first responders

Joseph Hiebert (Rosenort, 2021-12-04)


My daughter is hoping to become a first responder for our community. This is an excellent first experience for future paramedics to practice and be the first on scene to provide necessary medical care to those that may have had to wait a longer than normal time for an ambulance/paramedics to arrive.

Heather Mahoney (Niverville, 2021-12-04)


We fully support our first reaponders as they are and have been life savers in a time of great need. They are there in the first crucial moments and are very capable. I cannot imagine small rural communities living, literally in some cases, without them.

Maria Fehr (Niverville, MB, 2021-12-04)


We rely rural first responders because of distance a d time required for ambulance response; this requirement will adversely impact the recruitment and retention of this necessity

Larry Propp (Emerson , 2021-12-04)


I just took Emr, and think it would be ridiculous to expect volunteers to take a course three times as long.

Kyle Friesen (Rosenort, 2021-12-04)


EFRs are invaluable ! Increasing to 360 hours would essentially kill these volunteer services that save lives. We don’t all live in Winnipeg where help is minutes away. By doing this people will die !

Yolande Franzmann (Headingley, 2021-12-04)


I’m signing because I have a son in law who knows how much time is spent learning and how much the “reward” actually it. It’s a huge time commitment.

Maria McMurray (St. Andrews, 2021-12-04)


I’ve been with the fire service for ten years and have been trying to side others and myself to pursue the medical first responder program.

I know how the program operates and that it is a vital part of our community.

The program has changed from a first responder stand point to having to complete immense amounts of unrelated to the trade training and takes away from what the program was meant to be.

The paramedics in the area are few and far between, this program provides the rural population with some ease as the ambulance may take 10-30 minutes sometimes while a medical first responder may take 2-6.

Our MFRs have been trained by professionals of the fire college to perform the required tasks at hand and if you ask anyone in the province they wouldn’t doubt the professionalism.

The college of paramedics needs to reconsider the change.

Seth Johnson (Matlock, 2021-12-04)


It makes sense to keep First Responders in Headingley...we will lose them if this proposal goes through. Please take a hard second look at this!

Margaret Mills (Headingley, 2021-12-04)


This idea they have puts a strain on our Municipal Govt. and the first responders that VOLUNTEER their time to serve their communities.

Tom English (Rapid City, 2021-12-04)


I am a concerned citizen of Headingley and see no practical reason why the additional hours of training are required especially when most of our first responders are working full time plus raising families. They are volunteering their time as it is to help our community stay safe and provide response to local emergencies. Stop the CPM from imposing their unilateral ideas on our communities.

Richard Capri (Headingley, 2021-12-04)


It's the wrong time to up requirements!

Greg Terakita (Toronto, 2021-12-04)


Our volunteer Medical First Responders and volunteer fire fighters are a very important and necessary part of our community. I am very opposed to the increase in training hours to 360 hours; do not change what works great and consider the effect this change would have on all of our rural municipalities.

LESLIE HENDERSON (Headingley, 2021-12-04)


These guys have been doing a terrified job for years. Hands off!!!

Grant Reimer (Toronto , 2021-12-04)


I want MORE volunteers, not less, and this puts an undue financial burden on volunteering and the communities paying for the extra training.

Breanne Wieler (Winnipeg, 2021-12-05)


Because this is a dire need in rural communities. I want my family in rural Mb to have access to Medical First Responders!

Jo Wardekker (Winnipeg , 2021-12-05)


The proposed course is too much too fast

Kyle Small (West St. Paul, 2021-12-05)


My brother in law is a fire fighter. And has been active in saving lives already.

Dan Ingalls (St. Andrews, 2021-12-05)


This increase in hours is an unreasonable expectation from volunteers.

Myrna Carruthers (Niverville, 2021-12-05)


If the College is attempting to improve patient care by standardizing EMR qualifications, they’re accomplishing exactly the opposite. The eventual result is no patient care. Misguided, ill-informed and irresponsible.

Glenn Reimer (Headingley, 2021-12-05)


As a medical professional I know how valuable first responders are and without the commitment of the volunteers, many lives may be lost while awaiting an ambulance from the nearest town/city.

Jocelyn Bevacqua (Winnipeg, 2021-12-05)


First Response is a valuable service in rural Manitoba.

Dorinda Stamford (Shoal Lake, 2021-12-05)


I live in an area where the closest ambulance is at least 20 minutes away. Having an EMR respond in 5 minutes can save a life.

Tammy Anstett (Dominion City, 2021-12-06)


I feel it is totally unreasonable and unrealistic to expect volunteers who give their time freely to expect them to commit to three times the amount of training which is over and above the normal training they already commit to especially when most have their normal jobs

William Wilson (Rapid City, 2021-12-06)


As a paramedic and also a small town fire Chief, I feel medical first response is vital for the communities they operate in. What the College of Paramedics is doing is wrong and will destroy this important service.

Kris Reynolds (Manitou, 2021-12-06)


I feel that increasing the hours for training to 360 from 120 will make it difficult in finding new recruits. Current emergency responders have helped save lives , their response time is much quicker than the ambulance response time . Time makes all the difference in saving lives.

Robert Nowosad (Headingley, 2021-12-06)


I worked as an EMR for 12 years and I know first hand we saved lives while waiting for an ambulance to come. the commitment with 120 hours was huge, 360 hours would be impossible, while raising a family and working a regular job. People will die if the EMR program is moved to this new format more is not always better.

Gail Coady (Headingley, 2021-12-07)


We cannot afford to lose our volunteer firefighters/paramedics. They are vital in this community.

Maureen Jones (Headingley , 2021-12-07)


Because the people who sign up to be first responders also Have full time jobs.

David Little (Headingley, 2021-12-08)


I’m concerned about safety in rural communities that will be disproportionately affected by this absurd policy change.

Stephen Sykes (Headingley , 2021-12-08)


No need to enhance the course

Lynne Martin (Winnipeg, 2021-12-09)


Need to have this valuable service in our community.

Mark Brawdy (Headingley, 2021-12-09)


I support rural Emergency Responders.

Mandy Laing (Winnipeg, 2021-12-10)

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