Fight against NWU's mandatory vaccinations



It is experimental till 2023
No long term safety data
Nuremberg code
Constutional rights
Bodily integrity
Need i go on

I Du olessis (Bloemfontein, 2022-02-08)


Is natural immunity just being ignored?
What about freedom of choice?
How can mandatory vaccination be enforced when countries world wide are stopping mandatory vaccination

Elaine Pieters (Musgrave, 2022-02-08)


I feel that it is discrimination against people who can make a free choice not to take the vaccine.

Carin Wessels (Sasolburg, 2022-02-08)


I don't think it's right for anyone to be forced to be subjected to have any foreign substance injected unto their bodies.

Sheila Fiuche (Hermanus, 2022-02-08)


We all have the right to freedom. This is a disgusting violation of human rights

Brogan Lamprecht (Johannasbergh, 2022-02-08)


Everyone must take the vaccine without pressure. No one must be forced.

Hanlie Du Toit (Moregloed, 2022-02-09)


Why do we need to ask for exemption if something is not mandatory? It’s contradicting the fact that it is mandatory in other words. In all the years of experimental drugs a group is chosen a test subject group and a placebo group in a controlled environment, and they sign a form and except the outcome whatever it may be. No where in the history of humankind has such a big experiment been done. It is highly unethical and takes away all human rights it stands for everything the constitution is against. Free will human rights! I am a born again Christian and the Holy spirit speaks to me and told me this is an abomination to the Lord. I follow mans law but FIRST THE LAW OF MY GOD JESUS CHRIST. I in no way have ever discriminated against those who willingly took this experiment and love them with the brotherly love Jesus commands us to do, but for some reason it does not reciprocate? The people who took it is so against us who don’t want to participate they shut us out as trash and conspiracy theorists? Why can we love them but they “hate” us? And against what will they conduct the outcome where is the “control” group or placebo group? I am not a non-vaxer I am simply not convinced this is ethical and fair and not enough research has been done to prove to me that this is in fact an approved working medicine. Ivermectin, colloidal silver vitamin d and fresh air has cured 9000 people from a doctor who did not once use a vaccine or oxygen, ( why take some experiment if there is a cure? No one should be forced to do anything unethical like this therefor I sign this and is against this experiment. May Jesus open the eyes of the people to see what this is about. CONTROL. Marshal law. The Georgia guide stones clearly states why this is being done read it up. Population control. (Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.)
I trust in my God Lord Jesus Christ and not some experiment killing people. Get right with the Lord before its to late.

Dorien Scheffer (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-09)


I am against mandatory vaccines. I not an anti vaxxer but this needs to be a choice not only because it develops resistance towards future vaccines that may be more important but it erodes the right to choose the form of intervention in illness. Students are notably non susceptible and this mandate is irrational. The rest of the world is seeing this.

Carol Berry (Durban, 2022-02-09)


We have human rights, we are sovereign beings, and we have sole authority over whatever medical intervention we accept! NOBODY can enforce a mandate over us, especially NOT for an experimental gene therapy with NO proven long-term safe track record!

Delana Fourie (Cape Town, 2022-02-09)


Its your choice.

Mari Goosen (Vanderbijlpark , 2022-02-09)


I'm signing because it's our right to decide what goes into our bodies. No one has the right to make a decision on our bodies. It is for us to decide what goes into our bodies.

Rene Pretorius (Germiston, 2022-02-09)


It's a personal choice. Having sex without a person's consent, it's rape. You can't force people to get vaccinated to be able to get a further education.

Helena Labuschagne (Mokopane, 2022-02-09)


Its my constitutional right to chose to vax or not. Why must it influence my studies for my future.

Volschenk Yolandi (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-09)


As humans we have a choice what qe put into our bodies.

Sarah Horstmann (Cape Town, 2022-02-09)


I say No mandatory vaccine

Fundiswa Grace Nxonyeka (Cape town, 2022-02-09)


I’m signing because i am a 3rd year student, being forced by my University to choose between my rights as a human being and my education which has never in many decades been a problem.

Timire Bothma (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-09)


Everyone must have the choice to choose if they want to be vaccinated or not and to show not allow the unvaccinated is actually discrimination

Ursula Van wyk (Barberton , 2022-02-09)


I have a right to choose!!!!

Loerinda Basson (Delmas , 2022-02-09)


I don't want my RIGHTS to be infringed. My body is my body

AJ Weideman (Potchefstroom , 2022-02-09)


I am a sovereign individual and support freedom for myself and every other person in the planet who is sovereign.

E Barnard (Knysna, 2022-02-09)


I agree with the cause

Aarye Mehta Goshalia (Johannesburg, 2022-02-09)


Why forcing something on someone if it will cause no harm to anybody?

Mareli de Waal (Bothaville, 2022-02-09)


Vaccination should not be mandatory.

samuel marx (Bloemfontein , 2022-02-09)


I don't want to be vaccinated since is been 3 years now since this outbreak. I believe that I will survive further withou this vaccine

Gift Serumula (Mokopane , 2022-02-09)


I stand on my right to make my own choice!

NWU mislead us as parents by telling us at the end of 2021 that the vaccination is non-mandatory and pro-choice and now in Feb 2022 it's "mandatory" to be on campus.

After many expenses and signed rent agreements for the 2022 year I now have to wait and see what happenes next cause its my child's choice not to vaccinate and his or her course is not available online but with contact classes only.

NWU, think again! I think, we as parents has to stand together by opening a sivil case against NWU for misleading us with pro-choice messages in 2021 and now that we are all settled want to enforce the vaccine.

This not only about the vaccine we are fighting for our right as human beings having the right to choose what happens to our bodies!

Taljaard Anje (Mokopane, 2022-02-09)


It is against my religion to take the vaccine

Anuon Pienaar (Hartswater, 2022-02-09)


I'm signing because I am pro choice and do not feel comfortable as there are numerous reports of cases where it had very bad adverse effect on People who took it. Vaccination is choice, president Rhamaphosa said in one of his adresses to the nation that no one Will be forced to vaccinate, who gives NWU the right to make it mandatory indirectly? We have human rights and these vaccine mandates go against it.

Calista Ellis (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-09)


My daughter is forced to vaccinate and wont be able to continue her studies.

Reta van der Merwe (Brits, 2022-02-10)


I am vacinated but it is not moral to take a person's right to choose away or use measures to force them to make a choice by discriminating against them if they do not comply to a subjective sociatal norm

Gideon De Wet (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-10)


I believe that no one should be coerced into anything. Saying that you have a choice, when the alternative is to effectively stop studying in your final year, is not a reasonable choice.

Berto Scholtz (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-10)


You defnitly cannon force anybody to get the vax. I am very strongly pro-choice! Since un-vacced can only be a threat to other un-vacced. I am willing to go to great lengths fot freedom of choice!!!

Merinda Duvenage (George, 2022-02-10)


The use of the vaccine to stop the spread is unproven and in fact, the opposite was proven. Therefor it is non-sensical

Allan Weideman (Krugersdorp, 2022-02-10)


I support the right to consent and choice.

Adam Sayers (Johannesburg, 2022-02-10)


Each student is a sovereign entity with free choice over his body and mind. These gene therapy injections have been proven dangerous as well as ineffective in both preventing the transmission as well as decreasing symptoms of covid. What they have been effective at is lowering natural immunity, creating nervous system and cardiac abnormalities, miscarriages and death. Government and Universities should do well to remember that they are merely the employees of the people not their masters.

Brigitte Schauer (Pretoria, 2022-02-10)


The risks are to high and I count on my own body to fight the virus. Never take flu injection and sevived

Elize Broere (Jacobsdal, 2022-02-10)


The mandate is against our human rights, it does not follow the science, and does allow for bodily autonomy.

We are no longer in the pandemic and the relevance of the vaccine in what has become endemic needs to be evaluated!

Bianca De Canha (Gauteng , 2022-02-10)


The vax is kak

A.j. Fourie (Brits , 2022-02-10)


Why should I have to sign anything like this. Where is the respect for a other human. Governments talk about misinformation, yet the truth has come out quicker then they expected, there are court cases against most governments due to this shot. Vaccines offers immunity. All over the world the people are standing up for what is right all parties that has taken part in this world wide will be held accountable including the media. The covid 19 shot offer no immunity as stated only protection to the person taken it. But does not decrease the chances of you getting it or passing it to someone else regardless if that other person is "vaccinated" had their shot, or not. So to sum this up. If taking the shot protected anyone else besides the person who has taken it, then you can asked people for the sake of another humans life to take the shot. Yet it does not. With hidden side effects, many are not being spoken about here. Follow international news. Things do not add up. People have woken up and standing up.
Just saw this below this petition.

Kenneth Odonnell (Johannesburg , 2022-02-10)


I am not on favour of the vax because of the risks to our young people and children. There are prophylactic meds that can be used.

Theresa Burdett (Ekurhuleni, 2022-02-10)


I'm signing because we have freedom of choice according to the constitutional law.

Renché Seyffert (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-10)


Everyone should have a right to choose!

John De Kock (Johannesburg, 2022-02-10)


This goes against all human rights to choose!!! We are suppose to have the right to choose regarding our bodies...

Hanru de Villiers (Douglas, 2022-02-10)


I lost people dear to me who were vaccinated.

Tharina Barnard (MARBLE HALL, 2022-02-10)


I believe it is unconstitutional, unethical and unnecessary to force anyone to take anything against their will. The vaccine's efficacy has been questionable with people fully vaccinated and boosted still getting the virus and spreading. That to me defeats the whole purpose.

Pieter Jordaan (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-10)


Cohersion with a unknown motive is not from God

Leone Vosser (Potchefstroom , 2022-02-10)


It's everyone's constitutional right to decide for themselves.

Mico Van den Berg (Pretoria , 2022-02-10)


I study at NWU and I am not interested in getting the vaccine quite yet.

Simon la Grange (Potchefstroom , 2022-02-10)


Every student should have freedom of speech and freedom not to be bullied by government to make decisions concerning their vax status. South Africans already have herd immunity . Most of the people have survived covid already.

Eather Van den Berg (Pretoria, 2022-02-10)


My choice.
Nobody can tell me what to do.
They don't know my medical history.

Hannelie Greyling (Kemptonpark , 2022-02-10)


I think everyone should make the decision themselves whether they want to be vaccinated or not. For the NWU to have this ultimatum towards their students that if you are not vaccinated by a certain date you are not allowed on campus sounds very intimidating, something I did not expect NWU to implement. I also think the date is too close set not giving anyone proper time to understand why this has to be implemented. Just have stricter rules for the unvaccinated students, let them follow guidlines and screening that vaccinated students don’t have to do for example but don’t force anyone into something that some students feel uncomfortable with. This is not right!

James Garisch (Postmasburg , 2022-02-10)


I feel its my Human right to decide if I want to be vaccinated or not.

Already those that are vaccinated are more afraid of people that is not vaccinated WHY, they are mos vaccinated! There are countries that ignore the vaccination totally and nothing happened further herd immunity

Erns Taljaard (Douglas, 2022-02-10)


No to mandatory vaccination

Sibusiso Mahlangu (Johannesburg, 2022-02-10)


It is bull…

Steph Du Toit (PTA, 2022-02-11)


My human rights

Chantell Grobler (Somerset West, 2022-02-11)


Students should have the right to choose the vaccination or not.

Theo Kruger (Rooihuiskraal North, 2022-02-11)


I do not believe in it they killing our people and it is not working. It is new world order we must believe in our Lord and Savior. He is coming soon. People that still not believe in Him there is big seprise waiting I don't want to stand in there shoes.

Melanie Steyn (Pretoria , 2022-02-11)


Freedom of choice and this is discrimination!

Colleen Reynders (Johannesburg, 2022-02-11)


My daughter is a first year student and has had Covid-19 and recovered, she had an open heart surgery at 9 months old and no way is she getting the vaccine as there is not enough research accumulated to say she would not be in danger if she gets the vax

Chantal Van Rooyen (Krugersdorp , 2022-02-11)


Human Rights, Constitutional Rights - Freedom of Choice!

Paul Jacobs (Johannesburg, 2022-02-11)


What has Happened to Our Constitutional Right?

Sam Caldecott (KZN, 2022-02-11)


I am going against the mandate on forced vaccines

Marlene Meintjes (Gsuteng, 2022-02-11)


That is not rigth to force any one

Maria Jacobs (Germiston, 2022-02-11)


The vaccine can be forced up on because it dose not change our way of living.

Joshua Du Toit (Sasolburg, 2022-02-11)


I believe that no person should be forced to take the vaccination just to continue with their studies.

Rudi Swart (Barberton , 2022-02-11)


It's Satanism and Cabal sponsored and those in charge are part of it....

JUSTIN BOTHMA (Pretoria, 2022-02-11)


I think it is absolutely absurd, that students must be mandatory vaccinated.

Heiko Stark (Ventersdorp, 2022-02-11)


I personally think that the vaccine don’t make any difference in life. Therefore can anyone, vaccinated or not have the same rights

Izelle Papke (Potchefstroom , 2022-02-11)


I study at NWU. And so var I don't veel save getting the fascination... I don't want to be pressured in something that I don't want to because I don't veel save...

Charlotte Estherhuysen (Ficksburg , 2022-02-11)


I am pro choice, my child's body, her choice to choose for covid experimental injection according to the south african constitution. And to get basic education and have access to free movement on potchefstroom public campus, classes and residence. We are also against the discrimination that is happening here.

Juanita Linde (Strand, 2022-02-11)


Everyone has a choice. Please respect mine

Lizelle de Koker (Potchefstroom , 2022-02-11)


Me and my family will NOT be vaccinated‼️‼️‼️

Chantal Botha (Mokopane, 2022-02-11)


Freedom of choice. Vaccinated people can also contract and spread the virus. Will NWU take responsibility and pay for treatment if people suffer illnesses due to vaccinations

Gerhard Meyer (Roodepoort , 2022-02-11)


I think things should stay the way they were

Liandra Meyer (Roodepoort, 2022-02-11)


I'm signing this petition as I have lost close family members due to covid. I have asthma and I'm not sure what the outcome will be if I take the vaccine. As some people have underlying conditions.

Bronwyn Sandenbergh (Roodepoort, 2022-02-11)


I'm pro medical choice . My body my decision.

Neil Perich (Cape Town , 2022-02-11)


I believe in freedom to choose. It is wrong to force anyone to take an experimental vaccine that can not prevent the disease or the spread of the disease. It is every person's constitutional right to body integrity and to not be harmed or experimented on during a trial.

Annelie Steyn (Johannesburg, 2022-02-11)


It's against human rights.

Louize Fourie (Brits, 2022-02-11)

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