We request that Senator Hawley & Senator Blunt meet with The People’s Convoy



I support The People's Convoy objective of calling for the Emergency Powers Act to be revoked and having our Constitutional rights restored

Sean Trudell (Springfield, 2022-03-10)


This is about freedom...and the deep state needs to be held accountable for their actions...this is the only way the people can be heard....wwg1wga...

Michelle Reuter (Strafford, 2022-03-10)


My elected representatives need to hear the concerns regarding government overreach and tyranny imposed on truckers, farmers, small business owners, Healthcare workers, first responders, etc. The convoy participants are carrying the messages of freedom and liberty, not insurrection. God fearing, freedom loving, patriotic conservatives are sick and tired of being marginalized and railroaded by the liberal government. We need our elected conservative representatives to speak up for us in DC before it's too late!

Lynda Jesse (Springfield , 2022-03-10)


No more mandates!

Debbie Adair (New London, 2022-03-10)


I’m so tired of politicians thinking we work for them! It is the opposite. Plus taking our freedoms away! Stop Biden’s mandates!

Janet Bounds (Salem, 2022-03-10)


Freedom and the people's choice. No one should be forced to get the vaccine or wear a mask.

Darla Humphrey (Greentop , 2022-03-11)


These patriots are the backbone of our country. I support them 100% and ask that you meet with them to also show your support, if you consider yourself a patriot and true conservative.

Rachel Bozarth (Maryville , 2022-03-11)


time to give Americans their rights back and stop the elites

Robin Stephenson-Talley (Bowling Green, 2022-03-11)


The people of Missouri want our constitutional rights restored

Heather Dietz (Springfield , 2022-03-11)


We insist that our freedoms be restored and that Americans will once again be free to decide what they put in their bodies or on their faces.

Teresa Mulvaney (Springfield , 2022-03-11)


We need our freedoms back, the people are awake and want things done now

Victoria Lipp (Ste. Genevieve, 2022-03-11)


I’m wanting to meet candidates

Mary Provance (Springfield, 2022-03-11)


I support The Peoples Convoy and individual freedom that has been slowly being stripped away from us, The People. I drove an hour just to stand on an overpass to cheer on and support the convoy with three of my children. Please take the time to represent Missouri on a representative level and give these people a chance for their voices to be heard!

Brianne Smith (Frankford, 2022-03-11)


I am signing this petition because I believe it is VERY important for our representatives to listen & stand with their people & defend our freedoms!

George Wheeler (Ste. Genevieve , 2022-03-11)


I believe it freedom and our US representation in both sides of congress should be fighting for America and our values.

Josiah Town (Clinton , 2022-03-11)


I believe in Peoples God given, and constitutional rights. Government overreach has been slowly taking away our freedoms over the years. I fear a dictator regime, I fear socialism, communism. I'm standing up to fight petty tyrants, and along side many Americans we're asking you to do the same. Give our children and our grandchildren a chance of the REAL American dream.

Taylor Johnston (Cabool, 2022-03-11)


I'm signing because I am tired of office holders not listening to the constituents. It is passed time to restore American's rights afforded by God and expressly protected by the Constitution.

Kari Klenke (Washington, 2022-03-11)


Please stand up for our freedom! There is so much dishonesty going on and it’s time to stop it !

Brotherton Laurie (Springfield, 2022-03-11)


The Nurses and Caregivers WANT To Go Back To Work! No Vaccine!!

Deborah Hawkes (Pacific , 2022-03-11)


I'm Signing this because these people are on the right track and we need to know that you support them.

Frank Gillham (Springfield, 2022-03-11)



Marquita Powell (Quincy, IL, 2022-03-11)


It time for our elected official to start listening to us, the voters. They are suppose to be be working for our interests.

Cheri Boehner (Parkville, 2022-03-12)


It's time we stand up and take back our country!

Nancy Glover (Eldridge, 2022-03-13)


Our elected representatives should be listening to the people whom they have been elected to represent. We are tired of the corrupt politics and government overreach.

Linda Govro (Saint Louis, 2022-03-13)


We the people need to be heard. The past 6 years have been crazy. With everything that Republicans and Democrats did to President Trump. The Government revealing itself to the whole country at election time. This Cvid insanity that NEEDS to stop! The time has come, we need all of the elected officials to listen to ALL of us.

Sasha Nicole (Troy, 2022-03-13)


I want freedoms

LeAnn Potts (New Hampton, 2022-03-13)


D.C. needs to know how Americans feel and the People's Convoy pretty much speaks for a large portion of American citizens.

Glenn Larsen (Mission Viejo , 2022-03-13)


I’m signing this for I believe in American, God-Given, Freedom. I do not believe the main stream media is adequately or accurately showing with a Convoy is standing for and I believe as my Missouri senator I expect and request you to attend a meeting with the Convoy representatives in the very near future. Do what is right by looking yourself in the mirror in the eyes of your reflection looking back and represent Missourians with integrity and faith!!

Angie Bonnot (Holts Summit , 2022-03-13)


I support the Convoy and their goal to end tyranny in the USA.

Theresa Gierer (SAINT CHARLES, 2022-03-13)


We need to get our country back on track!

Vaga Hargadine (Brookfield , 2022-03-13)


It time the people take their country back. No more Mandates no more mandates.

Sheila Hancock (Camdenton, 2022-03-14)


I am a retired truck driver(48 years) I have seen the way we are treated. We where not allowed in to warehouses to even use the restroom. This is unexceptionable to treat another human being like this. These mandates must stop now. As a Missouri citizen and one of your constituents I ask that you meet with the Peoples Convoy.

Kenneth Borgmeyer (Union, 2022-03-14)


We want our freedom back.. God Bless America!!

Deborah Carter (Montgomery City Mo, 2022-03-14)


I'm for our constitutional freedoms

Linda Wright (Camdenton missouri, 2022-03-14)


Freedom is the only way, get back to our constitution. Free Jan 6 prisoners, no mandates.

Payla Ogden (Camdenton, 2022-03-14)


I'm signing because as an American, I AM FED UP with the government trying to control US!

Bobbi McCall (Licking , 2022-03-14)


You need to speak to these truckers. They represent We the People

Pam Bell (NEWBURG, 2022-03-14)


I'm signing because my family has already had Covid, we have immunity and yet the vax mandates considerably affect our jobs and health. Please meet with the convoy and support medical freedom.

Sara Denson (Jefferson City, 2022-03-14)


We need to stop all mandates and the u.s. state emergency act.

Yvonne Farrales (Branson, 2022-03-14)


I request that my state Senators from Missouri meet with the leaders of the convoy and support their demands in every way possible.

Carolyn Brandow (Westphalia , 2022-03-14)


No mandates, on jobs, masks, ALL of the covid mandates

Jennifer Gallup (St. Louis, 2022-03-14)


Our freedoms are still at risk

Kathy Sims (Byrnes Mill, 2022-03-14)


I'm signing that they need to meet with the Peoples convoy. The national emergency act needs to be lifted!!

Justin wenstad (willow springs, 2022-03-14)


I hope we see an end to all the restrictions and mandates,and there is little to no coverage over these guys' efforts.

Patricia Clare Plott (Columbia, 2022-03-14)


Weve had enough of gov over reach and politicians who won't take a stand.

Michael Fitzpatrick (Wasola, 2022-03-14)


Our senators and congressmen need to take the time to listen to the people who elected them.

Jolynn Ostendorf (Sedalia, 2022-03-14)


Emergency Powers Act needs to be revoked!!!!!!
&& Our Constitutional rights need to be restored!!!

Kayla Bumgardner (Stover, 2022-03-14)


I’m standing with the people’s convoy because I stand for freedom for my family and my fellow Americans!

Melissa Thompson (Bonne Terre, 2022-03-14)


As a veteran who served my country, I want to do all I can do to help ensure my children and grandchildren will have freedom.

Sandra Murray (GLENALLEN, 2022-03-14)


I feel that our elected officials aren’t listening to the people who vote them in. They work for the people and need to hear us. We are watching every move now that we are awakened by all the corruption going on. We the people have had enough and we will take back our country!!

Victoria Howard (Camdenton, mo, 2022-03-14)


Our country is being destroyed. We must fight for our freedoms.

Batbara Herfurth (Camdenton , 2022-03-14)


They need to start properly representing us rather than Big Pharma.

Martha Skaggs (Pacific, 2022-03-14)


RINO Roy Blunt doesn't matter! Josh Hawley please meet with them its about saving our lives and freedom.

Self Susie (Blue Springs, 2022-03-15)


I'm tired of the overreach of our government into our personal lives and health. The Emergency Act needs to end and all federal mandates need to end. It's time government wakes up and realize that they work for us.

Debra Alcorn (Cedar Hill, 2022-03-16)


I believe in our Rights of freedom of Speech and our Freedom to choose what we want in our bodies, my right to own a weapon to protect myself or my family members from harm. All my Constitutional rights as a Citizen of the United States of America signed by all of our Founding Fathers

Marian Tyson Moore (Florissant, 2022-03-16)


I whole-heartedly support the People’s Convoy and the message they are sending to our elected officials. I am done with my Constitutional rights being trampled and set aside. Congressmen, you were elected to represent your constituents. The people who put you in that chair are done with “politics as usual”. You were elected to be our voice, not sit there and pad your own pockets. I would expect you to go out and meet with this convoy of your constituents and other citizens from across the country, and listen to their concerns, and then DO SOMETHING about it. Otherwise, you can kiss your future in DC goodbye, because the people of Missouri will not give you their vote next time. I’m tired of the patronizing and lip service. Be strong and take a stand for freedom for the future of our children and grandchildren, and even for ourselves!! Sen. Hawley, you especially, need to stand up for us. Your career is still viable and your future would be guaranteed by the support of the people if you show yourself to be strong and defend our rights. Sen. Long, you’ve been in that chair many years with not much done to your credit. You, sir, are on the fence and your fate is in the balance. Choose wisely. And Sen. Blunt, buh bye. Enjoy your retirement. Thank you for your service but sadly the majority of your service was for your own benefit and not for the people who elected you.

Please take the time to meet with the People’s Convoy. In public. Live-streamed so we can all hear your conversation. “But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.” ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭5:13‬ ‭KJV‬‬.
Thank you. Team America 🇺🇸

Janet Miller (SPRINGFIELD, 2022-03-16)


I am requesting you meet with the Truckers Convoy and listen to what they have to say.

Patricia Stemme (Centralia , 2022-03-16)


Because I love my freedom!

Wendy Ward (Rolla, 2022-03-16)


I believe in FREEDOM!

Dennis Bounds (Salem, 2022-03-17)


All of these controlling mandates need to END & elected officials demand regulations be lifted so we can again become energy independent!

Brenda Lax (Kansas City, 2022-03-20)

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