Students Supporting CUE Faculty Association



The reason I love Concordia is because of it’s faculty. That is the sole reason I support this institution as much as I do. There has been a noticeable amount of stress on our professors, and they deserve to have the same level of support that they have shown us.

Rebekka Pratch (Fort Saskatchewan , 2021-12-12)


I feel the faculty is being reasonable and have the right to reasonable working conditions and the right to have confidence in their employment.

Karey Bremner (Lancaster Park, 2021-12-12)


The neutral position taken by the CSA in the CBA dispute does not adequately reflect the best interest of students.

Matthew McKeever (St. Albert, 2021-12-12)


I received my bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Concordia. This was only possible because of the incredible dedication that the staff have towards teaching and educating their students. Please do not reduce the quality of education they are capable of giving by overworking them. They are incredible professionals who deserve better.

Melissa Buck (Castlegar, 2021-12-12)


Both my daughters, myself and my son in law have attended Concordia University, love the values it has traditionally promoted and am deeply disappointed in these very unfortunate circumstances.

Donna Callahan (Edmonton, 2021-12-12)


Our educators deserve significantly better than what the university administration is trying to push them to accept. These are our leaders, teachers, and our role models. These are our inspiration and our biggest cheer leaders. Faculty deserve better; get your shit together CUE admin.

A senior member of the admin was also directly overheard saying that once these “old instructors” all retire, they can hire “young” faculty and the workload won’t be contested; how despicable. CUE students and faculty deserve better.

Jade Roy-Spencer (Edmonton, 2021-12-13)


I am a student at Concordia and would like for the situation to be resolved in a timely manner but also support the faculty with their decision.

Kyra Charlesworth (Edmonton, 2021-12-14)


I care about my education and believe Concordia should do everything in their power to meet the Faculty Associations demands in order to avoid a strike:

Kianna McGregor (Edmonton, 2021-12-14)


I support my professors and believe they deserve a fair deal.

David Neil (Edmonton, 2021-12-14)


I want to support the faculty because they have a better understanding of the students need in comparison to those who do not have the same values at CUE. Without the students the school has nothing and the faculty gives us a voice so we need to support them as they do us. I also want my education to proceed as it should and make sure I do not lose the money I have already put into my education.

Summer Willows (Edmonton, 2021-12-14)


I’m supporting the faculty and think the CUE administration is dealing with this in the wrong way.

Lacey Lusk (Edmonton , 2021-12-14)


The fight to end austerity policies aimed at post-secondary institutions in Canada affects every student and the future path they hope to set for themselves.

Olivia Macdonald Mager (Winnipeg, 2021-12-15)


I am signing because i am part of this university. I want best education. So in order to get this, i want all issues resolved.

Bhavik Jain (Winnipeg, 2021-12-15)


I am student at the university and I first hand know the feeling of illogical and quote "expected" work loads that can strain a person not only mentally but as well as other aspects in life. Teachers deserve a stress free environment like us students. The too have lives and families.

Saer Butt (Edmonton, 2021-12-18)


I strongly agree that faculty working conditions are student learning conditions....faculty need manageable workloads and support to provide optimal learning environments for students.

Leanne Dynneson (Quilchena, 2021-12-18)


I'm signing this petition because our faculty deserves better! Even with these horrible working conditions they have done so much for all us students. They have provided us with extra time and extra work to help us pass and do better. They have put time aside for us when we have questions and need help. All this plus having to mark our exams, papers and assignments. They're over worked and they deserve better.

Bhanu Airi (Edmonton, 2021-12-22)


I’m a CUE alumnus that has been fairly vocal in the past about the institution’s greatest strengths and weaknesses both on and off campus. It’s mind-boggling to me that the same institution that was asking for donations from current students a mere few years ago to pay for a new building is now buying landmarks while underpaying/overworking its faculty. This is a place that offers courses in finance; maybe they ought to audit some of them.

Nick Clark (Sherwood Park, 2021-12-23)


I believe faculty are the most important part of quality education.

Alyssa Hoffman (Edmonton , 2021-12-23)


I’m signing because I value my instructors, and want them to be treated with respect for the hard work they do

Glory Belford (Edmonton, 2021-12-24)


The staff works hard to be there for the students and it isn’t fair that they aren’t being properly compensated or treated with respect

Channie Mai (Edmonton, 2021-12-24)


Solidarity of a UofA education student, ATA Student Local 1 member

Abby LeMoignan (Edmonton, 2021-12-25)


I support the faculty and their rights.

Aadya Jha (Edmonton, 2021-12-27)


I strongly support the faculty for taking action against these unfair labour conditions. Educators need to be able to educate properly.

Alexis Pare (Edmonton, 2021-12-27)


I support the CUEFA. I am the parent of a 1st year student. We pay higher tuition than similar programs at U of A and MacEwan yet the instructors and educational staff are paid less. This is not acceptable and makes me question our choice of Concordia for post secondary education for our daughter.

Selena Sliger (Falher, 2021-12-28)


The faculty deserves fair compensation and reasonable working conditions.

Aaron Luchko (Edmonton, 2021-12-29)


The faculty work so hard!! We appreciate them!

Amy Feaver (Edmonton , 2021-12-29)


I feel that educators should be given fair terms on their contracts with the schools that employ them.

Sherman Tsang (Edmonton, 2021-12-29)


Small private schools should be small and private because of their excellence. So… without writing an essay, you shouldn’t be at the bottom of the list of salaries for faculty. It’s bad business.

Nathan Feaver (Edmonton, 2021-12-29)


It's the right thing to do.

Cora Miller (Edmonton, 2021-12-29)


I stand with the Professors of Concordia University Edmonton.

Arsh Khaira (Sherwood Park , 2021-12-30)


I have seen the laying off of support staff impacting faculty. They are in a panic and some are unable (or unskilled) to take on a task that is to be uniquely done by support staff. I also know that the number of courses the faculty has to teach is pretty insane. As someone who has seen at other institutions what a "normal" professorial workload is, the number of courses taught by faculty is excessive. And this is assuming that they do no research work. But as a prof, you're supposed to (and want to) do that too.

A 3rd Year Student (Edmonton, 2021-12-30)


I'm signing because the staff at this institution deserve better especially because we as students pay much more than most other institutions across Alberta.

Evan Thompson (SherwoodPark, 2021-12-30)


I don’t want to be taught by profs that are underpaid and overworked.

Hunter Haygarth (Edmonton, 2021-12-31)


The faculty are what makes this university.

Meghan Fraser Tanaka (Edmonton, 2021-12-31)


Through my daughter attending CUE I have seen the long term dedication of professors. I stand with them as they stood with her.

Leigh Makarewicz (Edmonton, 2022-01-01)


Working conditions are learning condition. Faculty at Concordia university Edmonton deserve a fair contract. All unionized university employees in the province are watching.

Jolene Armstrong (Edmonton, 2022-01-01)


Standing with fellow educators!

Courtney Albrecht (Edmonton, 2022-01-02)


I LOVE the professors at Concordia. They care about their students, they teach them well and they deserve to be treated accordingly!!!

Jessica French (Sherwood park, 2022-01-02)


The faculty and staff are incredible and deserve everything and more!!!

Jill Harrison (Calgary, 2022-01-02)


I stand with the CUEFA.

Marina Hutton (edmonton, 2022-01-03)


I'm signing this petition because I support our faculty's rights, and because they deserve better.

Jamela Camat (Edmonton, 2022-01-03)


I see how hard the professors work and they deserve to get compensated and fairly given the opportunity to teach in their own terms.

Dulu Modi (Edmonton, 2022-01-03)


Because our instructors deserve a fair deal and the school has a means to provide it.

Matthew McKeever (St. Albeet, 2022-01-03)


I support the Factuality in wanting fair compensation for their workload.

Jack Greenwood (St. Albert, 2022-01-03)


I am signing this petition because I am an international student and the university told us that their funds were cut and they don’t have financial support to make the university run so they are increasing our fees, each and every international student paid almost 9000 dollars for spring semester. However, now we are getting to know that the last two years have been the most profitable years of the university and they are not treating the faculty properly.

Tisnoor Singh (Edmonton , 2022-01-03)


Support our profs!!

Nadia Schultz (Beaver County, 2022-01-03)


Faculties members are CUE are some of the most hard-working and dedicated professors I've ever had the opportunity to work with. They are the main driving force behind the success and increase in attendance at the university. Therefore, I firmly believe that they should be compensated in a manner that fairly reflects their contributions to the program here at CUE.

Khoa Bui (Edmonton, 2022-01-03)


I have been disgusted with the emails students have received from the President regarding this strike possibility, where he chose to throw his faculty under the institutional bus and make it sound like they are "at fault" for a strike.
This strike is happening because a University that has one of the highest tuitions in the province, with surplus, doesn't feel it necessary to compensate their faculty properly. The faculty at Concordia, especially the Psychology department that I have the pleasure of being in, has some of the most intellectual and professionally excellent staff seen all across the province.

Us students are looking directly at you Concordia.... do the right thing.

Sacha Henry (Edmonton, 2022-01-03)

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