Keeping traditional school hours



It shouldn’t be changed. Working families - too early for children to be waking.

Monique Ansons (Shellharbour, 2022-02-08)


Kids don’t need to spend such long hours in school. It’s too much !

Chelsea Moore (Shellharbour, 2022-02-08)


Because it's a load of crap

Tammy Harrison (Albion park , 2022-02-09)


The new hours are not beneficial to my family life. They will impact my work life

Toni George (Wollongong, 2022-02-09)


I work till 4.30 and afternoon care will be more than what I earn. Also if teachers want the pay rise currently proposed maybe they should start working for it. 3 months off a year as unchecked leave the 4 weeks on top as well as making us teach our kids with every excuse under the sun is quite disappointing to say the least. Our school curriculum is a joke on the best of days. Let's invest in the future not hold it back.

Wayde Silcock (Barrack Heights, 2022-02-09)


You dont need to fix something thats not broken!
Imagine being a working parent, and having to pick your kids up at 1pm...
Whats the point of working to spend your money on after school care...
It does not help working parents one bit!

Albrecht Sarah (Warilla, 2022-02-09)


It is ridiculous to consider a child starting school at 7am.
Please get in touch with real people.
P.s we are not in China!!!!

Dawn Gillson (Bega, 2022-02-09)


Its a stupid idea thats made from a politician that knows absolutely nothing

Wayde Buckman (Yarraville, 2022-02-09)


This is ridiculous. Parents who have a 9 to 5 job will suffer not to much the children getting up so early. Children will have there turn needing to be up early when they are in the work force, why on earth are people trying to change everything, if its not broken then leave it alone

Kathleen Thistlethwaite (Shellharbour , 2022-02-09)


We want the school
Hours to stay the same!! From 9am till 3pm!!🤬stop this stupid ideas!! Just stop!!

ahmad el jassem (Chester Hill, 2022-02-09)


Changing school hours will effect my ability to work

Aleasha Matthews (Port kembla, 2022-02-09)


It' don't work for work hours it's been like this for ever don't change it there is no reason to change it

Daniel Conyard (Wollongong , 2022-02-09)


This is really ridiculous!! Why on earth would you want to change a system that has always worked perfectly. This guy has lost it!! Leave school times as they are!! I can tell you now my child who as ASD is going to have a very very hard time adjusting to this absurd change! It's enough to make us move into a different state!! Leave shit alone !! Focus on covid and doing your job!

Carlie Matheson (Wollongong , 2022-02-09)


Because I don't agree with anything this government is proposing.

Kristy O'Reilly (Wollongong , 2022-02-09)


I am a single mum, my children DO NOT see their father so all of their care comes down to me with support from my parents for after school care. I work 9-5:30 Monday to Friday. These new hours Will put extra stress on me and my elderly parents.

Lisa Nasome (Albion Park , 2022-02-09)


Because this will not work for me and my family. If I had to put my children in after school care I may as well not work.

Joanne Wilson (Oak flats, 2022-02-09)


I'm signing not just because I'm a parent with children, but in the best interest of children and families. Children and families have experienced enough in the last two years, why make them experience more pressure, stress and change. What are single parents to do? What are working parents to do? I see this as, long days for our children and less time with our children. It's ridiculous.

Arthur Corinne (Wollongong , 2022-02-09)


This is ridiculous. Some kids have to travel 1 - 1 and a half hours to get to school. Winter is coming and the poor little kids will be at school before sunrise. What about the parents that work till 5.00pm???

Robyn Akins (Jesmond, 2022-02-09)


New hours would not be suitable for my grandchildren & so many other families I know.

Kathleen Gallagher (Dapto, 2022-02-09)


I'm signing because our government has lost the plot and continually comes up with ludicrous new rules. WTF is wrong with politicians these days. They've lost touch with the people

Martin Slade (Albion Park , 2022-02-09)


I'm not getting my kids up at 5 in the morning to get ready for school and walking them early up to school as don't drive

Stephanie Ireland (Horsley, 2022-02-09)


It has been proven that teenagers need to sleep later due to their natural sleep cycles therefore moving the day earlier would not make sense.

Tamara Blanch (Warilla, 2022-02-09)


As a working mother, these hours will make it impossible to work

Natalie Hornung (Albion park rail , 2022-02-09)


I work 9 to 5, with 3 children in 3 different schools!!!!

Shantelle Walker (South Nowra, 2022-02-09)


I would like to keep the traditional school hours. Going to school at 7 am is ridiculous

ELise EDwards (Tullimbar, 2022-02-09)


It's wrong

Justice Honey (Illawarra, 2022-02-09)


Way to early to get kids to school

Belinda Armstrong (Albion Park, 2022-02-09)


Im signing because I already am working long days and having to leave my kids at school with minimal supervision due to no before school care and then send them to after school care or not have lunch to speed back to pickup for 2.30. My youngest has only just gone to sleep at 10pm and would not get up in time for 7am starts.

Lauren Beattie (Cordeaux heights , 2022-02-09)


Kids have had enough disruption!

Bel Marley (Albion Park, 2022-02-09)


keep 9-3 thanks

Nadine fayad (nsw, 2022-02-09)


I'm signing because this is just a political diversion and nothing to do with education or educational outcomes for children.

Barry Bird (Hervey Bay , 2022-02-09)


It believe it’s to early for a child to start school.
They can’t be expected to go to bed at 7.30(just an example) and then have to get up so early especially the kids that travel a distance to school.

Sam Clare (Albion Park Rail, 2022-02-09)


Why try to fix something what's not broken these times are beyond a joke

Austin Jana (Shellharbour nsw, 2022-02-09)


it is ridiculous to change hours. leave the kids alone it has been 9-3 for years in my opinion it should be 10 to 4pm. kids are not going to function at 7am and kids that have to walk to school in dark which is dangerous....come on government THINK!!!!!!

Vanessa Benkovic (Albion Park Rail , 2022-02-09)


I do not support starting school earlier as it is an absolutely ridiculous idea.
If school hours were to be changed in ANY way, they should start later and finish later.

Lisa Hamilton (Albion Park Rail, 2022-02-09)


9 to 3pm work.
The 7 to 1pm not work this = to less working mums, increasing childcare payment, you can NOT make a change bass on one type of group,

Rose Ayoubi (Hinchenbrook , 2022-02-09)


Because it is honestly not workable for parents who already have set hours that work around drop off and pick up.

Maureen Ingram (Sydney, 2022-02-09)


I don't agree. An 8.30 til 2.30 MAYBE.. but 7 til 1 is just stupid

Kristi Hamilton (Wollongong , 2022-02-09)


Traditional Hours work the new ones do not

Jaclyn Barron (Wollongong , 2022-02-09)


I do not agree with the new times. I would like it to stay the same.
Working mums would not be able to work.

Hayley Ralphs (Australia, 2022-02-09)


Because my job doesnt finish at 1pm. How the***** is this even being contemplated! No ones does!

Alicia Parrey (Albionpark, 2022-02-09)


Traditional school hours works with the parents work schedule

Ilana Goncalves (Horsley , 2022-02-09)


This current way works and it shouldn’t change.

Rachael Theophanou (Figtree, 2022-02-09)


Absolutely ridiculous 7-1, what about people who work!

sarah-jane Hutley (Albion park , 2022-02-09)


This is ridiculous!!

Samar Yassine (Bankstown, 2022-02-09)


It’s ridiculous

Jamie Heffernan (Lithgow , 2022-02-09)


i think it would affect childrens learning abilities and also the parents who work it just wouldnt go right with the work hours either .

Jennifer Collins (Warilla, 2022-02-09)


This will make it hard for my son for his medication timing, change of routine.
He attends a support unit and gets picked up by a school transport at 7:30am to be at school by 9am, changing the hours will make it more difficult for him to function. He already has enough troubles we do t need more.

Kimberley G (Sydney, 2022-02-09)


Traditional hours are a must for my special needs child and for my own well-being

Katelyn Smith (Barack Heights, 2022-02-09)


No need to change it !

Roberts Lisa (Xxxx, 2022-02-09)


I’m not happy with the new time for school

Amal Reslan (Peakhurst , 2022-02-09)


I’ve never heard of anything so ridiculous! Why put more pressure on kids, parents and teachers! What about kids that have to travel for school! I’m shaking my head about how stupid this is

Rachel Fothergill (Albion Park, 2022-02-09)


This is a ridiculous idea!!!

Tara Sherry (Horsley, 2022-02-09)


I like sleeping in

Rebeka Smith (Condell park , 2022-02-09)


These changes to school hours are not suitable especially for the younger children, my son is always still asleep at 7am and you want him to be sitting in a classroom ready to learn every day? It will not work.

Melinda Ayers (Dapto, 2022-02-09)


7am-1pm would not work with the majority of parents in the workforce.

Whiteside Debb (Corrimal, 2022-02-09)


I feel kids do not need to spend extra time at school. I think they soo d enough time there with the original hours

Kristy Fisher (Young, 2022-02-10)


Leave school hours as they are. My kids are up at 6.30am to catch a bus from a regional area to start High School at 8.55am as it is! Stupid idea.

L Jackson (Goolgowi , 2022-02-10)


Any change to school hours now will turn parents lives upside down. Leave it alone

Scott J (Griffith, 2022-02-10)


These hours are not suitable for my family

Kylie Ingram (Barrack Heights, 2022-02-10)


There will be some families that will struggle with these hours. Working families. Having to get up in the dark in winter

Elizabeth Merrington (Shellharbour , 2022-02-10)


don't change 9 till 3 I work between them hours

Janet Simpson (Nsw, 2022-02-10)


These times are ridiculous and not suitable for working parents even th3 parents that don't work, neither are they suitable for children, stop introducing new shitty ideas, that won't work for us.

YASAAR Salameh (SYDNEY, 2022-02-10)


I have 3 sons and this will destroy our family and it's routine and 5 year plan

Dan Rowlands (Wollongong, 2022-02-10)


Those hours are crazy, I work like the majority of people 830 -5. No way would those hours work for my family, id be paying bucket loads more in afterschool care

Sharon M (Wollongong , 2022-02-10)


I don’t want school hours to change

Katrina Oxm (Floraville, 2022-02-10)


This is ridicules parents have enough to get their children n themselves to work parents already under loads of pressure just leave things alone

Linda Heyward (Kurnell , 2022-02-10)

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