It's the right thing to do.

Matthew Forde (Boston, )


My son is a freshman at UMASS Amherst who was fully vaccinated and contracted COVID-19 in the Fall. He does not need the booster due to natural immunity and does not want to assume further health risksfrom these vaccines. There is a known risk of Myocarditis in young men that outweighs any benefit a booster would confer.
My son was told by the Bursar not to return to school if he doesn't take the booster. He is an excellent student who facing withdrawal for using reason and following his conscience regarding the booster mandate.

April Doherty (MA - Massachusetts, )


My daughter attends UMASS.

Shari Smith (Pawleys Island, )


I am signing this petition because I believe that individuals should maintain their medical freedom and personal/medical/religious beliefs.

Anne Marie Nandzik (Watertown, )


I am against the booster for students.

Aleaxander Galkin (Ashland, )


My daughter was vaccinated and recently had Covid her immunity is robust

William Pomroy (Plymouth , )


1989 National Collegiate Cycling Champion - UMASS

Peter Vollers (Placitas, NM, )


I’m against this mandate
Need free speech and freedom preserve

Grace Rochdi (Brockton , )


Shots should not be forced!

Joan Eastman (Hopkinton, )


My nephew is a student there and I find this mandate dangerous and terribly cruel and unfair.

Alison Nimer (Westborough, )


I’m signing because there there is no proven benefit from the vaccine for young people in stopping the spread of the virus. But know Risk of myocarditis among young men between 16-24. Health risk seems to be more then the the benefit here.

Joshua West (Dunstable, )


My grandson has natural immunity

James Giangrasso (NY, )


Everyone should have the right to choose whether or not they want to take experimental vaccines or booster shots!

Ryan Austin (Weymouth, )


This mandate is reckless. More harm than good will come of it. Please stop these mandates.

Jane Stino (Lowell, )


If there is a risk we should have a choice

Kirsten saliba - Dibenedetto (West Springfield, )


Mandating a dangerous and untested product that has disinformation about it coming from federal health agenices that does not stop the virus is ethically bankrupt and morally repulsive.

dennis berube (lunenburg, )


This mandate is yet another burden put on those who for whatever reason, should not be forced to have a foreign unproven substance shot into their bodies. Rushed vaccines without proven safety is a vital concern to many. They have a right to make a judgment call which concerns them. One especially being future issues which could be catastrophic. Very very concerning. Maybe it might be you or a loved one. They say it’s very rare though. Which of us could be that “RARE” case. The unknowns are real and frightening. Leave people to make their own very personal decision. As real as those who get the vaccines for their own reasons. Perhaps fear plays a huge part for those who get the vaccines, and those who don’t. Respect everyone’s decisions.

Linda Straczynski (Bourne, )


I am against medical mandates.

Linda Botelho-Cote (Swansea, )


I’m signing this because I believe every individual has a God given right to their beliefs.

Christina giza (Worcester , )


I'm signing because I believe that students should have the right to medical freedom and should not be mandated to take a booster, if they do not want to, to attend an institution they pay thousands of dollars per year to attend

Brooke Herlihy (West Springfield, )


I’m signing because I agree with the intent of this petition. I feel the University has a silly “must boost” policy for those who are now not in danger from the virus. I despise this overreach of power from the university, which can force its students to be vaccinated while only being allowed to “suggest” it to professors. I am in no danger from Covid 19. The booster will not stop the spread of Covid 19.

Taylor Gray (Waltham, )


Universities are ignoring public health advice from the WHO, not to mention Scandinavian countries that have advised young people to refrain from getting the booster in some cases. Furthermore, there has never been a university vaccine requirement for a vaccine that had been available for less than a year, all the others are well tested and provide better protection against their respective diseases. History also shows us that coercion and censorship is not a good tactic, and we have seen plenty of both in this debate.

William Vasiladiotis (Edinburgh, )


The mandate is driven by $$$.
Look up the CEO of Moderna talking to MIT Sloan.

Carolyn Barron (Harwich , )


I believe in freedom and science and peoples right to make their own educated, informed healthcare choices.

Cherie Murdock (Boston, )


Vaccine Mandate is against human right. the shots are not effective and lack of long term data. It will cause more harms than benefits for young and healthy people

Bonnie Wu (Stoneham , )


Mandates go against what American Freedom stands for.

Jose Diaz (West Roxbury , )


Colleges do not own the bodies of their students and staff, and there are many concerns about the safety and efficacy of boosters.

ELINOR ACTIPIS (Cambridge, )


Parent of a student

Val Goodrich (Townsend, )


The WHO literally just stated boosters are not necessary for healthy young individuals. Also, Israel has conceded the 4th shot (second booster) is ineffective at preventing Omicron infection. Since the Summer of '21 it's been widely known the vaccines do not stop infection or transmission. Therefore, your booster requirement is non-sensical and immoral.



My child is attending UMass and I’m distraught and angry that the school is forcing young and healthy students to take this experimental injection!!

Lei Zhao (Boston, )


I want all mandates to end!! I’m

Janice’s Rossetter (Carver, )


My son was accepted to the Kennedy College of Sciences but couldn't attend because he didn't get the Covid vaccine. They tormented and engaged in back and forth games with his religious exemption, to the point that we switched him to another, more mediocre college just so he could attend. Now, mid-year, this college has decided to mandate the vaccine and has completely disrespected his religious request.
Now he is being removed from campus and has to do school all online. He cannot attend his lab classes and has to cut them from his college. How is this possible for a science major? All for a vaccine that doen't stop transmission, and at this point, is about five varients later. But most importantly, as the data emerges from this brand new technology, they are finding that young men are at a great risk of heart inflammation from this product. You tell me, what is the benefit of a product that is a self-serving medical treatment, and is known to cause damage to a certain male population. This is shameful what is happening. It has become nothing but political. And the children are the pawns.

sabrina ramina (Lexington, )


I am a U Mass Alumni & I strongly oppose vaccine mandates or the requirement for proof of vaccination in any campus class or venue.

Janet Lawson (Hubbardston, )


I dont agree with this mandate

Hannah Tannous (Dedham, )


The data does indicate the need for these restrictions.

Kelly Zeeh (Boxford, )


I am against this vaccine mandate!

Phoebe Xu (Westfield , )


These vaccines are completely unnecessary for this population. They provide zero marginal benefit, therefore only represent risk. I have a rising senior. She will go out of state because of these mandates.

Corinne Hogseth (Acton, )


I am signing because I agree with this petition and the wording to recommend not mandate.

Robin Vieira (Fall River, )


No to mandates. Stop discriminating

Ann Rodriguez (Malden, )


I’m a college student

Aria Goodrich (Townsend, )


Because enough is enough you communist You already made everyone get a vaccine they didn’t want just to attend you’re school what’s next?

Tyler Tobin (Westwood ma, )


It’s dangerous to do a one size fits all medical mandate. If any student is damaged, the decision-makers are not immune since they are coercing the students.

Marika Lomba (Revere, )


I'm signing this petition because I don't believe the mandatory experimental vaccines is right.

Shirley Hogan (Lunenburg , )


I am a UMASS Amherst alumni. I got my B.S. in biology and never did any of my professors teach me to ignore data for political reasons. A booster mandate is political. Stop the madness.

Jenna Trombly (Marblehead, )


This is crazy and so unnecessary.

Brent Ebel (Ennis , )


No long term studies have been conducted for these vaccines. Students are at a very low risk of dying from Covid. This mandate is putting the long term health at risk for a whole generation of young people. This is criminal.

Judy Thapa (Hopkinton , )


Where there is risk, there must be choice.

Emily Webster (Northampton , )


Coercion to take unapproved experimental drugs is a crime against humanity.
Nuremburg 2.0 can't come soon enough

John Garrett (Boston, )


I do not agree with this Mandate along with all other mandates associated with this Covid Vaccine.

Stephen Leivi (Dedham, )


The government has 0 say over what I should do with my precious life.

Sierra Sternfeld (Boston, )


This should not be a mandate.

Hannah Tannous (Dedham, )


My body my choice.
When it’s my body your choice, you make stupid choices like demanding we take experimental vaccines that don’t work.

Kevin McKernan (Marblehead, )


As degrees engineer with 35 years of industry experience the vaccination science is spoken but never a report.
Those experts willing to publish objective evidence, when not silenced provide an irrefutable case for individual CHOICE.

Gregg Edwards (Devens , )


My daughter is consider UMass Amherst and I will not get her this vaccine, let alone the booster. Not only did she have covid this November and didn not go to hospital like 99.5pct of her age group; she has medical issues that could be made worse by an unnecessary, non-immunizing vaccination. I'm trying to get put ahead of this as the UMass system will all fall in line with Amherst.

Kenneth Rapoza (Westport, )

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