Retain Our Green Space – Orlynn Park Green, Adjacent to the Forge & Remount Farm Lusk (Motion 749)



I play here with my kids and wish to see it retained as an open space.

Declan Brady (Dublin, 2022-01-25)


Resident of Lusk who thinks its important to have some open space for our children to use and play on

Elaine Mulvaney (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


we've enough bad development in lusk

dylan kelly (LUSK, CO. DUBLIN, 2022-01-25)


I'm signing this because, lusk it's built up enough already leave the rest alone. Before you sick another 50 -60 houses in an area full with amenities for adults and kids alike.

Alan Stimpson (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


Paul Wylie Wylie (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


I am signing this as I want to retain the green space

Kevin Doyle (Lusk , 2022-01-25)


I live opposite the green open space in Racecourse Green and use this space regularly. If built on we would have no access to any open area close by.
This is an area for all the residents of Lusk to have use of.

Una Farrell (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


I'm signing because Lusk as a village has become a building site with minimal effort to improve the infrastructure within, or surrounding the town.

Mark Gormley (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


I grew up in lusk my sister is resident in Orlynn Park.. I think what developers have done to lusk over the years is horrendous what was once a beautiful village is now like a concrete jungle... Very sad....

antoinette Dorgan (Drogheda , 2022-01-25)


My kids play in this area and it should be retained as open space for recreation.

Gary Dignam (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


We need more Green spaces!!

Steven Farrell (Dublin, 2022-01-25)


I want this open space left as id.

This is used by the neighbourefd

Bernie Keogh (Dublin, 2022-01-25)


I am signing this petition as it is critical all Green Space is preserved and made full use of by all individuals and sporting clubs.
For too long Lusk has had nothing but houses built with no facilities and it is critical that limited greenspace is preserved and more delivered.

Eamon MCBride (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


We need to keep as much green space as we can in Lusk as there is far too many housing developments happening and not enough recreational activities for local people

Alan Duffy (Dublin, 2022-01-25)


We need this green space in Lusk!

Louise Fogarty (Dublin, 2022-01-25)


Retain the green space in Orlynn Park. It’s disgraceful every available piece of green space is being used for housing with no proper amenities.

Catherine O driscoll (Dublin , 2022-01-25)


To ensure green space is retained in Lusk as development continues everywhere. There are football pitches in that area that need to be protected

David Mooney (Dublin, 2022-01-25)


Leave our green spaces alone

betty lynch (Dublin, 2022-01-25)


The area is used as a green space within the community. There have been a number of green spaces recently in the area of Lusk taken over for development with little to no consideration given to the local community green spaces or infrastructure in the area. At some stage we need to stop with the housing developments and invest in the area for the benefit of the community and future generations.

Catherine Lambe (Lusk, Co.Dublin, 2022-01-25)


The quality of life for Lusk residents is constantly being eroded due to the many ongoing building projects and too few improvements in much needed community sports facilities. We need more green spaces and not less. This green space was already minimised when The Forge was built. Enough is enough, please stop building more houses. Lusk desperately needs recreational facilities now for our children and not more houses.

Sarah Moore (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


The over development of lusk with out any other infrastructure is ruining this once quiet village.

John Sutton (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


I’m signing because as a resident of forge close this is important to maintain as a open space area. A lot of developments are being build with no extra amenities, but green areas need to be kept in equal measure for recreational purposes.

Brian Montague (Dublin, 2022-01-25)


We need open more open space in the village

Laura Donoghue (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


It's the right thing to do!!

Stephen Minogue (Dublin , 2022-01-25)


Children need green space to play!!!

Nicola Bird (Dublin, 2022-01-25)


Too many houses in lusk already and no infrastructure to support further delvelopments.

Ruth Lambert (Dublin , 2022-01-25)


Orlynn Park needs all the green that is left!

Aoife Condit de Espino (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


This land has been used as Open Space by the residents of Lusk for many years and retaining it as Open Space must be a priority as part of this Development Plan Process.

Amanda Boylan (Dublin , 2022-01-25)


We need the green space

John O Brien Bsc (Dublin , 2022-01-25)


There is far too many houses and not enough green spaces and amenities in lusk to deal and sustain all these houses.

Miriam Cronin (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


I'm signing because this area has been used as open space by the residents of Lusk for many years, and retaining it as open space must be a priority as part of the Development Plan process

Donal Sherry (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


Seriously? The infrastructure is already overburdened. Traffic is getting difficult. Anti-social behaviour is rampant - theres nothing for kids to do. And now they want to cram more tightly packed housing into our rapidly diminishing greenspace. Enough is enough. Give us a library, skate park, community facilities. We dont need more houses, coffee shops or supermarkets!

Adam Channing (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


I use this Open Space with my daughter all the time and it is essential to the character of the neighbourhood and the mental health of the residents to have open green spaces. This was especially evident during lockdowns over the past two years, when open spaces like this gave us a safe escape during a dangerous time.

Meadhbh Cleary (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


I am signing because there is to much housing development taking place within Lusk and not enough thought put into facilities for the now “town”. Considerable consideration needs to be given in relation to public transport, sports/
Recreational facilities, retail and outdoor green space for the all ready large population within Lusk. Adding additional housing while good, and needed for the population, there is a great need for facilities within Lusk at this moment in time.

Alastair Forbes (Dublin, 2022-01-25)


I live here and need green space for my kids and dog walks.

Barbara Faulkner (Dublin, 2022-01-25)


Need more green space!

Anastasiya Winogradova (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


There is enough housing in Lusk and sites that are zoned for more.
Lusk United teams play matches on that green and theres a tennis court too. This area is used especially spring&summer.

Dee Walker (Dublin , 2022-01-25)


We need more recreational zones.

Pavel Yakimenko (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


I'm signing because Lusk is already saturated with housing and no added facilities for our children or indeed ourselves.

David Walker (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


I live here and we need the space

Sam Blair (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


It is one of the few green spaces left in the area. Children use it to play on in the evenings.

Pauline McCormack (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


I live here and the area needs play space for the children and adults

Carol Coakley (Dublin, 2022-01-25)


Lusk badly needs to retain the very small amount of green space that it has left. Developers/ Fingal County Council are building houses endlessly, giving the people of Lusk little thought. We dont have sufficent green space for sport as it is. It is imperative that Lusk doesnt turn in to a concrete jungle with little space for our Children/ grandchilden to play

Louise Henshaw (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


It's vital to retain green spaces such as Orlynn Park for children ,for planting trees for the people of Lusk to enjoy.This country must retain green spaces because it enhances the quality of life for people,provides access to the natural world in our over polluted world.

Kathleen Seaver (Kilkenny , 2022-01-25)


Kids need green Space.Over development in Lusk

David Dennis (Lusk,Co.Dublin, 2022-01-25)


Because some things are better as green spaces rather than a cluster of houses more amenities roe Lusk rather that just houses and apartments

Barry Cruise (Dublin Lusk , 2022-01-25)


Enough is enough. Stop rezoning open spaces within existing developments. Dwyer Nolan already took a section of this green to build the access road into The Forge. I

Chris Hussey (Lusk, Dublin, 2022-01-25)


We need green, social and play spaces urgently in area

Senan Grange Grange (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


As a resident of Orlynn Park for 30 years this green open space is essential for all.

Yvonne Cheevers (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


I would like to retain this space and have it used as a recreational area. Which is needed.

Paul Gibbons (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


I live in the Forge estate- we need our green area

Annette Smith (Dublin , 2022-01-25)


The area is in front of my house on forge avenue and my children play there everyday. It is an enclosed safe space surrounded by a main road and a very busy residential road. It is 100% essential to keep it as an open space.

Hayley Gibbons (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


There is too many houses in this area and no heritage being kept which is very disappointing

sean Orourke (Co dublin, 2022-01-25)


It is crucial to maintain the Open Space in Olynn Park. The town needs more public open spaces and this area needs to secured for the use of local residents.

Renata Moore (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


Open Space used for Play & our son grew up playing soccer in that space. It is a shame how the green spaces of Lusk slowly turn to concrete & looking at the changes in the past 20 years there less open space, quiet sade space for children to play, hedgerows & trees all obliterated for Developers gains at every expense of a Community.

Damien McGttrick (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


I’m signing this because we have enough houses and not enough outdoor playgrounds or excercise machines . To use this space would mean our Football club would loose a pitch to play on. We want our children to be able to play outside get fresh air and enjoy having fun with friends .we don’t need houses on this green area

Olivia Byrne (Dublin , 2022-01-25)


I’m signing this petition because I live in Orlynn Park and see erosion if green space at a time when more houses have been built . Green space is a vital amenity for residence well being and recreation. I object to any action by the council that shrinks the size of open green space on or near Orlynn Park .

Carina Forbes (Lusk, 2022-01-25)


Green space needs to be retained as so many houses are being built in a very small village.

Fiona Wells (Dublin, 2022-01-26)


I want this green area to be kept as an open space where the community can continue to use and appreciate it.

Keith Nevin (Dublin, 2022-01-26)

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