im signing because I don't think the university should be making medical decisions for individuals.

Marah Hoffman (Bethesda, 2022-01-07)



Kristy Meade (Berlin, 2022-01-07)


Enough is enough, SJU!

Christine Korbal (Cinnaminson , 2022-01-07)


SJU's unilateral booster policy is not taking into account the 4 groups of individuals as stated in the petition and the harm that could come to them.

Victoria Jennings (Philadelphia , 2022-01-07)


Enough, this is going too far.

Kimberly Spina (Schwenksville , 2022-01-07)


As class of 91 Hawk, I am highly disappointed at SJU’s reaction to COVID-19. Saint Joe’s taught me to be a critical thinker. Look at real data. These shots do nothing to stop the spread. There is no reason to keep forcing these shots on people, particularly young adults.

Michelle Brennan (Yardley , 2022-01-07)


We can not boost our way out. What happened to natural immunity.

Sue D (NJ, 2022-01-07)


I don't believe St Joe's is acting in our children's best interests.

Steven Kinkler (Northfield, 2022-01-07)


natural immunity exists and there is no scientific evidence that the boosters are protecting people.. they are not.

Gina Trave (LANSDALE, 2022-01-07)


Getting vaccinated is a personal decision and should NOT be mandated. This mandate is hypocritical of the values being taught by your very own DEI and Christian principles. Just like the flu shot, the Covid vaccine should be of individual choice. With the new omicron variant, those that are vaccinated and boostered are still getting Covid. The symptoms from omicron are much milder than the previous delta variant, one of the reasons for the CDC making the decision to lessen the isolation time from 10 to 5 days. Many people already had Covid and have antibodies to protect them from further infection. While the Covid vaccine is relatively safe it has not been for all. Many feel there is too much uncertainty tied to this vaccine that is requiring boosters, where we are still seeing cases. At this time, we need to respect this very personal choice. I thank you in advance for considering the reversal of this mandate to a suggestion and considering scientific data that has been collected to date and seeing that we all may have some different beliefs that bring us to our decisions and mandating this vaccine would NOT be for the greater good for ALL.

Susan Paffett (Royersford, 2022-01-07)


COVID Vaccines should not be mandatory

Nadja McCormick (Wilmington , 2022-01-07)


No public or private entity has the right to force medical procedures on individuals as a requirement for attendance etc.

Christopher Jones (State College, 2022-01-07)


Medical freedom, medical choice

Donnalee Ott (PHILADELPHIA, 2022-01-07)


You have no right to place your medical decisions on anyones children or any adult.

Colleen Demartinis (Clark, 2022-01-07)


Because your implementation of a vaccine mandate without consideration of the millions of adverse reactions this biologic therapeutic has produced, the lack of need in the college age population as well as ignoring natural immunity at this point is illogical and only goes to show how deep this University ties to the pharmaceutical companies must be and not the best interest of the students and staff.

Kathleen Moyer (Hatfield, Pa, 2022-01-07)


Natural immunity is better than vaccines.

Jack Labbe (Westfield, 2022-01-07)


I’m not having my son at 22 get a booster I’m a RN at Penn and do not have to have one. It’s ridiculous

Kellie Karch (Cinnaminson , 2022-01-07)


Mandates for a vaccine that doesn't prevent spread are unscientific and political.

Joseph DeRosa (Westfield, NJ, 2022-01-07)


I do not believe these children should be given booster that is not FDA approved and their is not enough research. Plus why out chemicals in your body when you can still get Covid. These kids are to young for this experimental drug!

Maribeth Kelly-Mojica (Glenside, 2022-01-07)


First of all, I just want to say that I’m not against anyone getting a booster shot. People can do whatever they want to make them feel more safe and healthy and that’s perfectly fine. I, myself, am fully vaccinated and plan on getting the booster before I go back to school. However, there are some students who do not feel comfortable getting the booster, which is completely understandable considering we don’t know what’s in it. I believe it is unfair and immoral to mandate the Covid booster. Students should be allowed to make their decisions on what they can and cannot do for the sake of their own health and what they think feels right. If you want to get the booster, get the booster. If you want to get it, then don’t get. I’m not stopping you from making your decisions. It is encouraged you get the booster, but we should not mandate it.

Jason Greenwood (Lansdale, 2022-01-07)


There is no reason to mandate this. The vaccines are to protect ourselves. It is wrong for a school to tell our children to put something in their body that No one will assure us of its safety. Will You be responsible? Of course not. There are too many people in this age group having bad side effects and some are not reversible.

Carol McGovern (Middletown, 2022-01-07)



Steve Dunn (Hoboken, NJ, 2022-01-07)


No mandated vaccine! This uses aborted babies and is unconscionable to force on people!

Shannon Jones (State College, 2022-01-07)


My Loving God Almighty And Loving Lord And Savior is the way! I have been vaccinated by The Blood Of Jesus! God Bless!

Richard A. Ifflander Jr. (Cherry Hill, NJ, 2022-01-07)


This is un-constitutional and a violation of human rights to force someone to get a vaccine that has not been studied for a period of time.

Sharon ODonnell (Ambler, 2022-01-07)


Mandates are not law and each person legally has a right to choose what they want or don’t want in their body!

Jennifer Dovan (Blue bell, 2022-01-07)


I’m signing because our campus needs to be safe

Kristen Haeberle (Philadelphia , 2022-01-07)


My body, my choice.

Kevin White (West Chester , 2022-01-08)


I believe the rules need to be modified because it’s overkill

Paul Ruddy (Mayfield, 2022-01-08)


Allison madden

Allison Madden (East Rockaway, 2022-01-08)


My sons have already received 2 doses of the vaccination. They are healthy and do not need the booster. I’m my family’s opinion, It’s overkill and not needed. Please respect everyone’s ability to continue with their education accordingly

ANDREW CHAVEZ (Egg Harbor Township, 2022-01-08)


My Granddaughter is a student at St. Joseph's. The decision to get the booster should be left to her.

Robert Tulin (Palermo, 2022-01-09)


A booster mandate is a bridge too far. Allow kids to provide antibody test results which follows science and should be acceptable.

Maureen Juhas (Naperville , 2022-01-09)


I don’t agree what this university is doing to our youth.

Maria Sanzone (Richmond , 2022-01-09)


I do not agree with this.

Camrin Garza (Richmond , 2022-01-09)


The government should have no mandate over an individuals body

Matthew Oves (Ocean City, 2022-01-09)


I do not want our kids to be subjected to bad policies that can harm them based on OUTDATED DISINFORMATION. Even the biggest pushers of the C19Vs now reluctantly admit that they do NOT stop transmission. So please justify your mandate...?

TRAVIS EBEL (Newton, 2022-01-10)


We are a prospective family looking at this college. Our niece after the Moderna shot now only has 15% eyesight and hearing out of one ear with migraine headaches ... My mother after her booster collapsed at a party and now has to wear a heart monitor. These inoculations are extremely dangerous and the information is coming to light. Your tyrannical policies are discouraging us from looking at your school. You will be held liable for the information you know now is coming out.

Carolyn Malloy (Dover, 2022-01-10)


Too many articles were released stating the effects of the vaccines on males, and direct links to heart complications.

Ashley Breese (Collegeville , 2022-01-10)


Safety and health concerns regarding booster mandate for my child.

Danielle Scannella (Westfield, 2022-01-10)


I don't think the booster should be mandatory

Beth Gomez (Laurel, 2022-01-11)


The madness needs to stop. These young adults have virtually no risk from covid 19. I cannot believe that esteemed universities who should have a wealth of intelligent professors who should be taking the time to dissect studies. They’re readily available for your perusal. Do some research.

Tricia Cullen (Cary, 2022-01-11)


My son is already fully vaccinated and had covid over the Christmas holiday and we do not feel same having him receive another shot after just recovering from the virus.

Cara Watts (Ithaca, 2022-01-11)


My son had Covid over break and doesn’t need booster now.

Kristin Niesz (Annapolis, 2022-01-12)


It's not your job to want to pump this rushed to market 'vaccine' into healthy young people. A vaccine that has proved itself to be ineffective and with many risks of side effects. Why are you so hell bent on this? It hasn't been out long enough to know fully what its impacts will be on people. It's clearly not being effective. Just look at all the 'vaccinated' people getting sick or in the hospital. This is bat shit crazy world. You people need your heads checked.

Jason Billington (Elkland, 2022-01-12)


Because it is wrong and unGodly!!!

Search Dalrymple (Flemington , 2022-01-12)


No one should EVER have to be forced to take anything the don’t want. This isn’t nazi Germany. Anyone who forces a mandate should be ashamed.

Anthony Catenaro (Glen Gardner , 2022-01-12)


This is about safety. Do the right thing.

Denise Mccafferty (Collegeville, 2022-01-12)


The vaccines do not work! My body my choice.

Teresa Sajkowski (Colts Neck, 2022-01-12)

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