We Oppose COVID-19 Injections of NC School Children



We are free people

Jonathan Almond (Concord , 2022-01-28)


Put our children first!!! They are not a virus and should NOT be treated as one.

Liz Stankavage (Charlotte, 2022-01-28)


This insanity needs to stop

Shari Wetherspoon (Hiddenite, 2022-01-28)


It’s an atrocity to vaccinate children who have a 99.9% recovery rate.
Where is the “peer review “ in reference to the effectiveness of vaccines and natural immunity. Check out the scientific reports from the UK and Israel amongst other countries.

Ingrid Streisand (Leland, 2022-01-28)


It’s criminal to give these life destroying shots to the citizens including the kids

Karen Worth (Mooresville, 2022-01-28)


Vaccination, as all medical interventions should be weighed carefully and privately by individuals and their providers - not mandated.

Lauren Cain (Midland, 2022-01-28)


As vaccinated persons can still get infected and transmit COVID, there's no logical rationale for COVID shot mandates. The clinical trial studies for COVID shots did not address transmission, but only addressed reducing symptoms, as explained in the applications submitted to the FDA to obtain Emergency Use Authorization. EUA products are by definition experimental and consequently federal law requires “the option to accept or refuse administration of the product.”

The Oct. 2020 Yahoo article, in which Dr. Anthony Fauci was quoted, explained that “…any inoculations developed now are focused on simply preventing symptoms, rather than blocking out the virus altogether.”

Under the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and reinforced by the PREP Act, vaccine makers are immune from liability and cannot be sued. Vaccine makers have long records of serial felonies and have paid out tens of billions of dollars for crimes, including fraud and violating the False Claims Act. Where there is risk, there must be informed consent and freedom of choice.

Prior trials for similar mRNA vaccines failed when trial animals vaccinated with mRNA shots became very ill when infected with the actual virus, with most dying due to Antibody Dependent Enhancement.

Both Pfizer’s and Moderna’s mRNA vaccines contain polyethylene glycol, while J&J’s vaccine contains polysorbate 80, compounds that cause anaphylaxis reactions. Aborted human fetal cell lines being used in the J&J shot pose serious safety concerns, not to mention significant moral objections.

Dr. Fauci and NIH NIAID staff scientists share joint ownership of COVID-19 vaccine patents with Moderna, constituting a highly disturbing conflict of interest, with Moderna benefiting from $2.5 billion in federal funding.

Dr. Fauci provided $7.4 million in U.S. funding for illegal coronavirus gain-of-function research conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. Members of Congress have called for an investigation into the Institute’s role in SARS-CoV-2 outbreak. Private investigation of 70 coronavirus patents and related NIH NIAID grants are damning.

As of Jan. 7, 2022, in the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System or VAERS, over one million adverse events have been reported, including over 21,000 deaths, over 11,000 heart attacks, over 25,000 cases of myocarditis or pericarditis and nearly 13,000 cases of Bell’s palsy, not to mention miscarriages and adverse effects on reproduction. These figures are undercounted by a factor of at least 5 if not 20, as Harvard’s earlier Lazarus study showed that only 1% of vaccine adverse events were being reported to VAERS.

A whistleblower from Moderna released a confidential internal notice showing Moderna received 300,000 vaccine adverse event reports in the first three months alone. Responding to a query by ABC’s news station WYXZ-TV, over 250,000 Facebook users posted comments detailing serious injuries and deaths occurring shortly after vaccination,

These wide-ranging vaccine reactions affecting bodily systems gives testament to the pervasive mechanisms of injury. Nurses and doctors are testifying nationwide how their hospitals are hiding vaccine injury, but they are being met with censorship and intimidation.

In stark contrast, COVID and all variants are highly treatable with proven phased multi-drug protocols using the antivirals ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, anti-inflammatories, anti-coagulants and supplements that are saving lives worldwide. See FLCCC and AAPS.

The original COVID variant for which the shots were supposedly developed is extinct and the Emergency Use Authorization shots have no effect on the currently circulating Omicron variant causing the vast majority of cases, for which the symptoms are mild like the cold.

Children and youth have had a 99.998 % rate of survival against COVID and variants; analysis risks of harm children and youth and healthy adults without co-morbidities far outweigh any infinitesimally tiny benefit. We demand a reasoned, scientific data based COVID policy that recognizes the age stratification where elderly seniors are 1000 times more likely to die than youth and where 40% of deaths from COVID happened in patients in nursing homes.

We the citizens of NC and especially the parents and their children deserve full rights of bodily autonomy as inalienable human rights under the Constitution Bill of Rights, state and federal laws, and the Nuremburg Code. Stop these shots and mandates now.

Laurie Timmermann (Asheville, 2022-01-28)


For a low-to-zero risk group, there is no reason to mandate an injection that is demonstrably ineffective against COVID.

David Capper (Charlotte, 2022-01-28)


Kids should not be forced into experimental medical treatments that are clearly causing harm and do not stop the spread of a virus that is no more dangerous than the common cold.

David Daniels (Fort Mill, 2022-01-28)


1. The science does not support vaccinating children and in fact, based on some childhood ailments could evoke negative outcomes.
2. The vaccination of a child is a decision that should be made between the parents and their doctor.

John DeMartini (Leland, 2022-01-28)



Rod Allman (Locust, 2022-01-28)


It’s no one’s choice but my own on if MY child gets a vaccine. I don’t believe any child should be part of a trial vaccination!!! It’s WRONG in SO MANY WAYS!!!!

Jamie Funes (Troutman, 2022-01-28)


I'm signing because I believe in medical freedom, and I believe that where there is risk there must be choice.

Jennifer Dacey (New Bern, 2022-01-28)


Medical freedom!!

Amanda Leung (New Bern, 2022-01-28)


I'm signing this because I don't believe forcing a barely tested vaccine, that by the numbers doesn't stop anything and it's not needed for us to get thru covid. Plenty of studies world wide that show we don't need the vaccine and natural immunity is stronger.

Nicholas Passmore (New Bern, 2022-01-28)


Children who are at little risk from Covid, should not be forced to be vaccinated. Their parents and doctor should make that choice.

David Mitchell (Belmont, 2022-01-29)


I’m signing because I disagree with mandatory vaccines for school children. The vaccines have been causing heart illness in the young. Not all medicines are for everybody. The State of NC cannot take away the right of the parent to refuse the vaccine. Vaccines have been used for diseases and NOT for viruses, and the drug companies won’t reveal what is in the vaccines. Don’t experiment with our children!!

Alicia Slavis (Bolivia, 2022-01-29)


Nuremberg 2 is coming. History has taught us where forced injections lead.

Sean Higgins (Charlotte , 2022-01-29)


Children should not be forced to take an experimental jab that they don’t need.

Leonor Thomas (Bolivia, 2022-01-29)


Mandatory injections for anyone, especially children, has proven to be NOT in the best interest of the public and is only a product of and reaction to fear. Additionally, parents are custodians of their children, not a government bureaucrat. Government mandates regarding medical decisions for anyone violates the US Constitution.

Nix John (Atlantic Beach, NC, 2022-01-29)


No way my children will be part of a medical experiment on society.

jacquie Barker (Durham , 2022-01-29)


Mandates don’t belong in America. I hate communists. People will pay for their crimes against children.

Jeremy Wilson (Mooresville , 2022-01-29)


Vaccines are not the answer!!

Shane Hingson (Taylorsville , 2022-01-29)


I’m signing because the complications far exceed the benefits

Tracy Derby (New Bern, 2022-01-29)


You should never require this untested and dangerous mRNA vaccine, which it truly isn’t, to young children! They are not the one’s at risk!! This is chins abuse and you will be held accountable! Too many children are getting myocarditis, seizures, and worse! Stop this now please!

Jane Smolnik Boyd (Canton , 2022-01-29)


I am a healthcare professional with >30 years experience and these vaccines are dangerous, according to the CDC VAERS website with > 30,000 injuries in children ALREADY. A childs' risk of dying from a bicycle accident is 1000x greater than dying of Covid. Vaccinating children is NOT critical based thinking or a reflection on accurate science.

christa roseberry (Hiddenite, 2022-01-29)


I am completely opposed to this

AnnMarie Romano (Stony Point, NC, 2022-01-29)


It is abhorrently wrong and irresponsible to inject Childers with a drug that has less than one year since it’s inception. There is no person on earth who can predict the eventual effects of a drug that obviously and historically demonstrates it is ineffective in preventing the very virus it was created to combat

Robert Annas (TAYLORSVILLE , 2022-01-29)


Personal choices are no one else’s.

George Tilley (Bahama, 2022-01-29)


I am an American, and forcing people to do things they do not want to do is not the American way.

Edwin J Beckley Jr (Ocean Isle Beach, 2022-01-29)


I believe vaccinations are a parents choice! Additionally there has not been enough research and studies to show the validation of this vaccine!

Matthew Reese (Taylorsville, 2022-01-29)


Children are NOT high risk for this virus. The vaccine does not prevent getting the virus. It does not prevent spreading the virus. It has caused harm to some. Has not been studied enough. The government has no right to FORCE what goes into our bodies. Those who have had the virus have NATURAL IMMUNITY. We will defend our rights as parents to make the health decisions for our children. Medicine is NOT one-size-fits-all. Follow the science!

Stephanie Hall (Southport, 2022-01-29)


Vaccine untested and unnecessary

John Lewis (Wake Forest, 2022-01-29)


I am signing because this COVID shot has the potential of doing serious harm both in the short term (e.g. myocarditis) and long term (neurological, reproductive damage, etc). For the most part, children do not become seriously I’ll nor die from COVID.

Dr. Judith Patterson (Leland, 2022-01-29)


No to mandates

Stephanie Krzich (Newport, 2022-01-29)


I am opposed to mandates that anyone, especially children receive vaccinations.

Elsie Oakes (Denver , 2022-01-29)


Stop the insanity.

David Olson (Charlotte, 2022-01-29)


They are not at risk, period. This is purely for optics, not actual safety.

Ryan Day (Hickory, 2022-01-29)


Based on scientific facts , healthy children do not need the vaccine.

Patricia Roberts (Leland, 2022-01-29)


The data overwhelmingly proves that the threat of Covid infection in children is minimal and doesn’t justify any mandatory requirement for vaccination. I cannot, in good conscience, give my child a vaccine that could harm his long term health and wellness.

Claire Kunigonis (New Bern, 2022-01-29)


If nothing else, what goes into our bodies should remain our choice, especially something that has no long term safety studies and has insufficient safety data. (The safety data insert is BLANK)

Rose Jerome (Black Mountain, 2022-01-29)


Covid-19 vax is one of the biggest scams our govt has inflected on its citizens

Mel Foels (leland , 2022-01-29)


These so-called vaccines are unreasonable and unhealthy…parents must make decisions for their children’s healthcare.

Laurel Veeder (Cary, 2022-01-29)


Studies have shown children are at the least risk and least affected of all age groups. We need to know All Ingredients before anyone is injected with this vaccine and that has not been made publicly available.

Patricia Carter (Clemmons, 2022-01-29)


Pamela Roberts=Reynolds

Pamela Roberts-Reynolds (Mt Holly, 2022-01-29)


I am against forced vaccinations in anyone especially in our children.

Haley Brown (Conover , 2022-01-29)


I am signing this because I do not believe the schools have any reason to tell me what my children need medically.

Dan Parker (Oak Islamd, 2022-01-29)


Our children do not need the covid “vaccine”. Especially mine who have already had covid.

Susan Hughes (Greensboro , 2022-01-29)


I feel this should be parents choice not the schools

Karrie Hensley (Leland, 2022-01-29)


I am a school teacher in NC Public schools. I am advocating for my students.

Kari Dixon (High Point, 2022-01-30)


Parents should have the choice of whether to vaccinate their children or not!

Ashley Reese (Taylorsville , 2022-01-30)


I feel there isn’t enough research behind the vaccine and the long term effects are still unknown. I don’t feel comfortable giving it to my children. It should be the parents choice.

Amanda Sykes (Riegelwood, 2022-01-30)


There is not enough information on the long term effects of the vaccine to make it mandatory for children.

Beverly Brown (Southport, 2022-01-30)


If this is mandated I will pull my kids out of public schools

Jennifer Miller (Apex, 2022-01-30)


I must stand with our God given rights and the liberty that the constitution and bill of rights gives us.

Julie Anna Kaufman (Huntersville, 2022-01-30)


Teens, along with their parents, should have the freedom to weigh the risks and benefits of any medical decision, including vaccines. It should NEVER be mandatory!

Kellie Wiggins (Raleigh, 2022-01-30)


No man has a right to tell another man what to do!

Michelle Rayle (High Point, 2022-01-30)


One size fits all medicine doesn’t work. People should have the right to choose what how they manage their own health, not the government.

Claire Vogt (KERNERSVILLE, 2022-01-30)


There is no scientific basis for these mandates on children. The most vulnerable populations will be the ones left without choice.

Misty McIntosh (Lincolnton, 2022-01-30)


There are many, many, many reasons this makes no sense. If I they were high risk, it might make sense. If the shot stopped them from getting it, it might make sense. If it stopped them from spreading it, it might make sense. If many kids hadn’t already had it and have natural immunity, it might make sense. There seems to be no medical or logical reason this is even being brought up. I pray that the vote will go with logic and reason and be no.

Our kids have suffered so much already over the last 2 years and I know many kids who have taken the shot thinking it was the right thing to do and now have medical problems.

Thank you.

Jolie Mayes (Cary, 2022-01-30)


My children don't belong to the government... I make medical decisions for my kids.

Valerie Croce (Huntersville, 2022-01-30)


These vaccines do not prevent the transmission or infection of covid!

Heidi Mysiuk (Hampstead, 2022-01-30)


No mandates for kids, teens or adults!! This has gone too far, we need to open up and start living normally again like in England, Sweden, and Denmark. Early treatment saves lives!! Where there is risk, there must be CHOICE!!!

Ruthanne Mashchenko (Charlotte , 2022-01-30)


My child will NEVER be forced to inject anything in his body against his will!

Erica Behm (MOORESVILLE, 2022-01-30)


Children are at very low risk from Covid and the risks from the injections far outweighs their risks.

Karen Stewart (Davidson, 2022-01-30)


I feel parents are better to decide for their children than the government

Russell Harrow (Taylorsville, 2022-01-30)


The MD that developed the mRNA
(VACCINE) has stated "do not give this (shot) to children", it is experimental and Not developed for children.

Patricia Garrison (Psntego, 2022-01-30)


I do not believe our kids should be required to get the experimental Covid vaccine. There is too much risk and no long term studies

Christi Broockerd (Matthews, 2022-01-30)


No one should be mandated to take an EUO vaccine without knowing all the risks. Choice only.

Patricia Nalitz (Cape Crteret, 2022-01-30)


I dont want my kids getting these injections . They are dangerous!

Mary Fahey (Wilmington, 2022-01-30)


No risk for children, no need to inject an experimental drug

ANNE FREEMAN (Holden Beach, 2022-01-30)


I am completely and totally opposed to Covid 19 injections

Tara Jagger (Wake Forest NC, 2022-01-30)


No public official has any legal standing to mandate an experimental vaccine. There are children dying of myocarditis among other things from this shot. Ever heard of the Nuremberg code?? I do not consent for my children to receive this and if you actually follow the science you will see why this is NOT in the best interest of our kids!

Angel Martin (Marvin, 2022-01-30)


Mandates are unconstitutional. Vaccines are causing great harm and even death to masses of people particularly the young people! Do your homework. Just because you get money and are being bought off does not make this legal for anyone to push these mandates. I think it will turn to criminal charges for those pushing these mandates.

Hanes Sherry (Lexington , 2022-01-30)


I am signing because a) the governments, both state and federal, are over stepping and abusing their powers given by the voting citizens, and b) these vaccines are harmful and ineffective. The governments and media are pushing false information in order to allow these pharmacuetical companies to test experiments on mass populations, without our consent (consent canNOT be given if ANY information has been withheld), in order to have more power and money.

Meredith Bonifas (Jacksonville, 2022-01-30)


I believe it should not be mandated for anyone.

Kenneth Click (Southport NC, 2022-01-31)


I don’t believe anyone should mandate the shots especially for children.

Vicky Click (Southport , 2022-01-31)


The state should NEVER blanket vaccinate anyone. Enough is enough already.

Jessica Hult (Swansboro, 2022-01-31)


The vaccines available are experimental under EUA. It is unethical and illegal to mandate them as such. People cannot legally be forced to receive them. Informed consent is being prevented, as people are given to understand they are receiving an FDA-approved shot but are actually receiving EUA shots. They are told it is essentially the same thing but it absolutely is not. The risks presented by the shot far outweigh the risks of the virus, especially in school-aged children.

Jason Dart (Jacksonville, 2022-01-31)


Vaccines should not be mandated. No long term studies. None are FDA approved.

DeAnna thomas (Carthage, 2022-01-31)


I am signing because I am tired of the lies and craziness of the politics surrounding the virus. People in responsible positions have abused their powers for $$$$$ and are not following the science or common sense. There are treatments for Covid that work early and later that cost less.

Mary Poetker (Tayorsville, 2022-01-31)

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