Preserve NYC Employees' (Active & Retired) Healthcare



I'm signing because health coverage is a promised benefit for retirees. Don't break promises.

Dolores Lombardi (New York, 2022-03-14)


I just want what I was promised, what I earned.

Kathleen DeVaynes (Staten Island, 2022-03-14)


I DO NOT want the city to appeal Judge Frank's decision of March 3,2022

Amy Kissel-Steiger (Delray Beach, Florida, 2022-03-14)


Changing the terms and conditions of our health care is a clear violation of law, and a violation of the contract under which we agreed to work for the City of New York. The MLC is not authorized or empowered to change those conditions for retirees.

Don Appel (New York, 2022-03-14)


I worked for 30 years with the promise of having my healthcare. I should not loose it due to poor financial decisions made.

Ellen Levine (Great Neck, 2022-03-14)


Fixed income

Gregory Seminara (Brooklyn, 2022-03-14)


Retirees worked for lower wages for years and were promised these benefits. Not all of them can afford a minimum of $200.00/month at this time in life especially with inflation.

Rita McNamara (Brooklyn, New York, 2022-03-14)


I worked hard for these benefits in the city. I was promised this benefit in my contracts. I was committed to the children of NYC. I could have left to earn more money in the suburbs but stayed and now the city wants to save money by making us pay and hoping no one would notice. It takes formidable strength to serve NYC and we will persevere to win this fight.

Paula Magdalena Vidal (Lindenhurst , 2022-03-14)


I do not want the MAP - I want to keep my current insurance without paying the $191 monthly fee - I think the current retirees should be grandfathered.

Joann Calcaterra (Manalapan, NJ, 2022-03-14)





I worked for the city for 40 years and this was done by ex-Mayor DeBlasio in the most underhanded way possible, 7 years before it even came to light. Please don't sell out the people who helped make New York the great city it is!

Denise Levine (Ft Lauderdale , 2022-03-14)


I am signing this petition because, let me put it this way, “after the game has started, you (the city) want to move the goalposts”. At the time of my employment, (6-26-74) the city of New York offered certain specific rights and privileges which I agreed to. Now that I am retired, NYC want to change/ renege on what they had agreed to at the time of my employment. If New York City wants to make changes to employees health benefits, they must offer their new policy to new hires, while those like myself must remain with the initial contract promised and agreed upon at the original time appointment.

Charles Balsamo (Lake Worth , 2022-03-14)


I have had GHI with premium free coverage through NYC since 1981. This is what I was promised when I accepted the city job vs. working in the private sector.

I do not want MAP or any Medicare Advantage Plan. I want to remain with Traditional Medicare which I have worked all my life for and EBCBS Senior Care.

MAP is a far inferior health coverage plan which will include numerous preauthorizations that do not exist with Traditional Medicare.

By putting our Medical coverage in the hands of private companies we as retired, disabled city workers will get short changed as these companies will cut corners to make a profit.

It is horrible how NYC is throwing it’s retires under the bus while at the same time they are offering free healthcare to illegal aliens.

Retirees should not have to shoulder the added city expense of providing healthcare insurance to those who never contributed a dime. That’s not the way it works.

Save your $500 million a year another way if that is what you are looking to do.

Also, adding a $200 a month penalty premium isn’t the solution either. That will bankrupt lower salaried pensioners. Most are lower salaried employees and the premiums would adversely affect their pensions.

Do the right thing NYC!

Ben Mormino (Staten Island, 2022-03-14)


Mayor Adam’s
Do not appeal
Judge Frank’s decision

Sheryl Schlectman (New York , 2022-03-14)


I don’t feel it is right for City to take away our Medicare benefits

Louise Hib (Bronx, New York , 2022-03-14)


Changing our healthcare is BS and not what we were promised. Start helping those who worked for it and make those that get it unconditionally go to work and warn it.

Anne Walsh (Queens , 2022-03-14)


I'm signing because I want to maintain the same coverage I retired with...

Luis Ruiz (Kissimmee , 2022-03-14)


My doctors advise me they will not accept

James Brady (Long beach NY, 2022-03-14)


I want to keep the insurance that I was offered as lifetime

Kathleen Finley (Brooklyn , 2022-03-14)


I gave my service for over 35 years, knowing that I was giving up financial riches in the corporate world to have good health insurance for life. The pre-approvals with this plan will decrease the availability of my care. If my doctors order tests, they know what I need, as opposed to those “pencil pushers” more concerned with profit than my health needs.

Jacqueline Herman (Brooklyn, 2022-03-14)


My healthcare is very very important at this time in my life.

Dawn Cullum (East Stroudsburg, 2022-03-14)


My health insurance is the most important thing that I worked for and paid for… I want what I was promised and what I expected to have after working as a civil servant for 36 years….

Carol Creighton-Sokol (Craryville , 2022-03-14)



Sagida Ayupova (Delray Beach, 2022-03-14)


The City should not throw retired, dedicated employees under the bus by substituting an inferior health care for the one we currently have which fits into our budgets.

Lawrence Abrams (NYC, 2022-03-14)


I worked hard as a supervising school aide. ,small pension and ss. I earned my benefits especially now as I am older.
Respect us.

Jeanmarie Eichner (Glendale NY, 2022-03-14)


I want to keep the benefits that I worked for my whole life and am entitled to.

Jean Seibel (Briarcliff Manor, 2022-03-14)


Myself and All retirees want to keep their city paid GHI/Senior Care plan now and in the future.

MICHAEL RYDER (GARDEN CITY, NY 11530, 2022-03-14)


I’m signing this petition because I worked my whole life for the current health care that I have now. Do not try and take it away!

Helaine Karp (Oceanside, 2022-03-14)


I worked for the city for 33 years. I was overworked and underpaid with the understanding that I would keep my GHI medical insurance throughout my lifetime. When I turned 65 I had Medicare as my primary and GHI as my secondary fully paid for as promised by the city. Now at age 86 when I need my insurance more than ever, please don’t allow the city to force me into an inferior plan. I plead with you Mr. Mayor…drop the appeal and allow me to stay with the plan I was promised.

Ruth-Ann Greyson (White Plains, 2022-03-14)


Our unions have sold us down the river and the City is trying to save money by screwing the elderly.

Linda Polsky (Brooklyn , 2022-03-14)


It is important to maintain my coverage because I am pleased with my coverage and all our doctors accept it.
I need to keep it consistant.

Michele Lafemina (Brooklyn, 2022-03-14)


I am signing because I oppose the Medicare Advantage Plus Plan. There is no need to replace my Federal Government Public tax-payer funded Medicare with a private insurance company that is paid by Medicare to provide my health coverage.

Michael Stein (New York City, 2022-03-14)


I had my current plan my whole career. I believe like you did Mr. Adams that I made that deal with the city to continue it.

John McEneaney (Broad Channel, 2022-03-14)


I want to keep my regular Medicare. I am opposed to Manage Care Plans administered by for-profit private companies whose main goal is to show profit by denying medical benefits, its not Rocket science.

clifford bailous (Middle Village, 2022-03-14)


Medicare should not be taken away from retirees after a lifetime of paying into it and having accepted lower wages in lieu of promised lifetime benefits. MAP is not equivalent, requiring pre approvals for a very broad line of tests and specialists and not all doctors accept it.

Amy Bernstein (New York, 2022-03-14)


This was a promise made and should not be broken. Puts a tremendous burden on retirees that have given service to this City.

Nancyann Toth (STATEN ISLAND, 2022-03-14)


I need my healthcare when I retire , hope that I can and don’t have to keep working to receive it.

Barbara Holmes (Glendale, 2022-03-14)


It is unfair to change an agreement we made with the City to pay for our health care.

Joan Lenihan (Brooklyn, 2022-03-14)


I want to keep my present insurance

Stanley Lipetz (Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, 2022-03-14)


Don’t take away the health benefits that I was promised at retirement.

Anthony Galante (New York, 2022-03-14)


Retiree benefits were supposed to be guaranteed and not subject to be bargained away by those who are still getting their full benefit package unchanged.

Gary Savin (Wantagh, 2022-03-14)


NYC retirees worked many years without benefit of the salaries offered in the private sector. We did so because of the excellent benefits we were promised in retirement. This MAPP is a diminution of our health benefits with all of the services requiring pre-approvals, and limited in-network providers.

Holly Low (New York, 2022-03-14)


The City needs to stand behind its commitment to those who served the City.

Kerry Sweet (New York , 2022-03-14)


I would like to stay in my Senior GHI plan and have options to change.

Mahala Holmes (New York, 2022-03-14)


Karen Thorburn

Karen Thorburn (Brooklyn, 2022-03-14)


We were promised the same health care that we had while working. I want my Medicare to continue and not want The MAP.

Karen Wheeler-Williams (Henderson, 2022-03-14)


I want to stay on regular medicare as I was promised by the city of NY.

Anne Lambert (Rye Brook, 2022-03-14)


It is unfair to change Medical coverage after you have retired and had planned during all your years of working for the city and planning on your promises This has been a slap in the face to all city workers

debra schecter-golden (long beach, 2022-03-14)


I believe that we should be able to keep our original health insurance!

Selma Levine (New Jersey, 2022-03-14)


It’s the right thing to do. We were promised these benefits in retirement and steadfastly supported our union lo these many years. And now they
Need to do the same for us.

Linda Cannone (Roslyn Heights , 2022-03-14)


I need my healthcare benefits which i was promised when i began working, I cannot sit by and have my benefits diminished by the city's whims.

tobey weissman (asheville nc, 2022-03-14)


Please don’t appeal judge’s decision my husband worked hard for our benefits and risked his life everyday as a firefighter

Susan Janicki (Red Bank, 2022-03-14)


I believe that traditional Medicare is much more comprehensive than Medicare Advantage

sonya Dreiblatt (GREAT NCK PLZ, 2022-03-14)


The Medicare Advantage Plan is inferior to the current Senior Care Plan. My doctors have told me to stay with my present plan because they feel it is a superior plan, and it is the best plan for my health care needs. My physical therapist will not participate in the MAP plan. I spend winters in Miami Beach, and none of the doctors, that I have here, have heard of the MAP. I want the plan that I was promised without having to pay almost $200 a month to keep it.

Shelli Yahya (New York, 2022-03-14)


Do not appeal

SHelley Samuels (New City, 2022-03-14)


I do not want the Mayor to challenge our existing Medicare and all previous health benefits.

Margaret Lewis (NYV, 2022-03-14)


Freedom of choice

Cynthia Rodriguez (Fort Lee, 2022-03-14)


Martin Zwiren

Martin Zwiren (Hartsdale, 2022-03-14)


The 250,000 retirees were bamboozled. It was easy to take advantage of them because they are the least powerful in the union. Most of us cannot afford the $200 per month penalty.

Maxine Brody (Miami Beach, 2022-03-14)


I am very happy with the health insurance I have now. I just had a total hip replacement and I will be having another one in the very near future. I’ve had many MRIs, CAT scans and other tests that have to do with issues from my osteoarthritis. My health insurance has been keeping me healthy and alive. Please don’t touch our health insurance. If you must, find a better plan.

Willa Grupper (Flushing, NY 11365, 2022-03-14)


I do not want the treatment of my medical conditions managed by an insurance company. The City of New York was disingenuous when it and the unions pushed this plan down our throats.

Susan Steiman (Brooklyn, 2022-03-14)


Please do not appeal

Alicia Garraway (Farmingdale , 2022-03-14)


We worked hard for what we were promised for many many years. Don't take that away.

Luis Uriondo (Greenburgh , 2022-03-14)


You promised me the SAME health benefits in retirement as I had while working in this horribly low paying job. Don’t rename now.

Joan Desfosse (Waretown New Jetsey, 2022-03-14)


I'm signing because the union promise free healthcare after retirement..

Leslie Jones (Bronx, 2022-03-14)


Please let retirees remain in their existing health plans?

Edward Orski (Bayville, 2022-03-14)


I want to stay in GHI Senior Plan. MAP is not a good plan and decreases my benefits that I worked hard for.

John Lucke (Floral Pk , NY, 2022-03-14)


I want to keep that which was promised to me.

Donald Rothschild (Brooklyn , 2022-03-14)


Demand to stay with the benefits I retired with.



We should not have a change in benefits promised to us upon retirement

V Aldrich (Eastham, 2022-03-14)


I want the benefits I signed on and worked 24and a half years for.
I am a City resident and intend to stay healthy with my choices of health care.

Nancy Rutkowski (New York, 2022-03-14)

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