We Oppose COVID-19 Injections of NC School Children



Children do not need to be vaxxed.

Anna Argenal (Holly Springs , 2022-01-31)


I do not believe any vaccine should ever be mandated. Every individual has the right to research and make their own educated decisions.

Charles Peters (Raleigh, 2022-01-31)


There is no reason to vaccinate children.
Please stop this.
There have been so many adverse and fatal injuries from these injections.

Marge Swierz (Pinehurst , 2022-01-31)


I oppose mendatory covid vaccination of our children and youth, our next generation for all the above reasons.

zofia pruchnik (cary, 2022-01-31)


This is a constitutional violation and not in the best interests of our children.

Glenn Fink (New Bern, 2022-01-31)


I am concerned about unknown side effects of this vaccine on my seven year old son who's mother forced him to get secretly without my permission.

William Newkirk (Wilmington, 2022-01-31)


I’m signing because the injection is under EUA and there is ample reason to believe the risks outweigh any benefits.

Ed Kryn (Clayton, 2022-01-31)


I resist tyranny on all fronts… and especially when it threatens our children! Globalists who are testing our resolve to be free have crossed the line when they target our children with their eugenics and transhumanism experiments… we know what is going on! Continue to threaten the lives and safety of our children and there will be blood!! Stupid to think you can threaten a grizzly and her Cubs!!

Gary Sampson (Blowing Rock, 2022-01-31)


I’m signing this petition because I live in a free America. Government is NOT the parent. It is the children’s actual parents who should decide what is best for their children in a free America. Children should not be used as guinea pigs in a government experiment, which is what the vaccine is at this point. The risks outweigh the benefits. Sincerely, Jane Kystad

Jane Kystad (Morehead City , 2022-01-31)


My child my choice!!!

Joe Carter (Union Grove, 2022-01-31)


I’m strongly for medical freedom.

Mandy Alexander (Mooresville, 2022-01-31)


I believe it is the right of every human being to protect their vessel, the human body from unlawful treatment by injecting this poison, calls a vaccine into their cells. The scientific Data shows that it doesn’t stop the spread of the virus. Therefore the risk outweighs the gain.

Dede Sheffield (Thomasville , 2022-01-31)


My kids are not going to vaccinate due to all of the above reasons stated in this petition. They do not get the flu shot and are not mandated to do so, this is no different. Just another version of flu with multiple strains.

Samantha Breeding (Maple Hill, 2022-01-31)


Mandatory mandates have absolutely nothing to do with public health. They have to do with government control. There is no science indicating these fake vaccines help prevent infection or spread of a mutating virus. There is a tremendous amount of evidence they are detrimental to long term health.

Bonnie Day (West Jefferson , 2022-01-31)


Mandated vaccines are unconstitutional.

Kurt Epps (Ocean Isle Beach, 2022-01-31)


Our current government, school system and democratic socialist communist party is 100% corrupt. They are ignoring our civil rights and the constitution. They should all be jailed. Keep up the fight for our right until it becomes a fight...

Dean Jones (Burlington, 2022-01-31)


For protection on my grandchildren & all the children.

Karen Ausbon (Greenville, 2022-01-31)


I have 2 kids and school and will remove them from public school if it becomes mandatory, I refuse For my children to be their guinea pigs.

Stephanie Osborne (Jacksonville, 2022-01-31)


I want this to be a personal choice for my child.

Janelle Kennedy (Wake Forest , 2022-01-31)


Stop infringing on our freedoms, particularly freedom to make our OWN medical decisions!

Cris Seidel (Cary, 2022-01-31)


We have rights and they are being violated!

Mary Jones (Cary, 2022-01-31)


It’s a choice!

Annie Edenfield (Mooresville, 2022-01-31)


It is a personal choice for individuals and families

Patricia Foster (Mooresville, 2022-01-31)


There is no SCIENCE that shows that the vaccine is working or that it was tested more than a few months on children and young people. The CDC admits the vaccines are NOT stopping spread of virus. Evyone is getting sick, unvaccinated and vaccinated. There are thousands of reports of Myocarditis, young men dying of heart attacks, known issue with menstration for women. How does anyone know what this injection would do long term to their bodies? NO one does because the studies were not done. Right now we are in middle of study and the study is failing, not only is the vaccine NOT stopping spread it is harming many many people. There is NO liability for the drug companies if my child is harmed. Who is planning to take liability here? Are these college professors who started this going to personally guarantee safety and take financial resposibility to care of my child if they are injured by an injection they do not need? It is common knowledge and "science" that young healthy people do NOT get very ill or have issues when/ if they get covid. There is also known that natural antibodies are superior to anything a vaccine would give. What about the millions including my children who already have natural immunity? This is outrageous and evil on every level to try to impinge on young people being able to go forward in their lives without having to take an experimental gene therapy that is NOT working and causing more harm than good.

Danielle Raneri (cary, 2022-01-31)


I oppose COVID-19 vaccine mandates, particularly for young males and children. The term “vaccine” is misnomer in this context because what’s being injected doesn’t prevent transmission. At best, these “vaccines” are a therapeutic. At worst, they do more harm to health than alleviate symptoms from COVID-19. Development and testing were rushed and administered to the public en mass under an emergency use authorization that conferred liability immunity to drug manufacturers. Reports of adverse effects are being suppressed, downplayed, and there’s been insufficient time to gather enough clinical trial data for patient’s to make an informed decision. Children are at statistically zero risk from COVID-19. It makes zero sense to mandate these “vaccines” for children. I oppose this tyrannical power grab by public health agencies, aided and abetted by the pharmaceutical companies and their lust for greater profits. I will withdraw my children from private school and homeschool them if COVID “vaccines” are mandated for attendance. Enough.

Garrick Sevilla (Chapel Hill, 2022-01-31)


As long as this is still a free country people should have a choice as to what to put in their body. Don’t know what damage this vaccine may do to our bodies as it is still too new.

Benita Brown (Holly springs, 2022-01-31)


I very strongly DISAGREE with the government making decisions about MY child’s health!!!

Brittany Barker (Mooresville , 2022-01-31)


I am signing because this is not a vaccine, but a bio weapon designed to kill or seriously injure those who allow anyone to inject this dangerous substance into their bodies. This clot shot is 100 times more dangerous than the covid flu!

Paula Mimnaugh (Stony Point I , 2022-01-31)


I am signing this because I want to be on the right side of history.

Matt Cross (Jacksonville , 2022-01-31)


Parents should have the choice to vaccinate their children since this vaccine DOES NOT stop the spread and they are not affected much if at all by COVID.

Laura Broadbelt (Holly Springs, 2022-01-31)


The data indicates a few a things at this point: the vaccines are ineffective; children are at a low risk; the vaccines produce dangerous side effects, including but not limited to myorcarditus in young males; natural immunity has been shown to be more effective than the vaccines; the composition of the vaccines contain aborted fetal cells which is abhorrent to the deeply held religious beliefs of many people; the vaccines in their current form have been approved for use under emergency and are thus experimental therefore parents should have the right to determine whether to subject their children to what is in essence an experiment. This is a free country and if we cannot exercise our liberty over what goes into our own bodies and those of our children then we have lost the most fundamental of all rights, no board of education has the power to take that right away.

Kathryn Pulliam (Cary , 2022-01-31)


These experimental injections should be entirely optional!

Laura Kimble (Raleigh, 2022-01-31)


I am signing this petition in order to retain our freedoms to independently and individually choose medical treatments for ourselves and our children.

Angela Streur (Maiden, 2022-01-31)


Do NOT agree that vaccine should be given to children without knowing long term effects. Does not prevent infection nor transmission

Cecilia Kennedy (Wake Forest, 2022-01-31)


I'm signing because as a parent of a Wake County student, I absolutely DO NOT WANT him to be infected with the so-called "vaccine" for Covid. For all of the reasons listed above and more.

Stephenie Demaree (Raleigh, 2022-01-31)


A mandate for children is not needed, not helpful, and only harmful. Let this be a choice per family only.

Keri Hughes (Holly Springs, 2022-01-31)


I’m signing to ensure the future health and safety of my children.

Allyson Beback (Morrisville, 2022-01-31)


I believe it’s my constitutional right to chooses what goes in my body and the body of my children.

Katherine Korzekwinski (Raleigh, 2022-01-31)


Medical procedures should never be mandated!
Informed consent is freedom of choice!!!

Gail Martin (Bessemer City, 2022-01-31)


The decision to vaccinate should not be determined by a committee and should be left to the discretion of the parents for their children. Also the decision to get the vaccine should be in the hands of the college students as long as they are informed of the any and all risks associated with these therapies. These therapies are still under emergency use authorization. If this passes the board be prepared to accept all responsibilities for adverse reactions and injuries that may occur.
These vaccines do not stop anyone from getting or spreading Covid. I urge you to Vote NO to this mandate!!!

Mike Vickers (Wake Forest , 2022-01-31)


There is no medical benefit but increase risk of harm. Its a big Pharma money grab at the expense of our young people.

Russ Keller (Wake Forest, 2022-01-31)


Children and young adults are very low risk for this virus. The Covid-19 “vaccines” are experimental. Safety data and efficacy rates are failing across the globe. The risks outweigh ANY benefit.

Gloria Shiveley (Apex , 2022-01-31)


This is America… freedom of choice.

Veronica Solomon (Apex, 2022-01-31)


Vaccinating an “extremely” low risk segment of the population with a experimental. questionable, risky, ineffective serum is not only irresponsible; it borders on criminal!!!

Lawrence Fort (Leland, 2022-01-31)


I am signing against mandatory vaccination. People should have a choice. It is still a free country!

Christina Priebe (Wake Forest, 2022-01-31)


I oppose vaccine mandates in all forms. It is a violation of civil and religious liberty.

Michael Kendrick (Wake Forest, NC , 2022-01-31)


I am against the Covid Vaccination. It is not effective or proven to make any difference and I do not want by GrandChildren to be subjected to this unnecessary and potentially harmful vaccine.

Dolores Raneri (Littleton, 2022-01-31)


I don’t need my kids vaccinated.

Sonio Proserpi (Wake forest, 2022-01-31)


Children are very low risk and the effects of the vaccine are still not fully understood for this patient population. There are known risks associated with the vaccine that do not outweigh the overall risks associated with Covid-19 in adolescents. Plus with new variants of Covid, the efficacy of the vaccine is questionable and may prove to have minimal or no benefit.

ROBERT ARMSTRONG (Swansboro, 2022-01-31)


The vaccines are reckless and dangerous. I will pull my child from Public school — or any other NC state school who mandates the vaccine. Trust the numbers. It isn’t safe. Stand up for us!!! Thank you.

Mary Church (Winston Salem, 2022-01-31)


I do not want to be forced to get the vaccine for my children.

April Bowes (Henderson, 2022-01-31)


It's past time for schools to stop abusing our children because of their fear.

Lisa Penosky (Manteo , 2022-01-31)


I oppose making the covid vaccination mandator for children of any age to go to school. This “vaccine” is an experimental gene therapy injection that has not been properly test nor approved by the FDA

Jessica Smith (Raleigh , 2022-01-31)


No child should get this vaccine. This flu strain has a 99% recovery rate. Parents alone should makes these decisions for their children.

Susan Scholle (Charlotte, 2022-01-31)


It is unconscionable and unconstitutional to force an experimental gene mutation therapy on anyone no less our children.
This disease is extremely rare in children and nearly 100 percent recoverable in children Allow parents to make medical choices for their own children.

Celeste Howard (Asheville, 2022-01-31)


Our children are A blessing from God not to be used as test subjects for a vaccine that is unnecessary as far as their risk profile.

Ashraf Guirgues (Morehead City, 2022-01-31)


So, you're going to look into a statewide Covid-19 vaccine mandate for 17-year-old kids or older. Why 17-year olds and not 16-year olds, for whom an "approved" Pfizer shot is also available, may I ask? Because you KNOW these mRNA vaccines are dangerous for young people, but you've been bought off to put it on children's required schedule for at least one year, in order to eliminate liability for the vaccine manufacturer. One year, the 12th grade, is enough to achieve that goal.
So, you KNOW you are doing harm, but you are doing it anyway. If you didn't know, you would consider 16-year olds as well. It is transparently, obviously, disgustingly CORRUPT and EVIL even to consider such a mandate, let alone adopt it.

Janna Badalian (Raleigh, 2022-01-31)


I have a child in the public school system and she will NOT be getting this vaccine.

Lori Radford (Garner, 2022-02-01)


Children should not be used for experimentation and 99.9 of them will recover for sickness. Just say NO!

Chris DelGrosso (Raleigh, 2022-02-01)


I believe it is a parents right to choose. The science is charging daily.

Melissa Churchill (RALEIGH, 2022-02-01)


No. No. No. School will not make healthcare decisions for my children. Period.

Susan Evans (Wake Forest , 2022-02-01)


I'm opposed to this! There is no need for it!

Nancy Goldstein (Wendell , 2022-02-01)


The vaccines will do more harm to children than any possible good.

Sydney Short (Zebulon, 2022-02-01)


I strongly oppose putting children at risk when no long term studies are not yet available. When there is risk, there must be choice.

Savannah Patrone (Wake Forest, 2022-02-01)


I’m signing to keep my kids safe!!!

Elisabeth Hudson (Charlotte, 2022-02-01)


I agree with this petition!

Martha Johnson (Grimesland , 2022-02-01)


My medical choices and my family’s are private and protected by the Constitution.

Brian Strombotne (Raleigh, 2022-02-01)


I'm signing because FORCED VACCINATION is highly illegal and those involved in mandating this on our children WILL be held accountable.

Amanda Wescott (Southport, 2022-02-01)


Vaccines don’t work, early treatment does.

Angela Quintero (Monroe, 2022-02-01)

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