Boston College COVID-19 Booster Mandate



Covid vaccines should be a personal health choice as they are not preventing spread.

Jessica Lupi (Blauvelt , 2022-01-30)


If we lose body autonomy we lose everything. There is no science to justify this booster. Our children should not be the experiment. Didn’t a BC student just have a stroke from the booster?

Sal Burns (Gloucester , 2022-01-31)


What happened to freedom of choice over how to care for your body??

Brenda Low (Villanova , 2022-01-31)


Vaccine injured by Moderna shot 2: myocarditis and ongoing cardiovascular issues, permanent neurological injuries. I had no such problems before Moderna shot 2. The risk to healthy people, especially students, far outweighs any potential benefits & the medical, statistical data confirms that.

Donine Henshaw (Tucson, Arizona , 2022-01-31)


I am signing because I support BC families in asking that BC stop the mandating of the vaccine and boosters for their students. My son is looking to go to college next year in MA and we are devastated that he his being told he has to get vaccinated in order to attend a higher education school in MA. We are asking for freedom to make an individual decision for our own children.

Kerry Macca (Amston, 2022-01-31)


This is horrible!!

Sonia Hawryluk Parks (Emmaus, 2022-01-31)


Class 92

Mark Gaffney (Sandwich, 2022-01-31)


Mandated experimental medical treatments are illegal and the colleges requiring them are harming our children.

Amy High (Chatham , 2022-02-01)


Ballet Companies and the AGMA union are mandating vaccines and boosters for the healthiest people on the planet. They are also mandating the vaccines for Ballet students at their schools who are under 18. These mandates must go. When there is risk there must be choice. Early treatment saves Lives.

Michelle Patel (Phoenix, AZ, 2022-02-01)


I am a highly concerned member of the BC and chestnut hill community who is standing up for the students when the administrators clearly won't. BC's mandate ignores some of the best available science on Covid and natural immunity and they are overstepping their authority for an issue that should be decided between students and their physicians.

Jack Kinlan (chestnut hill, 2022-02-02)


I'm signing because these are NOT vaccines. They're untested, experimental gene therapies with ZERO long-term data about their safety or efficacy.

Consider: the drug companies did NOT know that the vaxxes had no long-term efficacy, so HOW do they know the vaxxes don't have long-term dangerous, debilitating side-effects? They don't!

Go look at VAERS data. In the one year since these so-called "vaccines" were released, VAERS reports outnumber VAERS reports for ALL prior years COMBINED!

Oh, and the corrupt, dishonest CDC had to change the definition of "vaccine" precisely because these untested experimental jabs don't do what vaccines do, don't behave the way vaccines behave.

And I'm just getting started on why I'm signing this petition. I have MUCH more where that came from.

STOP the unethical, immoral, destructive vaxx mandate, Boston College. Stop it NOW.

BC '83 alum.

Andrew Turnbull (San Juan, PR, 2022-02-02)


My daughter has been fully vaccinated and had breakthrough Omicron over Christmas. The data does not support Boosters and one-size-fits-all is not medically sound.

Karla Joyce (Newport Beach, 2022-02-03)


our daughter Molly has been vaxxed and has had covid. We have reviewed and are reasonably relying on experts who counsel against additional vaccines in similar circumstances.

michael joyce (newport bch, 2022-02-03)


I am a very concerned alumni of BC nursing school. As a CPNP, I strongly disagree with this mandate based on scientific studies. I have four children who are no longer as interested in schools as BC because of these mandates, which truly saddens me.

Virginia Soukup (Atlanta, 2022-02-04)


I am an alumnus of Boston College. CSOM1990

Stephen Soukup (Suwanee, GA, 2022-02-04)


I am vaccine injured for life & know firsthand the devastation that vaccines can cause. Where there is risk, there must ALWAYS be choice. The data does not show that covid "vaccines" are safe or effective.

Kathy Young (Friendswood, 2022-02-06)


Mandating a risky procedure involving an experimental element is illegal, and everyone involved should be brought to trial in an international court of law.

Eileen Kerrigan (Oreland, 2022-02-06)


My son received 2 vaccination shot and then he contracted Covid. Vaccines were initially implemented to slow the spread of the virus; status has changed and we now recognize that vaccination is touted --not to prevent infection, but to reduce severity of illness. Given that vaccinated people are spreading and contracting the virus, requiring vaccination to protect the school population is unfounded. Individuals should be allowed to make their own choices for their medical treatment, just like they have to consent to receive medical treatment at if they become ill or injured in sports or use the medical center. It's up to families and individuals to assess their own health and risks. At this point in the pandemic, it's up to vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, families, and their physicians to determine the best course moving forward--not BC staff and a third party panel.

Boston College should be ethical and allow families to apply and be granted exceptions to abstain from COVID vaccinations and or booster--at the determination of the family and their medical provider--not an outside panel hired by BC.



Primum Non Nocere!

Geoffrey E. Starr, M.D. (Rye, NH, 2022-02-08)


As a health care professional and parent of college age kids, I feel that when there is risk, there must be choice. These kids have a 99.97% survival rate. Enough is enough!

Amanda Patterson (Evansville, IN, 2022-02-08)


COVID-19 vaccines carry the risk of injury and death for some, so there must be informed consent and the right to refuse the vaccine without penalty. As of January 21st, there had already been 740,000 COVID-19 vaccine adverse events and 10,316 COVID-19 vaccine deaths in the U.S. reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. I have three children currently in college who were "mandated" to receive the vaccine so they could attend their respective colleges (BC, Brown, and Dartmouth). They want to have children of their own some day, yet we know NOTHING about the long-term effects on fertility in vaccinated people. Millions are now being spent to study why the vaccine has changed menstruation dramatically in young women. Vaccine mandates must END!

Kelly Starr (Rye, NH, 2022-02-08)


These bosters aren't necessary for young audults who are NOT dying from Covid and more importantly may cause irreparable damage to some of these individuals. This needs to end now!

Deborah Phipps (HOPKINTON, 2022-02-08)


My son is a junior, finance major, at BC. My son had adverse effects to his preexisting medical condition after his J&J vaccination. His medical professional (MD) advised him to not get the booster and BC has denied the medical exemption from his physician. My son was told his student account would be suspended today if he did not get the booster and that he could get the booster on campus up until 2pm.

Rachel Connell (Fall River , 2022-02-09)


Just get the shot. Quit being ridiculous and think about others for a change.

Get Vaccinated (Boston, 2022-02-17)


BC Class of ‘23 student

Pace Williams (Boston, 2022-02-18)



Greg Golden (Rancho Mission Viejo, 2022-02-21)


Concerned Educator and Human Being

Warrick Gillingham (Toronto, 2022-02-21)



Marilyn Going (Garden City, 2022-02-25)


This is child abuse. I have already started warning parents of seniors to not send their children to your school.

Mary Bennett (Boston, 2022-03-11)


Alumnus ‘72, parent ‘04, ‘06, ‘09 (‘11), ‘13, ‘15; employee 1997-2016.

Michael Spatola (Hingham , 2022-03-11)


I'm signing this petition because the Vaccine Mandate violates Freedom of Conscience.
It is also noteworthy that the 3rd 'Booster' shot's Safety is scientifically UNTESTED, hence UNPROVEN!
- Leonard Rizy, Alum, A&S (1986)

Leonard Rizy (BRIGHTON, 2022-03-11)


These are baby death shots

Bernadette Milliken (Arlington, 2022-03-11)


Parents have the "Patria Potestad" over their children. No wonder in Cuba Raul Castro and his cartel-mafia regime want to impose a new law depriving parents of this inalienable right and call it People responsible for their children! That is what communism does. This institution has to step down and stop being fascists imposing legislations that go against God Given Parental rights. BC authorities should be ashamed of themselves, and go for confession and repentance!!

Anamaria Seyral (Worcester, 2022-03-12)


Vaccine Mandates are wrong. Vaccines that exist because babies had to die to develop them are despicable.

Kathy Hill (Mansfield, 2022-03-12)


I am a Georgetown Class of '95 and discusses me that these Jesuit university are doing this to their students.

Patricia Clark (Needham , 2022-03-17)


The precedent of denying individuals to follow their conscience as it relates to medical treatments is very dangerous ground to tread indeed. That the Catholic Church would advocate for such totalitarian action without exception especially in light of the fact that the vaccines are largely ineffective at stopping transmission, very time limited in efficacy with boosters that do not even match the current circulating strain is frightening. It is well known that these gene based vaccines have been implicated in inflammation of the heart and the sac that surrounds the heart n young people especially young men. They have also been implicated in clotting and bleeding disorders and changes of menses in young women. We have no idea of the long term effects. As an institution that prides itself on following the science the irony is blatant. This is not about science or the Christian faith. It is very clearly something else altogether

Janine Largent (North Reading, 2022-03-27)


Boston College Class of 1982

Michael Walsh (Milton, 2022-04-07)


Fellow jevvie grad, JCU, and I feel your pain. Keep up the fight

Matt Koenig (Duxbury, 2022-04-08)


I'm signing this because Boston College is holding my education/degree, my roommate Ivan Melara's education, and many other students' education hostage. I'm already two years in. I'm supposed to be a Junior now. I have been on a leave of absence for almost a year. They refused my religious exemption even after pointing to them multiple times in letters with Scripture and examples. It seems my religious beliefs arent valid and that the Holy Spirit doesn't convict people at all. Good job, BC, very inclusive and respectful. I can't really transfer out to another school since BC really helped me financially and transfering would not guarantee that I'd receive an affordable education anywhere else. The only reason why I was able to attend was due to their tremendous help, but now it seems I cannot, and once my leave of absence is over, I'll have to drop out. Boston College has to stop oppressing and bullying students, parents, faculty, and staff.

Alvaro Rodriguez (Bronx, 2022-04-09)


As a parent of a BC student, I am appalled and disheartened that my son is being denied access to complete his law degree at Boston College. Why is no reasonable accomodation being given to those Catholic students who are following the dictates of their conscience?!

Elizabeth Barry (Los Angeles, 2022-07-28)


College students are at practically zero risk from adverse Covid reactions.
Plus these vaccines do not stop transmission or prevent disease. Give back your Covid vaccine incentive funding and honor our young adults rights and health!

Paula Chandler (Woodstock , 2023-01-09)


I'm ashamed to be an alumni and former donor.

Philip Groves (Chicago, 2023-01-09)


Vaccine mandates are dangerous and unlawful. Shame on you!

Patricia Weltin (Rumford, 2023-01-26)

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