Residents Against Proposed Nicholas Drive Extension



I do not want the Nicholas Drive rd. extension to be approved. For all of the reasons listed in the description of this petition, I believe that approval of the road will have a negative effect for the Attleboro taxpayers that live in this area.

Kerry Montgomery (Attleboro , 2022-02-06)


Concerned that this is going to negatively impact value of houses within the neighborhood

Ali Qureshi (Attleboro, 2022-02-06)


The safety concerns listed in this letter.

Daniel Fitzgerald (Attleboro, 2022-02-06)


There has already been significant adverse conditions caused by flooding due to runoff when the builder/owner developed a road into the woods, which causes an excess amount of runoff to traverse the Rehoboth land and flood my yard. I have tried contacting the builder by phone and email multiple times and received no response. He was told that the land is unbuildable and is now trying to find a way around the Rehoboth ruling.

Peter Beerman (Rehoboth, 2022-02-06)


I am against extending Nicholas Dr.

Donna Sotomayor (Attleboro , 2022-02-06)


I'm against this over development. It's a waist of natural beautiful land and it's going to negatively impact the residents.

Anthony Esteves (Attleboro, 2022-02-06)


I feel very strongly that the extension be denied!

Katie Wright (Attleboro , 2022-02-06)


I am against the proposed street extension.

Chris Sabourin (Attleboro , 2022-02-06)


My property abuts the open land and we are adamantly against an extension of Nichols. Please do not allow this to happen.

Sarah Rodriguez-Beerman (Rehoboth, 2022-02-06)


JUST STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carol Ferraro (Attleboro, 2022-02-06)


I live in the neighborhood and do not agree with this plan do to smells and increase of traffic

Jessica Sunderland (Attleboro, 2022-02-06)


I believe we should leave the land as it is. If the known owner has already mistreated animals and left his property in such a disgusting state, they should not be allowed to do more damage.

Kathleen Lallier (Attleboro, 2022-02-07)


I don’t want a farm built in my back yard

Frances Gauthier (Attleboro , 2022-02-07)


I oppose the extension due to the smell, decrease in property value, change to the appearance of our neighborhood, increase to wildlife (coyotes, rats) and safety etc. We build our home in Stonefield Estates because of the location and neighborhood. Had we known of this plan for an extension, we would have never built here.

Monique Medeiros-Beltran (Attleboro, 2022-02-07)


We do not want to live near any sort of farm. The smell alone will be unbearbale. If you want to an see example how the farm and the home will be maintained and upkept I would encourage you to drive by the dump site he calls a home now. If that is any indication as to what we are in for I want no part in it

Peter Gauthier (Attleboro, 2022-02-07)


I’m signing because there is no financial benefit that the city will receive if built. I also would not wish to experience noxiois odors that 30 cows create.

John aka Jack Daniels (Attleboro, 2022-02-07)


I am signing this petition due to potential aesthetic issues, safety issues, and decreased property values resulting from allowing this project to proceed.

Lisa Deyo (Attleboro, 2022-02-07)


The house being there isn't an issue. I'm signing because I don't want to live near a farm.

Trisha Figura (Attleboro , 2022-02-07)


I care about the proper treatment of all animals which this owner has shown he cannot do.

Debbie Baker (Concord, 2022-02-07)


In addition to the issues stated above, the proposed owner of the barn is an extremely delinquent caretaker of animals, as we have both witnessed (emaciated cows, source of feral cats throughout the neighborhood, etc.) and been given great detail of.
Allowing this owner to continue to own animals is perpetuating animal abuse, and any that vote in favor of this expansion should be held responsible as well.

James Conlin (Attleboro, 2022-02-07)


Proof of negligence of former property. This is not the standard we want in our City moving forward.

Jim Desper (Attleboro , 2022-02-07)


I feel strongly against it

Caroline Wright (Attleboro , 2022-02-07)


Concerned that this is going to negatively impact value of houses within the neighborhood

Huma Qureshi (Attleboro, 2022-02-07)


I am concerned that the proposed location for raising and grazing will have a negative impact on the three neighborhoods which abut the property.

Corey Corbeil (Attleboro, 2022-02-07)


Meadowsweet Farms has been my home for the last 25 years, and throughout that time I have seen land abused, new homes arise that detract from the suburban aesthetic, and general disintegration of the area. Under no circumstance should this pass.

Allan Ferraro (Attleboro , 2022-02-24)

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