Fight against NWU's mandatory vaccinations



It is wrong to force a experimental covid shot that kills or permanently damages , on any person.

Landi Roux (Memel, 2022-02-20)


My girlfriend is a student and this goes against basic human rights.



Dit is teen my Chrislike beginsel

Petrus Stephanus Groenewald (Stilbaai, 2022-02-20)


The vaccine is poison

Debby Koen (Rustenburg, 2022-02-20)


Dis die student se reg om self te besluit.

Jan Zoutendyk (Cape town, 2022-02-20)


I support freedom of choice, my body ,my choice

Sonja Scholtz (Upington, 2022-02-20)


I think everyone should have a choice whether they want the vaccine or not

Janet West (Edmonton , 2022-02-20)


Everyone has the right to education and everyone has the right to decide on what they put into their bodies.

Lynette Burke (Cape Town , 2022-02-20)


These students are the future. They should be allowed to make their own choices regarding these vaccination...

Magaretha Van Buuren (Heidelberg, 2022-02-20)


Die inspuiting dien geen doel nie, waarom die verpligting?

Susan Malan (Western cape, 2022-02-20)


Because I don't feel comfortable taking the vaccine

Lebogang Gladwin (FLORIDA, 2022-02-20)


Ek teken hierdie petisie omdat ek glo dat elke individu die reg het om keuses oor hulle eie liggaam te maak en dat daar nie teen hulle gediskrimineer mag word op grond van hulle keuses nie.

Wilma Ernst (Potchefstroom , 2022-02-20)


Mandatory vaccination is against the constitution. The NWU is following in the UFS's footsteps with no clear science backing their actions. I support this petition to protect students' rights.

Johandré Bothma (Bloemfontein, 2022-02-20)


I am against the mandatory vax.

Anneri Pretorius (bloemfontein, 2022-02-20)


No to nwo

Rv De bruin (Pretoria, 2022-02-21)


Dis elke persoon se reg om self te besluit of jy wil inspuit teen Covid 19 of nie

Esmari Greyling (Klerksdorp , 2022-02-21)


Mandates are wrong. Experimental injections should only be given after full disclosure of risks, if the person agrees

Charlie Paget (Johannesburg , 2022-02-21)


Elkeen moet self kan besluit oor in-enting of nie.

Willie Van Der Merwe (Memel, 2022-02-21)


I'm signing because I still believe in freedom of choice. What NWU and so many other companies are doing is unacceptable and unconstitutional.

R8ka Botha (Eshowe, 2022-02-21)


My body does not belong to the state. Freedom to choose what goes into my body.

Amanda Roux (Johannesburg, 2022-02-21)


I'm signing this petition because I'm scared for my life and healthy.

Mpho Mokhomo (Gauteng, 2022-02-21)


Ek teken hierdie petisie want dit is diskriminasie en my kind se vryheid om 'n keuse oor haar liggaam te neem, word van haar ontneem

Adri Goosen (Nelspruit, 2022-02-21)


I'm signing because, I believe that each person should have a choice about their own health. Just like it is each individual's choice to either have or not a DNR (do not resuscitate) order, getting the vaccine should be each person's choice that they can make according to their bodies.

Wietske Du Toit (Heidelberg, 2022-02-21)


It my body and my right. Unconstitutional!!!! Lots of alarming facts on the vaccine coming to light

Berni Valentin (Mbombela , 2022-02-21)


I don't want vaxnToin

Jan Mhlopheki Tshabalala (Gauteng, 2022-02-21)


It is againt freedom of choice to force any person to be vaccinated against vaccines which are not save and the reasons for rolling it out is obviously unethitical and without the best interest of people

Riana Jordaan (Cradock, 2022-02-21)


Mandatory vaccination violates our human rights to choice. Every South African has a right to education regardless of health choices. I object to this discrimination.

Lee Morgan (Johannesburg, 2022-02-21)


I'm am signing because any vaccination should be voluntary and up to the individual to decide if or wen to get it.

Hennie Geldenhuys (Fleet , 2022-02-21)


Mandates against an experimental vaccine that is totally ineffectual is ludicrous.
Safety data has NOT been released, until then it should be a choice.
By being vaccinated you still pose the exact same rish as an unvaccinated person.

Paula Thomson (Durban, 2022-02-21)


I beleive in freedom of choice, specifically when it comes to my own body and health.

CP Van der Vyver (Potchefstroom , 2022-02-21)


It is insane to force students to receive a poisonous experimental injection erroneously and misleadingly referred to as a "vaccine" which it is NOT and which has caused thousands of deaths and serious injuries world wide. One expect the leadership of universities to be well aware of this. With tespect if they really think that this experimental gene therapy is of any benefit whatsoever they are either totally misinformed, ignorant or bought by the Bill Gates foundation or other planners of this fake pandemic called covid 19. If they continue with this medical tyranny which is against the SA Constitution AND the Nuremberg Code they cannot and SHOULD NOT be entrusted with the education of our students.

Pieter van Wyk (Cape Town, 2022-02-21)


Human rights must be protected and respected as stipulated in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

Glen Mosenogi (Potchefstroom , 2022-02-21)


I'm signing because the President of this country said it will not be inforced on anyone. You cannot force people to take part in trail medicine.

Ronelle du Plessis (Johannesburg , 2022-02-21)


Vaccination is demonic, evil, based on lies, violates human free will and no human may be forced to take medication for the greater good. Greater good ideology has been at the root of hundreds of millions of murdered people. Read history.

Hardy Jonck (Cape Town , 2022-02-21)


It’s unacceptable

Charné Maln (Potchefstroom , 2022-02-21)


I believe that everyone should have the chance to chooae for themself

Hannes Lourens (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-21)


I am against the covid vaccine and I also feel we have a right to choose wat we allow be put in our body. It’s our body, not anyone or anything else’s body.

Linda Scheepers (Memel, 2022-02-21)


It is unfair for students to be denied a fair chance to education just because they did not vaccinate. This is an infringement of students' human rights. Some students may have valid reasons and/or conditions they may hinder them from getting vaccinated. However, it should never stand in the way of students pursuing their degrees.

Sinenhlanhla Hlatshwayo (Vanderbijlpark, 2022-02-22)


I am against mandotary vaccination for Covid

Antoinette de Kock (Gauteng Jhb, 2022-02-22)


I have never tested positive for Covid so I don't think it is necessary nor fair to be forced to vaccinate against my will

Nolubabalo Dzingwa (Sasolburg, 2022-02-22)


It is against our human rights to be forced to do or take anything against our will.

Elna Vorster (Calitzdorp, 2022-02-22)


We have a right to decide what goes into our bodies and no one can for this against anyone.
If this passes that you must be vacinated where something we dont want goes into our boedies.

Pardon the rude explanation, should rape then not also be made legal ? It something you dont want that enters your body

Johan Oosthuizen (Nelspruit , 2022-02-22)


It's our constitutional right to decide what you want to do with your life/body without being discriminate or pushed out from participating with the rest.

Chris Tiedt (Krugersdorp , 2022-02-22)


NWU is threatening my livelihood while they are claiming ownership of my body. This fascistic regime must fall.

Andreas Alberts (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-22)


The vaccines are not effective. They're trying to kill us

Cindy Naylor (Bracebridge ontario, 2022-02-22)


It is not fair to students that thought they have a bright future!

The way this was done is unacceptable

Human rights!

Let each person choose

Johanna Burger (Wa, 2022-02-22)


I am against vaccination mandatory. It's everyone right not to be forced to take anything that makes them uncomfortable. I would like to see the mandatory ends now

Bridget Seotsanyana (Brakpan, 2022-02-22)


I don't want to be forced to vaccinate

Rebaona Dinale (Rustenburg, 2022-02-22)


I am signing because I feel we all have a right to choose whether we want to be vaccinated or not it should not be mandatory because by making vaccination mandatory in order to access campuses then ouer right to education is being taken away.

Franco Schreuder (Carletonville, 2022-02-22)


Everyone has the right to make decisions for their body and what effects it or what goes into it.

Shalissa Bowles (Potchefstroom , 2022-02-22)


I’m signing this petition because I wanted to go study Health Sciences at NWU this year, because of the Mandatory Vaccination I decided not go being concerned of what it will do to my health. It broke my heart! It was always my dream to go to NWU but I will not risk my health!!

Claudia Van der Merwe (Naboomspruit , 2022-02-22)


I have the right to choose to vaccinate. I am not happy to start the year feeling forced to do something and facing diciplinary actions if I do not do it.

Micyla Vigliotta (Vanderbijilpark, 2022-02-22)


I don't want to get vaccinated

Gerrida Stadler (Stellenbosch, 2022-02-22)


It is my human right to decide if i want to be vaxinated or not. It should be by choice and not by force.

Agatha Combrinck (Krugersdorp, 2022-02-22)


My dogter studeer te NWU en ons is nog nie gemaklik oor die ent nie. Mense wat ingeent is kry steeds covid en gaan steeds dood agv die siekte. Ent keer nie dat mense siek word nie

Riette Venter (Thabazimbi, 2022-02-22)


Choices should never be stripped away

Rebekah Tsintarakis (Breaunanda, 2022-02-22)


It is our right as humans to be able to choose and not be forced. Covid is disappearing and now they still want to force a vaccine that does not work. There are many studies done of the complications that the vaccines can bring forth. Most covid cases is not deadly and do not even cause symptoms these days, evethought people test positive. Why force people to take the vaccine? What is the agenda? I am for human choice and human rights and someone is trying to take that right away from our children.

The long term effects of the vaccine has not even been tested. What a joke... Who will take responsibility when fertility plummets in future generations? This vaccine does not stop you from getting covid. So what are they injecting into you?

Madelein Laurence (Johannesburg, 2022-02-22)



Isha Khan (Durban, 2022-02-22)


I don't think people should be forced to have the vaccine

Charlene Van tonder (Johannesburg , 2022-02-22)


This is a created pandemic that DOES NOT exist by the world controllers to implement a digital monetary system. It is all part all part of the NWO s human culling mission to decrease the world population with a lethal poisen injection referred to as a vaccine, but has Nothing to do with health. It is sick and murder.

JB Kannemeyer (Onrus, Hermanus, 2022-02-22)


It's against any human right and the Geneva convention to force a potential deadly experimental vaccine upon anyone.

Carlo Guelpa (Pretoria , 2022-02-22)


Stop taking away our kids education.

Natasha Whytock (Johannesburg , 2022-02-22)


I'm signing here coz this is an violation of our human rights and last time I checked the president said on live television that NO ONE should be forced to take the vaccine so in actual fact they should take this issue to court.

Stephanie Delate (Johannesburg, 2022-02-22)


I think people should have a choice of being vaccinated. As they said everyone has a right of making choices and should have a choice to be vaccinated.They also said in the beginning nobody would be forced to get vaccinated as it’s your choice.

Josh Pretorius (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-22)


I dont believe in the vax being made mandatory

sacha barnard (Cape Town, 2022-02-22)


Slots of people that was vaccinated became sick. Why is it need.

Cornelia Petronella Pelser (Joannesburg, 2022-02-22)


Pro choice

Ilse Botha (Potchefstroom , 2022-02-22)


Almal het n reg om te kies en beheer te hê oor hulle eie liggaam.

Chene Fick (Secunda, 2022-02-22)


I believe every peron has rights and the right to choose for yourself!!!!

Gina Nel (Pretoria, 2022-02-22)


I'm signing because I'm pro-choice. I don't want the vaccine for many reasons. Mandatory vaccines are unethical and against my human rights!

Gretchen Grobler (Mpumalanga , 2022-02-22)


A trial vaccination can not be forced onto students to afford them acces to university education. Its contravening EVERY INTERNATIONAL LAW ON FREEDOM
And its Violating students rights under SA constitution!

Elizabeth Visagie (Cape Town, 2022-02-22)


I need this to end I just want my life back in not taking any foreign objects into my body and that goes 4 all my children too

Kezell Klinck (Mahikeng , 2022-02-22)


The vaccine is NOT safe and effective. The University should be held accountable for every single injury and death caused by the vaccine.
The students have human rights and should be able to choose!

Trienie Ceronio (Bloemfontein, 2022-02-22)


Because it is a man made virus. We want our freedom back

Ronel Peyper (Rustenburg, 2022-02-22)


No experimental medical procedure should be mandatory, especially when it doesn't even work, and causes so many adverse effects and deaths!

Anita Timewell (Struisbaai , 2022-02-22)


I sign this petition to fight for the right of students' freedom of choice. The choice to vaccinate should be ours and not be discriminated against. There should be fair treatment for both vaccinated and non vaccinated students

Rodney Mbizvo (Vanderbijlpark, 2022-02-22)


Mandatory vaccinations are unlawful and against every person's human right. Everyone should have their own choice whether or not to vaccinate. Our right to education should not be removed because someone does not want to vaccinate.

Jani Wiese (Bloemfontein, 2022-02-22)


It's not a must as the president said

Me Me (Vanderbijlpark, 2022-02-22)


Against human rights

Carel Botes (Gauteng , 2022-02-22)


I have a right to decide what i put into my body
It is criminal to force us to be vaccinated with a drug not even been tested and as we know has deadly side effects and has caused death!!! This is murder and we CANNOT STAND FOR THIS MANIPULATION!!!!!!

Van Niekerk Lynn (Krugersdorp, 2022-02-22)


I refuse the vaccine

Onke Matikinca (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-22)

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