Fight against NWU's mandatory vaccinations



Because i am not sick and I don't tolerate this systematic agendas violating our human rights .

Mahlatse Prince (Polokwane, 2022-02-05)


I don't feel comfortable with vaccinating

Lebogang Kgomo (Mafikeng, 2022-02-05)


Vaccine must not be compulsory

Moloko Morukhuladi (Polokwane , 2022-02-05)


I'm signing dis petition because I believe that Bill Gates and the global elites want to depopulate the planet through the vaccine. I will never risk my health or life by taking the vaccine. The vaccine will aslo not prevent the spread of the virus, so what is the difference between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated? There is no difference.

Melissa Roux (Leeudoringstad , 2022-02-05)


I'm against the mandatory vaccination ,as in my culture we don't believe in getting western medicine.

Kanyane Maduana (Jane furse, 2022-02-05)


I don't agree with the fact that we as students must be forced to vaccinate at the expense of our education it is just not fair. Vaccinated or not you still gonna get the virus and probably die! So what's the point?

Ntando Gumede (Nelspruit, 2022-02-05)


I don't want to be forced

Pieter Louw (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-05)


It is not fair to implement mandatory vaccination whilst the country has not done that.

Katlego Johnson Ndlovu (Mokopane , 2022-02-05)


I've seen many of my family members dying because of this vaccine.

Reaobaka Segwape (Mahikeng, 2022-02-05)


Due to medical reasons I am afraid to vaccinate and so is my child

Janine Neethling (Middelburg, 2022-02-05)


Because I don't want to put something in my body that could potentially be life threatening as we have seen....

Vuyo Sasebola (Daveyton, 2022-02-05)


Freedom of choice

Ernest van Oudtshoorn (JHB, 2022-02-05)


I believe every student should have the right to decide whether or not they want to be vaccinated without being discriminated against. There are many other deadly and contagious illnesses and nobody is forced to get vaccinated against them, it should be no different for COVID-19

Olga van Dyk (Montagu, 2022-02-05)


Forced mandates are unconstitutional and unethical.

Jaco Van niekerk (Potch, 2022-02-05)


I don't feel comfortable getting the vaccine and it is a violation of my human rights.

Stefan Bester (Welkom, 2022-02-05)


Unethical behaviour
NWU not transparent and misleading parents and students
Unconstitutional SOP
Discrimination in procedures

Ina van Niekerk (Potchefstroom , 2022-02-05)


Die Skrif sê "laat die vrede van Christus die skeisdregter wees as jy oor iets tyfel, en as jy enigiets doen waarvan jy oortuig is dit is verkeerd, is dit sonde. Ek kan nie ongehoorsaam wees aan my Here nie, ek het nie vrede oor die spuit nie en I cannot consent as I am not informed of the true harm and side effects thereof

Jackie Claase (Welgemoed, 2022-02-05)


I believe in Freedom of Choice and Bodily Integrity. People forcing this vaccine mandate are infringing on our Human Rights.

Bonita Swarts (Cape Town, 2022-02-05)


Ek voel almal het hulle eie siening en keuse. Mens kan dit nie op mekaar afdwing nie.

Enmari van Wyk (Vivo, 2022-02-05)


I don't think it is right to force the students to get the vaccine for them to study on campus

Brendan Aartsma (Bellville, 2022-02-05)


It should be choice not a force

Joe Combrinck (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-05)


I am totally against forcing any person to be vaccinated.

Jehan La Grange Uren (Strand, 2022-02-05)


Nobody should be forced to have something injected into them they do not trust to be for their well-being. It makes no sense. People who want to be vaccinated and protected can. Why would the vaccine be less effective for you if your neighbour doesn't get jabbed. It makes no sense and sounds like an excuse to pump everyone full of vaccines and make a few bank accounts very happy.

Brandon Steenkamp (Middelburg, 2022-02-05)


My daughter is a 1st year student...after registration and signing lease for this??? Unacceptable...forcing vaccination against her wil...

Elrie van Wyk (Margate, 2022-02-05)


I do not want to vaccinate.

Lesego Magagane (Mafikeng, 2022-02-05)


I believe we have right to choose

Maserole Selepe (Fourways, 2022-02-05)


The right for students to have a say in terms of what goes in their body, and not be forced by any learning institution and it's laws to participate in any form of activity which directly/indirectly takes away their constitutional rights and human dignity.

Christopher Tshipe (MAHIKENG , 2022-02-05)


I am signing this petition because I do not believe students should be forced to comply with the new Covid-19 vaccination restrictions put in place.

Young people should be given the opportunity to voice their opinions in general, specifically when it comes to their well-being and future.

I do not believe that your vaccination status should impact your student life or restrict your access to campus activities at all. Therefore, I sign this petition hoping that these matters will be reconsidered.

Zané Neethling (Potchefstroom , 2022-02-05)


I am against the covid vaccine

Kristian van Dyk (Montagu, 2022-02-05)


I support student's rights to choose and is pro choice

Susan Lindeque (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-05)


The unethical descimination of people for their freedom of choice. It is unconstitutional to force people to do something against their will. (It also does not make place for those that already have natural immunity, which is already shown to be many times better than the vaccine.) This being said, thr vaccine doesnt prevent the peraon from getting it, and is still shown to be contagious to others. This thus means that the only person at risk is those not taking the vaccines in thr first place. It is stated that the affects are less with the vaccinated, thus making them seem asymptomatic, thus leading to further spread.

Juan Crause Du Plessis (Kareedouw, 2022-02-05)


It's a choice to be vaccinated not a must and no one is to be forced.

John Mokgele (Rustenburg, 2022-02-05)


I do not want to be forced to vaccinate, it is against the law.

Dimpho Mahlaola (Gauteng, 2022-02-05)


It is against the law to force anybody to get vaccinated.

Deidré Van Dyk (Montagu, 2022-02-05)


I am signing because this is bullshit. We are not lab rats to experiment on.

Lourens Botes (Louis Trichardt, 2022-02-05)


Experimental vaccines are a crime against humanity. Everyone has the right to choose what goes in their body.

Tertia Bester (Vanderbijlpark, 2022-02-05)


Dis my mense reg om self daaroor te besluit! My kind, my verantwoordelikheid

Lezel Meiring (Lichtenburg, 2022-02-05)


I'm signing this petition because I have the right to decide for myself if I need the vaccine. There is still at lot at stake, I don't want to feel forced to take an experimental vaccine.
No one can say that I will still be healthy in a few years or that I would still be fertile. The vaccine will not be tested on me. I don't want, I don't need it and according to the constitution can no one force me to take it.

Mariaan Boje (Bultfontein , 2022-02-05)


It's my right to choose for myself and to do my own risk-assesment.

Herman Boje (Bultfontein , 2022-02-05)


There is currently no use in having the vaccine if you are young and healthy.

Cindy Boje (Bultfontein , 2022-02-05)


To give this young man a fighting chance in life

Teresa Smith (Pretoria, 2022-02-05)


I agree that our rights are being violated as students

Ngwenya Rebaona (Brits, 2022-02-05)


It is our freedom of choice to have the vacation or not! No body has the right to force me!

Carli Pienaar (Lichtenburg, 2022-02-05)


Anti vaxer,since it have not been medically proven and in a test phase.

Phillip POTGIETER (Tzaneen, 2022-02-05)


Vaccination should be one's choice not mandatory and I don't owe anyone an explanation on why i don't want to be vaccinated.Making it mandatory falls under violation of one's rights according to our constitution. MY BODY MY CHOICE✊✊NO TO MANDATORY VACCINATION.

Adelaide Mohau (Thohoyandou , 2022-02-05)


It is against my human rights.

Alwiné Fleischmann (Mooketsi, 2022-02-05)


I do not give anyone permission to force me to take something that can affect my health.

Annelize Havenga (ALBERTON - BRACKENHURST, 2022-02-05)


I am against mandatory vaccination because I have rights.

Zinhle Nkumane (Johannesburg , 2022-02-05)


I am against being forced to get vaccinated

Julian Combrinck (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-05)


I don't not wish to compensate for this Vaccines i don't approve it.

Ryle Keed (Mafikeng, 2022-02-05)


Choice is freedom

Allené Van den Berg (Gordon's bay , 2022-02-05)


Everyone should have a choice weather or not to vaccinate. That should not be a condition to be able to study and further oneself!

Olivia Crause (Cape Town , 2022-02-05)


President promised no mandatory

Mias Nieuwoudt (Klerksdorp, 2022-02-05)


No for forced vacines, my body my right.

Wimpie Janse van Rensburg (Ermelo, 2022-02-05)


No business or university has the right to tell anyone what they should put in their body. It is a violation of our human rights. It is illegal, the person responsible for making this decision should go to jail!

Bianca van Vuuren (Lichtenburg , 2022-02-05)


Personal rights. Latest true research. Effectiveness of therapeutics. Natural immunity much stronger. Omicron stage. Negative effects and risks of vaccines not openly shared. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Suzette Laas (Cape Town, 2022-02-05)


Young family members going to Pitch University should NOT get the vaccine!!

Claudine Venter (Downham Market, 2022-02-05)


I do not want my constitutional right of bodily integrity to be taken away from. North West University does not have the right to tell me what should I do with my body, nor deny my right to education. I have constitutional right to be in NWU because I pay for my presence to be there!

Ramekgwe Tjikila (Orkney, 2022-02-05)


I am against mandatory vaccination

Diedericks Rungwana Diseko (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-05)


You always have a right to choose God is my protector

Welna Van der Merwe (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-05)


Ek n familie geskiedenis van bloedklonte het, my dogter reeds hoogs allergies is en ek nie haar, my enigste kind se lewe op die spel gaan plaas nie.

Louise Schutte V Rensburg (Naboomspruit, 2022-02-05)


It is against the human rights to be forced to take this vaccine. It is my choice

Drogba Maditses (Mafikeng , 2022-02-05)


We are pro choice. The vaxxine is still on trial basis, we cN nitvtake the risk. There are to many adverse reactions reported on the applicable websutes.

Deborah Bell (Middelburg, 2022-02-05)


I am signing because is against my human right and i don't want to vaccinate. I say NO to vaccine

Kagiso tlhabanelo (Mahikeng, 2022-02-05)


I am against the vaccine

Mosetsanagape Shiela Kololo (Germiston , 2022-02-05)


I'm forced to vaccinate.

Kagiso Josephs (Brits, 2022-02-05)


I believe vaccines should be a choice and we cannot be banned from studying or student lives because of our own beliefs.

Briony Wood (Howick , 2022-02-05)


Freedom of choice

Veronica Snyman (Johannesburg, 2022-02-05)


The vaccine it's not a must for everyone so I can't be forced to vaccinate

Boitumelo Thamaga (Polokwane , 2022-02-05)


I ain't taking that shit

Simanga Hlophe (Mahikeng, 2022-02-05)


I am signing because I don't wanna be forced to take the vaccine

Jwalane Sibongile (North west, 2022-02-05)


I want to have my human right of being able to freely choose not to be vaccinated, and still not have any restrictions imposed on me.

Phuti Mojela (Bedworthpark, Veereniging, 2022-02-06)


I believe in freedom of choice

Mi Millicent (Mafikeng , 2022-02-06)


I'm signing because I don't support the Mandatory vaccination.
The president maybe it clear that no should be forced

Ontiretse Thagakane (Taung, 2022-02-06)


Because ever man women and child should have the right to choose weather they want to take anything let alone this poison

Istvan Toth (Calgary, 2022-02-06)


It should be your choice, finished and klaar

Charmaine Kerkhof (Pennington , 2022-02-06)


I believe that all people should have a free choice what they want to put in their bodies and what not. This mandate discriminate against a group of people and I find that inhumane and discusting.

Gideon Nieuwoudt (Klerksdorp , 2022-02-06)


I'm signing because I don't want to Get Vaccinated

Maditaba Maimane (BOTHAVILLE, 2022-02-06)


I'm signing because I will not be forced to vaccinate against my own will!!

Noxolo Malangabe (Randfontein, 2022-02-06)


I'm signing this petition because i do not want the vaccine. And i refuse to be forced to take one. It is totally against my belief.

Bontle Sebento (Mafikeng, 2022-02-06)


It is my right I do not trust the government

Christine Janse van Rensburg (Klerksdorp, 2022-02-06)


I'm against it

Precious Mathuto (Hammanskraal , 2022-02-06)


Why force mandatory vaccination. We have a right to body integrity and can choose what we put in our bodies. God created us with the best immune system that no man can even comprehend
SA already has herd immunity of 80%

Rochelle Oakes (Johannesburg , 2022-02-06)


I am against forced health choices.

Gerda Van Dyk (Langebaan, 2022-02-06)



Hannes Van der merwe (Vryburg , 2022-02-06)


I'm signing because every person has the right to decide if they whant the vaccinations or not.

Martha Mc Donald (Usakos, 2022-02-06)

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