Return From Winter Break One Week Later Due To Covid Case Rate



I am worried about my child and the other children with the rapid increase in cases since break started.

Heather Tyler (Burbank , 2022-01-01)


I am signing because it is not safe to send our children to school without a vaccine mandate and without stricter rules in place about mask wearing at ALL times (except eating/drinking). Teachers have said from the get go how they are all ready to go to virtual learning at a moments notice, well the time is NOW!! Lets be proactive NOT reactive.

Gisela Grigorian (Burbank, 2022-01-01)


My son attends 1st grade DI

Cintia Ventura (Sherman Oaks, 2022-01-01)


We must put the safety of our students, staff, and families 1st. We need to have all students tested before we go back to school. We could start online while students get tested the those that have negative COVID’s test can go back to in person. While cases are on the rise we should also be test weekly to stop the spread

Jennifer Reynoso (Burbank, 2022-01-01)


Our children are not protected by BUSD

sherry Macias (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


I don’t want my child to get Covid after being careful all this time.

Shelley Bates (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


I want my grandson to be safe, staying home and going to classes online will protect him.

Sharron Tipton (Carson City, 2022-01-02)


I am signing because the district is not requiring negative tests before school starts.

Wendy Marmo (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


I am a nurse and also a mom of 2. The hospitals/healthcare workers would be overwhelmed if we do not try to curb/contain the exponential increase of Covid cases

Majalia Rivera (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


I'm signing because I believe with the current surge that we should start back after winter break a week later. With people having traveled all over and seeing lots of people I believe it is a huge risk and it is not allowing enough time for each and every student and employee to get tested

Seana Zilbert (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


I want my grandchildren to be safe at school

Becky Wilson (Riverside , 2022-01-02)


The current surge in Covid cases in LA County is very concerning, I don’t think our children should be back in school with no available testing or plan to counteract this surge.

Heather Olsen (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


I am concerned about the rise of Covid AGAIN and the lack of testing before our kids return to school. This is just asking for a massive outbreak. Please reconsider a start date until after each student has had a mandatory test and a negative result.

Sarah Lava (Bursbnk, 2022-01-02)


There are NO tests! Why do we have to turn school into a super spreader when we can wait a few days and get all the kids tested?

Jill Condon (Burbank , 2022-01-02)


Please delay school - or use remote model next week to prevent Omicron spread.

Jennifer Rocks (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


I’m signing because it’s difficult to get tested, to find masks and just have enough time to make sure that everyone that is back in the classroom is ok to be back in a classroom.

Brian Magerkurth (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


I’m concerned with the rising cases and my childrens’ health

Jenny Tang Viramontes (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


I care about the welfare of teachers, students and their families. I’ve been unable to find a place to COVID test and think all should be tested prior to returning to campus. When it rains we cannot have recess and lunch outside. Everyone is in one room with masks off while eating, with doors closed. It should be MANDATORY that we are all tested prior to returning.

Estrella Penney (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


I’m signing because it’s extremely difficult to find any testing availability and all at home test kits are sold out. I think it’s extremely irresponsible to send the kids back without testing. Waiting a week would afford the opportunity for every kid to get tested before starting school again as well as allow time for the viral load to grow enough to catch it as a lot of us have visited family and traveled out of state.

Luisa Frias (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


More testing needs to be accessible before returning.

Amber Myers (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


Elementary students are not yet fully vaccinated. There is no reason to start school before they are safe to fight Omicron. Asking all students and staff members to meet at 2 schools to get tested is irresponsible during a pandemic. Please take this week to test all students and staff at their own schools so we don't create a super spreader event.

Gina Boulais (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


Covid cases are very, very high right now and it is difficult to find testing appointments or at-home testing, so many children will return on Monday without being tested beforehand. An additional week should provide enough time for all or most children to be tested.

Heather Robinson (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


My son has asthma and I’m very concerned about the new Covid cases.

Adel Rofail (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


I sent an email to you with all of the reasons why I’m signing. I don’t understand why it’s okay for all of these kids to get covid because of your lack of planning for the Burbank district. Even Los Angeles district is doing a better job than Burbank at this point. Really not sure why I’m paying so much to live in a city with “better schools” after this.

Jennifer Spincic (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


I am concerned about the increase in cases in recent weeks, for that reason it does not seem fair to have to expose my son with special needs.

Arlyn Romero (Burbank , 2022-01-02)


I care about my kids

Jennifer Bloom (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


Baseline testing needs to be mandatory not optional and done PRIOR to the return to school not the first two days of. Where are all the funds that the state allocated for testing that wasn’t able to be used for anything else??? Please postpone the return by once week and mandate baseline testing the Friday prior to the first day back.

Carol Kato (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


I’m signing because I have kids in Burbank schools and I care about the people in this community.

Ryan Hewson (North Hollywood , 2022-01-02)


It’s too early. As the President of a co-op preschool in Burbank, we decided early this week to postpone at least a week and go remote. Have a plan, BUSD! Your volunteer parents at co-op schools have better contingency plans than you! Do better.

Amanda Bloom (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


The optional baseline testing does nothing because we all know the people who would send their kids to school while contagious would opt out of testing anyway and having it done the first two days of returning back to school does nothing to mitigate spread. We need mandatory baseline testing the Friday prior to classes resuming.

Leigh Ann Stewart (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


I’m signing because my 5 year old cannot be vaccinated yet, I don’t trust other families to do the right thing, and I don’t want my teacher friends placed in harms way because the district couldn’t figure out how to be proactive.

Renee Hebri (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


I am very concerned about the increasing cases of covid and how this may affect all our children.

Diana Raygoza (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


For the health and safety of my children, family, teachers, and friends.

Joanna Garcia (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


My daughter is an ESL teacher at BUSD, my grandchildren are students in elementary like all concerned Burbank residents, we should be on the side of safety first. Omicron is stated as highly transmittable, please make sure testing is done first for all , before regular school resumes after the holiday break activities, and gatherings We want to have a healthy and safer community for all. Thank you!

Marietta Reyes (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


I am signing this because i am worried about my grandson and my daughter. Please delay starting school by at least one week.

becky clearwater (Ventura, 2022-01-02)


I’m scared for our Children’s health I’m also concerned for BUSD teachers. Everyone should be tested in order to get a baseline after this break.

Celia Needum (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


I'm signing this because my daughter got covid on Friday so she won't be able to be in school until the 10th.

Cynthia Yaroszczuk (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


It’s safer

Max Purdy (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


Covid concerns

Jude Ross (Burbank CA, 2022-01-02)


A buffer week between New Years and going back to school would allow for people to get tested and show symptoms before being back around our peers. It could really prevent a spread of cases in our schools.

Hattie Weinroth (Burbank , 2022-01-02)


I am scared for my health and I’ve only been hearing of more and more cases of the omicron variant.

Vivek Bhakta (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


I think the cases are spiking way to high and fast for them to return. A week should hopefully allow a break in the spike for a safe return.

Zeina Arellano (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


During break many people have gotten COVID, if we all go back to school right now it’s putting my family and I at risk

Daniela Guzman (Burbank , 2022-01-02)


I think the current status of covid-19 is far too dangerous to have the whole school re-open, I believe having this extra week will allow students and teachers to mentally and physically prepare for either distance learning or in-school instruction.

Spencer Bond (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


With 45k new cases recorded over the holiday weekend I support the pause because every day of slowing near exponential spread is a gain. We ALSO need additional measures to ensure that a return to school is safe for our kids and staff. I would urge the board to consider some of these additional safety measures be put in place before the return to in-person learning.

* Baseline testing of all students and staff before returning to school.
* Remote option for families who need it. 
* Weekly testing of all staff and students. How else can you update your Covid dashboard with accurate information?
* N95s (or similar high-quality masks) available for free to students. These will be made available to staff, why not students?
* Adequate ventilation (and air filters in all classrooms).
* Mandatory vaccination for students (where FDA approved).

Thank you!

Steven Gorman (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


My kids attend Burroughs High and I am extremely concerned for their health due to the spike in cases. I believe an extended week will help prevent the spread.

Gina Mis (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


i don’t feel safe going back

vivian morse (burbank, 2022-01-02)


I’m signing because it’s too soon for us to go back due to the rise of the Covid cases

Ashley Rodriguez (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


With two children students in BUSD, and as a BUSD teacher, I am sincerely concerned about the COVID contagion wildly spreading throughout Burbank at this time.

Donovan Glover (Burbank , 2022-01-02)


Lives over $$$!!!

Sungjoo Yoon (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


Our students deserve to be safe!

Samuel Gorman (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


We need to keep families safe during this time of extreme unpredictability and contagion! Vaccinated people are consistently becoming infected with this variant. It is best to wait until cases have slowed before re-entering schools.

Scarlet Lastrapes (Burbank, 2022-01-02)


Very concerned about the health of everyone at school. Families were reunited to celebrate the holidays. People traveling different places. Families need to stay at home to quarantine with their household members before returning to school/work.

Gloria Berrios (Arleta, 2022-01-02)