Repair Dangerous R31!!



Very dangerous road. This is a main road for production and is in very bad condition. Unsafe for car and truck drivers. Potholes an water is taking over our roads

Leoni Oosthuizen (Postmasburg, 2022-03-28)


My car got damaged on the road due to a large pothole

Tienie Wallace (Postmasburg , 2022-03-28)


We have to drive on this road, and it is impossible without damaging your vehicle or putting your life in danger.

Anriet De Beer (Postmasburg , 2022-03-28)


This road is so dangerous!

Sune Rossouw (Postmasburg , 2022-03-28)



Tania Buitendag (Postmasburg, 2022-03-28)


This road is our lifeline to hospitals and larger centres!!

Anna Kotze (Postmasburg, 2022-03-28)


The road is dangerous

Sonja Nortman (Postmasburg , 2022-03-28)


Road is dangerous

Dewald Du Plessis (Postmasburg, 2022-03-28)


please broaden and repair

Ferdi Kirsten (Postmasburg, 2022-03-28)


I often visit my parents in Postmasburg together with my husband and toddlers, but now it is becomming impossible, as that road has became a "death trap"!

Jacolien Spinola (Bloemfontein, 2022-03-28)


The road between kimberley and postmasburg are very dangerous. Causes so many accidents

Nadia Posthumus (Postmasburg, 2022-03-28)


I am worried about the safety of loved ones and my own. It is an important route - school busses, doctors visits, etc. It can't go on like this.

Johanna Swiegers (Postmasburg , 2022-03-28)


L. A. Shearer

Leonardo Shearer (Postmasburg , 2022-03-28)


Because we have to use this road to get to doctor appointments

Jolene Redelinghuys (Kathu, 2022-03-28)


The road is vital to local people as it conects us to bigger cities and hospitals.This road is deadly to drive!!

Jolandie Hunter (Postmasburg, 2022-03-28)


I transport children weekly on this road and it is becoming increasingly dangerous.

Wessel Groenewald (Kuruman, 2022-03-28)


I have also suffered severe damage to my vehicle on this riad, whick could have resulted in 3 loved ones killed...

Pieter Jonker (Postmasburg, 2022-03-28)


I use the road between Kimberley and Postmasburg frequently.

Leonard Austin (Postmasburg, 2022-03-28)


Road User

Jaco Cloete (Postmasburg , 2022-03-28)


The road is the only road to get to the hospitals

Frikkie Coetzee (Postmasburg, 2022-03-28)


Just fix the road!!!

Loraine Blom (Kimberley, 2022-03-28)


This is the only road that I use to drive to Danielskuil,Lime acres Kimberley Bloemfontein.
And it is a nightmare to drive this road it is full of potholes and many trucks which make it dangerous with a lot of accidents

JB Maritz (Postmasburg, 2022-03-28)


It is not just about losing lives, tyres or damaging our cars. It is upsetting to see, that for a few years, no maintenance was done whatsoever. Our roads in the towns/cities are also in a pathetic state. Rather do a good job once, than wasting money by road patches allover of which must be patched again after rainfall. Where did our pride go to????

Sandra Wessels (Postmasburg, 2022-03-28)


I travel that road on numerois times, and everytime I see a accident, the road is in such a bad state, people are losing their lives!!!!

Nikki Bothma (Postmasburg, 2022-03-28)


I'm signing this because the road between Postmasburg and Kimberley is a death trap.

Sanet Scholtz (Postmasburg, 2022-03-28)


The road is extremely dangerous

Jan Kotze (Postmasburg, 2022-03-28)


Accidents and the lack of traffic officer precense to control all the alcohol abuse and lawlessness on this road is absolutely unacceptable.......

Jurgens Human (Lime Acres, 2022-03-28)


I use this road weekly. My life is in danger whenever i drive on it

Charles Groenewald (Postmasburg , 2022-03-28)


The roads are deadly dangerous

Barenda Bredenkamp (Postmasburg, 2022-03-28)


We have to use that road to get to Kimberley. The potholes makes it impossible to drive

Esmarie Nel Venter (Postmasburg , 2022-03-28)


I am signing this partition because i have had damage on numerous occations to my vehicle and suffered the loss of family and freinds due to the bad state of the road.

Zaheer Mookrey (Lime Acres, 2022-03-28)


Too dangerous to go on this road

Heila Du Toit (Lime Acres, 2022-03-28)


This road need urgent attention

Stephanus Dippenaar (Postmasburg , 2022-03-28)


It is very dangerous. Life threatening. Stop stealing our tax money and fix the road

Barend Lubbe (Postmasburg, 2022-03-28)


This road is very dangerous and has cost a lot of lives.

Maryke van Niekerk (Postmasburg, 2022-03-28)


That road has caused me financial loss and many accidents

Danie Van der lith (Kimberley , 2022-03-28)


We make use of that road and the condition of the road, the potholes and the excessive heavy vehicles, are making this road a death trap.

Antoinette Pieterse (Postmasburg , 2022-03-28)


I have seen people losing their lives, adults and children on this road.

Bianca Van Nieuwholtz (Lime Acres, 2022-03-28)


The conditions of the road almost cost me and my family our lives twice. The conditions on this road does not even make it possible for a truck and a small vehicle to pass and could lead to head on collisions as already did in the past.

Bradley Britz (POSTMASBURG, 2022-03-28)


Of the road

Elsabe Karsten (Postmasburg, 2022-03-28)


This is the only road to doctors and citys for supplys

corrie fick (postmasburg, 2022-03-28)


It is unsafe to use that road.

Christelle Oberholster (Postmasburg , 2022-03-28)


The road is in a terrible condition and accidents are bound to happen. We dont want to go to Kimberley anymore because we are scared of the road.

Vonnee Van rooyen (Danielskuil, 2022-03-28)


I drive this road every weekend....
Work in Kuruman and stay in Kimberley- road is very dangerous

Carla-Marie Erasmus (Kuruman/ Kimberley , 2022-03-28)


Very dangerous road !

Franco Du Toit (Lime Acres, 2022-03-28)


Im signing because the roads is in a terrible condition and damaging my car and there are to many accidents on the roads in pmg because of damaged roads

Andries Steyl (Postmasburg, 2022-03-28)


The road is in a pathetic state

Jacques de Lange (Postmasburg, 2022-03-28)


geen mens kan die pad ry nie jou lewe is op die spel

christelle le roux (kathu, 2022-03-28)


I've also had a number of close calls on that road

Lina Stevens (Worcester , 2022-03-28)


Road is in poor condition

Lee Potgieter (Lime Acres, 2022-03-28)


This road are very dangerous to use it is in a very poor condition yesterday a truck nearly overturn when he try to avoid a huge pothole

Gerda Werth (Gauteng, 2022-03-28)


The municipalities needs a wake up call and stop waisting taxpayes money

Karien Loubser (Pretoria, 2022-03-28)


The R31 road is very dangerous, I'm currently pregnant and my Dr is in Kimberley. I get scared to travel from Postmasburg to Kimberley for my Dr's appointment

Patience Phetlho (Postmasburg , 2022-03-28)


The R31 is very dangerous and many lives is said to be lost because of the condition of that road.

Gezelle Smit (Lime Acres, 2022-03-28)


My family travels that road often

Clive Albutt (Postmasburg , 2022-03-28)


Please repair the road, my insurance don't want to pay anymore for the damages that is caused by this road on my vehicle

Lorraine De Klerk (Postmasburg , 2022-03-28)


I travel this road very often, and cannot understate the life threatening danger that the condition of this road poses.

Willie Aucamp (Kuruman , 2022-03-28)


The condition of the R31 is dangerous to travel on. I personally has a Tyre burst on 3 Jan 2022. I hit a pothole burst my left back Tyre. Thankfully I was travel slowly so I could safely pull over. How many more lives will have to be taken before the road is repaired.

Sharon Drude (Lime Acres 0737317987 , 2022-03-28)


It is a emeregency ro save lives!!!!!!!

Ida Hutton (Postmasburg, 2022-03-28)


The R31 is killing people.

Moses Jantjies (Postmasburg, 2022-03-28)


We are also of the many who have suffered damages to our vehicle and whom have to endure the unacceptable life threatening road conditions, notwithstanding the uncontrolled numbers of the ore carrying trucks. Where are the provincial traffic policing /patroling authorities ?

Peter Ling (Postmasburg, 2022-03-28)


This is our main road to Kimberley but this road is very dangerous to use.

Johan Gous (Postmasburg , 2022-03-28)


I travel quite a bit in that direction and feel this situation needs urgent attention

Leigh Van wyk (Olifantshoek, 2022-03-28)


Its life,threatening and the only road to necessary facilities

Esther Horn (Postmasburg, 2022-03-28)

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