State University of New York COVID-19 Booster Mandate



I’m signing because this “vaccine” and its boosters are doing more harm than good. You can still transmit COVID with it, why take an unknown, still experimental drug without any long term studies. It is ridiculous

April Beauregard (Warwick , 2022-01-16)


This is taking away the religious rights of the individual. I can not make a Jew or Muslim to eat pork, so why mandate a Vax that is shown to be ineffective?

Gina Hansen (Honeoye Falls, 2022-01-16)


I am opposed to the booster mandate for multiple reasons. First and foremost there is complete ignorance around the damage this vaccine/booster distribution is causing people. These stories of real people dying and mysteriously developing life threatening disease are being pushed and hidden. Second, it is unconstitutional.
As the mandate relates to MY child; he has recently started a medical regime for Crohn's disease and there is absolutely no research or known results of the interactions of the vaccine and/or booster with my child's medication. I am not willing to further risk his life for this reactionary decision to mandate the booster. 2nd, my child witnesses and watched as his roommate and best friend developed pericarditis and multiple organ inflammation and ended up in ICU months after his 2nd shot. We were opposed to the vaccine mandate to come to school in the first place but reluctantly (and regretfully) complied. This is too far.

Dawn Torres (Purdys, 2022-01-16)


Sharon Christman
SUNY school alumni and grandparent to a SUNY school graduate

Sharon Christman (Webster, 2022-01-16)


Mandating booster vaccines is unconstitutional and potentially harmful with long and short term side effects . Evidence has show side effect such as myocarditis can cause serious life threatening effects.
The vaccine by definition is not a vaccine, it doesn’t prevent transmission of covid nor does it mean you won’t get infected and become symptomatic.

Frank Muraca (Liverpool, 2022-01-16)


Profound safety concerns as a parent of a fully immunized daughter who just recovered from active covid.

Christina McNiff (Wynantskill , 2022-01-16)


Vaccines should not be mandated … period. But science studies now show that Covid 19 vaccines are not safe to many children and young adults.
5-12 yr olds are not at risk for Covid severe illness as this is not a childhood disease.
Couple that with possible vaccine side effects… political interference is criminal .
Mandates are criminal.

Kristy Muraca (Liverpool, 2022-01-16)


My children have received the vaccine and the boosters have been scientifically Proven jot o work. Additionally, they both had covid and natural immunity is the best form of immunity

Siobhan Marsh (Massapequa , 2022-01-16)


Freedom of choice

Annie Whidden (N Massapequa , 2022-01-16)


Young people shouldn't have to get so many vaccine / boosters.

Juliet Batategas (Trikala, 2022-01-16)


I have high school students getting ready to start college and am very concerned about my son's heart given family history.

Jennifer Parkes (Melville, 2022-01-16)


This is mandated and it is my right to choice what to inject myself with including these experimental vaccine boosters. It’s still choice

Arthur Fiorella (Amawalk, 2022-01-16)


Because my son in a CUNY student with a single J&J shot, I fear for the booster and it’s limited results/data for the J&J.
I’m also very concerned over side effects in his demographic Male 18-30

Summer Johnson (Marion, 2022-01-16)


Do not approve of my son getting booster after being mandated to get 2 shots ir denied am education.
Also, against mandates

Randy Pushkin (Brooklyn, 2022-01-16)


I don't want my son to be forced to get the booster

Panagiotis Batategas (Trikala, 2022-01-16)


SUNY’s lead will also be influential for other private schools. Please stand up for the health and rights of your students.

Michelle Wright (Naples, 2022-01-16)


It is bullshit. That anyone has to get a booster

Kristin Giunti (Poughkeepsie , 2022-01-16)


Heathy kids don’t need. Doesn’t prevent getting it it spreading it!

Jackie Cronin (Salisbury Mills, 2022-01-16)


My son is looking at universities in New york

Mark Giannini (Chesnee, 2022-01-16)


The vaccine and booster should be a choice not a mandate since it is not stopping transmission.

Jessica Lupi (Blauvelt , 2022-01-16)


This is a worthless vaccine that doesn't do what it is intended to do.

It does not prevent spread; so it is pointless. If someone wants to take this medicine; allow them.

My body, my choice.

Dan Bod (East Northport, 2022-01-16)


I do not agree with continuing this path based on science and risk.

Deborah Morrison (StonyBrook , 2022-01-16)


I know far too many people with serious adverse reactions to the vaccines!! Give people the right to choose!

Laura Knox (Honeoye Falls, 2022-01-16)


My son is a student who is against the vaccination and may pull out from school because if this mandate. He should be given the option and still be allowed to go to school, it’s not fair to these kids who aren’t ready to get vaccinated and can’t finish school

Karen Verney (New Paltz , 2022-01-16)


Olga DiGiovanni

Olga DiGiovanni (Deer park , NY, 2022-01-16)


Do not feel a booster should ever be mandated

David Matos (Huntington, 2022-01-16)


This should be a choice and ha sheen proven to be not needed for this age group

James Morrison (StonyBrook , 2022-01-16)


I’m signing because I believe the outbreak of new cases has proven the vaccine to be not as effective as once thought. Both my son (vaccinated) and I (not vaccinated) were both recently infected with COVID 19 and we experienced the same symptoms. The argument that the vaccine lessens the severity of the symptoms is difficult to prove. I believe that studies should shift a focus to those who display a natural immunity to the virus. Studies that look at sick people only are skewed to find what makes them sick. I propose that there needs to be more research into what is making others remain healthy.

Nancy Muscarella (Saint James , 2022-01-16)


I’m singing because no one has a right to determine your health preferences

Audrey Cordero (Staten Island , 2022-01-16)


I don’t want to be mandated to do something against my will

Tina Riggs (South Setauket, 2022-01-16)


Son had civid and has shots. He has heart issues since birth and it’s like playing Russian roulette with his health with every civid shot he is being mandated to get

David Epp (Kings park, 2022-01-16)


No to mandatory booster for the young college kids..ridiculous

Ann Marie Shannon (Palmyra, 2022-01-16)


Vaccine mandates are not constitutional, our students were forced to get vaccinated with Covid and break through cases are t he majority, the age group has a 99% survival rate.

Lyn Krone (Pine bush, 2022-01-16)


The mandate of 2 vaccines is enough. My family had Covid and natural immunity should matter. Covid is spreading even to those who are vaccinated and boosted. Enough is enough. Where there is risk there must be choice. Our students are not Guinea pigs.

Kathy Hernandez (Kingston, 2022-01-16)


It’s an evil mandate

Susan Toporowski (Newburgh, 2022-01-16)


I am signing this because my granddaughter attends a SUNY school and it has been reported “The COVID jabs alone now account for 983,756 adverse event reports as of December 17, 2021, including 20,622 deaths—and this doesn’t include the underreporting factor, which we know is significant and likely ranges from five to 40 times higher than reported. Most doctors and nurses don’t even know what VAERS is and even if they do, they chose not to report the incidents.” Please provide evidence that proves the contrary.

Janet Iannuzzi (Hilton Head Island, 2022-01-16)


I do not want to ruin my body and be forced to get a booster that simply does not work.

Brittnay McCaffrey (Nesconset, 2022-01-16)


Because we have all had Covid during Xmas. We now have natural immunity as well has my son. This is a free country and no one should be forced to do this.

Michelle Von Brook (Melville, 2022-01-17)


Our kids do not need boosters or jabs!!

Ray Machlowski (Lancaster, 2022-01-17)


Civil rights

Clint Riggs (South Setauaket , 2022-01-17)


Everyone should have the right to choose what goes into their bodies and not forced to make a difficult decision between an education/job or their health.

Brianna Olsen (Holly Springs , 2022-01-17)


This shit has got to stop.

Samantha Fourcell (Freeport , 2022-01-17)


I’m signing because forcing a vaccine into someone to save their job and career is inhumane. Nursing school teaches us that patients have the autonomy to make decisions for themselves regarding their body without being forced and coerced. The science does not back a vaccine mandate policy without medical and religious exceptions. I am for employee testing and N95 wearing for those who believe the vaccine mandate is not right for them at this time.

Sarah Klecher (Stony Brook, 2022-01-17)


My son has had Covid twice. We did not want him getting the vaccine in the first place. Please drop this rule.

Nancy Lupo (Deer Park, 2022-01-17)


No one should be forced to take anything they don’t want. It’s our body so therefore it should be our choice. Obviously that poison you are forcing into the younger generation isn’t working well

Kathleen OBrien-Coyne (Bellmore , 2022-01-17)


I'm against this mandate

Brooke Dias (Selden , 2022-01-17)


My choice my body..

Michele Lee (Nesconset, 2022-01-17)


I have covid now and I’m not comfortable getting a booster after having it

Timothy Rup (Bethpage , 2022-01-17)


No healthy person should be mandated to take a vaccine that does not work at all on the current omicron variant!

Kathy Bucaria (Smithtown, 2022-01-17)


My son is being forced to get a booster that is mandated by SUNY. There is no Emergency, this is forced coercion, and there is an increased risk of myocarditis in males ages 16-24 years of age. My son falls into this age group. Mandating these boosters is unlawful and does not stop the spread of the non fatal and very mild Omicron variant. I intend to take legal action if my son is subjected to this mandate in the future. I am a very concerned parent.

Peggy LoPrete (Hopewell Jct. , 2022-01-17)


No mandates

Maureen Hurst (Miller Place, 2022-01-17)


The students are fully vaccinated as it is. The booster is not necessary

Anastacia Teel (Bronx, 2022-01-17)


I’m signing because these students should not be forced to get a booster shot considering there is no scientific data that supports the booster. It’s not necessary to keep jabbing these kids!!!!

Marty Taylor (Medford, 2022-01-17)


I’m signing this petition because I believe young adults should not be forced to get booster shots. Please constantly see this mandate and cancel it.

Afsaneh Par (New Hyde pk , 2022-01-17)


Because I have two children going to SUNY schools

Veronica Ciccone (Wappingers Falls , 2022-01-17)


Vaccine mandates are not the role of government. This is nothing but political power and control.

Jeff Kehrer (Pasadena, 2022-01-17)


2 shots should be enough.

Antoinette Bieler (Hauppauge, 2022-01-17)


My body my choice…already got vaccinated and everyone got Covid!! You get a flu shot once a year…why do we need 3 shots for Covid? My opinion is there is not enough research, so why experiment!!

Cathie Goukd (Center miriches, 2022-01-17)


I am concerned with the safety of my son, a student athlete.

Anna Clarke (Fulton , 2022-01-17)


The Supreme Court ruled against the mandates.

Angela Lopresto (Whitestone, 2022-01-17)


I have gotten the Covid virus which built up my immunities and also the two required vaccines. I do not want the booster for very serious health concerns regarding putting more of these vaccines into my body. I’ve already experienced chest pains after receiving the required vaccine to attend school.

Mikayla Schmidt (East Setauket , 2022-01-17)


Godmother of student

Cheryl Mulligan (Goshen , 2022-01-17)


Getting anything put into your body is a personal choice, not someone else’s order to do so. This mandate goes against the Nuremberg Code

Susanne Petitto (East Setauket , 2022-01-17)


I’m signing as a 1985 SUNY Potsdam grad and the father of a class of 2022 Binghamton student. Natural immunity from a recent Covid infection should be considered in place of the booster. SUNY has overstepped its bounds by demanding the booster. You are holding a spring graduating student hostage with your unnecessary mandate from graduating.

Terry Bernat (Rochester, 2022-01-17)


I think the booster mandate isn’t fair and very dangerous for ages 18-25 based on facts.

Joe Russo (New york, 2022-01-17)


My son is not going to get this and is not going to be able to get an education.

Victoria cellura (string:WEBSTER, 2022-01-17)


My son (Joseph Russo) is a student at SUNY Geneseo.

Jennifer Russo (Rochester, 2022-01-17)


It should not be mandated as the age group that go to college are not at high risk.

Judy Klotz (Fultonville , 2022-01-17)


Because mandates are BS. The vaccine doesn’t stop the spread or prevent you from getting Covid. #Facts

Nikki Monte (Babylon, 2022-01-17)


No student should be mandated to take this shot because it does not stop you getting or giving the virus! Also the mandate does not take into account all the college student who have natural immunity from already getting Covid. There are many studies showing Natural Immunity is better!

Lora Bernat (Rochester, 2022-01-17)

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