Forcing Wearing a mask is unconstitutional

Steven Alviti (Saunderstown, 2022-02-11)


Mask mandates need to end. Give back parental rights to choose what’s best for their own children.

Melissa Forte (Saunderstown , 2022-02-11)


I personally don’t believe the masks work. Both of my children, in two separate schools, wearing their masks all day, were close contacts and we all ended up with Covid. I understand some people still want to use the masks and I believe we shall have freedom of choice. One of my children is in pre-k and the other in 1st…they should be able to see faces, learn proper annunciation and articulation of words!! They should be able to breath clean air and supply their learning brains with good oxygen, not their carbon dioxide which can be toxic. These children should no longer be held hostage to a mask!! It’s time to throw the masks out!!

Charissa Gardner (North Kingstown , 2022-02-12)


My five year old granddaughter is a student in the NK School District. She has been "diagnosed" with a speech impediment due to her inability to correctly form her mouth to speak.. I wonder why that is?? Could it be due to wearing a mask and NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE HER TEACHER'S MOUTH??? BAN THE MASK MANDATE NOW

Ruth Peasley (North Kingstown, 2022-02-12)


I'm signing because the threat to the social and emotional development of my child outweighs the health risk of covid at this time.

Melanie Mendoza (Saunderstown, 2022-02-14)


I am a grandparent of a student and am very concerned.

Jane Wilcox (Assonet, 2022-02-14)


My girls will be going to WBCA in NK this fall and I don’t want them to have to wear masks.

Erica Vigneau (Exeter, 2022-02-14)


End it!

Erica Howell (North Kingstown , 2022-02-15)


I feel it’s been more than enough information about our kids wearing face coverings
Enough is enough

Regina Crist (North Kingstown , 2022-02-22)

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