Justice For Native American Child to be placed in custody of great-grandmother



Praying for justice !

Lori Taylor (Garden Grove, 2022-02-03)


I believe the child should be place or adopted by the great grandparents, since the grandson is Native American and believe to be raised by our own ppl and keep teaching them our culture and heritage...

Ella Isaac (Oklahoma City, 2022-02-04)


That baby should be with his grandmother. Not a group home, foster home, juvenile care facility. He should be with his family!

Misty Benefield (Hugo, 2022-02-04)


I’m signing because I believe a Native American child should be placed with their Native American family!

Candace Redelman (Greensburg, 2022-02-04)


I belive that the lil boy that is a Choctaw tribe member should be with his native American family. It is the only rightful thing to do...family should be with family. Blood is everything

Kevin Davis (Hartshorne, 2022-02-04)


I know how hard Troy tried to get his son back, I saw the countless attempts to get ahold of the caseworker with DCF with no success, I know how much his family loves Tohbi and that they would do anything for him. This was a failure of the court system, he should have never been taken from his family.

Rebecca Williams (Roanoke, 2022-02-04)


I knew Troy and his family well. This would have been Troy's wish and I feel his wish should be honored.

Susan Stone (Melbourne, 2022-02-04)


I'm signing because, I know Lisa and this whole family very well, she is ready, willing, and able to take care of her great grandson. And if she did need any help she has a village of people to help out, myself included! This little boy has lost so much, he shouldn't lose his family as well!

Mills Jennifer (Mannford, 2022-02-04)


I am tired of children being removed from families that are able and have the desire to care for them! I am going through this currently and know the devastation it causes. I hope and pray this family gets their child back.

Crystal Bolf (Frederick, 2022-02-05)


This child needs to be with his blood family. He has been through enough and so has his actual family.

Ava Conley (Coarsegold, 2022-02-05)


It’s the right thing to do

Richard Wilkerson (Mcloud, 2022-02-05)


I am in a similar situation regarding my 2 young children and I know how bias and corrupt government employees can be, also I share the pain having a long drawn out ordeal with social workers, when you can't get back time that has been lost. Praying for you.

Candace Griggs-Chisholm (Hartsville, 2022-02-05)


I am signing this Because I am a grandma who would fight for her grandkids. I am also Mississippi Choctaw. You have a family who wants their grandchild.

Readona Edwards (Healdton , 2022-02-05)


No child should be left with a abruser. Lisa is family, cousin. Please let the Great-grand parents have thier Great grandson.

Vickie Noon (Elvaston, 2022-02-05)


This child should be placed with blood relatives who love him.

Becky Lanthier (Fort Myers, 2022-02-05)


This child belongs with his blood relatives who truly want to raise him in their family ways.

Carol Fredde (San Antonio , 2022-02-05)


Please sign for Approval for Choctaws to intervene in case. Time sensitive. Share and sign

Richard Smith (Mcallaster, Oklahoma, 2022-02-06)


A child deserves to be with their family and not placed in foster care.

Sherry Ramirez (Oklahoma City, 2022-02-06)


I’m signing because I am being denied visitation with my granddaughter and be in her life.
What happened to Troy is wrong! That worker needs to be terminated.

Phifer Linda (Pittsburg, 2022-02-07)


It's the right thing to do

Phil Rickards (Manchester , 2022-02-09)


I believe every child should be with family members, especially one as loving as this one that has aunts and uncles and cousins, and grandparents and great grandparents that have been fighting for him for YEARS. No reason CPS should have been doing this for years.....

Janie Deranger (Westlake, 2022-02-10)


Troy was my brother and our grandmother is the best. No one could love and raise my nephew as good or better than she can. My nephew deserves to be with his family and be raised the way my brother would have wanted. My brother was a great dad , the system failed him and my nephew horribly . Let my grandmother have her great-grandson , it is the only right and just thing to do.

Trey Branham (McAlester, 2022-02-10)


I'm a native grandma going threw the same stuff here w my grand kid it's truly unfair and we do have these in place for a reason but yes I wish u the best...

Tanya Allen (Cass lake Minnesota, 2022-02-10)


I am signing this because I know this to be facts and want nothing more to see Tohbi home where he belongs!

Erica Wilkerson (Oklahoma City, 2022-02-19)


It's the right thing to do.

Larry Brown (RED OAK, 2022-02-19)


My family has fallen victim to this heinous act!

Shandell Iglehart (Corpus Christi, 2022-02-19)


This doesn’t sound right. Is the Choctaw family being railroaded?

Sheryl Theriault (Springdale, 2022-02-19)


I care about the way these people have been treated .That poor child should be with his family.such a sad situation.

Sue Greer (Paris, 2022-02-19)


Children should practice their culture, speak their language and know from ly love.

Reginald McGirt (Red Oak, 2022-02-19)


My family and I have been affected by the same injustice style of DHS

Crystal Taylor (Portland, 2022-02-19)


I'm signing this because I personally know Richard Smith from work. He was my boss and I did get the opportunity to meet his grandchildren, including Troy. I have also met his wife. They are a very loving and caring family. I also, previously worked at a daycare for 8 years and was the director of another daycare for a year. I think this child would be very well taken care of and truly loved. He should stay with his biological family and learn about his father and the family. He will be loved and cherished

Christina Hubner (Palm Bay, 2022-02-20)


People have rights also. DCF thinks they are the only ones to make decisions for children. Grandparents have rights too. I lost my beloved granddaughter thru my sons decisions during divorce court. I’m just waiting till she is 18. I had no choice. You do. Continue to fight. Don’t give up.

Pamela Rofkahr (Ozark , 2022-02-21)


So the child will go to a better home where he will be cared for and loved why is grandparents not an abusive parent

Robin Nichols (Safford, 2022-02-21)


I'm signing because people/agencies are working to dissolve ICWA when it needs to be preserved, given even more priority if anything. It should not take a tragedy to reinforce something that it's status has no business waning at all, but here we are with this tragedy that has played out because ICWA was denied it's rightful precedence.

Caley Zeek (Sacaton, 2022-02-21)


Native American children need to in Native American homes.

David Carroll (Tulsa, 2022-02-21)


It’s the right thing to do! She belongs with family!

Willard Ragland (Clayton, 2022-02-22)



Gary Harris ( Broken bow, 2022-02-22)


Family should always have first option to any child, more so with native children who can teach them out heritage and keep or drive strong and growing

Dianna Sullivan (Tulsa, 2022-02-22)


Im n8v and solidarity✊

Shannon Evans (Also 555 noneya, 2022-02-22)


I feel she should get the kid

Markanthony Ramsey (Enterprise, 2022-02-22)


I am signing this petition as to support the adoption of said Grandchild to his birth Great Grandmother. It appears that obviously a grave injustice has occurred. His rights under the ICWA have been violated.

CHERYL MAXWELL (Loma Linda, 2022-02-22)


Child should be with grandparent to keep it's heritage.

Sheila Evans (Columbia, 2022-02-22)


I care

Sabrina Walls (Springfield , 2022-02-25)


The boy needs to be with his family .

Gary Mcdonald (Manteca ca, 2022-02-25)


This boy's life has such a potential to be fulfilling, if he has the opportunity to connect with his ancient roots, that no other beings than tribe and family can offer. I'm sure both families are lovely. Foster parents are vital. However, he has an entire history waiting for him, that could provide healing, and gifts he otherwise might never know. This is a special opportunity many other indigenous children are not afforded...

Maddox Lightning (Boise, 2022-03-25)


I believe that children should be with blood relatives!

Gay Stapleton (Albuquerque, 2022-03-25)


The right thing to do

Rupert Rhonda (Lake isabella, 2022-03-25)


As a Choctaw Citizen I believe this child would be better placed with Family so he can be brought up in love of not just his family but Tribe

Ronda Hooser (Oklahoma City, 2022-03-25)


I’m signing this petition because I believe every family should have the right to custody of a family member over a foster parent/family

Deb Van Hook (Medford, 2022-03-26)


I believe this family has been severely wronged since the onset of this crisis. They deserve JUSTICE!!! I am so praying the Choctaw Child Welfare system will help them....

AR Jones (McAlester, 2022-03-26)


Governments and states must be held to account in respecting the sovereignty and rights of tribes. The oppressive and genocidal acts of our past can never be undone but there is no excuse moving forward. ICWA is the law. It is the right of a child to be raised with their family and in their community whenever possible. I am a split-feather multiracial, Choctaw-Native Hawaiian. I was adopted at birth in a closed adoption. Adoption is not permanency. Not only has the state seemingly failed to follow the placement preferences required by ICWA, they have seemingly disregarded active efforts in it’s entirety.

Shauna Magee (Woodinville, 2022-03-26)


Show my support

Manuel Lopez (Murrieta, 2022-03-26)


My family too has had to use the ICWA to ensure our nephew stayed with us and not just adopted to foster parents. We tok had the state dcfs workers seeming to slack on thier part of getting our paperwork in so it appeared noone tried. Thankful for emails, always e.ail, electronically communicate every chance you get. If phone call is necessary. Email.immediately following phone call to confirm all information exchanged in phone call.

Angel Randles (Wes jordan, utah, 2022-03-26)


Signing this because our tribe Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma should be angered and take over this case.

Latisha Sawyer (Pineville , 2022-03-26)


We need to keep our kids with family.

Sarah Phillips (Atoka, 2022-03-26)


I am of Choctaw heritage.. I believe that his raising should be with family... especially since his father passed away unfairly and was treated that way... Native American Heritage should stay with blood

Donna Simpson (North Salt Lake, 2022-03-26)


Signing because this is wrong. It’s another way to steal our children and kill our cultural!! He needs to be with his family!! He also has a tribe that wants him as well

Mary Helmer (Mcalester, 2022-03-26)


I believe he should be with his family and NOT adopted out. He has a whole tribe who are his family too.

Alisa Weatheral (Turlock , 2022-03-26)


ICWA is in place to protect Native children from being removed and raised by non native people. The studies reflect Native children were being removed by DHS at higher rates then non native children and being adopted out to non native families. DHS is required to provide reasonable efforts which is more than telling a parent what they need to do. ALL tribes should know where all their tribal children are located and intervene on their behalf to protect their rights and ensure the children are placed in native homes. Each tribal child involved with DHS should have a tribal attorney representing them in any court proceedings especially in state courts.

Nellie Meashintubby (McAlester, 2022-03-26)


The 1st Nation people are still getting a bad deal from the US Government, even now in the 21st Century.

PHILIP GOBLE (Westbury-on-Trym, 2022-03-26)


I too have 3 granddaughters who were adopted out to white family. My grandkids been gone for 6 yrs but im still holding on to hope that i will get them back.

Dawn R WithHorn (Rapid City, 2022-04-27)

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