Say No to Rv Park being built in chumuckla



I want to say no to the rv park

Matthew Hite (Milton , 2022-02-02)


I’m signing this because honestly its unwanted, no need for all these rv’s less then 100 yards from the park porch.. having to listen to loud people and possibly generators being loud through the night when people children are trying to sleep. Please be understanding to the families that live in that area that moved out here to get away from a congested city life.

Kyle Hite (Milton , 2022-02-02)


I am opposed to the construction of an RV park and do not believe it follows the covenants or zoning

Kyle Baker (Milton, 2022-02-02)


Due to recent information learned about a potential RV to be placed in the Tidwell Rd area, several residents are concerned with the amount of safety issues that could arise with an increase to traffic volume on an extremely narrow road. In my experience traffic volume brings in speeders and recklessness.

The way I understand it, the RV park is to be a "high end" RV park. Honestly, I'm not sure what exactly "high-end" means. Does that mean they will evaluate or inspect each temporary tenant and discriminate against people they feel is not worthy? I'm sure as a owners of a private park they can turn the less fortunate away at their discretion. My question is.... will the all mighty dollar cause them to lower standards as time goes on? And if so, would it turn into a slum that cultivates criminal activity?

I have to say most folks that have built in this area in the recent years had a vision of beautiful homes in a safe community. They chose this area to escape some of the hustle and bustle that an RV park or mobile home park can bring.

I am a realist. I know my concerns listed above can become a problem with growth and development, but folks that build permanent homes tend to appreciate an area than most temporary folks who rent a spot for a while. In most cases respect for homeowners and the area is little to none from temporary folks.

If you need some convincing, I'm sure any one of the permanent residents who live on Navarre Beach could give you an overwhelming list of complaints regarding spring breakers or summer vacation renters who visit our beautiful Navarre beach area and show no respect for the quality of life our permanent residents enjoy.

Lastly, I would like you to ask yourself, if you built a dream home/forever home in an area you expected to be a safe, peaceful and quite....would you welcome an RV park.

I would like you to reject this RV park near my forever home on Tidwell Rd.

Clay Smith (Pace, 2022-02-02)


I live very close to this proposed area, have kids and don't want the "riff raff"

Pat Melvin (Pace, 2022-02-02)


Moved to the country to get away from this crap.

Walt Ingram (Pace , 2022-02-02)


My home will be .3 miles from park. I am 💯 against it!!

Tommy Loudon (Pace , 2022-02-02)


I do not feel this is a safe project for the community of Chumuckla. Traffic is already increasing due to the increase in residential properties. New schools in the area will also increase traffic and road use. The infrastructure and roads in the area are not ready for commercial use. Commercial property does not need to be placed in the middle of residential properties.

Wanda Carden (Pace, 2022-02-02)


I am signing because I live on Tidwell Rd and this would be directly across from my property. This rv park rises numerous concerns from traffic to personal safety. When I purchased my land to build my forever dream home there were and are covenant restrictions for tidwell Estates that do not allow RV temporary or permanent living or mobile homes.

Connie Pugj (Pace, 2022-02-02)


I am an RV owner but the location and infrastructure is NOT appropriate for this. I would never support this for our community.

clara tomney (pace, 2022-02-02)


The amount of growth in this area needs to be kept in check, this is stressing the infrastructure already.

Marlon Butterworth (Milton, 2022-02-02)


I am against building a campground in the middle of a RESIDENTIAL neighborhood.

Smy!y Mary (Milton, Fl, 2022-02-02)


I am signing this petition because I do not want an RV park across my neighborhood street for many reasons, safety concerns, traffic concerns, waste management concerns and property value concerns.

Carmel Doolittle (Pace, 2022-02-02)


Love within 500 ft of this property. Percher Starland under the covenants they were there would be no commercial businesses on any of the land they were sold and Tidwell place. The roads are too narrow for regular vehicles to pass and I do not want it near my house destroy my property values.

Kevin Doolittle (Pace, 2022-02-02)


I’m signing this because I do not want this in my neighborhood and I do not want this next to my property! Reasons: safety concerns, traffic concerns, waste management concerns and property value concerns.

Amber Boutwell (Pace, 2022-02-02)


This effects my close friends and their residency.

Jessica Booher (Pace, 2022-02-02)


The roads around the proposed RV park are not wide enough to accommodate regular traffic safety. It will bring down property values to the surrounding residential properties as well as a safety hazard for horses, bike riders, as well as the residential walkers.

Sharon Doolittle (Pace, Florida , 2022-02-02)


My vote is no.

Keith Harrelson (Pace, 2022-02-02)


Please keep our area agricultural!
We moved here because we like it how it is.

Faith Weller (Jay, 2022-02-02)


We want to keep our area agricultural.

Daniel Weller (Jay, 2022-02-02)


I do not want an RV PARK close to my home

Matthew Elsperman (Pace, 2022-02-02)


I’m signing because I am against the RV park in Chumuckla.

Allison G. Wallace (Milton, 2022-02-02)


I am signing NO to the RV PARK bc i live on Ten Mile. I would prefer to keep this area rural country. I do not want an RV Park. An Rv Park should be in a commercial zoned area by the interstate or in the city not in Chumuckla. This would also be unsafe for my children to have outside with people coming and going.

Heather Fowler (Pace, 2022-02-03)


This plan of action is only a financial benefit for the Burch House, causing a dremental impact to residents who live in the affected area. Our neighborhood consist of single family homeowners who enjoy where we all chose to build our forever homes. Our road isn't designed to handle the traffic of large Rvs and Campers. The events that take place at the Burch House now create a heavy increase of traffic, speeding, trash being thrown out for us to pick up. I don't think any home contractor in our area would make a decision to build numerous new homes by a Rv park. The Burch House needs to buy land elsewhere to build there Rv park , this plan from them indicates its all about them with no respect for the residents who live here.

Charlie Stokes (Pace , 2022-02-03)


I live on Tidwell Rd. and I agree there is no infrastructure to support the houses that are being built and certainly not a RV park. We want to keep this area residential.

SORITA JERNIGAN (PACE , Fl, 2022-02-03)


There is not enough infrastructure to handle an RV park. The roads are crowded enough.

Diane Robinett (pace, 2022-02-03)


This was not disclosed to homeowners and documents were signed to establish an HOA/subdivision in good faith and now they are going back on that. Residents invested in the area due to the zoning at the time, any change or variance would be an eyesore to the neighborhood and current infrastructure does not support nor could they upkeep that type of daily traffic.

Lori Frick (Pace , 2022-02-03)


Connie Griffin

Connie Griffin (Jay, 2022-02-03)


Our roads are troubled the is to much for our country life.

Chanda Pitman (Pace, 2022-02-03)


I am signing because this will destroy a community if allowed.

Anthony Miller (Pensacola, 2022-02-03)


Folks out there want their own peace and quiet.

Tina Vlietstra Page (Milton , 2022-02-03)


We do not want RV PARK in our neighborhoods. We are country people and do not wish to be crowed with strangers. Thx Wanda Jalomo

Wanda Jalomo (Jay, 2022-02-03)


Who would want an RV park across the street from their Forever home? My answer is NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! NO!!!!!!!! That is why I’m signing!!!

Vickie Shiver (Pace, 2022-02-03)


It’s adjacent to my sisters new property she just bought to build her dream home on and start her family. It’s a private road and they have strict covenants and restrictions to abide by. All property owners there had to sign these to live there. An RV park is so obtrusive and does not belong in this beautiful neighborhood of beautiful homes, trees, families and the natural beauty and serenity of living there for that purpose. Please, please no!!! How could they!

Sherrie Cahoon (Tallahassee , 2022-02-03)


This is not a benefit to our area or citizens…

Tim Gillman (Pace, 2022-02-03)


I don’t want this In chumuckla

Avia Thomas (Milton, 2022-02-03)


I'm signing this petition so the proposed RV park set for Pace is NOT BUILT!!!! I've lived here in Pace for 42 years and the amount of people and infrastructures in Pace has become too much. We do not have roads, schools, etc to accommodate these people.
People have paid very good money to live off of Hidden Oak, and Tidwell, because of the seclusion. I believe am RV park to fill Jordan Burchs pockets is absolutely insane. NO RV park in Pace!

Heather Berube (Pace, 2022-02-03)


No!!!! We do not want this!!!

Therea Duffy (Chumuckla, 2022-02-03)


Believe that an RV park would increase crime in this area

Donna Ross (Pace, 2022-02-03)


I have lived in the area all my life and do not want to see Tidwell Road destroyed by commercial development.

Joni White (Pace, 2022-02-03)


I would not want a rv park that close to the school or my house.

Lisa Rabon (Jay, 2022-02-03)


I say no to the RV park that will bring all negative impacts to this neighborhood. This road is too small, we have kids approximately 200ft from the entrance of this ?rv park. RV parks bring criminals & pedafiles due to not being a permanent address.

Jerenda Hunt (Milton , 2022-02-03)


Places should do research before they buy to see if people are building private homes first to see if this would bother them. It is honestly not needed as we have too many anyway.

Christine Miller (Pensacola, 2022-02-03)


It’s a beautiful residential neighborhood and cutting down the gorgeous oak tress would seriously devalue the approach and home values. Find another place in the hood for your shooting range and RV’s. Not to mention it’s against the covenants and regulations to put RV’s in the existing home lands.

Cathy Poole (Pace, 2022-02-03)


That area of Chumuckla is not the place for an RV park. This would be dangerous and disturbing for all the people near by. This is in the middle of residential area, which has agreements to share road cost, keep trees, etc. Everyone that has already bought land nearby bought it for the PEACE and PRIVACY. There are better locations. Not on top of people trying to leave a peaceful life in the “woods.”

Erica Waters (Pace, 2022-02-03)


The infrastructure does-not current vehicle traffic let alone potentially hundreds of more cars trucks and very large Vehicles. Stop the over building with out fixing whats here currently!

William Jennings (Jay , 2022-02-03)


Completely oppose the rv park. The road entering the park is not maintained for a commercial traffic. There are residential homes surrounding the property in question. I feel like it would be comprising the value of our homes

Lisa Cullen (Pace, 2022-02-03)


My fiance and I bought one of the properties adjacent to the subject property (the proposed RV park) last year with the intent to build our residential dream home. We have called Santa Rosa county our home for 19 years between us, and we've watched the surrounding area's rapid growth. We currently live just off Hwy. 90 with a number of new homes being constructed and an influx of traffic. Desiring a simpler, quieter life in the woods we purchased the property with the guarantee that the surrounding lots were part of the development Tidwell Place thus bound by a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, and Easements. Attached is a copy of the Declaration. We were told that all of the land that was sold in the development of Tidwell Place, including the subject property, was bound by this Declaration. I sold my home and we specifically bought this lot because it was surrounded by heavily wooded lots that were bound by the same covenants. These covenants are specific to the Tidwell Place property and were made to protect the area from overdevelopment and deforestation among other things. Please see attached Declaration including all covenants. We would like to point out these specific covenants on the Declaration that we believe an RV Park would violate:

Covenant - "Nuisances: No Owner may cause or permit unreasonable noises or odors on the Owner's Lot. No Owner may commit or permit any nuisance, any immoral or illegal activity, or anything that may be an annoyance or a noxious or offensive activity to the other Owners or their guests."

We signed this covenant knowing the purpose was to keep the area quiet, peaceful, and safe. It is our understanding that the subject property has already had complaints from neighbors since the new Santa Rosa County Noise Ordinance was enacted. An RV park would only magnify these complaints in an area that signed covenants not to disturb their neighbors. An RV park would bring many people into our quiet neighborhood. It's guaranteed to increase the noise in the area, especially for those of us who are adjacent to the subject property and share a road. Transient people in the area may also increase the crime in the neighborhood and decrease road safety.

Covenant - "Vehicles: Off-road vehicles, jeeps, buggies, boats, campers, trailer, motor homes, recreational vehicles, cars, trucks, and tractors (collectively "vehicles") shall be kept at all times inside a garage or fence, are not allowed to be "revved up" while under maintenance or at time. Vehicles should be parked on the lot so as not to be detrimental to the appearance of the lot from the street of any other lot."

We signed this covenant knowing the purpose was to keep the area beautiful, underdeveloped, and quiet. An RV park will not be able to keep all vehicles, including recreational vehicles, inside a garage or fence and not be detrimental to the appearance from our road and our lots. Based on this covenant, we will not be able to park our own RV in the front yard, and we did not expect to see any neighbors' RVs parked on a lot, let alone a whole park of them.

Covenant - "Litter, Trash, and Garbage: No garbage, trash, refuse, or rubbish may be deposited, dumped, or kept on any Lot except in closed sanitary containers appropriately screened from view. Trash containers must be placed at the front of the Lot on the day designated for pickup, but only if promptly returned to the proper storage area as soon as possible."

How will an RV park be able to guarantee the containment of refuse with so many people coming and going? The purpose of this covenant is to keep trash, litter, stray/wild animals, and smells to a minimum.

Covenant - "Animals: No more than 2 hoofed animals (bovine, esquine, and/or caprinae) may be kept on each Lot. No swine are allowed. Each Owner will be strictly responsible for the behavior of his or her pets. An Owner may not permit the pets to become a nuisance or annoyance to other Owners. If any such pets are off a Lot, said animals shall be ridden, caged, or leashed."

This covenant would help mitigate the presence of unwanted nuisance animals in the neighborhood, keep the neighborhood quiet, minimize the risk of pet fights and/or animal on human attacks. An RV park will not only bring many visitors' pets coming and going from the park who could potentially run loose, but it will also attract other unwanted animals, such as coyotes, stray dogs and cats, and rodents due to the food and trash that is always present in a campground or an RV park.

Covenant - "Owner is required to participate in a road maintenance agreement. When it becomes necessary, price will be determined by the lot's front (property adjoining road) footage. Cost will be divided accordingly between each landowner."

RVs constantly coming up and down the road will cause more damage than the normal comings and goings of the residents, thus increasing the necessity of repairs. Since we're all responsible for the monetary upkeep and repair of the road, the residents will have to pay for road maintenance more often for damage that was caused by the recreational vehicles and split it equally with the RV park, which would have the vast majority of traffic.

If we had known that any lot in Tidwell Place, much less one adjacent to our property, could break the covenants, or were not under the covenants in the first place, we would not have purchased the property. The declaration was THE selling point for us on this property, ensuring that it would stay a quiet, peaceful, safe, and beautiful sanctuary for us. We certainly would not have bought it knowing there would be an RV park next door. This land being developed into an RV park would ruin our whole point of buying land out here and devastate our vision and plans for our future.

My co-owner, Vicki Wright, and I formally object to the use of the property as an RV Park for the reasons stated above. Thank you for the opportunity to express our concerns regarding this matter. It is our hope that the Zoning Board will recommend against the Conditional Use when it makes a formal recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners for final determination.

Wright Vicki (Pace, 2022-02-03)


My daughter owns home on that street.

Pam Mercer (Pace, 2022-02-04)


With all the new houses being built there is no need for an RV park in the area. Just like with the Redneck Christmas parade that got ruined so will our area. There will be added trash left and added traffic. I do not support this idea.

Sheena Murtha (Chumuckla, 2022-02-04)


I live on Tidwell road and do not want the RV park anywhere near my family. It is not safe for many reasons.

Katelyn Goodson (Pace, 2022-02-04)


We are steadily being pushed out from the homes we built and unless we take a stand the place we all grew up living will be gone forever!

Tommy Nichols (Pace, 2022-02-04)


I own property adjacent to the subject land and I object to the development of an RV park. I bought this land and signed covenants, which all of Tidwell Place did, to keep the area beautiful, quiet, peaceful, and safe. An RV park would violate most of our covenants.

Jason Sisko (Milton, 2022-02-04)


As an avid camper R V parks need to be in open areas not crammed in a residential area. I am all for campgrounds but this appears to turn into a trailer park not a true recreational park.

Gemell Williford (Pace, 2022-02-04)


There is no need to have an R V park in chumuckla, tearing down trees, scaring off the wildlife and for one there's not one thing to do around here that why you go to state parks or the beach.

Kristen Van Matre (Milton, 2022-02-04)


No more RV parks in AG Residential land!!! This is NOT a compatible use in low density, AG-oriented communities!

Tony Hughes (Milton, 2022-02-04)


Infrastructure and roads are not capable to handle rv park traffic

Liz Hanson (Milton, 2022-02-04)


It is on a quiet street with beautiful custom homes and personally I don’t believe there is a need

Carol Bell (Pace, 2022-02-04)


I’m against building of this RV park.

Amanda Liebe (Jay , 2022-02-04)


I’m am signing this petition for several reasons.

Emily Overstreet (Milton, 2022-02-04)


We do not want an RV park in our neighborhood PERIOD. RV parks and trailer parks will result in transients and criminal activity near the new high school. Thank you

Darren Williamson (Jay, 2022-02-04)


When I married my husband 8 years ago I was OK with living here even though I was born and raised in the country, Wing Alabama and then Jay Florida for 20 years. I would have never moved here if I knew what was going to take place, Willard Norris is like a freeway now, I literally despise and hate going to 5 points after 2pm. I would rather shop in Brewton because you don't have to deal with the crazy driver's, I can't even tell you what new businesses are in Pace because I hate driving down 90 these days, too many wrecks and stupid drivers. My husband Doug Whitley has worked his butt off to pay for our home at 3869 Willard Norris and we will have it paid off by September of 23, he has lived here for his whole life and many of you know him from Doug's Auto Parts on hwy90 . Behind our home was woods and a hunting club, now it's being cleared for a housing project, I wish that I had known before because I would have already been out of here, now I feel like that's going to decrease the value of our home, and it really makes me sick to my stomach just thinking...if I had only known ? I think that someone needs to stop all of the new development until they take a good look at the traffic situation and the continuous traffic accidents like the one not long ago in front of the new Piggly Wiggly that killed 1 and severely injured several others.

Candala Whitley (Pace, 2022-02-05)


I believe it will make property value go down, and the roadways out here are not designed for more additional traffic.

Amanda Hornsby (Jay, 2022-02-05)


I believe it will make property value go down, and the roadways out here are not designed for more additional traffic. It will not fit into the lifestyle people are trying to live out here.

Larry Hornsby (Jay, 2022-02-05)


WE DONT NEED AN RV PARK, we need the roads fixed first!!!!!!

Bri Mausser (Pace , 2022-02-06)


I live on Hidden Oak Road and I DO NOT WANT TO SEE THIS RV PARK!

Christi Dallas (Milton , 2022-02-06)


Unlike the investors who are proposing this RV park, I live here and I will suffer the effects of this passing just like my neighbors. We will have a high school being built nearby too and I feel this revolving door of people in our neighborhood will endanger all of the children who attend that school as well. Property values, fires, ground water pollution, water runoff, traffic, noise, air pollution, and the security of our dead-end residential road are all at stake.

Hollie Henderson (Pace, 2022-02-07)


The wedding venue makes too much noise and this will add to it, suppose to be 1 single family dwelling not 90 units, sex offenders can live less then 1000 ft of new school and no monitoring, roads not big enough

Linda Chavers (Milton, 2022-02-07)


This RV park does not belong here. Not only does it go against the lands' deeded covenants, this is a rural residential area. There is a nice RV park located less than 5mins down the road on Byrom Campbell that is rarely close to full capacity. Use it.

Cara Smyly (Milton, 2022-02-08)


No to RV Park. Not good because of lack of infrastructure and what will be gained in taxes.

Wallis Mahute (Milton, 2022-02-08)


This is not a safe place for an

Cindy Metcalf (Milton, 2022-02-09)


It’s not the right area for an RV park.

Karen Cichocki (Milton, 2022-02-18)


We have

Jacqueline Mitchell (Jay, 2022-03-04)

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