Preserve NYC Employees' (Active & Retired) Healthcare



We worked hard for minimal salary for our entire career and deserve to keep our promised Medicare/Senior Care Benefits during our senior years.

Linda Seidenstein (Manalapan, 2022-03-13)


The change in Medicare insurance should remain as was promised to Department of Education retireez

Steven Wasserman (Oyster Bay, 2022-03-13)


There is much evidence that Medicare Advantage plans are worse than traditional Medicare for people who are seriously ill. As a retired person, I expect that within 20 years I will be seriously ill and need the best care I can get.

Linda Ostreicher (New York, 2022-03-13)


I am signing because as a soon to be retiree...I feel I have worked my whole life and paid into Medicare my entire working career and want what I worked for, and not a watered down, for-profit resemblance of the Medicare I am entitled to. Any switch to an Advantage plan steals my hard earned federal medical plan from me and I do not want any part of that. So I will opt out.

Patti Bottino Bravo (Brooklyn, 2022-03-13)


NYC should live up to its obligation to provide the healthcare plan originally chose as part of our retirement plan and not switch against our will. Hard working public servants expect and have earned this.

Angelo Angelis (Freeport, 2022-03-13)


We deserve the free plan we retired with & a lower quality plan like medicare advantage is unacceptable nor is the co-pay that will cost us a lot seeing that it applies to doctor’s visits & tests.

Loretta Henke (NY, 2022-03-13)


I worked 26 years as a NYC teacher before retiring in 2017. We were guaranteed our health plan which now you are trying to rescind. Please do not back down on your promises

Robin Miller (Old Bethpage , 2022-03-13)


As a forty year retiree the city had promised us that we would have free health care in lieu of higher salaries during our early years of service. They broke that promise.

Judy Eisenberg (Forest Hills, 2022-03-13)


We are first responders. Do the right thing. Don’t praise us and then pull the rug out from under us. Many of us have died doing our job

Suzanne Levine (Brooklyn , 2022-03-13)


I want to keep my coverage , I’ve been working almost 38 years I have EmblemHealth. We were told from day one we keep our health benefits! Thank you please keep the coverage the way it is like it was promised .

Donna Pinto (Bronx , 2022-03-13)


The city needs to live up to what it originally promised us

Stuart hochberg (Brooklyn, 2022-03-13)


As a retiree of 20 years I am at a point in my life where healthcare is most important and won’t accept diminished health care.
It’s despicable that for the first time ever, raises for current employees is gotten on the backs of retirees who can least afford it. What happened to productivity?

Peter Sampieri (Boca Raton , 2022-03-13)


I am retired NYPD, disability because of my heart. I am on a fixed income and I need my insurance now, more than ever. I cannot afford to allow anyone to decide if I “NEED” a medical procedure.

Christine Tardibuono (Washingtonville , 2022-03-13)


After working at GWHS for 44 years and loving every minute, I feel my health coverage should help me as I get older, like I helped my students as they got older.

Suzanne Anderson (Bronx, 2022-03-13)


I was promised the health care of my choice after 35 years of service to the city and now the city wants to go back on it’s word

Thomas Grasso (Franklin Square , 2022-03-13)


I worked for the city for over 30 years and contributed to Medicare and SS. Now when I am at the time in my life when I need my Medicare coverage the city decides to take it away and replace it with inferior coverage. Please keep our coverage the same.

Linda Bruno (NY, 2022-03-13)


I'd really like to keep the health benefits I was promised as an active employee!

Marc Kagan (New York, 2022-03-13)


We, many years, agreed to become NYC EMPLOYEES with this in mind.

David Letteriello (Greenville, 2022-03-13)


I am a retired City manager and I want to keep my Medicare health benefits.

Leela Fiorino (NYC, 2022-03-13)


Retirees should have a choice of health plans without extra cost as we are on a fixed income and served the city for many years with promise of our current health plan.

CArol Dailey (new york city, 2022-03-13)


I want to keep Medicare and GHI Senior Care as promised when I worked for 37 years at a VERY low salary to ensure my health benefits for life!

Judith Kidonakis (Massapequa, NY, 2022-03-13)


Because I do not want my insurance from a privately run for profit company

Robert Augente (Walland, 2022-03-13)


I am signing because the Mayor is breaking a legal commitment made to me and all retirees at the time of termination of city service

Helen Philbin (Naples, 2022-03-13)


I can’t afford money taken out of my small pension $191x2 will leave me with almost nothing

Terri Harary (Delray Beach , 2022-03-13)


This represents a change and reduction in the medical benefits I was promised as a retiree. I would not mind being given a choice of plans but I should not be financially penalized for wanting to keep my current plan.

Dr. Eloise Archibald (NEW YORK, 2022-03-13)


I want for myself and future generations to have the choice to remain with original Medicare without penalty; a penalty = no choice; no choice = betrayal of the trust that the City asked of its retirees and its retirees gave.

Gladys Acevedo (Queens, 2022-03-13)


I worked 21 years in the NYC DOC. I want to keep the insurance that I have now. GHI Senior Care. Please drop the lawsuit.

Louis Grazioli (Wellington Florida, 2022-03-13)


I retired with a disability, after I was shot in the line of duty. I require various test annually and fear that these tests will be delayed are denied under the MAP program. The treatment for the injury became my responsibility thru my insurance after retirement…My doctor is not in the MAP program.

I retired knowing that my insurance would continue after retirement, and not be changed.

Kathy Burke (New York City, 2022-03-13)


I cannot afford to loss my present health care benefits and have to pay for it.

Yvette Caban (Bronx , New York, 2022-03-13)


I worked my entirw teaching career with the knowledge that my health coverage would be as promised and not pirated away without our consent!

David Glubo (Old Bridge, 2022-03-13)


William P. Moog

William Moog (New York City, 2022-03-13)


I want to keep GHI senior care

Jerry Ferraiuolo (Franklin Square, 2022-03-13)


I want to continue senior care without paying a penalty and I want traditional Medicare .

Felice Nadel (Oakland Gardens , NY, 2022-03-13)


I object to any Medicare Advantage Plans.

Jacqueline Berman (Old Bethpage, 2022-03-13)


I’m signing because I need the benefits I have always had.

Ellen Ptalis (Springfield, NJ, 2022-03-13)


I believe that the City has no right to force us into Medicare Advantage

Walter Lane (Rockaway Beach , 2022-03-13)


Im doing this because my wife and I cannot take a chance on finding Doctors where we live, I also do not understand how it would benefit us more, we live on fixed incomes and im disabled, Thank you

Richard Spelman (Indian Land, 2022-03-13)



gary Brandwein (NYC, 2022-03-13)


I would like to keep my present coverage

Fred Shayewitz (Staten Island, 2022-03-13)


Your new map is a disaster

Isaac Gabbai (Palm Beach, 2022-03-13)


We worked for these benefits!

Ronnie Korenge (Lake Worth, 2022-03-13)


I’m signing this petition because we retirees deserve to be protected and get the benefits that we were promised at hiring.

Denise Abdale (Flushing , 2022-03-13)


I am opposed to ny city changing my medical coverage

Leonard Lucerino (Lewes, Delaware, 2022-03-13)


Retirees need to keep the health care benefits we were promised when we accepted the job

Ted Caliano (New York City, 2022-03-13)


The facility where I live does not allow Advantage programs.



I think the NYC political administration should care about retirees. We gave the city our service at lower salary than our skill sets would command in the private sector with the promise of lifetime health care.

Salvatore Spinale (Middletown, 2022-03-13)


The City of NY wants to mandate that we retirees join a medical plan that we do not want any part of. Many doctors will not accept this plan! We worked hard for what we were promised and proper medical care was part of that. Going against what we have and giving us something we don't want, is totally unacceptable!

Wayne Wright (Merrick, 2022-03-13)


Years of dedicated service, missed vacations, as a manager, rarely even a thank you. Just let us have what we were promised without causing grave financial harm to your former employees

Jane Roeder (New York, 2022-03-13)


I'm opposed to the Medicare Advantage Plan change. PLEASE DO NOT APPEAL Judge Frank's Decision. Thank You.

DENNIS CONNER (Loudon, 2022-03-13)


I think it’s unfair to impose a penalty on retirees healthcare when we have given up higher paying jobs to work in NYC under our originally contracted Medicare & GHI supplemental insurance. Advantage plans are not what we were contracted for and not good for retirees to wait for pre authorizations.

Laura Fradella (Glen Cove, 2022-03-13)


Dear Mayor Adams, Please do not appeal Judge Frank's decision dated March 3, 2022. Sit with retirees to understand the shortcomings of the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan as proposed and to craft a better program that will not diminish our healthcare. This includes continuing to give retirees a choice of plans that address diverse, individual medical circumstances, such as retaining traditional Medicare-plus-supplemental coverage options. Together, we can find ways to help save the City money. We also ask that you impose strict parameters on how the Health Insurance Stabilization Fund and Retiree Health Benefit Trust can be used.

Barry Elin (Far Rockaway, 2022-03-13)


My husband and I worked for the City for many years at low salaries knowing that when we retire we would have good health benefits. Please abide by the judge’s decision to let us keep senior care with no premiums

Phyllis Bernstein (Boca Raton, 2022-03-13)


I worked 25+ years for the city accepting lower wages but the perks of having a great health care was more important to me. Do not take it away or change it.

Ruth Oaklander (Highland Beach Florida , 2022-03-13)


I dedicated thirty years to the City Of NYC, and have done well with the health plan I have earned.

Robert Schumann (Little Neck, 2022-03-13)


The unions sold us out.

Andrew Richter (Nyc , 2022-03-13)


Privatizing MEdicare is an abysmal policy choice. MLC, OLR & DeBlasio’s actions sacrificing retirees are abhorrent.

Anna Stern (New York, 2022-03-13)


No Medicare advantage with prior authorizations and limited access to care. Our senior years are when good healthcare coverage is needed the most. This “bait and switch” scam has caused extraordinary harm,stress and worry. Enough! Time to meet to see how we can work things out.

Fran Scharf (Cedarhurst, 2022-03-13)


I am satisfied with traditional Medicare and GHI Senior Care and do not want to lose it. I do not want the Advantage Plan. Please do not appeal Judge Frank's decision dated 3/3/2022. Thank you.

Susan Immergut (New YOrk, 2022-03-13)


I’m signing because , as a NYC retiree, I was promised health insurance benefits for life and now the city unfairly wants to take that away from me by making me pay an additional $191 for me and my husband for the same insurance I have always had!!!

Jeanette Heistein (Teaneck , 2022-03-13)


I’m signing this as MAP IS UNFAIR. wWe retirees worked so hard for the city and this is the thanks we get. NO WAY!

Rosemarie Banno Thompson (Palm Beach Gardens, 2022-03-13)


My family is being affected

Alyssa Salerno (Tampa, 2022-03-13)


Don’t want the advantage plan

steve rosso (the villages florida , 2022-03-13)


I am asking the city to acknowledge its responsibility in providing no cost healthcare in retirement as agreed in lieu of financial compensation over multiple contracts. It is irresponsible of the city to expect financial give backs during employment and then expect an employee to pay for benefits with the substandard pension created by those give backs or considerations.

Stephen Chrobet (Nesconset, 2022-03-13)


As both my wife & I are in our 70's , the need for health coverage is papamount to us at this stage of our lives. We want to keep the coverage we have now & were promised when we retired.

Salvatore Alvarez (Kings Park, 2022-03-13)


I want to protect my original medicare and health benefits without having to pay additional amounts and need to worry about prior authorizations.

Beverly Arshen (New York, 2022-03-13)


I'm signing because of the injustice that was done to retirees. The City and the unions negotiated behind closed doors without any input from retirees. 250,000 retirees were subjected to a "bait and switch" maneuver that Mayor Adams spoke of when he was running for office. After elected he backed the unions over the retirees. We won't forget.

Barbara Berg (HOWARD BEACH, 2022-03-13)


Do what’s right and fair. Give retirees a choice!!

Carol Brody (Oakland Gardens, 2022-03-13)


I worked hard for this and deserve to keep my promised health plan.

Natalie Manzino (Brooklyn, 2022-03-13)


I believe I earned my tradional Medicare and medigap health care benefits in retirement that I was promised.

Ann LaVelle (Massapequa, 2022-03-13)


At retirement we were promised the healthcare we had while we were working. A MAP is nothing like that.

Barbara Cruciata (NY, 2022-03-13)


When I was hired I was promised quality health care at not cost to me for my entire life. I did not receive raises in order to main this benifit therefore I already paid for my health care and asking me to pay for a quality health benefit as a senior n on fix income is not why I worked 25 yrs for..

Ellen Larney (Forked river , 2022-03-13)


I am opposed to Medicare Advantage plans because they fail to provide the needed health care to those retirees who are desperately ill.

Leonard Polletta (New York, 2022-03-13)


Keep original Medicare and premium free GHI.

Michael Brocoum (New York, 2022-03-13)


What you did to us was WRONG! We worked hard for our benefits. I taught for 44 1/2 years. Senior Care is what I have, and want to keep premium free. Make it happen

Ann Elterman (New York, 2022-03-13)


I want to keep Senior Care without cost as we were promised.

Andrew King (Monroe, 2022-03-13)


New York City cannot turn its back on the people who sacrificed so much while they worked for the city. We were promised a good retirement in lieu of a good salary and working conditions. Do not appeal the judge’s decision.

Sheila Rosler (Boynton Beach , 2022-03-13)


I rely on my healthcare to stay as it has been.

Amy Supton-Seltzer (Jackson heights, 2022-03-13)


I am respectfully requesting that you not force us retirees into a Medicare Advantage Program. Please let us keep our current insurance.

Denise Pirozzi (Brooklyn , 2022-03-13)


I was promised my medical coverage after retiring out on total disability. I have had over 40 surgeries and my doctors will not except the new coverages.

Joseph M Faraguna (Palm City, 2022-03-13)


We’re all in this together all current active employees will be retired one day too

Francis Cunningham (West islip, 2022-03-13)


Tell the city do not appeal decision in Medicare advantage plan

Patrick Kilgallen (New NYC , 2022-03-13)


we were promised in retirement affordable healthcare and gave to the city with that understanding.

Amalia DeePaolino (FLUSHING, 2022-03-13)

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