Repeal SAPA Emergency regulations



I am very concerned about the SAPA emergency regulations extension on the Agenda for April 5th, 2022

Virginia McIntyre (Rochester,NY, 2022-04-01)


I am signing this petition because I'm disgusted with the government overreach in the lives of THE PEOPLE OF NEW YORK STATE. It is unconstitutional - it should never have begun and it needs to end today!

Francesca Galasso (Mamaroneck, 2022-04-01)


The power of the government is derived from the consent of the governed. I DO NOT CONSENT to the use of SAPA to circumvent my Constitutional rights.

Lisa Rusie (Islip Terrace, 2022-04-01)


The emotional weight that has been placed on me and the overall stress of worrying about my future with this vaccine mandate is sickening. I have been financially stable for a long time and now completely worried after doing the right things I will eventually be booted.

Stephanie Nichols (Holley, 2022-04-01)


The government of New York State should not force citizens to laws, rules and restrictions protected under the Constitution of these United States of America.

Bruce Dehm (Geneseo, 2022-04-01)


I believe the government over reach is unconstitutional and that Americans should not be subjected to this tyranny.

Darlene Reynolds (Clyde, 2022-04-01)


Ny state has been abusing its citizens far too long, not to mention the illegality of emergency powers by unelected officials.

Autumn Stevens (Hemlock , 2022-04-01)


All of the proposed regulations are signs of tyranny to come and are absolutely unncessary. Please understand all of Dr. David Martins work at and end this criminal tyranny.

Laura Childs (Gansevoort, 2022-04-01)


I believe in the Constitution and the rights of the people of this state and country. We have laws designed to protect us from illegal actions by the government and they must be upheld. Free New York again!

Deborah Utz (SPENCERPORT, 2022-04-01)


I am against government over-reach. We want our freedoms back.

Barbara Burger (Perry, 2022-04-01)


I am a free American and this is a form of tyranny!

Michelle Zak (Colden, 2022-04-01)


These emergency regulations are unconstitutional and the method of enacting them is unconstitutional. The executive branch is skirting checks & balances to give illegitimate power to DOH. Cease and desist.

Karen Ellis (Wilton, 2022-04-01)


No person or entity has the right or authority to infringe on the rights of others under any circumstance

Anthony Horzempa (Kirkville, 2022-04-01)


Masks don't work, the scamdemic is over, & the government needs to get out of our lives now

Shelly Stauring (Arkport, 2022-04-01)


We need reprieve.

Bradley Martina (Rochester, 2022-04-01)


Our freedoms are being trampled and these public health measures are tyrannical in nature !!!!

Scott Bassett (Holtsville, 2022-04-01)


I’m signing this petition because there is NO emergency. People have endured hardships, control, and uncertainly long enough. We the people HAVE the right to choose! Drop all anti-freedom bills and let’s get back to being FREE!

Alayna Marland (Burnt Hills, 2022-04-01)


I am signing this because of the gross overreach of our NY state along with the federal government of the US. We have a Constitution for a reason - even if they seem to have forgotten our rights.

Aarin Phillips (83 Elmford Rd, Rochester, NY 14606, 2022-04-01)


I am a veteran who defended both NY and US Constitution. I believe in freedom ,and our personal liberty. I believe no individual should be told to experiment with thier body. I oppose our government at all levels lieing to our face.

Jeffrey Harris (East aurora, 2022-04-01)


We are NOT in a “state of emergency”. Government overreach MUST end. This is America. Let’s start remembering what that means.

Jennifer Drake (Rochester, 2022-04-01)


No more absolute power in the hands of those who do not have the best interest nor the consent of the governed as their priority.

charles maxwell (Pittsford, 2022-04-01)


I am signing this because these laws have nothing to do with protecting public health. I have researched and seen the truths about masks, vaccines and the COVID agenda. These laws are unconstitutional and unlawful. SAPA regulations need to be stopped immediately.

Donna Winks (Skaneateles, 2022-04-01)


Because I believe in our constitution.

Hugo Villa (NYC , 2022-04-01)


i'm signing this because it has never been about the science it has always been about control. I wonder how many of our corrupt politicans expanded their wallets and portfolios with taxpayers money. Also why is it that a majority of unpopular bills get routed thru using the SAPA process.

Patrick Berardicurti (Rochester, 2022-04-01)


I’m signing because this state government is abusing its power and it must stop

Barbara Cataletto (Lloyd neck , 2022-04-01)


The DOH should not have this power . It is unconstitutional. There will be lawsuits. The nation's founding documents did not give unelected bureaus any power to make laws

Blake Smith ( Rush, 2022-04-01)


I believe in being a free state. My health is my choice.

Elaine McCarthy (Avon , 2022-04-01)


Rules that can be enacted with the same force as law should not be created through an administrative process. This type of regulation belongs with the legislature where citizens' interests are represented by their elected representatives.

Elizabeth Searle (Wolcott, 2022-04-01)


I opposed the extension and also oppose the permanent adoption of regulations that have circumvented the legislative process.

Maureen Mattice (Rochester , 2022-04-01)


I am signing because our freedom of choice, right to make informed decisions and other rights given by the constitution and bill of rights are being taken away by government leaders not listening to what “we the people” want.

Terry Clark (Elbridge, 2022-04-01)


My first property is my body. One of the main purposes of the Constitution, the highest document of the land, is to protect my property.

Thomas Gillette (BLOOMFIELD, 2022-04-01)


I'm signing because I stand for the Freedom to make decisions in regards to the health and safety of my family and my own health. I stand to uphold the United States Constitutional Rights and Civil Rights. Not only did the approach that was already taken in response to Covid 19 fail, it violated the Rights of the citizens of New York State on many levels. The lies, corruption and disregard for human rights that the government and DOH promotes is disgusting and "we the people" have had enough!

Rachel Kingston (Waterloo , 2022-04-01)


I am signing this petition because I am disgusted with the government overreach in our State of New York! All these mandates are unconstitutional!

Rosalia Evola (Big Flats, 2022-04-01)


The federal government and state governments have been deceiving and manipulating the truth from the American citizens from the very beginning. They have been telling us lies about the so called “vaccine” was supposed to keep us from getting infected. It wasn’t until recently they changed it to “lessen the effects of the virus”, two years after the start of the pandemic. They effectively destroyed the public confidence in the health care system completely.

Thomas Knowlden (Minoa, 2022-04-01)


I believe in the Constitution of the United Stated. I DO NOT believe it is a living document, it should not evolved with the selfish and control mongering needs of our power hungry elected officials.

George Lowry (Olean , 2022-04-01)


This is unacceptable and unconstitutional!

Roberta Siegelson (oceanside, 2022-04-01)


I oppose the NYS DOH regulations.

Robin Vasil (Troy, 2022-04-01)


This is against our constitution

Sharon Rutsch (Rushville, 2022-04-01)


I'm signing because I believe our constitutional rights have been infringed upon and has resulted in loss of income, life and created economic hardship.

Elizabeth DeVries (Remsen, 2022-04-01)


The government works for me not against me

Lia Crowley (Smithtown , 2022-04-01)


I’m signing because this is an absolute overreach of government. Our elected officials must uphold the Constitution.

Marie Polsinelli (Wilton, 2022-04-01)


Stop this madness. Enough is enough already.

Tina Sasso (Oceanside, 2022-04-01)


Lawmakers, please stop shredding our cherished Constitutional rights.

Cindy Austin (Rochester, NY, 2022-04-01)


Our rights have been exponentially eroded in the past two years and there does not seem to be an end to it.

Charlene Fransen (Pittsford , 2022-04-01)


I'm against this for it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Maryellen Rattazzi (Huntington Station, 2022-04-01)


This is America and this is a constitutional republic and I have certain unalienable rights in our constitution as well as in my state which I stand on.

Gia Pauldine (Ontario, 2022-04-01)


I am signing because NEITHER The US Constitution NOR the New York Constitution allow elected or appointed government agents of the People, to infringe upon, violate and/or overlook the rights of the People.

NY Informed (Sandy Creek, 2022-04-01)


There is no reason a politician or bureaucrat should have this unearned undue power to subject it's citizens to such tyrannical power. The citizens are expected to surrender their constitutional rights to a single politician , bureaucrat or group?.. I don't think so !

Candy Davies (Rochester, Ny, 2022-04-01)


This is unconstitutional

Rogina Davis (Rochester, 2022-04-01)


My life my families lives are not the government’s choice not now, not ever

Celestine Rott (Batavia , 2022-04-01)


This is a violation of the NYS constitution!

Sara Meyer (Honeoye Falls, 2022-04-01)


This is America! The tyrannical overreach and abuse of the NYDOH and Governor are egregious. We the People say NO to SAPA regulations!!

Mary Marcolin (Saratoga Springs, 2022-04-01)


I believe this is an overreach that exceeds necessity.

Jeff Nichols (Marion, 2022-04-01)


All of this is unconstitutional.

Meghan Bender (Webster, 2022-04-01)

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