Country Club of Paducah



As a long time CCP tennis player, I am opposed to having permanent lines and nets on our beautiful tennis courts to accommodate a very small percentage of members.

Vicki Woods (Paducah, 2022-03-28)


If we lose one court to pickle ball and one or two courts to clinics and lessons, there will be no courts left to “play” tennis.

Betty Higdon (Paducah, Ky, 2022-03-28)


Happy to have pickle ball lines on one or two courts just hate to lose 1/4 of our indoor tennis courts.

Adam Chustz (paducah, 2022-03-28)


Don’t feel this idea has been thoughtful or explored with the membership

Keith Crawford (Paducah Ky, 2022-03-28)


All of the indoor courts are being used. It’s also very distracting playing tennis right next to someone playing pickleball. Turn one of the clay courts into pickleball courts. They are not used regularly.

Kim Cates (Paducah , 2022-03-28)


I’m against making two courts pickleball courts

Julie DuPerrieu (Pap, 2022-03-28)


We don’t want to lose an indoor court.

Jenni and Ward Jarvis (Paducah, 2022-03-28)


Object to the pickle-ball court

Farideh Reck (Paducah , 2022-03-29)


Petitioning to keep all courts at CCP tennis only

Sue Homra (Paducah, 2022-03-29)


I strongly disagree with taking a tennis court for a single use pickle ball court. And the way the decision was made.

anthony reck (paducah, 2022-03-29)


Now that our tennis program is on the upswing with our new tennis professional we do not need to give up anymore indoor courts. Temporary pickleball courts are fine just not permanent ones. Theresa and Mark Owens

Mark Owens (Paducah, 2022-03-29)


The main reason we joined the club was for tennis indoor courts. I also want our courts to be able to be used for tournaments and USTA.

Sharon Powell (Paducah, Ky, 2022-03-29)


Hate that this shotgun decision wasn’t discussed with the members. I don’t agree with making any of the courts a permanent pickle ball court. Having permanent pickle ball lines on the court also prevents those courts from being used for USTA matches/tournaments. USTA requires every player to pay a fee to use a club court to the club, whether you are a member or not. As our program is growing, I feel as if we could again host USTA tournaments like the ones we used to host 20 years ago.

Katherine Withrow (Paducah, 2022-03-29)


The indoor courts were paid for by tennis members for tennis only. We made donations and got free court time….I think if you read the by laws they are for tennis only. Please think of the young tennis players

Brenda Anderson (PaducAh ky, 2022-03-29)


If we put in Pickle Ball, what’s next… goofy golf

William Woods (Paducah, 2022-03-29)


I think this is a very bad decision.

Joyce Overstreet (Paducah, 2022-03-29)


Jane has worked too long and hard for tennis advocacy …

Oscar Gamble (Paducah, 2022-03-29)


We enjoy tennis

LeighAnn Ellison (Paducah, 2022-03-29)


I am a tennis player and am very upset that the Club Board is proposing to permanently take away two of the indoor tennis courts. The proposed change will affect the ability of USTA teams to host matches, will impede access to indoor Courts, and hinder the ability for the Club to offer larger tennis clinics and social events. My family maintains our Premier Club membership mainly for access to the Club’s tennis offerings and have been supporters of enhancing and maintaining our tennis facilities over the years. If the Club were to permanently lose indoor tennis courts, we would strongly consider dropping our Club Membership. I believe there are solutions that do not involve the permanent conversion of tennis courts to pickle ball courts and would strongly encourage the Board to pursue these solutions.

Kelly Halverson (Paducah, 2022-03-29)


I oppose replacing an indoor court with a permanent pickle ball court.

Thomas Gruber (Paducah , 2022-03-29)


I am opposed to creating permanent Pickleball courts

Aimee Gruber (Paducah , 2022-03-29)


I’m a post to creating permanent Pickleball courts

Meghan Gruber (Paducah , 2022-03-29)


I agree with Toni. Nothing against pickle ball but using the clay courts seems the best solution to its popularity. If we change the format of the indoor courts it will be disruptive for tennis.

Barbara Livingston (Paducah KY, 2022-03-29)


More member input needed before this decision is made

Jill Love (Paducah, Ky 42001, 2022-03-29)


I agree with the petitions content.

Jim Woods (Paducah, 2022-03-29)


We do not need permanent pickle ball courts

Clyde Schmidt (Metropolis , 2022-03-29)


I would like to keep the Tennis courts as Tennis courts. Thank you!!!

Theresa Jones (Paducah, 2022-04-01)

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