State University of New York COVID-19 Booster Mandate



Your on the wrong side of the law and history...come clean now. You are putting kids lives at risk for serious injury and death.

Pierina Provenzano (Poughkeepsie, 2022-02-18)


What ALL SUNY schools are doing is unconstitutional and unlawful. No one has the right to force someone to do anything they do not consent to to their bodies.

Ann Marie (Poughkeepsie, 2022-02-19)


I'm signing this because I have yet to see any science behind a 3rd vaccine for a healthy 19yo young man who already had covid & 2 vaccines

Victoria Rosen (Levittown, 2022-02-27)


Tyranny is not an option!

Richard Cavagnaro (Greenport, 2022-02-27)


The mandates have crippled enrollment at SUNY colleges. Online education lacks communication skills and it’s definitely not for everyone. If these mandates don’t change, NYS will end up with unskilled workers and residents will continue to move out of state.

Michelle Komorowski (Orchard Park , 2022-03-01)


The mandate of another covid vaccine in young people poses more of a threat than it does benefit. Beneficence is attained by mandating a booster.

Linda Klang (Point Lookout, 2022-03-08)


Stop the mandates!
There are so many children getting sick from the shots! Please stop forcing people to get any of them let alone booster shots. They don’t work & are giving people forever medical problems.

Marina Wieder (Long Beach, 2022-03-08)


My son is starting college in the fall 2022 and knowing that my child is forced to chose the vaccine or he cannot go to college and experience the college life makes me so angry. These mandates have to be lifted

Stacy Eleopoulos (Oakland Gardens, 2022-03-10)


Standford University Study of 01/2022 concerning Pfizer vaccine issues. Moderna vaccine study concerning Liver Hepatitis issues.

Daniel King (Malone, 2022-03-23)


I'm signing because my daughter is considering SUNY for Fall 2022 and we do not feel the booster shot is beneficial and causes more harm than good.

Renee LeMay (Massapequa, 2022-03-26)


I believe in choice.

Kelly Conrow (Rochester, 2022-03-31)


The untested vaccines and booster shots should NOT be forced upon anyone!!! It should not be mandatory. Our bodies our choice!!!

Laurie Reynolds (Webster, 2022-04-01)


I’m signing because I do NOT want a booster mandate. My child has already been vaccinated and no one has the right to tell her she needs another injection in order to complete her education!

Lori Lootens (Rochester , 2022-04-01)


I’m signing because my son had two moderna vaccinations and has had Covid-19 already.

Joseph Farinacci (Staten Island, 2022-04-01)


Reports show that there are numerous adverse effects of the Covid-19 vaccine and booster.

Donna DuBois (Palm City, 2022-08-15)

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