Support Airline Workers Against Mask Mandates



Masks are not for safey but control.

Aaron Gastaldo (Las Vegas, 2022-01-11)


I am sick and tired of the lies, bullying and bullshit handed down from government

Wendy Sykes (Eagle, ID, 2022-01-11)


Because masks are proven not to stop the virus…

Bryant Perdomo (Jupiter , 2022-01-11)


I am forced to wear this ineffective piece of equipment at all times when on company property.

Julie Steward (Fairfield , 2022-01-11)


My wife is a flight attendant and I believe this mandate is causing her health problems!

Rusty Perkins (Murfreesboro, TN, 2022-01-11)


I’m signing because face masks are more detrimental than helpful. They are nothing more than medical theater.

Chris Mills (Las Vegas, 2022-01-11)


I am an airline pilot and this mask insanity must end now.

Juan Soto (Trujillo Alto, 2022-01-11)


Follow the science, masks don’t work.

Charles Adams (Tampa, 2022-01-11)


God gave us oxygen to breathe. Rebreathing carbon dioxide is harmful to our bodies. NASA published a study on this. Masks collect bacteria that we then breathe into our bodies.
Among many other reasons, the mask mandates must end.

James DeZwaan (Colorado Springs, 2022-01-11)


As the Southwest CEO said in the Senate committee hearing, masks do little, if anything in aircraft. I don't wear a mask ANYWHERE. Magically, the airport is all important. Stop the idiocracy.

Tom Bogart (Houston, 2022-01-11)


Liberty. And masks are useless.

Pat Droney (Enfield, 2022-01-11)


Tired of wearing this piece of cloth that doesn’t really protect anybody.

Peter Marquart (Colleyville , 2022-01-11)


Masks are not effective and they cause issues breathing bad air.

Anna Gonzalez (Dallas, 2022-01-11)


Federal Face Mask policies and procedures, due to Covid-19, have created daily challenges in every aspect of life over the past two years. These challenges are critically impacting the Aviation Industry, especially Flight Crews, and needs to be addressed with the utmost importance.

Communication is one the most crucial components in executing a safe flight and can have a detrimental effect on both crew and passengers when it is obstructed. Face masks interfere with communication between crew members, ground support and passengers. The vast majority of Flight Crews believe they are more likely to be confronted by unruly and/or violent passengers as opposed to contracting a virus. Masks are also demonstrated to have substantial adverse physiological and psychological effects. These effects include hypoxia, hypercapnia, shortness of breath, increased acidity and toxicity, activation of fear & stress response, fatigue, headaches, decline in cognitive performance, immunosupression which causes a predispostion for viral & infectious illnesses, chronic stress, anxiety & depression.

Long-term consequences of wearing face masks can cause health deterioration, developing and progression of chronic diseases and premature death (Standford Study Results, Apr. 2021) Below are facts and quotes from industry and health officials regarding masks:

Authorities have received more than 3,000 reports of unruly airplane passengers during 2021, and the majority of those involve face mask rules (CNN) 
5,981 Unruly Passenger Reports (As of Dec. 31 ,2021
4,290 Mask-Related Incidents Reported (As of Dec. 31 ,2021
6.9 reported unruly incidents per 10,000 flights (week ending 12/26/2021 (
1,075 Investigations Initiated (As of Dec. 31, 2021
338 Enforcement Cases Initiated (As of Dec. 31, 2021   
“We've never before seen aggression and violence on our planes like we have in the past five months. Already, reports of these incidents in less than five months are more than 60 times the amount in a typical year. But these are just the incidents reported.” (Sara Nelson, 2021) 
The virus easily escapes the preferred N95, and most people are wearing cloth masks which are extremely ineffective in preventing the spread of the virus. Studies have shown that cloth masks are actually worse for you than not wearing one at all.
Surgical masks are not designed for the outside world and will not filter a virus upon inhaling through it. It's filtration works on the exhale, only works one-way, stops after 20 minutes, rendering it useless outside of a Sterile Envirionment. (Face mask were designed for healthcare workers as to not spread bacteria to patients whose immune systems are weak).  
"The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through the material" (Feb 5, 2020 Dr. Anthony Fauci)
A virus measures at 1 micron. 
A virus with water droplets measures at 64 microns. 
Mask fibers are measured at 80 microns
“Most viruses and other germs do not spread easily on flights because of how air circulates and is filtered on airplanes.”  (
The HEPA filters are 99.7% effective or greater in removing particulate contaminants, including viruses like Covid-19, and bacteria and fungi from reticulated air. (TRANSCOM/AMC Commercial Aircraft Cabin Aerosol Dispersion Tests) 
"Cloth masks are little more than facial decorations.  There’s no place for them in light of Omicron.” (Dec. 22, 2021 Dr. Leana Wen on CNN) 
''Masks don't add much, if anything' against COVID-19 on planes." (Dec. 15, 2021 Southwest CEO Gary Kelly)
"Cloth masks aren't going to provide a lot of protection, that's the bottom line." (Jan 2, 2022 Peter Gottleib, Former FDA Commissioner)
Quite simply masks do not work. There is no scientific evidence/studies proven, produced or published of mask efficacy. We are entrusted and empowered to make critical decisions on duty and should be trusted to make decisions about our own health and request your assistance in the immediate removal of the Federal Mask Mandate. 

On behalf of airline workers across America, we respectfully request your prompt attention to this matter.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sorelle Norman (Queen Creek, 2022-01-11)


The mask are a farce.

Beverly Marquart (Colleyville , 2022-01-11)


I'm signing because masks don't work to stop the spread of Sars2 viruses & they are unhealthy. Our lungs need oxygen to stay strong. And it's a safety issue when our passengers cannot hear or understand what we are saying.

Jacqueline Laux (Virginia Beach, 2022-01-11)


It’s time for us to stop the lies and stop the madness. Studies show us masks do not stop the virus but is causing irreversible damage to our society

Dj Olthoff (Thornton, 2022-01-11)


I don't believe mandates are legal.

John Rawlings (Phoenix, 2022-01-11)


I agree!!

Tanya Belanger (Weatherford , 2022-01-11)


It's time to end this charade.

Christina Henry (Deputy, 2022-01-11)


I am a Flight Attendant and I feel the masks are putting us in danger. I’ve experienced hypoxic symptoms on a regular basis. Masks should be optional.

Dawn LeClair (Pilot Hill, 2022-01-11)


They do not work and are making us sick.

Patti Fuller (Camby, 2022-01-11)


We’ve know from the start of this engineered pandemic masks are stage props in the airline industry. They have caused more harm than good. It’s high time we learn to live with Covid and restore what’s left of our economy and collective well being.

Hank Landman (Incline Village , 2022-01-11)


I’m signing because I am a 35 yr Flt Attnd and wearing a mask for up to 18 hrs a day is unacceptable!!! First and foremost I have an extremely high natural immune system. I am currently in a year long study that draws blood every other month and checks my immune system (natural and vaccine immunization levels)! I chart my sinus, throat and head symptoms after extended use of mask. After extended use of mask my nose, throat are always comprised!! I am willing to save my health with natural immunity over the false assurances of wearing a mask!

Karen Williams (Celina, 2022-01-11)


Forcing people to wear a mask is a human rights violation. The ability to breath properly is a God given right! Masks do NOTHING to stop the spread of Covid!

Kyle Fontenot (Ivyland, 2022-01-11)


It should be a personal choice to wear a face mask or not and to get vaccinated or not.

Sierra Zyntrell (Honolulu, 2022-01-11)


I’m signing because I want my freedom back. I ONLY wear a mask at work and it has made my job unbearable.

April Mikleton (Glendale, 2022-01-11)


Stop the mask mandate now!

Peggy Flynn (Mesa, 2022-01-11)


I’m supporting my flight attendant friends

Jessica Pena (Sacramento, 2022-01-11)


The masks should be optional. With already lowered oxygen saturation in the body while Airborne, and the extremely long days that flight crews must now work, it’s a safety issue to be masked that long. It’s also common knowledge that unless a person is wearing a specialized mask, most common masks that both crew and public have been wearing do nothing to prevent the transmission of viruses. Please let this be a personal choice.

Natasha Heidlage (Florence , 2022-01-11)


I am a flight attendant affected by the mask mandate

Callie Taylor (Las Vegas, 2022-01-11)


The masks are causing more problems and should be optional

Tracey Sneed (Scottsdale, 2022-01-11)


Masks don’t work!!

Denise Earle (Surprise , 2022-01-11)


Let us breathe fresh air not carbon monoxide

Mauricio Jordache (Las Vegas, 2022-01-11)


I believe in the science.
I support the Crews and the flying public

Mary Teague (Colleyville , 2022-01-11)


Mask are useless

Joni Dillard (League City, 2022-01-11)


I am flight Crew

Erin McAuliffe (Rowlett, 2022-01-11)


Masks are a detriment to health and inhibit societal norms.

Stephan Sila (Garland, 2022-01-11)


This is wrong. Plain and simple.

Charles Goldman (Denver, 2022-01-11)


I work for an airline and masks have got to go!!

Cassi Wright (Las Vegas, 2022-01-11)


This mandate is illegal unnecessary and needs to stop. I support all workers.

Virginia Parker (Fort Worth , 2022-01-11)


Because it’s against individual rights to force any vaccine upon a person

Marcello Divincenzo (Las Vegas , 2022-01-11)


Masks are useless and the rise of violence to FAs is alarming.

Barbara Soucy (Cocoa, 2022-01-11)


I totally support eliminating Masks!

Rebecca Arison (Colleyville , 2022-01-11)


Flight crew wearing masks is harmful to our health and completely unsafe for our pilots. It causes drops in oxygen levels very dangerous. I am a flight attendant and I am against flag cruise wearing masks

Ruth Adams (San AnTonio, 2022-01-11)


They don’t work and makes people crazy … I’m a flight attendant

Valerie White (Howe, 2022-01-11)


Masks have been proven to be an ineffective tool at mitigating any virus from anyone who is asymptomatic. The filters on airplanes, as expressed by their CEOs do a fabulous job at keeping the air circulating and clean. Masks are useless and make zero sense to a thinking human especially when, on the plane, customers are allowed to take them off while eating. There is no rhyme or reason to any of this. This charade must stop NOW!

Elise Rolenc (Kissimmee, 2022-01-11)


Masks are unhealthy

Tia Bourne (Richardson, 2022-01-11)


The masks do not work. I feel sick after I wear them all day. I get migraines and feel very fatigued after wearing them.

Michelle Colby (Plainfield, 2022-01-11)


Masks do not work.

John Farrar (Coral Springs, 2022-01-11)


I feel wearing a mask puts me at a higher health risk for Covid amongst other diseases. I constantly have a headache I’m fatigued I have shortness of breath and I’m supposed to wear this 12 hours a day? I vote now can’t rid of the mask!! It’s against my constitutional right to be forced to wear something that could potentially harm me!

Lorraine Petersen (Gilbert, 2022-01-11)


I feel sick after wearing any length of time on the aircraft along with getting really bad headaches!

Stephanie Hawks (West Chester, 2022-01-11)


I’m signing because I’m tired of the tyranny and the company bending to the will of the woke environment and tyrannical government. Not following science or concern for jobs, life or liberty!

Steve Lewis (Pearland, 2022-01-11)


I’m signing this because I think wearing face masks are not heathland for our physical health or mental health. It has created so much division with our fellow coworkers and our customers!

Jill Hagedorn (Henderson , 2022-01-11)


There should be no mandates whatsoever as it's against our freedoms and constitution. We should have freedoms to work, play, live as we see fit. No control to fly, cruise, travel!

Marianne Jackson (St. George , 2022-01-11)


Masks don’t and have never worked and I’m against mandates.

Ryan Forbes (Gilbert , 2022-01-11)


Follow the science, not the charade. End emotional-support mask mandates!

Ryan Dugan (Henderson , 2022-01-11)


Masks have created my health to be worse. They are a danger to my everyday job duties.

Leighann Hight (Smyrna, 2022-01-11)


They don’t do shit.

Daniel Tellmann (Lakeland , 2022-01-11)


Follow the true Science! Masks don't work. They literally make me sick!!!

Traci Smith (Yulee, 2022-01-11)


Stop the mask mandate for air travel!

Taryn Froelick (Henderson , 2022-01-11)


Because it’s not based in science it’s wrong and most of all it’s dehumanizing

Dragos Negrut (Hollywood, 2022-01-11)


To stop masks from causing hypoxia and brain damage. To stop from being forced to rebreathe toxins thus causing disease.

Robert Epp (Del Rio, 2022-01-11)


I’m signing because the mask is a lie. It causes sickness and destruction and division. It is unlawful, immoral and against my constitutional right. It has to go.

Rachel Edwards (Dallas, 2022-01-11)


Enough is ENOUGH!

Barbara Gebhard (Las Vegas , 2022-01-12)

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