Keep SCOTIABANK Sheet Harbour open



We need a bank in our community. A lot of elderly people who can’t go hours away to do their banking.

Dorothy Mcgrath (Sheet Harbour , 2022-01-13)


Scotia bank has been my bank since I moved back to Sheet Harbour, and it is so convenient for me to have my bank where I live as I have three younger children.

Amy Allingham (Sheet Harbour, 2022-01-13)


We need this bank to stay open, people will have to travel up to 2 hours or more to get to the closest Scotiabank. A lot of these people are elderly, internet in our area is very sketchy at best. A lot of people don't do online banking and have no internet or computers. WE NEED THIS BANK TO STAY OPEN!!!!

Sherry Holley (Tangier, 2022-01-13)


I belong to this bank ! Now we are expected to travel elsewhere ? Shameful this was not discussed with the communities that depend on this bank.

Gail Osmond-Jewers (HRM, 2022-01-13)


I’ve been a customer with Scotiabank for over 30 years. I do not want to lose the convenience and importance of my chosen financial services in my community and end up feeling like just a number in a mega institution’s history. Our community has supported Scotiabank for years. We expect the same in return.

Deanna Currie (Sheet Harbour, 2022-01-13)


This is where I do my business banking and they know me so well there

Anthony Levy (Halifax, 2022-01-13)


I feel this is so inappropriate. Sheet Harbour is such a beautiful community with one bank! The population is mainly seniors that deserve to have this service available to them at anytime. We have to remember not all people, young and old have access to a computer. What has happened to our world. Please think seriously what affects this will have on the community.

Felicia Kindervater (Trenton, 2022-01-13)


We need to have the Scotiabank in Sheet Harbour! it has been here forever. Many people depend on this bank and do everyday banking here. Small businesses will suffer because of this if it closes. Also a huge portion of our community who do their banking at Scotiabank.

Jeannie Boutilier (Tangier, 2022-01-13)


It's so unfair to a small aging community

Jan G (Halifax , 2022-01-13)


I’m signing because this is where I do my banking. Scotiabank is the financial institute I prefer, and the staff I know & go above & beyond to help their clients.
I worry that our large senior population will be discouraged & also feel pressured to go elsewhere just to keep their finances local.
Our Scotiabank branch has helped our community in numerous fundraising events & that would be greatly missed by many non profits in our area.

Joni Josey Hubley (Tangier, 2022-01-13)


This is my bank who I deal with! Other than this Scotia bank, there is only 1 bank left in Sheet Harbour, which is inconvenient for everyone and all previous customers of the Scotia bank.
We need to keep our Scotia bank open! not everyone can access another branch due to long distance.

Autumne VanBuskirk (Tangier, Halifax NS, 2022-01-13)


I am from Sheet Harbour, have family there still and see the need for this branch to stay.

Erin LeForte (Lower Sackville, 2022-01-13)


The bank is a needed resource for the community, and will have a massive negative impact on the community.

Ethan Scrivens (Sheet harbour , 2022-01-13)


My small business has been using this branch since opening in 2000. I rely on this branch for many of my operating needs!!!

Cathy Bitar (Port Dufferin , 2022-01-13)


Sheet Harbour is a small town, if this branch closes, customers are forced to switch branches (the nearest which is over an hour away) or switch Financial Institutions. Switch financial institutions would be a big task to undertake. Neither are convenient options. We have a large senior population and this will create an extra burden on them. This is a big hit to a small town, more jobs lost for a town that already has few options. This is very sad day for the community.

Brent Boutilier (Sheet Harbour, 2022-01-13)


we need it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ralph and charlotte fisher (sheet hbr, 2022-01-13)


The bank is essential for all of the eastern shore

Zack Lowe (Sheet harbour, 2022-01-13)


Because this bank is part of my community I have a business and do all my banking here at scotia bank

Joann Asprey (Sheet Harbour, 2022-01-13)


community member and Scotiabank branch user

Chris MacKenzie (Spry Harbour, N S, 2022-01-13)


I have property in the area and we need this institution

Gary Leslie (Upper Musquodoboit, 2022-01-13)


Young families are slowly making their way back to sheet harbour, and taking away essential services and making them inaccessible to the average person, will have an affect on everyone within the community.

Michaela Hare (Eastern Passage, 2022-01-13)


I am signing the community needs this bank...small communities always pay a high price

Irva Boutilier (Halifax , 2022-01-13)


I opened my first bank account at age 13 with Scotiabank and have been a loyal customer for 53 years. This is the only bank for 80 km plus from our community. Our, older population, who this closure will harm the most, are the ones who supported Scotiabank for over 50 years. Where is the thanks and loyalty from your billion plus organization? Our older population cannot do their banking on line, like some of us can. To travel out of their community to do their banking is impossible. The communities Scotiabank, who helped build this bank, is the heartbeat of their home town. SHAME on you Scotiabank for your heartless/thoughtless act. This has shown us, your customers do not actually matter, as you so advertise. Maybe our community needs to advertise what you are doing!!! Please show our community and the public at large, that you are a people's bank and remain open.

Inez Purcell (Popes Harbour, 2022-01-13)


I want it to stay here

Roselyn Chand-DeCoste (Sheet harbour , 2022-01-13)


I live and eork in this community and I need a local bank

Jonathan Cumminger (Sheet harbour, 2022-01-13)


I’m in total shock and disgusted that Scotia Bank would even consider closing the doors of our only Scotia Bank In our small town. It’s definitely a great asset to our community and gets lots of use. Our organizations and local businesses use this financial institution on a daily basis. The next Scotia Bank is 2 hours away and our seniors and a lot of others don’t travel out of the community for mobility or other reasons. We have a lot of elderly and lots of others who do not have computers or cell phones or internet to use. Also a lot do not know how to use online banking. Our bank is always there when a fundraiser is going on to help support local. The workers at our bank here in Sheet harbour are amazing and go above and beyond to help you with any banking needs. It’s a big mistake to take our Scotia Bank out of our community after all these years. Very unacceptable. We will fight to keep our bank here. We deserve to keep our Scotia Bank here in Sheet harbour. Our whole community will be affected by this closing of Scotia Bank.

Lorraine Boutilier (Halifax .Co , 2022-01-13)


I use this bank

Hailey MacDonald (Gaetz Brook, 2022-01-13)


I agree with all of the above reasons.

Venita Fraser (Harrigan Cove , 2022-01-13)


I do my banking at this branch!

Coady Keefe (Ecum Secum, 2022-01-13)


I have used this branch the past 40 years. It also needs to remain in a small community a lot seniors cannot afford to have internet so are unable to do on line banking.
It will be a lost of jobs and income be spent in the local area.

Ernest Tibert (Sherbrooke , 2022-01-14)


I care that it stays in the community of Sheet Harbour

Mary Ann Cameron (Sherbrooke , 2022-01-14)


I do not have online accounts.

Cathy Farris (Sheet Harbour, 2022-01-14)


The Scotiabank in Sheet Harbour is a requiem service, especially since the community has been growing. How can a community function without these basic services? Also not everyone has the ability to travel outside Sheet Harbour.

Sonja Frazier (Vancouver, 2022-01-14)


There are many older community members who rely on this service because they don’t do online banking. The next closest Scotiabank is over an hour drive away and it’s completely unrealistic to ask out community to drive this distance to get to a bank. Our community keeps losing services and resources and it’s unacceptable.

Robyn Murphy (Sheet Harbour, 2022-01-14)


The elderly in this area need a place to do their banking! It is not right to take away how they do banking.

Tanya Logan (Eastern Passage , 2022-01-14)


Our seniors are not computer savvy. They need to be able to pay their bills.

Josey Pam (HRM, 2022-01-14)


This is the only bank within 100 miles and is necessary to our way of life in the country. As a senior town, people dont travel far to take care of daily needs.

Dawna Tibert (Moser river, 2022-01-14)


We have a small business, we rely on Scotia Bank for our banking needs.

Lawrence Hardy (Necum Teuch, 2022-01-14)


I’m signing because it’s a blow to the community and it is a needed business

Boutilier Tina (Sheet Harbour, 2022-01-14)


The branch is very important in our small community. The next closest scotiabank is likely an hour and a bit away if you ha e a car and the means to travel!
Please keep it open!

Heather Smiley (Port dufferin, 2022-01-14)


I rely on this financial institution and have used this bank my whole life. The next closest Scotiabank is over an hour away! Many in this community rely on this bank and many are seniors without the means to travel!
We need this branch to remain open!

Jennifer Lowe (Tangier, 2022-01-14)


I use this bank regularly, I am a senior who doesn’t want to travel long distances to do my banking. I have used this branch since 1996 when my husband retired.

Cher Russell (Sheet Harbour, NS, 2022-01-14)


It’s not fair to are elders who don't travel or do online banking in are community they rely on the tellers and it’s hard enough to get a job in the community and its very unfair to the staff to be put out of work.

Cassie Whitman (Port Dufferin , 2022-01-14)


Scotiabank is the only major bank with in a 75 klm radius

Bridget Boutilier (Sheet Harbour, 2022-01-14)


We keep losing things in our community, our community will not survive if they take Scotia bank away,people will leave our small town, The elderly depend on the Scotia bank.

Wendy Pye (Port Dufferin, 2022-01-14)


My family lives there and they need their bank. I also bank with Scotiabank and appreciate having a branch nearby when I visit

Stephanie Russell (Collingwood, 2022-01-14)


I want Scotia Bank to stay open in Sheet Harbour

Sherry Boutilier (Sheet Harbour, 2022-01-14)


The seniors in our community do not do online. We need to service them.

Julie Hogg (Sheet Harbour, 2022-01-14)


ascot bank has made huge profits year after year and this cost cutting manauver iLife closing the branch is pennies to them. But will impact negatively on so many

Kellie Hawley (Dartmouth , 2022-01-14)


I love my Scotia Bank

DIANNA Westhaver (Sheet Harbour, 2022-01-14)


Rural Areas keep getting shoved in the Shit deeper every day it seems......

Ralph Burns (sherbrooke, 2022-01-14)


I’m signing because our community has supported Scotiabank for 105 years. We have come to depend on this branch and now they don’t need us anymore! Shameful!!

Maryann Woodworth (Sheet Harbour, 2022-01-14)


I am signing because it seems we in rural Nova Scotia loose as banks want to get richer. We need banks in small rural areas, we don’t always transportation to drive miles to another bank. And the next closest may not be a Scotiabank.

Pat Hartlen (Tatamagouche , 2022-01-14)


I am signing because my friend's dad lives in Sheet Harbour. He is a senior.

Janice Van Dine (Dartmouth, 2022-01-14)


It’s not productive to make things harder for the town. Another bank will see the opportunity and slide into the customer base. If that happens, anyone would switch over.

Matthew Whaley (Dartmouth, 2022-01-14)


I use this bank for many things that I cannot do at a bank machine i have followed in my mother's footsteps as she had used this bank for over 50 years It was the older generation who built this branch up to what it is today It is very important to this community

Denise Burns (Halifax County, 2022-01-14)


Keep the Scotiabank open

Claire Williams (Sheet harbour, 2022-01-14)


I am a business owner on the Eastern Shore. I do my business and personal banking at the sheet harbour branch, as well as investments through scotiabank.
I rarely travel into the city and never travel to Truro. If the branch does in fact close, scotiabank will lose my business as I will have no other choice but to take my banking needs to a nearby competitor.

Adam Cooper (Tangier, 2022-01-14)


Sheet Harbour citizens especially the elderly need access to in person banking needs without the ability to travel

Jessica Gillis (Dartmouth , 2022-01-14)


As banks encourages us to use online banking, it only works where there is internet service. Alot of people that depend on this bank don't have access to the internet! Shame on Scotia Bank and sad that in 2021 not everyone has internet access. Unacceptable!

Tina Havlik (Sheet Harbour, 2022-01-14)


I have many elderly relatives and family friends who live within a 20 km radius of the Scotiabank in Sheet Harbour. They no longer travel great distances and would be unable to access the next closest Scotiabank building which is over 1 hour away.
Many Seniors, as well as some younger people, cannot or are uncomfortable with accessing online banking or using banking machines. The closing of the bank in Sheet Harbour will further decrease the independence of the very people who have been loyal and faithful customers of the bank for many decades.
I foresee that many current customers will not just go to the next closest bank but will close their accounts with Scotiabank and move to the other local banking institution with a physical building in the community.
In my opinion this is a very short sighted decision made by a multi-billion dollar company which has made profits even in the face of the COVID pandemic.
Scotiabank Head Office please reassess this closure. Look not just at the profit margins. Instead look at the area where this bank is actually located, the surrounding communities which rely on the Sheet Harbour Branch and the distance to the next actual Scotiabank Building.
Please reconsider the closing of the Scotiabank Branch in Sheet Harbour.

Valinda Kennedy (Gimli, 2022-01-14)


I use Scotiabank weekly,it's close,convienant,staff are amazing.Why would you want to close it.stop forcing people to do online banking so your multi Billion dollar business can get richer...shame on you.

Charlene Mackinley (Halifax, 2022-01-14)


Scotia bank in sheet harbour is a resource that many who do not and or cannot travel outside of their community use. In addition not only you do receive quality customer service from all the amazing LOCAL employees but you would be removing a resource from a small community thus segregating them even farther… small communities struggle daily with lack of resources and by taking this resource away you provide another reason for individuals to not move to a small community.

Madison Harpell (7036 highway 289 , 2022-01-14)


My who elderly family are in Thai community and most of them do not drive! This is absolutely an outrageous thing to do to this small community!

Rachel Norwood (Sheet Harbour, 2022-01-14)


My first bank account was at this branch. My parents and other family members pay their normal household bills at this bank. They are not online computer users. I feel like it is leaving them stranded. It would be a terrible loss for the community.

Tracy Josey (Truro, NS, 2022-01-14)


We need to keep our Scotiabank . I feel the same as everyone else.

Janet Spears (Sheet Harbour, 2022-01-14)


Closing this bank is simply a “wrong decision”!!!!! There are no other nearby towns! The level of personal service received here feels good. Not everyone is in the online world! We have many seniors who depend on this bank. I, in my 50s, who has been banking there since 1995 and now live 40 minutes away, STILL use this bank! I am sickened to learn of this big city decision who, likely has no clue of the impact such a decision would have on the community members! Disgusting! the phrase, Take the money and run, comes to mind; our bloody service charges and interest rates on services. Very disappointing!

Kathleen Canning (Lake Charlotte, 2022-01-14)


Scotiabank needs to reassess this poor decision.

Joanne Maynard (Spry Bay, N.S., 2022-01-14)


I believe Scotiabank needs to show the same loyalty it encourages from its customers!

David Maynard (Spry Bay, N.S., 2022-01-14)


This is a province with a lot of small rural communities who are trying to rebuild in difficult times. Banks are an essential service, especially for our elderly population who can’t travel hours to do in person banking.

Renée Umberger (Bellingham, 2022-01-15)


Come on....they need we need a bank, automation isn't everything!

Cheryl Adamson (Waverley NS, 2022-01-15)


My family had been there since 1784 - I’ve come down every summer of my life and am planning to retire in Sheet Harbour in 3 years. I am passionate about helping this community grow NOT shrink any more than it has.

Banks have been built on the backs of each and every person in this community and how dare they remove an essential service when their profits are still significant.

If they can do this to the only major community that has services between Musquodoboit Harbour and Sherbrooke, then they will continue to do this to any small community that isn’t deemed profitable enough. Shame shame shame.

Leslie Adamson (Bellingham , 2022-01-15)


I grew up In port dufferin and my first and current bank account was opened in sheet harbour , all my family is still there using this bank and so many people use this branch and most are elderly and rely on this service as they don’t use online or telephone banking . We need to keep the bank for all our community businesses and all our family’s that don’t have the means to go further into city to do banking

Shelly Pye (Glen haven, 2022-01-15)


We have many elderly people in our community who will not be able to travel to the nearest scotia bank and they do not have the capability to do online banking. Our businesses will also suffer.

Donna Levy (Sheet Harbour, 2022-01-15)


Scotia Bank is needed and appreciated. A lot of real estate is being purchased in this area and the new residents deserve a Bank . Also every community needs competition.

Heather Myers (TANGIER, 2022-01-15)


My family lives in Sheet Harbour!

Christal Levy (Hamilton, 2022-01-15)


Only bank for miles and services many communities. Not everyone lives in Halifax. This is absolutely ridiculous.

Linda Pearson (Tangier, 2022-01-15)


I’m signing because institutions like a bank have been at the heart of communities. Not all community residents are able to access such services online (especially with unreliable internet or cellular service). In cases, it serves to be a social interaction that has become a ritual (good for mental health). And, loss of local jobs that invest in the community.

Krista Mason (Head of Jeddore, 2022-01-15)


I’m signing because one my sister is employed there. Secondly what are the elderly people in Sheet Harbour? Many have dealt with scotiabank for years. Then the businesses that depend on the bank to deposit there money, get change etc, are they expected to drive at the least 1 hr away? Many of the elderly in the community do not do online banking and a lot don’t drive themselves but travel with someone who helps them get there groceries/do there banking. For many of these elderly people it is a day out run errand, have lunch and to just be out chatting with the bank tellers. Many will not be able to make a 1 hr trip out of town, and why should they need to? Businesses, why should they be made to go a hr out of town for change, deposit cash. While it may seem simple to others to travel may be impossible for others. So should they take there business to the credit union in turn losing many customers? I can not understand the logic in a aging community. I also can not imagine they are not busy enough. Employees will struggle in a already short job opportunities, be forced to travel, taking time that could very well be spent serving the community the businesses. The elderly many are on fixed incomes now I’d they choose to stay with a scotiabank they will be forced to stretch there budget even more. The other businesses will suffer because if people are going out of town to bank most likely they will shop while away to get better prices. I’d like to know how they justify losing customers is helping them benefit from loyal customers and businesses?

Heather Currie

Heather Currie (Elmsdale, 2022-01-15)


The thought of having to drive to another branch is awful when it's right here. Our Scotiabank does so much for the community.
Scotiabank has given ne a financial freedom I didn't know was possible . This is a tremendous loss to our community

Catherine MacDonald (Tangier, 2022-01-15)


We need our bank not everyone can travel to go to another bank .

Elizabeth MacDonald (Sheet harbour, 2022-01-15)


I’m signing because the community has a lot of elders and what would they do without this for them when they don’t do online.

Amber Gerrard (Sheet Harbour, 2022-01-15)


Because Sheet Harbour has supported Scotia bank for many years and this is the thanks they get . Not acceptable

Susan Callahan (East Chezzetcook, 2022-01-15)


We need this service in our community for elderly people plus businesses as we are so far from another Scotiabank

Dale Levy (Sheet Harbour , 2022-01-15)


Have always done my banking since I was 16. Sheet Harbour branch since 1994. All accounts and investments with them. As a small community with large Senior base we need this branch to stay open. Not everyone does on line banking or ATM fine if in a larger community or city. Start thinking about who you are serving. Is this to save more for investors? Making a net income of $6,853 million for 2020 is not enough I guess.

Neil Parnell (Sheet Harbour Psssage , 2022-01-15)


I deal with Scotia Bank in Sheet Harbour because I am a senior and cannot travel to town every week just to do my banking. The staff are kind, considerate, warm, and friendly. They are family.

Barbara Jones (Tangier, 2022-01-15)


I grew up in sheet hbr, visit regularly. My son and myself have also secured loans at this branch. My family has used this branch for 40 plus years. This community depends on and has supported thus branch for a very long time. Leaving removes a vital essential service, especially for the elderly and those without stable transportation. This is unacceptable

Sarah Martin (Lower Sackville, 2022-01-15)


I live in this community and losing this Scotia Bank will negatively affect many people here.

Brian Lowe (Sheet Harbour, 2022-01-15)


It has been in the area for 100 yrs..There are many older people, who have no computer access, or vehicle, so therefore they would have to hire someone to take them at least 100 km to a Scotiabank Think of all the businesses that deal with Scotiabank.

Colleen Pace (Ecum Secum, 2022-01-15)


For jobs that will leave the community and plus they will spend money someplace else if traveling so it will effect other business in the area. The seniors that don't do online banking plus if there is something that needs to be done at a branch it is 1.5hrs to a bank for anyone that chooses to stay with scotiabank.

Jeff Currie (East Ship Harbour, 2022-01-15)


I’m signing this petition because I think it’s absolutely unfair to be closing the Sheet Harbour location, there are too many elderly residents who rely on a neighbour to bring them to the harbour for their banking and grocery needs. It’s not right to try and make these individuals use online, telephone, or travel over an hour to do their banking, especially in a community where cell reception and internet access is very spotty. It is very selfish of Scotiabank to even consider to close the Sheet Harbour location.

Heather Murphy (Sheet Harbour, 2022-01-15)


I have done business at this bank for the past 10 years since moving to the area. Due to medical reasons I am unable to drive and therefor will be unable to do banking in the area. I appreciate being able to call our local bank and ask banking questions and be treated as a person rather than just a number .

patricia ruggles (Sheet Harbour, 2022-01-15)


I’m signing because my family lives there and it is hard to travel into town as it is! You are also taking away more local jobs!

Lisa Mercier (Gibbons, 2022-01-15)


This bank has been a staple piece of infrastructure here in the community and provides a valuable service, especially for those who can’t do online banking such as the elderly or those that can’t afford our poor internet service here. Its the only Scotiabank within a great deal of distance and people travel to our community to use it. I own a business in the local area and we refer many tourists to the Scotiabank for their cash withdrawal needs when our internet goes down and our POS system will not take debit or credit. This is a critical business within the community. As “The Bank of NOVA SCOTIA” I feel it has a certain duty to provide for Nova Scotians in all corners of the province.

Rebecca Atkinson (Sheet harbour , 2022-01-15)


As a Local Business (grocery store) which uses Scotiabank we are deeply upset to see this bank close in our community.! We are unable to bank with another financial institution!

Lisa Bilyk (Port Dufferin , 2022-01-15)


This corporation has been in the community fir more than a century! The nearest branch is over a hour away. Scotiabank should be a more compassionate to its clientele.

David Hendsbee (Westphal, 2022-01-15)


This is an essential service that we, as a community require and rely on.

Chelsea Herrmann (Moser River, 2022-01-15)


We just moved to the area and thankful to have a Scotiabank because this is the bank we deal with. My husband and I each have personal and business accounts with Scotiabank. We were close to leaving Scotiabank previously because of unnecessary cheque holds but decided to remain with them because of a branch in the local area.

The corporate greed is hard to fathom especially the impact on small communities that struggle to stay alive. Nova Scotia is seeing a growth in population and all levels of government should step in to keep our communities alive and vibrant!!! Keep Sheet Harbour Scotiabank open!!!

Jeannette Kennedy (Mushaboom, 2022-01-15)


This is not right the bank has been here so long and the community needs it.

Cheryl Tilden (Popes Harbour, 2022-01-15)

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