Mid West Dabbin Cabin



I'm signing because this has proof that these supplements can drastically help in many ailments of life.

Kelsey Wickwire (Aitkin, 2022-01-28)


I am signing this because not only has THC helped me but it helps others too.

MaKayla Hanson (Park Rapids, 2022-01-29)


Marijuana is medicine.

Stacy Luetgers (Park Rapids, 2022-01-29)


We need a shop like this in the area , for the medical use of products.

Billy Barton (Osage , 2022-01-29)


I'm signing this

Jeannie Pfeil (Park rapids, 2022-01-29)


I believe in what they do! Maia and Matt are wonderful people that are trying to use natural resources instead of the pharmaceutical drugs they try to feed you!

Shelbie Niemela (Park rapids , 2022-01-29)


To the police/city counsel: You act like they’re selling meth, you want to make a difference in the community? Go bust a meth lab, not a smoke shop with NO THC or marijuana in it? Or how about the cocaine problem in our city? Go deal with ACTUAL issues in Park Rapids instead of targeting people that are informing the community about different natural medicinal remedies for multiple different diseases/problems.

Danielle Hoefs (Park Rapids , 2022-01-29)


My mom could benefit for this

Tracy Odom (Park rapids , 2022-01-29)


Im aigninf this petition bwcquse j think the dsbbin cabin could be benificial to the community, it not omly helps pain, but also mental illness. Keep it open.!

Bethannie Edelman (Mobridge , 2022-01-29)


My name is Matthew Smoot. I am a Hubbard County resident, entrepreneur, homeowner, social and political activist; a son, brother, husband, friend, community member, and taxpayer.
In addition to wearing these varied hats I'm also a patient receiving regular psychotherapy for a variety of debilitating symptoms related to post traumatic stress disorder. These symptoms include such things as anxiety, hyperalertness , agoraphobia, OCD, insomnia, disorientation, lack of appetite, and depression.
Over the years a variety of medical professionals and I have struggled to find the appropriate medications or combinations thereof to help counteract these symptoms...and After many trial-and-error periods with a variety of powerfully addictive benzodiazapines, stimulant's, and/or Anti-depressants I found myself emotionally, spiritually, and physically withered. I woke one day and found id become a slave.
After this realization I sought secondary opinions and In 2019 was introduced and accepted into the Minnesota medical cannabis program. My life was immediately changed for the better. I was finally able to free myself from the incredibly persistent, invasive, and self destructive symptoms characterized by PTSD. This medication facilitated and empowered my complete divorce and independence from the previously prescribed regiment of highly addictive medications.
Cannabis was, and continues to be, the most effective tool at my disposal in maintaining my mental health.
Unfortunately, the proposed paraphernalia ordinance would create and impose an immediate financial and emotional hardship upon myself and the many others who benefit from the medical properties of cannabis.
Now, how does the proposed ordinance have such a dire effect on my continued access to the Minnesota medical cannabis program? To answer succinctly, it doesn't.
However, What it will do is eliminate access to locally sold Delta 8 products. Tese products derived from hemp and are both state and federally legal to purchase, possess, consume, and provide a viable alternative to traditional cannabis based medications.
Why is that important to our discussion today? Well, dollars and cents of course... Medications through the Minnesota medical program are financially and logistically restrictive and prohibitive. State sanctioned cannabis based medications are expensiv. In fact, on average, comparable non-sanctioned products of same quantity and potency are 50% less in cost than the state provided alternative.
Similarly, the nearest sanctioned dispensary is located approximately 2 hours away.
If my time is spent traveling out of city to procure medications, and if I pay inflated prices for said medication, I no longer have the time, or extra funds to stimulate our local economy.
Cannabis is here. It is medicine. Its not Goin anywhere. It is progress.
You now have the task before you to discuss, debate, and decide if Park Rapids has the requisite vision to see the economic and social benefits which cannabis will bring to our community in the future…. or if you'll further tolerate such dogmatic and out-of-date beliefs which will stymie our communities progression and force many like myself into making an impossible choice between financial stability and mental and spiritual wellness.

Matthew Smoot (Park Rapids , 2022-01-29)


I feel that in my opinion they should be eligible to sell glass, Delta 8, Ect because it's a great opportunity for others in the community who can't get medical card to have that as an option. I myself don't like taking ibuprofen or Tylenol so I actually turn to Delta 8 Ect I saw improvements on my migraines and body aches. With glass they have plenty of places that's sell glass that's just plain old not fair you can't take that option away because even if you do other places that sells them so there is no point in taking glass away and trying to crack down the glass is just Hassel when your time can be somewhere important.

Emilee Jones (Laporte, 2022-01-30)


Im signing this to show my support

Jennifer Kone (Wadena, 2022-01-30)


I have used cannabis for quite some time in replace of all my meds for my mental illness ranging from PTSD to anxiety etc not Gunna go into details but my input is I use this for me to help eat and for my anxiety depression and PTSD this is not just a drug to me to get Quote HIGH on if you have any of the following you know what I'm talking the the anxiousness the overwhelming part and to actually sit down and take a smoke following dose instructions helps me tremendously I am an ex addict and this will make it really hard for me and others like me with mental illineaa that choose to do the following I do not like medications simply because I don't like feeling quote A ZOMBIE you feel like your there but your not because of the meds you are on I would rather do something plant hand god made plant.has anyone herd of killing someone being high on Delta ,8 or cannabis itself NOPe now being a acholic I have herd many!!!! Matt and his wife have done a tremendous job trying to help the community and doing Soo in helping educating on what it's all about how is having a smoke shop any different then walking into a liquor establishment just the liquor establishment you become intoxicated if you guys choose to do this it's going to affect me and my mental illness and going to affect many others like me out there thanks for taking the time to hear me out!!!

kayla Lafferty (Menahga MN, 2022-01-30)


I feel that this business does an excellent job of informing people about the benefits of the products they offer. They run a very professional business and are a valuable small business owner in the community they serve

Janette Laabs (Hortonville , 2022-01-30)


Need more young business owners

Jermaine Washington (Park rapids , 2022-01-31)


Cannabis is medcine for many many people. And the outdated notion that it's any worse than alcohol is only keeping park rapids behind. Financially, ethically, and socially.

Serena Boyd (Park Rapids, 2022-01-31)


I am a user that benefits from pain relief. An have panic disorder.

Jessica Thompson (Park Rapids , 2022-01-31)


I'm signing this because SS152.22-152.37 I believe was written to protect patients/ect. As a registered medical cannabis patient I oppose any ordinance to which makes or prevents adults/patients access to paraphernalia.

Jarid Olson (Chuluota, 2022-01-31)


I'm signing in support of those who get the help medically needed thru products such as some of these. Why submit those to hours of driving when they can go local?

Niki Fisher (Menahga, 2022-01-31)


This is the 21century. Probation doesn't work. People should be able to purchase what they want and a business should be able to provide those things. They should be focused on real crimes not the sale of legal goods. Plenty of meth heads around here who actually commit crimes. LEGALIZE IT.

Ryan Wilson (Akeley, 2022-01-31)


Because it's ridiculous to wanna get rid of it, instead let's just keep getting rid of what makes Park Rapids decent and allowing it to become the havick we all know it can be

Gwendolyn Cleland(Ervin) (Park Rapids, 2022-01-31)


Im signing this petition because I support Matt and Maia in this business!

Shawn Harsha (Park Rapids, 2022-02-01)


THC is medicine.

Claire Londgren (Fridley, 2022-02-01)


I believe that this establishment is helping people. And see absolutely NO HARM in the products they are selling. I, myself am trying to stop smoking cigarettes and planned on using the disposable vapes as a way of doing so.

Jennifer Raidt (Park Rapids , 2022-02-01)


I am signing this due to the opinion against cannabis, hemp and their use and the objects needed for that use. Flower is now on the list for medical use. So why stop the delivery of a prescribed medication. That is only one point t other than that justice is blind, with a blind fold , because opinion is not allowed in the court room, as a reason to do anything. Therefore, this is an unprogressive way of trying to hold back the inevitable. So why try to stop something that is going to happen anyways. It is just wasted time.

Jeremy Moen (Akeley, 2022-02-01)


I hate alchohol!

Michelle Wolf (Eagle bend, 2022-02-01)


I use cbd for pain i feel no one has the right to take buisness away from people trying to help people it is wrong and unjust they are doing everything right this city council needs to see this ....

Michelle Sullinger (Menahga, 2022-02-01)


Fuck Corporatocracy....

Chad Vigen (Park Rapids, 2022-02-02)


Because nobody is forcing people to shop, buy, or enter this establishment but the people who choose to do so should have that right instead of driving an hour in any direction to spend money at the same type of store in another town that allows it. Keep the money local!!

Kelly Janssen (Osage , 2022-02-02)


I am signing this petition because the dabbin cabins products are very helpful with my scoliosis that cause me to have very bad back pain.

Sara Sanson (Park Rapids , 2022-02-02)


This is a ridiculous ban for this city. The whole nation is progressing forward with the legalization, do not go backwards. The Winskowski's have also brought a home-town love that has been missing from Main Street. They single handedly saved crazy days last summer.

kayla creger (Park Rapids, 2022-02-02)


Im sogning because these products help people.

Jessica Sindt (Park Rapids, 2022-02-02)


Delta 8 has helped my arthritis pain immensely!! I am able to sleep through the night. Delta 8 has helped my husbands bursitis. Due to Delta 8 we have eliminated pain meds, which are way worse for you.

Theresa Ball (Osage, 2022-02-02)


Alcohol is waaay more dangerous and distructive than delta 8 or 10 😉👍🏼

MorningStar Bellcourt (Park Rapids, 2022-03-02)


I want my gummies!!

Dawnielle Gouge (Remer, 2022-03-04)

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