Boston College COVID-19 Booster Mandate



Parent to student class 2025

Jennifer Casper (Glen Rock, 2022-01-04)


Kids are low risk, the vaccine doesn't stop infection or transmission, many college kids already had omicron and recovered and have immunity, the risk of adverse events is higher post infection

Brady Hoover (West Newbury, 2022-01-05)


BC Parent Class of 2025

Maribel Gonzalez (Miami, 2022-01-05)


I don’t agree that this shot has any worthwhile effect on those who take it. I did not want my daughter to take the first 2 rounds but she is over 18 and did it without me knowing because she wanted to have have a normal year. Every one we know who has Covid now was “vaccinated.”

Gail Larsen (New york, 2022-01-05)


Alumni ‘92

Sloane Udell (Longwood, 2022-01-05)


Mandates are unconstitutional and violates citizens rights

Laurie Mar osa (Milford , 2022-01-05)


A concerned parent

Brad Herold (Newport Beach, 2022-01-05)


I’m a parent

Jennifer Lovett (Arlington , 2022-01-05)


Former BC parent

Noreen Mastroianni (Hopkinton , 2022-01-05)


Booster is a therapy, not a vaccination.
My child is at little to no risk of developing serious complications from COVID and the risks of the booster may just surpass the risks of him becoming seriously ill from COVID.
Finally, he should have freedom of choice as to what he injects into his body. The booster does not prevent the spread of COVID so there is no public health basis for requiring it.

Pamela Lynch (Lebanon, NJ, 2022-01-05)


As an alum of Boston College, I am appalled at the lack of insight and research being done by forcing students - most of whom are well immunized from having been previously vaccinated and many also having recovered from Covid - to risk adverse reactions to an unnecessary "booster." You are putting students in harm's way and will no doubt claim ignorance when students' health are negatively affected. You are an institution of higher learning, yet you are making significant medical decisions for students based on little to no medical benefit to these students. Threatening expulsion or mandatory withdrawal for a student making a personal medical decision is frankly blackmail. Shame on you.

Thomas Nolan (Framingham, 2022-01-05)


I object to the booster mandate

Amy Howell (Huntington , 2022-01-05)


I don’t believe in mandating the COVID vaccine. It’s a personal choice!

Yanivis Mercado (Boynton Beach, 2022-01-05)


Mandating vaccines is unconstitutional. Also have you forgotten about my body my choice!

Aileen Zermeno (Lake worth , 2022-01-05)


I am a concerned parent that students with natural immunity will harm their bodies with additional boosters.

Lawrence Knapp (Cumming , 2022-01-05)


As a Boston College alumni, please do away with this one size fits all thinking. You are better than that BC.

Pamela Engstrom (Halifax, 2022-01-05)


I am a concerned BC parent

Christopher Bruni (Berkeley , 2022-01-05)


I believe in medical freedom

Rocio Collado (Haverhill, 2022-01-05)


I feel the vaccine should be a choice like almost everything else in this country

Sean Knudtson (Acworth , 2022-01-05)


I agree with this letter! No more mandates.

Laurie Siddall (Rehoboth, 2022-01-05)


It is a fact that the risk of Vax to the young is a greater health risk than Covid.
It is also a fact that the Long term effects of Vax are unknown.

Mandatory Vax, for majority of population, is worse than the disease and doesn’t prevent Covid. Look at Cornell U experience with mandatory Vax. Still had epidemic of cases. Look at Israel all have had 4 shots and it hasn’t eliminated Covid.
Rigorous studies in the US and elsewhere have shown early treatments work.

Don’t rely on the state, the CDC and other fear mongers to run BC.

Kathy Mannix (Saratoga Springs, 2022-01-05)


Vaccine mandates are ridiculous. Unconstitutional.

Patrick Watton (Framingham, 2022-01-05)


Mom of a current sophomore at BC

Janine Nasca (Hilton, 2022-01-05)


I believe that the requirements set forth ny those in power are not making correct decisions on behalf of my health and presuming that you are better at making health care decisions for me is not only draconian in nature but also denying me the right to captain my on healthcare. By mandating a booster shot, by mandating the wearing pf masks denies logic, science and common sense.

Robert Gagne (Nashua, 2022-01-05)


I’m signing because my son currently has Covid 19 and has already been fully vaccinated.

Riki Landers (West Springfield, 2022-01-05)


The vax is not working it does not stop spread or prevent illness. I know over 20 vaccinated BC folks with covid. Why you doubling down on a vax the isn’t working. This is foolish. How dare you expose our kids to this? God is shaking his head, Our Lady is crying. Pushing aborted tainted vax that don’t work is wrong.

Maureen Ware (Boston , 2022-01-05)


Dr Malone is the inventor of mRNA, and he understands the risks involved. Not to mention what you are doing is illegal. Violates the Nuremberg Code, HIPPA Privacy, etc. This is medical tyranny.

Doris Hanley (Newtown, 2022-01-05)


I think this is wrong!! Crimes against humanity with all these crazy mandates!!

Ruby Sager (Honolulu, 2022-01-05)


I firmly believe this!!!

MaryJane St Onge (York , 2022-01-05)


I don’t condone my medical freedoms being thrown to the wayside, especially for a vaccine that has not shown any upside.

Weiland Johnson (Hanover, 2022-01-05)


I already had covid and got very sick from the second dose. A mandate like this is not supported by science and is only being put into place for optics.

Luke Gold (Malta, NY, 2022-01-05)


Both my children just had covid.

Christine Meyers (Garden City, 2022-01-05)


Although we are pro vaccine we are against mandates.

Cristina OBrien (West Chester , 2022-01-06)


A friend of BC parents, students, alumni, Jesuit education, and freedom.

Tim Henkels (West Boylston, 2022-01-06)


18 YEAR olds don't need to be boosted every 6 months
Let's keep those boosters for older people

Tomasz Surdacki (Elmwood Park, 2022-01-06)


I’m tired of this garbage.

Daniel Ahuatl (Bridgeport, CT, 2022-01-06)


I am an alumni of Boston College. I think the students should make the choice with their doctors and families. Many students have already had covid and have natural immunity. Please consider taking the policy if you are showing symptoms stay home.

Tara F. (Londonderry, 2022-01-06)


BC Alumnus, A & S 75

C. Joseph Doyle (Boston, 2022-01-06)


This is an experimental vaccine. We were given God given rights to decide if we want to take the vaccine or not.

Mary Casey (Winchester,MA, 2022-01-06)


I am signing because I do not support forced vaccination or boosters particularly when the efficacy is temporary and ineffective.

Susanne Donovan (ROSE VALLEY, 2022-01-06)


A vaccine mandate (booster mandate) goes against our constitutional rights.

Julie Swan (Rochester, 2022-01-06)


Myocarditis is a bigger concern than the mortality risk to my 21 year old.

John ONeill (Palm Beach Gardens, 2022-01-06)


As a BC faculty member and as the parent of a BC senior, I support strongly this carefully and thoughtfully worded petition.

Peter Ireland (Chestnut Hill, MA, 2022-01-06)


I am a former employee terminated due to a denied religious exemption.

Ashley Faghan (West Bridgewater , 2022-01-06)


As a 2008 graduate of Boston College, I believe that students deserve the same amazing university experience that I had, and that should not be subject to them getting a shot that will be of no benefit to them OR to their community and will in many cases add risk to their health. The FDA advisory committee was very ambivalent about giving boosters to healthy young people and to not only ignore that advice but to mandate it goes against rational policy and good decision making. I urge BC to do the right thing by these students.

Amanda Norton (Saugus, 2022-01-06)


I'm a Boston College alumni (A&S '93) who is opposed to mandatory vaccination, especially the mandating of vaccines that have produced with aborted fetal cell tissue.

Matthew Richer (Milton, MA, 2022-01-06)


BC alumna and parent of two BC student - Class of 2024 and 2025

Kristine Stoker (Pound Ridge, 2022-01-06)


I agree wholeheartedly with the content of this petition.
BC Parent CSON'18, CSOM'22, CSON'24

Kathryn Danehy (Fort Myers, 2022-01-06)


Parent of current student.

David West (Haverford, 2022-01-06)


I'm a 1982 graduate of Boston college and studies have shown that this so-called vaccine which doesn't prevent somebody from getting covid as did the real vaccine for polio this vaccine is dangerous and affects men especially under 40 years of age since covid has a 99.5% recovery rate it's absurd getting an injection

patrick walsh (mass, 2022-01-07)


As a Boston College alumna and scientist/practitioner who has spent thousands of hours intensely researching, training, observing, collaborating and working directly with individuals during this pandemic, I wholeheartedly and without reservation support this petition promoting more responsibly protecting the student body at my beloved alma mater, Boston College. I implore the administration to consider and act in favor of the evidence put forth in this petition and, in so doing, uphold the distinguished legacy of humanity-supporting curiosity, scholarship, truth-seeking and spiritual integrity which always has been its bedrock. With respect and support, Carol Viera, Ph.D., M.Ed., FDN-P, Clinical Psychologist/Neuropsychologist, Educator, Functional Diagnostic Health Practitioner Board Certified, Class of 1980

Dr. Carol Viera (Chestnut Hill, 2022-01-07)


BC Parent

Rosemary West (Haverford, 2022-01-07)


BC Parent

Sherry Cordani (SIMSBURY , 2022-01-07)


I believe the current BC Covid-19 Booster Mandate for students must be amended to account for hybrid immunity to safeguard students long term health.

Melissa Duda (Southbury, CT., 2022-01-07)


BCSON '77 grad very concerned about lack of recognition of natural immunity. Come on, Eagles, do the right thing and set an amazing precedent.

Rose Cain (Plymouth, 2022-01-07)


All the vaccines and boosters are STILL EMERGENCY use. The approved vaccine is not given in US. Therefore there is no informed consent! Also, the vaccine has not gone through a longitudinal safety study. mRNA Technology designer Dr. Malone has offered great caution in administering the vaccine to adolescents and young adults due to rise in heart related injuries and studies showing adverse heart markers. Long term studies need to be conducted to assure safety data. At this point countries like Japan are commanding halting vaccine mandates because of the concerns mentioned. Bodily and medical freedom cannot be forgone in the United States of America.

Arthur Golub (East Williston, 2022-01-07)


Im signing because

Lisa Tonn (apple valley, 2022-01-07)


Alum, Class of 2004

Peter Brennan (North Reading, 2022-01-07)


I believe booster is not necessary

Patrick Grimes (Sleepy Hollow , 2022-01-07)


I care about Boston College and the health of it’s students. I am concerned that administrators are inadvertently opening the school up to great liability risk, as evidenced by this BMJ study…

People within this UK study who had had a history of SARS-CoV-2 infection were 56% more likely to experience greater rates of severe side effects that required hospital care, after vaccination:

Gerald Solfanelli (Dunmore, PA, 2022-01-07)


Virus is going to virus.

John Sullivan (Bernardsville , 2022-01-07)


I am an alumnus of BC who is an adherent of freedom of choice regarding medical interventions and a vehement American opponent of tyranny, whose current reign would have never been tolerated by the Founders of our Country and even now can be justified neither under the natural moral law nor under the Bill of Rights of our Constitution.

David P Lang (Franklin, MA, 2022-01-07)


I thought my alma mater was an institute based in Catholic integrity and excellence in higher learning but am finding it is neither based on the coercive policies that not only violates ones' moral and spiritual conscience but whose risks far outweigh the benefits based on volumes of scientific data the school is purposefully ignoring.

BC you should do better than this, you are in the hub of one of the greatest major medical centers of the US. There is and has been countless studies on the CDC, Lancet and other reputable scientific journals that not only confirm a) the risk of Covid19 is extremely low for this population (no more than the flu), and that b) even if injected a student wouldn't reduce their transmission as viral loads are the same for both vaccinated or unvaccinated. This should be a personal medical choice as the risk is to the injected not their peers.

How many Division I athletes are you putting at risk right now, adding this unnecessary layer? (The increase of myocarditis is astounding associated with the vaccine particularly for males in this age group.)

Please take to heart the words your community is echoing and of St Ignatius Loyola: "For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who disbelieve, no amount of proof is sufficient." As a Catholic I reserve my faith in God, but I demand proof from the scientific safety data. Until I can see data that reflects safety I have no faith in this injection. I hope for the safety of your community you err on the side of caution for the lives of your students.

Heather Quintans (Edmonds, WA, 2022-01-07)


Freedom matters. 🇺🇸✝️🇺🇸
The jabs are harmful, not helpful!

Debby Stebel (Belchertown, 2022-01-07)


Concerned BC parent

Jennifer Degnan (Norwell , 2022-01-07)


Student Athlete at Boston College

Kiki Stoker (New York, 2022-01-07)


My daughter who is a Junior at BC was fully vaccinated and had Covid and I don’t believe she should be mandated a booster that may not even work.

Elaine Feliciano (West Orange , 2022-01-07)

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